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part 18 :Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

I'm again back with new part
Chalo jayada bate nhi karte
Straight back to the part...

So here goes the story...
Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha hai, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai,Aur isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahuchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain,yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhand hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga,iske liye authority yani ki writer yani ki main jimmeddar nhi hoon,Krippa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekhiyega..Shukriya..

Mulakat phir hui banke ajnabi
Holi k rang me rang gaye sabhi
Holi k din ka ant hua ab
Chalo dekhte hai koan ayi nayi jisse surprise hui sab

Part 18

Shi(with shock): Ap yaha kaise aye..(While the person smile towards her)

Ri(with smile):plane se silly aur kaise ayengee..Abroad se paidal to nhi a sakti na(saying this she come forward n settle beside Shashank)
Shi:Par mujhe bataya kyun nhi main lene ajati na...
The person:Agar bata deti to teri yeh surprise bhadi ankhein n khushiyoon se bhadi face kaise dekhti bata...
Shi(with teary smile n hugging her): Awww i so love u di...
The person: Me to lv u shona
Mi (with pouting):Di ap sirf shilpa di se hi pyar karte ho mujhse nhi
The person: obviously i lv u also baby..
Ri (making mouth in a 'O' shape): hawww nikki then tu mujhse pyar nhi karti kya...

Well everyone meet the person she is none other than Nikkita Malhotra

Well she is friend of riddhima n Shilpa's elder sister
Elder by only 2 min
She was the one with whom riddhima was about to come but at last moment she meet with a accident
She is a Interior designer in profession
She love her friends n family a lot
Very much attached with riddhima's family
She is the quite one among the gang
N Problem solver for all of them
Totally opposite of her sister
Have a tarakti bharakti attitude which make her as polite n also much rude if needed
She is just mixed of it
N for her sister she is the ideal one
Jaan chirakte hain yeh dono behna ek dusre pe
Ek dusre ki kamjori bhi hai n ek dusre ki takkat bhi
For their sisterly attitude in my style kahu to...

Phuloon ka taroon ka
Sabka kehna hai
Ek hazaroon me meri behna hai
Sari umar hume sang rehna hai

More about her u all will got to know once u all read further..

Ni: Ridz tujhe pata hai na aisa kuch nhi hai(then forward her hand to invite her also in the hug)
Ra: Aur main...
They all share a group hug when anji also join them...
While others smile towards them n one pair of eyes was just admiring her from a far way...

After a while when all set up
When shilpa asked Nikki: par di ap yeh to batao how did u come with ridz n all
Then nikki n riddhima narrate that what exactly happened...

Flashback Started...
When riddhima got a call after the balam pichkari dance...
Nikki told her that she is in airport n want to surprise other if she can manage to come n pick her up as being holi she might not get any transport..
Riddhima promised that she will pick her up n she gone to abhi to ask for ride while abhi agree in one say she hug her in delight(actually at this moment only armaan saw riddhima hugging abhi only)
After that they pick her up n come here directly to surprise all..
Flashback end...

They all talk for a while when..
N talk about all n everything about today's event n everyone...
When suddenly...

Ni (looking everywhere): Ridz tune to bola tha aj sab yehi pe hai kaha hai baki sare kaha hai?
Ri: ha (looking towards Shashank) papa baki sare kaha hai?
Sha: Wo actually...Wo padma...
Shi (covering up him): So rhi hai andar...
Ni (while shilpa answer on behalf of shashank riddhima got little suspicious n was about to say something while nikki cut her saying): Aur sid..??
Before anyone could say something to cover up where sid is they heard a voice from the nearby curtain saying: Present Pleaseee...
All turn their faces to see sid is standing only his face is out through the curtain n he is making faces

While the 4(ri,mi,ab,ni) was confused n others were shocked to what to do as if riddhima got to know about their bhangnama they will defiantly be on punishment as in this case she is also like padma..
So when no was dare to say something while nikki said with confusing look: Sid tu waha kya kar rhi hai????idhar a (but sid didn't come out from curtain side making faces) kya hua vul gayi kya mujhe...?
Si:mujhe nhi ana(then pointing @ shilpa who was glaring her to go inside)wo maregi..
Ni(with shock):What...!!!!

While after hearing sid riddhima got more suspicious n before she could say something they heard some vessel fallen sound n that too one after another continuously so they all got inside to see the scene is like this..
Padma standing with a broom n with it she make the vessels fall on ground watching her doing so the 4 of all got confused n others thinking what to do now?...
Ri(With worry): mumma kya hua apko ap yeh sab kya kar rahi ho?(avoiding to fall in this all vessel she go near her)
Pa: Are ap sab yaha kyun ayi, mujhe yeh sare cheeze saaf kaarni hai(saying it she make more vessel fall n said)
Ri:par saaf hi karni hyai to phek kyun rhi ho??????
Pa:Are agar phekungi nhi to gandi kaise hogi aur gandi nhi hogi to saaf kya karungi..ab ap sab bahar jake beitho main yeh sara saaf karke nashta bhejti hoon...
Before anyone could say something they all hear a scream like:Nashtaaa...Mujhe bhi khani hai...(then go inside the kitchen but in a shaky way)
While totally confused nikki said:hua kya hai in logo ko??
When tweety come n sit near the dinning chair n started to sing: Talli huwa, talli huwa, yaara dekho yaara mera talli huwa
Yaha gira waha gira, yaara dekho yaara mera kahaan gira

Riddhima didn't say anything just turn n look at shashank n shilpa with one brow raised...
Scene faded at their scary face...

After 2 hours...
Everyone sitting on sofa while atul n anji retired for their room as anji was feeling tired so riddhima suggest them to take rest...
Well now let's say what happened before 2 hours...
Riddhima was hell angry for their bhag karnama n she tell others to just keep quite shashank n shilpa had to clean everything from out there to all the mess created by the 3...
N rahool also help them severally in some position n @ end they also have to cook the dinner...
While others were sit in drawing room n talk here two person cooking on kitchen...

Inside the kitchen...
A girl wearing baby pink color cooking apron was cutting onions n crying while other guy who was wearing beige color cooking apron with a white chef hat was look around n said while looking at the girl: Philosopher's stone tu ro kyun rahi hai?????
Shi: pops meri di ne bhi kabhi mujhe khana baanane k liye kitchen me ghusne nhi di but apki khusat beti ne wo kasr bhi baki nhi rehne di...(while wiping eyes from where water was leaking out coz of onions..)
Sh (defending her): Oye meri beti khusat nhi hai...
Shil: Pops apke beti khusat hi hai dekho kaise gadho ki tarah kaam karwa rhi hai
Sh: Wo to hai but itni bhi buri nhi hai galti toh humari hi thi na bas usi ka punishment hi to diya usne..isme kuch galat thodi hi na hai
Shi:apke samne apki beti ki naam pe kuch bolna hi bekar hai but ab yeh socho...ab karna kya hai...
Sh:Kya matlab...khana banana hai aur kya??
Shi(stopping her chopping): Pops u can't be serious i mean na apko kuch banana ati hai na mujhe to hum banayenge kya?????

Suddenly they hear the noise of doorbell before they could go n see who come they hear minnie calling them to come at dining area to see all siting in dining area while they said: humne to kuch banai bhi nhi abhi tak...

Ri(while entering with boxes): Aur jaha tak mujhe pata hai aplogo se kuch banegi bhi nhi(both pouted)ab yeh muh banana band kijiye aur maine pizza order kiya sabke liye n di k liye i'll made some soup so abhi ap log yahan se jaiyee aur meri upar itna karam karna that yaha kitchen me wapas na ajana

While both lower their head n shashank hold his ear n with cute face says: Sorry na beta plzzz maaf kardeee...
While Shilpa also join him: plzzz maaf karde...
With their cute faces riddhima couldn't resist more but forced to smile n said: ok but u won't do things like this ever again..
Sh: Marna hai kya...
While riddhima laugh n said: acha now bahar jao n have pizza main di k liye khana banake ati hoon
Sh: Main help kardun
Ri(look inside the kitchen which is disaster by now then look at him n said):Nhi papa its ok u guyss go i'll take care of it...

After few hours
Finally after settling everything n all n having dinner everyone was hell tired so they retire to their rooms boys have use different guest room as riddhima wanted others also stay for the night..

In riddhima's room
After changing in her pj she got in bed while thinking about the day n its consequences...
Suddenly she remember the consequence happened in a few moment before..
Flashback start
As padma was all in not sense so being on her place she check everything before go to bed n check upon everyone..
When she was in to check on muski she saw shilpa was having a hard time in controling muski..
She said to shilpa that she will tc n her to go n get fresh..
While shilpa was on washroom n riddhima was trying to handle muski n took her to go back to sleep..
While suddenly muski got up n start crying loudly:heaaa heaaa
Ri(trying to stop her):muski...muski...tu ro kyun rhi hai...chup ho ja..(while muski started to cry more loud)are chup ho ja meri ma(this time her fake cry got even more louder)atleast bata to de tu kyun ro rhi hai????
Mu(this time her cry subsided a little bit):wo*sniff* mujhse*sniff* tu baat*sniff* hi nhi kar rhi thi *sniff*mujhe *sniff*baat karna*sniff* hai sona *sniff*nhi hai..*sniff*
Ri(suddenly something comes in her mind n she said):ok chal hum baate hi karte hai tu mujhe ek baat bata aj tujhe holi kaisi lagi????i mean maja to ayi na..
Mu(nodding continuously):ha...boht(while extending her both hands wide)
Ri(then thinking n ask): acha ek baat bata tujhe kisko sabse achi lagi i mean kiske sath holi khelne me sabse maja ayi..
Mu(thinking): Wo tha na wo bada sa chikna sa gora sa jiske baal yun(showing with hands making hairs up meaning spikes)khade khade the..
Ri(smirking watching her plan getting kamiyab):koan sid(while muski shake his head continuously indicating no) nhi...?to phir ha tu kahi us bande ki baat nhi kar rhi hai na wo jo Papaya Whip color ki i mean cream color vest or white shirt pehna tha????
Mu(excitedly as if solve a big mystery case):yeayy..wohi hai wohi hai..par kya naam tha uska yes kaankhajure..
Ri(somehow stopping his laugh):yea tu rahul ki baat kar rhi hai na..waise tujhe wo kaisa lagta hai????
Mu(in her subconscious state): wo na ek number ka chichundar hai aur boht boht boht bura hai humesha bas mujhse jhagra karte rehta hai sab se kitna acha behave karte hai par mujhse kabhi nhi par boht acha bhi hai kabhi kabhi..
Like this she keep going on sometime praising rahul n sometime giving galiyaan..n then driftted to sleep..

Flashback end
Riddhima smiling n thinking about muski's little confession..
Though muski didn't say those three words exactly but after watching there little moment on holi ground n the way muski was with rahul after having bhang she is sure that somehow in heart she also feel something may be she herself don't this but riddhima will make sure she do something to make them realize their love for each other

But how then she think she might need someone help coz she can't be with muski all the time to make her realize n even can't directly talk to her ,she have to take someone help who is close with muski n be in more contract with her..
Then she started to think n talking with herself: Kya karu kiski madad loon kya?par kiski??(thinking)anji di(then shaking her head) nhi wo to kisi tarah ki stress nhi le sakti n abhi to unka itna mood swings hote hai ki (then thinking again)DR(then shaking her head)nhi wo to khud itna confuse rehta hai upar se mujhe bhi confuse kar dega ab bacha rahul sid nikki shilpa..nikki n shilpa don't know muski much so this two ki option cancel ab bacha rahul n sid,rahul k liye hi yeh sab to wo to option me bhi nhi ata n sid(then shaking her head)no way usko bolungi kuch aur, aur wo karega kuch aur..ab...(then suddenly something click in her mind)Are ha di ka wo dewar bhi to tha na kya naam thi kuch ammy or something wo to muski ki boht achi frnd hai shayed wo hi madad kar de but usse pehle i need to meet him..akhir dekhna bhi to hai kaisa hai wo..
Chal ridz so ja ajke liye itna soch hi kafi hai waise bhi it was a kafi happening day...(saying this to herself she lay on bed n close her eyes with smile)
Scene faded at her smiling face...
Next morning

In heaven hill...
Next morning anji n atul got back to house n everything started going smoothly Everyone back to their daily routine...While some unknown reason to all bi also stay back making all surprise..

In Rangin ashiyaana

Padma,sid n muski wake up with a very bad headache n to be served with a cool glass of lime water n in breakfast a strong cup of coffee n later they got to know about all the commotion about yesterday the angriest person that time was none other than Padma, she got angry this much that she didn't even talk with Shashank

After few days..
Padma still didn't talk with Shashank n this thing is now pissed him off totally...

So now Scene is like this
Riddhima n minnie sitting on riddhima's room's while riddhima n minnie sitting above the working table of riddhima with both leg hanging down n minnie munching chips n riddhima looking at shashank continuously who is passing from one corner to another walking peacelessly..
Mi(whispering to riddhima): jiji inko kya hua?mumma baat nhi kar rhi hai isliye sadma to nhi lag gayi na
Ri: Shut up minnie aur tu ja bahar jake khel yaha mujhe papa se jaruri baat karni hai...
Mi(with dramatically way): hah huh ab to meri koi value hi nhi..(Then got down from table)
Ri(shaking her head at her dramatic sister):Minnie
Mi(laughing): ha jjiji bolo na..(Then remembering something said)jiji main apki laptop le jau mujhe mere waha k frnds se skype me c8 karna hai..
Ri(looking at time): ok ja..Waha bed k pass cupboard me laptop hai aur side table me tujhe wifi modem mil jayegi n password..
Mi(cutting her in between): i know don't need to remind..
Ri(with wide open eyes): Tune phirse...(while she shake her head at her naughty sister who nodded her head excitedly with silly smile) Chal ja ab..
While minnie left the room riddhima got down from the table n stand before Shashank making him stop in his way while all this Shashank was so much engrossed in his thoughts he never realize that minnie is gone long before..
Sh(looking evrywhere around): Minnie kaha hai..?
Ri: Papa apko kya hua hai minnie to apke smne se hi gayi abhi aur apne notice tak nhi ki..kya hua papa bolo na..
Shashank then say her about padma being angry n not talking with him n he is now pissed off with it...
Ri: Papa ap bhi na itne me pareshan ho jate ho ek kaam karo mumma ko kisi ache wale restaurant me leke jao n give her a romantic dinner n apologize i'm sure mumma maan jayegi..
Shashank with worry n nervousness said: u sure?
Ri(with confidence):Obviously papa ap bhi na tension maat lia karo itna
Sh:but wo mere sath nhi ayi to..
Ri:Uski tension ap maat lo i'll manage that..ap bas mumma k lie ek gift le lo acha sa baki main dekh lungi
Sh:Par kya gift du uske pass to sab hai...bol na kya du..
Ri(whining):Kya papa apne khud ki biwi k liye ek gift nh kharid sakte , kuch bhi de do mumma ko sab pasand ayegi jo bhi ap pyar se unke liye lao samje..ab jao ap main baki intejaam karke apko place n all bata dungi..Tab tak u prepare for it..
Sh: yea ok(saying this he was about to go when riddhima stop him)
Ri:Wo papa mujhe na apse ek baat puchni thi...
Sh:Ha beta bol na
Ri(think something):Wo actually..
Sh(look towards riddhima consciously then when riddhima still stuck in wo actually so he go forward n held her hand n took her near the swing which is in her rooms open area balcony m sit then making riddhima to face him he said):Batao kya baat hai jo meri princess apne prince charming ko bolne se jhijhak rhi hai..?
Ri:Wo papa actually kuch din baad di ka seven month ho jayegi na to main soch rhi thi ki kya hum unke liye ek choti si godh bharai k function rakh sakte hai?(then with hope look at shashank)
Sh(with smile in lips):ha beta isme puchne wali kya baat hai u know u can but is bare me tu apni ma se baat kar beta coz mujhe to yeh functions k bare me jayada kuch malum nhi na but i can still help if u need any..
Ri(with hesitation):Wo actually papa mujhe usme Choti paa aur choti maa ko bulani thi n i wanted to surprise mumma bas isliye apse permission mang rhi thi n one more thing choti paa k liye bhi yeh surprise hai that di ki godbharai hai so you know..
Sh: Phir tu use yaha bulayegi kaise u know wo aise to ayegi nhi..
Ri(with confidence):Papa ap wo mujhpe chod do..i'll manage but apko bas itna karni hogi jis din un dono ki flight hogi u hv to make sure mumma be busy in hospital or out bas kaise bhi karke un logo ko ghar me ane se pehle nhi milna chahiye..
Sh: ok done..bas itni si baat k liye itna jijhak tu bhi na...(then smile at her n left from there)
While riddhima smile thinking her plan n said in mind: Sorry papa i can't tell u the whole truth par apne thik hi pakar li thi apne princess ka jhut thank god that di ka godhwarai k baat yaad agayi warna aj to meri sari surprise ki band baj jati but koi nhi i m sure the moment u will got to know about the whole surprise u will defiantly will up above the world..Chal beti kaam pe lag ja so much things to do..

Then she took the home cordless phone n call someone after two ring Scene shoes a shadow of a lady wearing sari n putting all hair in one side put up the phone when riddhima said:Guess who??
L: who is it?
Ri (mouth open in full 'O' shape):Hawww this is so not done itni jaldi vul gaye apne mujhe choti ma...
L: Riddhima (before the lady could say something scene shows a man who was near the lady took the phone n started to talk while scene shows their blur shapes only not faces)
Person: sexy is it u?
Ri (giggling):Yes handsome its me only..
P (then looking at the number):OMG i can't believe r u calling from India itself?
RI: Well i guess so..
P:Tu kab ayi india i mean hume kisine batai kyun nhi..
Ri(smiling @ him): Chillax handsome main yahan ayi bas kuch din pehle n as i come one week before i supposed to so no one got to chance may b to tell u..
L(while the lady snatch the phone from him n said): Tu kaisi hai???
Ri: ab badi ayi tu kaisi hai bolne us waqt to mujhe pehchana tak nhi(with cute pout)
L: Are yeh tera handsome hai na iske sath ladh rhi thi isiliye dhyan nhi gaayi tu bata na kaisi hai?
Ri:Par ap dono lad kyun rhe the??

Here on the other side both of them started to fight over who will the person again snatch the phone from the lady so she said...
l:main baat karungi...
M:kyun phone pe tumhara naam hai, nhi na,phir main baat karungi
L:are aise kaise phone recieve pehle maine ki thi na to baat bhi pehle main hi karungi..
M:Oh hello madam phone receive karne se kuch nhi hoti abhi yeh mere haat me hain to baat bhi main hi karungi(while he pull the phone towards him n she pull it towards her)
L:Aise kaise phone mere pass hai..
M(pulling it again towards him): nhi mere pass
Like this they were fighting over kiske pass hai while riddhima was shouting from other end: Hello hello koi mere bhi baat to sunoo
N while they were more busy in fighting so getting frustrated she cut the call n call again
This time again both of them were about to prepare to start fight over phone when riddhima shout n said: Enough...N put the phone in loudspeaker now
They both did so but in between also the man push the lady's hand while the lady smack on his hand as he do so..
Ri: Now as both of u r listening, so listen very carefully n i actually mean it very carefully that u both have to come here in India at this house within one week with a long vacation..N i'm giving u this one weak to only mend up ur business n prepare for this vacation...
M:But...if we,...
Ri(cutting him in between):No buts n if n i don't want to hear anything n choti maa  its ur responsibility to bring handsome here n of course with a long vacation n i will see u guys in coming weeks u both.,.bye .. tc
Saying this she put down the phone not letting them speak in between with a evil smile..
At evening

Riddhima somehow send padma to the restaurant n with a satisfied smile sit with her laptop n log in to Facebook..
While suddenly a message popped in n watching the message next second riddhima immediately check the id n got into a very much shocking state..
In a few second later there is a scream heard on rangin ashiyana:Minnieee

That's all for today
N lv u to my new hindi teacher fr helping me out all over bordi...
ki bolbo r tomay dhonnobaad...:)
n lv u lots...
Milte hai kuch din baad
lv u all

Khuda hafiz


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