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part 17 :Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

Hey everyone
I'm back with the last holi special
And I want to dedicate this part to tinker bell
Le yeh part tere naam kiya
Ab to khush ho ja
N yeh sare hue vegetable ki jaise faces banana band kar..

So here goes the story...
Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha hai, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai,Aur isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahuchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain,yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhand hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga,iske liye authority yani ki writer yani ki main jimmeddar nhi hoon,Krippa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekhiyega..Shukriya..

Mile apne sare
Banaya holi ki rangin nazare
Shararat aur masti bhari paal
Ab nayi musibaat ka kya nikla hai haal?

Part 17

After riddhima told everyone her idea...
Riddhima: Papa to apko kya lagta hai yeh Chalegi na...
Shashank: Chalegi did u just said chalegi yeh douregi...i mean we can use extra food for some good cause also..

Everyone agree with her..
Actually the call comes from Treasure of heaven was have a problem n the problem was food..
Well let me tell u all the whole thing..
The orphanage is connected with Sanjeevni n in very special occasion there is always an extra kind of food arrangement for the kids which is done by gupta family which was once started as per riddhima's wish who once in her birthday ask shashank to do so, So after that in every special occasion there is arrangement made by gupta family for the kids n from last five years this arrangement is taken care by abhi n shashank as usse pehle it was taken care by riddhima only..
N the problem come up is this year the food didn't reach yet so they call abhi to inform about it..As its quite late for kids to have food..
So riddhima said y not they distribute the extra food on them isse dono problem hi solve ho jayegi..n unko jayada mehnat nhi karni padegi..
Now the question is who will go there n kya bahana banake as padma still didn't know about this masla..
They all are thinking..
Shashank:Ek kaam karti hoon main aur abhi chale jati hoon..
Riddhima: Par papa yaha khana two cars me se hai n unme se ek madiha ki hai mumma ne pucha to kya bologi..n itna sara khana destribute its quite tough hogi papa..
Maddy: to main chali jati hoon ek car me n abhi took another one badi mumma ne puch lia to i'll say i've some work to do.n badi mumma will not gonna suspicious for that..
Riddhima: It's a good idea par kya tumhe rasta pata hai?
Maddy: nhi but wo maine abhi k car ko follow kar lungi na...
Riddhima: But its festival time to raste me kahi chut gaye to let's do one thing main bhi chalti hoon i'll direct u n yaha se hum bhaiya k car se niklenge but kuch der jake i'll change seat mujhe rasta pata hai to it won't be a problem. Par main to chali jaungi par mumma se kya bolungi..
On that time minnie n gappu also come n minnie asked loudly: kaha jana hai..
Riddhima: Treasure of heaven me..
Minnie: Wow mujhe bhi jana hai...
While suddenly hearing it a idea pop into shilpa's head n she says: Ek kaam karte hai mamoni se kehna tujhe waha sabse milna hai simple aur minnie can also join u guys...
Riddhima: ha yeh thik rahegi to phir chalo..
When gappu also make excuse that he also want to go but they can't take so many people so they somehow gone from there..

Here at Treasure of heaven..
Once they complete the food distribution minnie n riddhima started to play holi with kids to the nearby small field which is place just few step outside of orphanage while abhi sit on main office let them play n talk to the governess their about the orphanage..N madiha leave saying she will meet them later...

Outside of treasure of heaven..
A guy who is totally drenched with color come out from his car n look towards the shop n go there to take a bottle of water when he come back he saw the tire of his car is flat n looking around he guess some children was done it who was looking back at him n laughing go away..
He somehow managed a mechanic to repair it n go back to search to the kids who do it in process he go towards the field where all were playing holi..
After a while the he meet the kids but they got scared n started to say sorry so that he won't complain..
When looking at their cute faces he said: ok I'll but ek condition hai..
A cute little girl from them come forward n said: wo kya hai?
The guy act like thinking n said: uhmm tum logo ko mujhse dosti karni manjur*while forwarding hand*
The little girl said: usse tum hum sabko maaf kar doge (while he nodded) par hum to tumhe jante tak nhi hum kaise kare tumse dosti..
While another little boy said:aur tum to kitne bade ho...itne bade logo se dosti thodi hi ki jati hai?
The little girl: Abe idiot bade ho to kya hua didi bhi to humare friend hai na wo to humse kitna badi hai but didi said friendship me umar nhi dikhe jate but anjaan logo se to dosti bhi nhi kar sakte na..
The guy: ok then hum jaan lete hai ek dusre ko phir to tumlog mere dost banogi na(all kids nodded)ok then main hoon Armaan mallik..
While one by one others also give their introduction n they started to play holi till armaan's car don't get repaired.

Here in other side riddhima n minnie was also playing holi..
When suddenly riddhima said she want some water so she gone to other side when suddenly

Bg music start..

Kaise khicha tanee [Scene shows riddhima bumped with someone n in hitting each other both lost their balance as both try to hold each other to balance]
Bhigee chunaree bhigee cholee [Scene shows both fell on the small water bucket behind them cozing them both wet n colored as well... ]
Holika hai nam are [Scene shows the guy lost in the beauty before him]
Yeh tohay ankhmeh cholee [Scene shows while riddhima also open her eyes as she found no water hitting her eyes n as soon she open her eyes with children shout she realize their position n try to get up making the guy's trace fall]

Bg music end..

Both get up n then looking towards each other said together: tum yaha bhi agaye/agaiye...
The guy: What do u mean by yaha pe bhi yeh koi personal property hai kya? n btw how much time i've to tell u that its not tum its Armaan,Armaan mallik
[Well u guys know now its Armaan mallik only though i think almost sabne already guess kar liya tha n lo ap sabki AR ko finally milwa hi dia :p]
Ri: Whatever...(n turn to go)
Before she took a step armaan called her shouting: Hello miss basket is bar to nam bata k jaooo
Ri (Shouting bck): Bhad me jo...
Ar(Walking up to her): Wah ji wah kya naam hai aise naam maine apne pure life me kabhi nhi suni waise in short Bmj bulao kya...
Ri(turning towards him n pointing a finger towards him):Arghh... U...
Ar: It's armaan (with sweet smile) Btw (then coloring her in full red color said) happy Holi
Riddhima left shocked on her place n before she could react Here minnie who was coming to see y riddhima is taking so much time was going towards that way when she found riddhima standing there fuming n red color on whole face before she ask something caught her eyes looking that she got sparkles in her eyes like happiness overflowed. She just way to pass riddhima n run towards that...
Minnie: Boyfriend tum yaha...
Armaan (looking at her smiling fully while hugging her n twirling a round then said): Wow Girlfriend aj holi k din tumse mulakat what a co-incidence btw happy holi...

When they were catching up with each other riddhima look at them from still standing there n though she was not at all happy watching armaan there but still a smile play on her lips looking her darling sister laugh n talk n so happy...

As where the kids plying there is also arrangement for the elders to play so some people from nearby also join them...
N at minnie's request armaan also join them
As there was arrangement of different games,
N for making kids learn about the traditional holi kind there was section where there was game of Lath marr holi with little twist n turn..

Every elder person above 18 can participant there, minnie have great desire to attend in it but her age didn't show up so she just stood in side but make sure riddhima got into it n armaan also n others from nearby locality join in...
Partner would be selected randomly riddhima didn't wanted to take part so she somehow skip from there but minnie also put her name before on bowl where partner will be selected...
N guesss whttt
When she hear her own name she was shocked n moreover hearing her partner's name she got shocked first but later she smirked thinking about the game rules...

As it's girl who would have a long n thick stick n boys would have a shield to protect from girl's stick n they will throw flowers towards girls n girls have to skip form it...
If boys could hit at least 10flowers exactly on girls then they will win n girl have to keep them away from the boys n to protect them they can use the stick n they can also use powder color but no water...

Bg music Start...

Ar:Do me a favour let's play holi [Scene shows Everyone start to play the game while armaan stood there looking at his partner who is none other than our very own riddhima n watching her stand doing nothing about game armaan start to sing ]
Rango me hai pyar ki boli [Scene shows armaan with naughty smile in face throw the first flower towards riddhima who was not ready for that got it by the flower just at her cheeks when armaan gave her a challenging look n run after her]
Ri:Ho mere pichhe pichhe pichhe kyon aaye [Scene shows riddhima sing n put some color on air making  armaan look other side]
Mera jiya jiya kyon dhadkaye [Scene shows Riddhima laugh at him while he run towards her n she run on other side while armaan got hold of her dupatta]
Ja re ja dont touch my choli [Scene shows riddhima took her dupatta back with jerk n hit armaan with the stick making him somehow skip from it]
All girls:Uff ye holi hai ye holi  [Scene shows game goes on n in several groups boys win n in some girls]
All Boys:Hey do me a favour lets play holi [Scene shows Still who have chances to win running behind the girls ]
All girls:Uff ye holi hai ye holi [Scene shows all were engrossed in singing n plying lath mar holi in unique way while kids were cheering]
All boys: Rango me hai pyar ki boli [Scene shows while running suddenly armaan stop n look behind but for his sudden stop riddhima bumped with him n both fell on the ground n they both share a cute eye lock until the announcer of the game said the game is over...]

Bg music end..

Here in Rangin ashiyaana...
After the 4 gone all environment got little boring while shilpa got near the thandai stall while searching something while Shashank tap at her shoulder n said: kya dhund rahi hai tu?
Shil: Bhang..
Sha (looking here n there watching anybody her them or not): what...Tu kya bol rhi hai mujhe kuch samajh nhi a rhi hai..
Shil: Pops itne vole to ap ho nhi jo apko bhang ka matlab na pata ho...
Sha (bringing her in side): Are marwayegi kya padma ne sun liya to mar dalegi...
Shil (Giggling): Ap mamoni se itni darti kyun ho?
Sha: Oye main darti warti nhi hoon main to bas...(then lost in some thoughts of padma)
Shil (snapping finger in front of him): Oh hello mr. apne biwi k khayalo me na baad me gum hona...pops do na kaha haii bhang
Sha: Aa mere sath but yaad rakhna sabko mat khilana n padma ko na pata chale warna main to gayi kam se...
Shil (While winking towards him): not to worry pops..

Then shashank give her the bhang specialist pakora...
Before they could say something padma come there n said: kya ho rahi hai(both were hell scared when padma said)Are shilpa tune pakore taste kia nhi kya it was awesome pakora on that pakora's stall btw yeh konsi pakora hai its not look like those(padma was talking about normal pakora)
Shil (somehow getting her voice back said): Wo mamoni yeh maine banai wo kuch der pehle waha unko hatake isiliye aise dikhne me maine boht kuch dali hai na...
Pa (getting interest): Acha la jara chakhu  to sahi...
Sha (almost shouting): nhi...Yeh tum nhi kha sakte
Pa (frowning): Par kyun nhi kha sakti main..
Sha: Kyun ki kyun ki maine ise bola tha yeh mere liye banane k laye aur yeh sare mere hai main yeh kisiko nhi dungi...(saying this shashank pull the bhang wale pakore ki basket towards himself)
Pa: Ek to chakhne do..(While forwarding her hand before shashank could move it away she put it into her mouth)
Shashank n shilpa look towards each other shockingly...
But at first the bhang didn't show any effect on her but padma loved the pakora n took another one from the basket from shashank as shashank was in shock he didn't realize first

After a while bhang started to show its affect...

While padma said she loved the pakora n want to have more n shilpa to made them more for her though shilpa n shashank try to stop her but she took the basket n told shashank that shilpa would make him another basket of pakora as shilpa is a very sweet girl n disappear from there...
While padma gone to others where sid n muskaan was standing n talking...
Padma offer them pakora n they also have it like that many are have it without atul n rahul as they were in other side...

Shashank n shilpa when realize that padma actually made many eat the bhang ki pakora they tried to stop her even telling atul n rahul to stop others...

Here in treasure of heaven
As the announcer of the game said the game is over they realize there position they were so close..
They got up breaking the eye lock n a awkward moment come to skip for it both of them were looking anywhere without each other n after a few second of awkward silence riddhima gone from there n started to play with kids minnie bring armaan there n ask him to join them...
While riddhima looking at her darling sister keep quite enjoying with other kids...

Bg music played...[now the scenes would show both side together & sometimes only one side & sometimes only other & sometimes both in watch side dividing the scene in two side i hope u all got it :p ]

Mu:Itna maza kyun aa raha hai [Scene shows rahul is trying to stop muskaan while she started to sing while putting color on rahul n dance the way deepeka dance]
Tune hawa mein bhaang milaya  [Scene shows shilpa join her in dance nut also try to stop her doing anything crazy]
Pa:Doogna nasha kyun ho raha hai [Scene shows padma join her n dance n sing while pointing towards shashank]
Aankhon se mitha tune khilaya [Scene shows Shashank was looking at padma with wide open eyes watching her dance n try to stop her]
Si:Ho teri malmal ki kurti gulabi ho gayi [Scene shows while sid join n color shilpa while shilpa was like iski toh but stop herself before she do anything as she remember he is doing so in bhang effect]
Ar:Manchali chaal kaise nawaabi ho gayi toh [Scene shows Here in teaser of heaven all kids started to dance around armaan while armaan dance with minnie the way ranbir did in the song same steps]
All:Balam pichkari jo tune mujhe maari [Scene shows in both side all the persons join in dancing while padma pull shashank's hand n put him into dance,muskaan pull rahul's hand n put him into dance n sid pull shilpa's hand n put her into dance]
Toh sidhi saadi chhori sharaabi ho gayi [Scene shows Shilpa n muski dance while shashank somehow took padma out of dance area]
Haa jeans pahen ke jo tune maara thumka [Scene shows Rahul n sid dance with the girls while here in treasure of heaven kids pull riddhima in dancing though riddhima first didn't agree but to keep their heart she stood n clap hands towards them n move little bit]
Toh lattu padosan ki bhabhi ho gayi [Scene shows Atul also join others in dance while they were having a tough time stopping the ladies to dance]

Shashank called atul asking to please check on the guests while shilpa took sid's responsibility n rahul took muskaan,... N the surprising thing happen here when shilpa go to take muski in control muski run n hide behind rahul n then rahul assure that she will see her n shilpa gone in search of sid as sid run from there in between dancing...

Shilpa look everywhere when suddenly her eyes stuck into a tree watching sid siting over a branch..
Shi (thinking that main ise sab jagah dhund rhi hoon aur yeh pair k upar): Sid niche utro abhi k abhi...
Si (who was hanging his leg till now bring it over the branch n curl while saying): Nhi tum marogi..
Shi (while shouting): Sid maine bola utro abhi k abhi...
Si (shooing her then siting in branch ache se): hushh hushh hushh ...main nhi ati..
Shi (calming herself a little bit while thinking that yeh ab nashe me hai): Sid main tumhe kuch nhi karungi niche ajao...
Si: Pakka
Shi: Ha pakka ab niche ajao
Si: Bolo sid tumhari kasam
Shi (In mind saying ek bar tu niche a beta phir dikhati hoon kiski kasam): Ha wohi but tum aao to sahi..
Then sid jump from there but he fall on her n both fall on ground while sid for a while admire her then in drunk state said: u r looking so beautiful (making shilpa jerk in reality n confused with sid's behavior)

N in other side

Ral (stopping muskaan to run away): Muski muski stop...
Mu: Main kaha bhag rhi hoon main to stop hi khadi hoon (then starting to laugh in her unique style while rahul start to admire her taking the chance muskaan run removing her hand from his hold gently n stick toung towards him )
Ra (running behind her): Muski ruk...

In other side
Pa (wining like a baby): Shashank mujhe dance karna hai..
Sha (holing her tightly): Abhi nhi padma boht dance karliya hum, baad me dance karenge ok, abhi andar chalo..
Pa (again whining): Shashank...
Sha: nhi padma maine bola na nhi tumhe abhi nhi Padma, tumhe chot lag jayegi..abhi andar chalo...
Pa (sweetly): Shashank
Sha: Padma maine bola na abhi nhi chalo andar
Pa: Shashank suno to..(Pouting)
Sha (giving in her expression): acha bolo kya hai?
Pa: U know whattt..u r the besttt husband anyone could ever have,..
Sha (smile fully n said): n u r the best wife anyone could ever have n I'm really lucky to have u as my wife
Pa (elatedly): Sachi????
Sha (smiling at her): muchi...

Here in teaser of heavens outside field...
Kids insist riddhima to put color on armaan though riddhima first thought against it but minnie have some other plan..
When kids were insisting both of them to put color on each other minnie took the slingshot which was with her as riddhima give it to keep to her while she was distributing food n now she taking it took two water balloon n go little far from them n shoot them with it as a way that they thought it was done by other...
Both look at each other n put color on each other thinking about taking revenge for coloring her/him with water..

Ar:Teri kalaai hai haathon mein aayi hai [Scene shows but soon riddhima realize it was minnie only so she turn to go when armaan started to sing  n dance the way ranbir do]
Maine maroda toh lagti malaai hai [Scene shows armaan twist her hand a little n give her a challenging look]
Ri:Mehenga padega ye chaska malaai ka [Scene shows riddhima hit him with her elbow in his belly making him leave her]
Upvaas karne main teri bhalaai hai [Scene shows riddhima dance the way deepika dance in the song n at end of this line she n all the other small girls put color on armaan while armaan somehow hide his face behind his hand]
Ra:Ho bindiya teri mehtaabi ho gayi [Scene shows here rahul sing n run behind muskaan n took hold of her]
Dil ke armaanon mein behisaabi ho gayi toh [Scene shows Sid n shilpa got up n sid somehow with the effect of bhang started to dance again while pulling shilpa with him]
All:Balam pichkari jo tune mujhe maari [Scene show everyone dancing together in both side]
Toh sidhi saadi chhori sharaabi ho gayi
Haa jeans pahen ke jo tune maara thumka
Toh lattu padosan ki bhabhi ho gayi

Bg music end..

After the end of the song riddhima got a call an excuse herself while armaan's car also got ok so he bid bye to minnie n other kids n go away. Though he wanted to stay but he need to go when he was near his car he look back to see the kids were back to play holi n he look the way riddhima was gone to see only that she is talking with a guy n after a while elatedly hug him..
For a while he didn't like the scenario but taking away the thoughts apart he got in the car n drove towards Rangin Ashiyaana

Here in Rangin ashiyaana

After the song put in to end all guest started to leave somehow shashank put padma straight away inside house n telling atul to handle her he got back to see everyone off..
After a while only riddhima's friend's n family member's left...
After a while back a black Audi Q5 stop in front of the door while a guy come out from it was tottally drenched in color got in to the house to only see the party is over n shashank was bidding bye to everyone..
Watching him coming shashank said: Itni late...
The guy: main to bola hi tha bade papa wait mat karna mere liye i would be late..(While touching his leg)
Sha(hugging him n then taking him indside said): Par tewhaar ka maza to apno k sath celebrate karne me hi hai but tumhe to lagti hai time hi nhi hai tehwaar ki din bhi koi kaam karti hai kya armaan..
Well the guy is armaan
Ar (with a small smile): Actually bade papa humara business bhi to tewhaar me karne ka hi hai i mean its event management n moreover mujhe ek dost k request pe hi uske holi party ki taiyariyaan pe re-check karni thi n uske liye photoshoot karni i can't say no to my work..
Shashank took him inside while talking..
While going inside they bump into muskaan who was running n rahul was running behind her to catch her but when she bump into them she stop n said: Are bade papa apne holi nhi kheli (then putting lots of color on his face then started to laugh in her own style)
Soon rahul also come there running while armaan was shocked to see them here n he said: Rahul tu yaha Aur muski tujhe kya hua?
Before rahul could say something atul rushed from inside n said: Bade papa jaldi andar aao plz...
While armaan look back to him n shashank rush inside as he know what's coming on...
Armaan look towards atul who come n hug armaan then said: Tu agaya mere..(but before he could continue a water balloon hit him n all look back to see its sid while shilpa trying to stop him)
Ar (looking at atul): Yeh ho kya raha hai????
At (while saving himself from the water balloons now sid n muski throwing towards him): Sab batati hoon pehle yaha se chal...

Inside Rangin ashiyaana..
Shashank rush into only seen that padma is spreading everything here n there while shashank go n hold her n said: Padma padma yeh kya kar rahe ho...

Pa: Are ap agaye dekhiye maine sab phela diya ab main in sab cheezon ko saaf karwaungi..
Chalo ap bhi help karo na...(Then saying this she took a mop in her hand n pass another one to shashank while shashank stand there with wide open eyes n padma watching him not to work said)Chaliye na
Sha (coming out from trace): huh...kya?
Pa (giving him the mop handling it properly on his hand n said): Kariye na meri help...Ap karogi na...
Sha: Par padma...
Pa: Ap nhi karogi meri help (on the verge of crying)heeeaaa...heeeaaa,,,ap mere liye itna nhi kar sakte...
Sha: Riddhima kaha hai tu bachale mujhe(mumbling to himself then with a sweet smile looking at her said) Tumhare liye to kuch bhi kar sakti hoon...(then started to mop while padma took a cousoon n tore it making it spread all the place where shashank mop n hearing the tore sound while shashank look back n see he was like phir se karna padega n padma give him a sorry look n a dazzling smile)

Here atul somehow make armaan understand all the things n took him inside the house while somehow rahul n shilpa also succeed to bring muski n sid inside with help of gappu n armaan n atul..

While they enter watching the sight somehow atul n shilpa n armaan n gappu stop the smile but muskaan started to laugh loud n said: Hawww...Bade papa ap jhadu kyun laga rahe ho...
While Shashank got embarrassed n put it away n next second padma screamed: ap karo naaa...
While somehow shashank make padma understand n took her inside n make her agree to sleep n here at hall others were having a tough time to cool them..
After Shashank put padma in sleep he come back to see sid n muskaan running in whole while others running behind them..
Sha (sternly): Yeh kya ho raha hai...(While others stood at their position with lower head so Shashank turn towards shilpa n said)philosoper's stone tum muski ko lo aur andar jao n rahul u use the guest room n keep sid there..
While both of them whined. But obey n go..

Then they both sit up a while n catch up for a while n shilpa also come back n now introduce properly with armaan n they catch up for a while when shilpa suddenly ask about riddhima..
Shil: Papa where is princess diana kab ayegi wo?
Sha: Wo use kuch kaam hai to wo khatam karke a jayegi don't worry..
While armaan was confused n said: Princess diana..???
At: Are wo ridz k baat kar rahe hai tu nhi mila na un tino se i mean ridz, shannaya n abhimanniyun se unke hi baat kar rahe the chal koi nhi abhi mil lena abhi a jayenge...
Ar: I think aj bhi unlogo se meri mulakat nhi hogi coz i've to go its late mujhe ghar jana hoga n then waha se next assignment k liye nikal na hai...

While bi n anji also come back after a while they insist but armaan had to go so after a while he left with bi n gappu while gappu was whining as he wanted to stay more but next day he have school so armaan took him with them..

N as all just bid them bye n come inside on that time only abhi's car come on the front door

While Bg music...
 Ek mulakat hai jaruri..
tone only
Music end as three of them got down with someone else...

Inside Rangin ashiyaana
All just sit lazily on sofa while closing their eyes while front door was open no one notice that 4 person enter in while abhi, riddhima n minnie stand a side n the other person with them stealing go behind shilpa on that time only anji look to see n about to say her name while riddhima gesture her not to say anything n the person hold shilpa's eyes..
Shil: Who is it?
Ri: Guess kar...
Shil: kyun tang kar rhi hai yaar ridz leave na..
While the person leave her eyes n said: Too bad u forget me behna...
Shil (with a stunt look back n stood with wide open eyes n shout): Appp...

That's all for today
N iske sath khatam hoti hai humari holi special 4th part..
Don't worry puri kahani abhi bhi baki hai
So wait for more
Milte hai kuch din baad
Inhi galliyoon ki inhi choubaroon me with new twist n tale n turn of story
lv u all

Khuda hafiz


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