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part 13:Life out of control(season 3)

She sighed as she turned over in her bed. Before leaving the hospital, she had whispered a quick thank you to her sister, given her a long hug and a kiss on her cheek for being so understanding while Atul kept looking on with a small smile, until he received a loving hug from her too. But now something was missing. After so much drama in her life it suddenly felt sort of, empty ' was the only word she could describe it as. And though it was after all life which had its ups and downs, Riddhima had gotten used to the emotional sense which she had been dealing with for the past months. But then, with Armaan, things always managed to sort themselves out. Just how much did he love her? Just how much did she love him? A lot, was her answer. She enlarged a photo of him on her phone and stared it, feeling a slow smile creep up on her face. She really was acting like a teenager with her first crush wasn't she? But this wasn't a crush. It was love. Her love which just multiplied every second.

Armaan stared outside the window at the sky aimlessly. He looked down at his phone, wondering whether or not he should call her. However, she must be asleep by now. That was if she was used to sleeping without him by her side. He remembered how she used to dose off in his arms every single night when he went to visit her. What rubbish, of course she would be used to it. He had left her alone for two whole months! The thought struck like lightning in his heart, increasing his guilt. But then, distance makes the heart grow fonder right? And he was so sure the love between them had increased by a million folds. His mother was right! Amazing as she was, he used to think she was so wrong when she insisted Riddhima still loved him. How stupid he had been to never think of it before! His mother was a woman. She'd obviously know more. He couldn't keep the distance anymore with his basket. He would call her and if she didn't pick up, he'd probably send her a message.

The phone buzzed on her bedside table but Riddhima was too immersed in her dream, which she was half broken out of. It had been so beautiful with those captivating blue eyes, his husky voice on her nape. She shut her eyes tighter trying to maintain the dream while the buzzing suddenly stopped. When it did, she subconsciously took back the broken links of that amazing dream she was having and continued it.

Well, she probably was asleep. Now how was he supposed to sleep without hearing her soothing voice? He pouted as he landed himself in bed, his hair tousled. She proably didn't love him as much as he loved her. But the next second his heart denied it. Who was he kidding? If anyone could accept him after such a blunder, could still adore him after that huge mistake, it was his Basket. And he was sure she loved him more than anyone else would. Plus, this wasn't the love that would ever fade. On his side too, he was sure. It would increase in the form of respect, trust and security by the day. Even when they had kids in the future. He smiled at the thought. She was definitely a keeper. Not that he hadn't thought of that before, however, this time he was more sure than ever. She was for the keeps. And he would fight whoever he had to, for her. Of course, providing she still loved him the same way, which he didn't doubt for a second.

Ok, so what if sleep evaded him? No one could stop him thinking about her could they? No one could stop him from thinking about her. From drowning himself in her thoughts. From reminiscing his moments with her. Taking his phone, he typed in,

I love you xxx

And pressed the send button. Then people could call him cheesy if they wanted to. They could say this must have been one of his gay moments. They could say he was truly whipped. But he didn't care in the slightest. Not all of them had a Riddhima to love, to adore and to cherish. They would know what it was like if they did.

"Armaan get up!" a sweet, slightly irritated voice was telling him when he opened his eyes to the blissful glittering sun that enlightened his room through the window.

"No," he mumbled, shutting his eyes. First he hadn't been able to sleep because of her memories, and now he wasn't allowed to sleep because of her voice! Not fair! He felt her kisses on his face as she tried to get him up again. That was just sending him into deeper slumber! Oh the heavenly feel of her lips on his skin!

"Armaan, please get up.." she resorted to pleading. "Mujhe neeche bhi jaana hai. Abh utho!" he opened his eyes very slightly to see her dressed in a green saree, smiling at him, looking dazzling. Gosh he loved her. However, he wasn't going to give in that easily. He loved his sleep too!

"Uh uh.." he replied and turned over, away from her, his face facing the other side.

"Armaan jee.." He frowned hearing that. 'Jee'? Where did that come from? "Uthiye na. Maine aapke liye dekho kaisa breakfast laayi hoon jee. Char omlettes, aur aath toasts. Phir aapko paanch aloo ke parathe bhi khaane hai jee."

"What the hell Riddhima?!" He muttered to himself and turned around, only to see sister Lovely staring down at him, batting her eyelashes with a huge smile and a pink uniform!

"What THE F***???" and Armaan sat up on his bed, his eyes wide with fear, shock and horror screaming out in bold! He looked around, and true, the sun was streaming in, the setting was the same, only, there was no Lovely standing at the edge of his bed, and neither was Riddhima there.

"Bad dream, Armaan. Bad dream." He whispered to himself in shock as he blinked his eyes rapidly, his heart beat racing. Without thinking further, he rushed to the bathroom, to splash cold water on his face.

"Interns, you do know your exams are exactly two months away. So I hope you've already started preparing for them. If not," Keerti's sharp eyes flew over to Muskaan, who looked positively shocked at the news of exams, "then I guess you'd better start now! Disperse!" and before the rest could actually disperse, Keerti was the one who swept away in her greenish chooridar.

"Armaan, have you started preparing for them?" Riddhima asked in a small whisper, but Armaan was busy frowning, his head immersed in other thoughts. Why was Lovely smiling at him like that behind the desk? Or did she always smile at him, and he was noticing it just today? Gulping, he shifted closer to his basket, trying to hide behind her.

"Kya huwa Armaan?" No answer. "Armaan!"

"Haan?" he suddenly came back to earth after hearing her voice become sharper. "Kya huwa? Tum pareshaan lag rahe ho?"

"What, me? No, basket. Why do you think..? Of course not." He phooed the idea and curious as Riddhima was, she decided not to prolong the matter, so just raised her eyebrows and replied in a small,


Just as she was about to leave, Armaan noticed he was stranded all alone at the nurse station with the likes of Sister Lovely stealing glances at him! What the hell? No WAY!! He rushed to his basket, and immediately caught up with her.

"Don't..don't leave me like that ever again with Sister Lovely..!" he panted his dream still visible in his head, no matter how much he tried forgetting it.

"Armaan, I was just here.. and why with Lovely?" Riddhima was utterly confused. She had wanted to send him a text back the moment she read it, first thing in the morning which made her day, but decided on saying it in the hospital itself.

"Nothing, basket. Bass aise hi.." he replied, as they went into the locker room.

"Tera naa hona, jaane kyun hona hi hai. Tumse hi din hota hai, Surmayi sham aati hai, tumse hi tumse hi," they momentarily forgot their conversation as they saw Sid and Muskaan singing and dancing along with those lyrics.

"Wow, Muskaan, itni jald Rahul ko bhul gayyi?" Riddhima asked, in a teasing manner after seeing Rahul watching them with his eyes slightly narrowed.

"I wish..lekin yeh gaana toh internship exams ke liye hai!"

"Toh Rahul hai na. Don't you think he's going to burn with jealousy after seeing you dance with someone else..?"

"Iss khote ko jitna jalna hai jalle." Muskaanlooked away from Rahul.

"Bechaara pyaar ka maara. Aur biwi usko bhau bhi nahi deti..tch tch tch.." Armaan pitied Rahul, in full drama, as he went over and slapped his back.

"Iss gadhe se better toh Sid hi hai. Sid why didn't I get married to you?" Muskaan asked, throwing a dirty glare at Rahul.

"Kya karein, shayad kismat mein nahin tha." Sid sighed dramatically, pouring fuel over the fire that was already raging war between Rahul and Muskaan. "Bhaag ke chalein kya?"he winked and Muskaan's eyes gleamed.

"Haan, mujhe toh bachpan se bhaag ke shaadi karne ka bohot mann tha!"

"Le," Rahul put in. "Sasurjee ke saamne meri vaat lagaayi. Agar bhaag ke shaadi karni tha toh mujhse kehti. At least sasurjee ke saamne jhukna toh nahin padta."

"Tu.. chaddo ji! Tenu poochna hi bekaar hai. Aaj subha mujhe ice cream chahiye thi voh bhi nahin mili! Huh..Bade aaye bhaag ke shaadi karne waale." Evidently, the reason Muskaan was pissed was now out as she turned to face him.

"Subah aath baje mehmsaab ko ice cream chahiye. " Rahul told the others." Muskaan we were getting late to work!"

"Yeah, like buying ice cream would take ten hours!" she retorted.

"Muskaan, traffic?"

"And I was the one who asked you to wake up late as usual? Pata nahin kaise gadhe se shaadi karli maine." Muskaan retorted.

"Gadhi ko gadha nahin milega toh kya, sona milega?"

"Huh? Tune mujhe gadthi bulaya?" Muskaan screamed, highly insulted much to the amusement of others.

"Nahin, tu toh Pari jaisi ho." His sarcastic voice evidently hitting home as Muskaan rushed up to him.

"Mr Rahul Grewal. Agar main pari jaisi nahin hoon, toh tumhe kya lagta hai? Tu duniya ka sabse sona munda ho? Anpar gawar lag rahe ho."

"Eh please. Doctor hoon! Anpar gawaar hota toh mujhe yahaan aane hi nahin dete sab doctors. Dimaag pata nahin kahaan hai. "

"Dimaag hai toh sahin. Tera bheja bilkul khaali hai!"

"Tere jaise dimaag se behter mera bheja khaali hi ho!"

"Huh!" Muskaan fumed and stormed out of the locker room. Rahul grumbled, slammed hislocker door shut and stormed out too, going the other way. The other spectators looked at each other, shrugged, and continued with their work, well aware of the calm, silent and slightly awkward atmosphere the couple had left behind. Things didn't seem right. Muskaan and Rahul had fought before, but they always made up the next second. Then what was this happening between them now? Surely, things weren't that serious were they?

"So, Abhi aur Nikki kahaan hai?" Armaan asked Sid.

"Voh to kab ke chale gayye duty pe. Duty saath mein hai na?" Sid winked and they understood.

"No basket, I'm dropping you home that's final. I want to spend time with you."

"But Armaan I'll be in the library for quite a while.."

"I'll wait.." he added stubbornly as they were walking along the corridor. She turned to face him and seeing his kiddish, 'I want it MY way' look, she couldn't help but smile. Fine, if he wanted to wait for her then. She didn't have the heart to refuse to this adorable face of his.

"Dr Armaan jee, " and Armaan groaned, his dream coming back to him as he heard Lovely behind him.

"No, Lovely, mujhe aapse koi baat nahin karni. I'm taken." He replied much to the shock of Riddhima and Sister Lovely!

"Lekin, jee, main toh aapko yeh file dene aayi thi. Piyush ki.." Lovely said slowly, her face crestfallen.

"Oh, right, uhhmm.. thank you." He muttered and was about o go when Riddhima held his hand back and pulled him into the fire escape while Lovely turned and walked away, wondering why on earth Armaan was being so rude to her. After all he was always nice to her!

"Ok, what was that?" Riddhima asked him straight forwardly.

"What? Nothing. Sister Lovely wanted to give me a file.." he laughed nervously, not feeling too good about his small outburst.

"Armaan.." she reprimanded him and forced him to face her. Especially after seeing that he was slightly troubled. Ok he HAD to tell her. He had to get it out of his system. Maybe that would be the only way he could peace out, especially around Lovely! Frowning slightly, a really sheepish look decorating his face, he told Riddhima about his dream that refused to leave his mind.

"How did you turn into sister Lovely? It was so random and so out of the blue!" He looked up at her and saw a huge smile on her face, with her eyebrows raised up out of complete surprise and amusement. When he finished, she closed her eyes, giggling to her heart's extent about the dream that Armaan had seen. She could actually picture his reaction! And Oh how adorable he looked, even now with that confused look hitting a home run inside her heart.

"Hasso..jee bhar ke hasso. Meri aisi haalat pe khul ke hasso.." he mumbled, looking down and pouting to himself. She put her bottom lip in her mouth in an attempt to stop her laugh, however the smile would just not be wiped out no matter how hard she tried. Part of the reason was that he looked so cute right now, she wanted to pull his cheeks and give him a huge kiss depicting just how much she adored him.

"Awww..mela baby..bura laga??" she asked quietly in a babyish tone and he frowned slightly.

"I'm not your baby." He muttered, looking away as she let out a small laugh. Regaining herself, she put her hand on his cheek and forced him to look at her.

"Armaan.." he looked at her in a disgruntled way while she had a serene smile on her face, enhancing her beauty. "Look. I love you. That was just a dream. And I liked the first part of the dream.." she added with a tinge of red creeping up her cheeks. She really had. Oh, come on she was a girl with the same fantasies about a prince charming for a husband, a loving family, though that scene did seem like it was directed for a movie, she didn't mind at all. He caught on very quickly and rushed to his favourite hobby.

"Really? So you don't mind being Mrs Armaan Mallik?" but to his surprise she replied,

"When did I ever say I did mind? And now.." she added possessively as she hugged him, "I'm not going to give anyone a chance to even claim that title. Whether it's Lovely or.. Katrina!" Armaan put his arms around her too.

"Hey come on man..Katrina?" he asked, only to receive a slap from her.

"I don't want Katrina. She could be the world's most beautiful woman, but I only want my basket." She smiled wider at that.

"Stop being so cheesy and filmy Armaan." She muttered while she was still in his hold, feeling herself turn red at that line.

"Tumhaare SRK se toh seekha hai yeh sab."

"I love you.." she whispered against his chest, content with life at the moment. He stroked her hair and tightened his arms around her securely.

"I love you too basket.."

Riddhima sighed as she tried to concentrate on the book in front of her. This wasn't how she had planned her revision to go. Stuck at home, the sun had long gone down and she had just finished dinner with her father giving her the normal,

"If you work hard and study hard for these, you won't go wrong at all in your exams. It's just the theory."

Yeah. If she worked hard and studied for them. But her eyes were drooping already. However, she knew once she got into bed, sleep would evade her completely especially if she thought about Armaan! Thinking about that, reminded her of the dream he had and involuntarily, a giggle escaped from her mouth. The chair groaned as she shifted her weight to the other side and put her head down on the table, wondering what on earth to do. Study, or think of Armaan. Of course the latter sounded more appealing than ever, but it was her conscious brain that screamed at her to get some studying done now, else she won't be able to cope up with the pressure if she left it late. Maybe it was time to brew herself some horrid, yuck, strong coffee that she had gotten used to over all those nights of staying up and studying in college!

The thought of it made her want to puke. No, she'd study for an hour or so then go to sleep. She didn't want to stay awake for the whole night anyways. And during all that, they still had to go to the hospital and do their duty. How unfair could life get? She remembered how Armaan annoyed her in the library while she tried to read up about the brain anatomy. He would hug her, kiss her randomly, making her loose her concentration much to the librarian's astonishment and disapproval, while she tried to get as much information as she could out of the book. Finally, embarrassed with the glares the lady was giving both of them, to which Armaan just smirked and winked at, she shut the book, and brought it home. Now it lay on her bed, along with other things, waiting to be picked up or strewn across the floor like always.

"I have to go Armaan."

"Where?" he asked, grumbling at her. She had barely given him time the whole day and now she had to go out? Why? That meant he couldn't even drop her home, spend some time with her.

"With Anjali. We need to go shopping."

"Fine, screw shopping, I'm coming with you."

"What? Armaan! No! We're going shopping, we're having sister time. You don't interfere."

"But Basket.." he whined.

"And I'll be an Anjali's too tonight so I'll call you." She smiled at him and kissed him once on his cheek after shutting her locker door.

"No Basket. I want to spend time with you. Pata nahin kahan busy hoti rehti ho. Poora din mein hospital mein pata nahin kahaan thi."

"We didn't have.."

"I know..duty together, but at least we could have spent lunch together. But no, even then, you were playing 'The Invisible Man'." He looked away slightly pissed off, frowning at the turn of events that day. He hadn't had a very great start to the day getting into a fight with his darling Mother about breakfast. Then he'd been scolded twice by Keerti for something, he wasn't even responsible for!

Firstly, a male-nurse, not Jiggy thank God, had caught him in the middle of the hallway asking for advice on how to attract his colleague, whom he claimed to be madly in love with. He'd given a fool proof plan of giving her attention then making her jealous by flirting with someone else. When the nurse suggested if he should flirt with Riddhima, since she was the supposed single, hot female doctor, Armaan was about to blow his cool when,

"Dr Armaan!" His anger froze at that point, as he turned.

"Y..yes Dr Keerti?" He asked in his sweetest voice possible. Then came the lecture about this was a hospital and not a love guru clinic or a marriage bureau where he should give fake advise to the staff. When Armaan had noticed the 'fake' and tried to put in an opinion, he had been shut up completely with one glare that seemed remarkably like Riddhima's or Anjali's!

Second time was not even his fault. He had been concentrating on Piyush, a young boy of eight with cancer, which however, was only on the first stage so was curable with a bone marrow transplant. Fate was just not with him when the other kids in the ward snuck up behind him, scaring the living daylights out of him! The commotion from the children brought Keerti running in, who was a only a door away and he had another earful about how he should be able to control the kids when it was duty time, and not become one himself!

Life sucks, was the motto he had been chanting to himself for the rest of the day. But one glimpse of his basket at the end of the day finally made the whole day worthwhile. It just lit up face with a huge smile as he continued observing her frowning at a certain file, then look at her watch and realize the time, with a an 'oh' face. The smack on the forehead and muttering to herself had increased his amusement by a million folds, and suddenly, the day didn't seem so bad anymore.

But oh, was luck ever on his side? She had to go shopping with her sister! Perfect. That meant he should go home and wait for her phone call. Like he needed that! Yes he did!! He badly wanted to shout out. He needed her!

"Fine, you know what, you go with you darling sister, have fun. I'll just sulk here by myself."

"Aww..mera shweetu.."

"I'm not your sweetu and don't baby talk me..!" he complained, forcing a wider smile on her face.

"Well, Armaan, stop acting like a kid then. Look, I'm sorry. I really am. Par mujhe jaana hai. Then I also have to revise. Anyways, kal library main itna tang kiya mujhe, uski sazaa milni chahiye!" she put in while she headed for the changing rooms and he followed.

"But Basket..!"

"Please Armaan? Only today.." and she leaned forward, taking him in a sweet, short kiss, that made his mind spin and forget everything while he pulled her closer to himself. He felt her hands go round to his shoulders as she split apart, smiling.

"Abh kya karogi?" he whispered seductively against her lips as his arms tightened around her, imprisoning her in his hold. She felt herself lose her senses after feeling his breath lingering on her lips.

"Armaan..tum bohot badmaash hogayye ho." He frowned in mock consideration as he looked at the ceiling.

"Haan thoda bohot."

"Armaan chodo na."


She frowned, then smiled again as she thought of one way he would completely melt. Forcing him to look into her eyes, she made an earnest, cute pout and mission accomplished, she thought to herself as his eyes softened completely.

"Arghh fine! Why do you get so cute with me? You know I hate it!" he loosened his grip around her as she giggled.

"Bye Armaan.." and pressing her lips softly against his one more time, she retreated and went out of the changing room, while he went to the locker room and sat on the bench sulking.

"What's up?" Abhi asked Armaan as he saw his forlorn face.

"Girl problems..!" Armaan answered at once and Abhi frowned in confusion.

"Girlfriend ne chod diya kya?"

"What?" Then Armaan realized that probably Abhi still didn't know about him and Riddhima! Well, how should he tell him? No, he didn't want another Anjali! People were very protective of Riddhima! Wait, but this was Abhi! Then if he told Nikki! Well, Nikki didn't mind she was obviously all for them being together. And Nikki had been the first one to know everything anyway.

"'s not just a girlfriend. I's like this.."

"He's back with Riddhima!" Sid interrupted like a savior waltzing into the room. Armaan nodded at Abhi's surprised face.

"When did this.."

"Lonavla.." Sid replied again.


"Simple, thoda rona dhona, some confrontation, then a confession.." Sid replied while Armaan stared at him horror struck.

"Oye tera bhoot tha kya Lonavla mein?" Armaan asked, slightly disgruntled.

"It's obvious isn't it?" Sid rolled his eyes at the lack of gratitude from Armaan's side.

"Armaan are you mute?" Rahul put in as he came forward, examining him.


"Clearly not, then Sid, he can answer for himself can't he?"

"Accha baba. Kissi ko meri acchai pasand nahin hai..!" he grumbled as he shut the locker door and went to sit wnext to Armaan.

"Aap sab ka problem kya hai? Theek se gussa bhi nahin karne dete aap log!"

"Oye hero, kis baat ka gussa?" Muskaan trailed in with Nikki.

"Yaar, khud par! I promised to take Riddhima out on a date, perfect setting, perfect atmosphere, and now I can't even plan anything.

"Oh, you want to confess to her?" Nikki asked, her eyes gleaming.

"Voh toh ho chukka.." Abhi interrupted and Nikki and Muskaan's eyes widened immensely.

"Yaar, meri love story hai! Let me do the honours of telling them!" Armaan frowned. "And help me instead of gossiping!"

"Oh right..!" they all chorused, and put their heads together with Armaan's deciding to come up with something amazing for Riddhima.

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