Friday, 5 June 2015

Part 2:DMG 3

Dr. Shashank was sitting in house in his library pondering over the days events. On one hand he was happy that his daughter Ridhima was finally staying back in India and not leaving them. He knew that she hadn't been happy the last couple of months and he knew couldn't  solely blame Armaan for it. Somewhere they all were to blame even Ridhima. In all of this he felt bad for Sidhant who for no fault of his had gotten hurt, even though it pained him he knew it was right decision by Sidhant to leave India. Just then Ridhima walks in and says: Papa, yahan akele baithe kya kar rahen hain. (with that she walsk across the room and sits on the floor beside his chair.)
Shashank: soch raha tha ke main kitna khush hoon ke tum ruk gaye ho aur ab apni zindagi main age barhaney ka faisla kar rahi ho.

Ridz: Papa, I know you must be upset with all that has happened in the last couple of weeks, with Sid and I getting divorced and my planning to leave India.
Shashank: nahin beta main upset nahin lekin thora dookh hoa ke tum ne mujhe kuch bhi bataya nahin, yahan tak ke jab tumne apna ghar choda to yahan an eke bajaey tum ek ajnabee Dr. Shilpa ke ghar ja kar rehne lag gayee.
Ridz: Papa, mein ap ko kya batate mein to khud kuch nahin samujh pa rahi the. The only thing I knew was that I was totally confused, I had no idea what to do any more, what was right what was wrong and I knew in my heart that you would be disappointed with me (silently tears had started falling from her eyes) I just wanted to get away from everyone so that I could understand my own heart and Shilpa gave me that chance by offering me her place to stay.
Shashank: beta mein kabhie bhi tumse disappointed nahin hoa maybe by the circumstances but never in you. I'm glad you finally were able to make a decision and I hope we can all move ahead in life and be happy.
Ridz: Papa, aap naraaz to nahin haina. Mujh se aur Armaan se.
Shashank: nahin I just want you to be happy now. (after a pause) per ridhima what do you want?
Ridz: Armaan papa, sirf armaan.
Shashank: to teekh hai kal armaan ko mere paas bhejna kuch baat karni hai.
Ridz: thankyou papa, I love you.
Shashank: love you too beta ab jao so jao.
Ridhima walks out of the room  and immediately calls Armaan on her way to her bedroom.
Ridz: Armaan, kya kar rahe ho.
Armaan: tumhara intezaar.
Ridz: ab intezaar khatam armaan papa ne kal tumhe bulaya hai baat karne ke liye. (she ended saying with a huge smile on her face).
Armaan: (with a huge grin on his face) lagta hai sasur ji is baar zyada bhao nahin kha rahe (before ridhima could scold him he said) just joking yaar, I can't wait till morning. Kaho to abhi ajaon.
Ridz: Armaaan, kaha na kal acha ab chalo so jao kal milenge
Armaan: kal kyon abhi milete haina sapne mein
Ridz: Armaan tum bhi na kitna drama karte ho, bye(with that she cut the line and then went laid down on her bed and closed her eyes. Drama and emotions of the day caught up with her and she went to sleep immediately)
On the other hand Armaan was lying on his bed and thinking about himself and Ridhima and how finally they were going to be together. Just as he was about to drift off to sleep an image of Shilpa of when she was leaving came to his mind and her words echoed in his head "sacha pyaar aur sachi dosti hamesha saath rehta hai". He immediately opened his eyes and thought where did that come from. He remembered what Sid had told him about Shilpa and Ridhima's relationship and thought once every thing is sorted between me and Ridhima then I'll tell her. She is too stressed at present this would only complicate matters more. With himself convinced he drifted off to sleep.              
The next morning the Gupta household was going through their morning routine. Just as Dr. Shashank came out of his room dressed for the day the doorbell rang and Armaan walked in.
Shashank: Armaan aap yahan itni subah koi kaam tha.
Armaan: Sir, woh apne bulaya tha ridhima kal raat bata rahi thi
Shashank: bulaya tha per itni subah(seeing armaan's hopeful expression he relented by saying) ok aao study mein chalet hain.
Armaan walked in behind Dr. Shashank and sat infront of him across the table and waited.
Shashank: Armaan you know why I've called you here. I am happy that Ridhima has finally sorted her life out and I know that you love her a lot (looking at Armaan for confirmation he continued)I know you want to be with Ridhima always to love her and protect her and I have no objection (with those words armaan finally relaxed).
I know you both want to get married but I think you should first give some time to Ridhima to get over her previous marriage b'coz knowing her and in general divorce usually leaves a person shaken. Even though she loves you and wants to be there is going to be post divorce stress and heading into a relationship some apprehension.
Armaan: Sir, I understand what you are saying and I agree. I want Ridhima to be sure and confident of what she intends to do with her life. I will talk to Ridhima myself about it.
Shashank: I'm glad that we understand each other, otherwise you have my blessings.
They both stood up and shook hands.
As days continued what Dr. Shashank had said was indeed true. Even though Armaan and Ridhima loved each other and wanted to get married Ridhima was feeling some post traumatic stress. She was having mood swings one moment  feeling confident and happy with her life the next feeling down thinking of her failed marriage and the last couple of months. Through out  all of this Armaan remained supportive and loving towards Ridhima. He showered her with love attention and gifts. He was the one who convinced her to get into therapy to help her overcome these feelings of stress and anxiety as they all started impacting her performance at work.
Nine months later a more controlled and stable Ridhima was ready to begin her new life with Armaan. Every thing had been decided between the two families,   the dates were finalized and the cards were being send.
One day while writing guest names on cards, Ridhima thought of how Sid and the last time they met. She recalled how she had asked for his address to send him the wedding card and he had shook his head. She wanted to meet him one more time the various sessions in therapy had her convinced of this one fact and face certain truth about herself. But sending him the card was this the right thing to do, to meet him after all that had happened, if at all, on her wedding with Armaan. She looked down at the card and then away lost in thought….

So what say guys will she or not????? Stay tuned to find out what happens.


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