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Part 3 : DMG 3

Shilpa was busy signing discharge papers of some patients as for the last six months she had been working in a hospital in Panchgani. She had convinced her heart that Armaan was not meant for her. All she wanted from him was to firstly tell Ridhima the truth about both of them being sisters and last for both Armaan and Ridhima to be together forever.
As she sat in her cabin going through a case file her cell rang without looking she picked up the phone and said: Hello,(on the other end there was a pause and then): Shilpa
Shilpa who was earlier frowning over the findings of the case stopped and smiled suddenly and said: Sid, kaise ho aur achanak aaj kaise meri yaad aagaye abhi teen din pehle to baat hoe the tum ne kaha tha ke next week call karo ge.

When there was response from his end she said: sid kya hoa btao
Sid: jaise tum nahin jaanti
Shilpa: nahin kya (she was totally bewildered by the way Sid was reacting)
Sid: mein card ke bare mein baat kar raha hoon
Shilpa: maine to tumhe koi card nahin bheja
Sid: Dammit Shilpa! Mein Armaan aur Ridhima ki shaadi ke card ke bare mein baat kar raha hoon.
Now the silence was from Shilpa's end. Her initial reaction was shock, then acceptance of the inevitable but most of all she was hurt. Hurt over the fact that if Sid was getting an invitation who was Ridhima's ex why was she left behind. She who was actually thee brides sister was not invited.
It took sid a while to comprehend the reason for Shilpa's lack of response and then said: Shit shilpa, I'm sorry I thought you knew. ( he said running his hand through his hair, he was in scrubs as he was still on duty but had to talk to Shilpa or he would have burst he felt. But hearing knowing how his words had caused her pain made him feel like a heel).
Shilpa: don't be as for me they don't give out information and invitations to nobody's (she ended with an edge to her tone, the anger and hurt that she felt sort of leaked out)
Sid: why don't you let me talk to ridhima or armaan and tell the truth myself.
Shilpa: b'coz  he already knows and it is his job to tell her
Sid: so what are you going to do
Shilpa: wait what else. And what are you going to do
Sid: I thought I'll ask you what should I do.
Shilpa: what do you want to do, think before answering.( there was a long pause, shilpa waited patiently and heard sid's breath become uneven with suppressed pain and his voice shook when he said: I want to forget, I want to feel no pain, I want to move forward and not live in the past. I was doing reasonably well but then this stupid card came in the mail and I feel so frustrated. What does she expect that I'll join them in their celebration I've already done that nine months back why doesn't she just let me go.
Shilpa: I think you know sid what is good for you and it is time you thought of yourself first and not what Ridhima expects of you.
Sid: Shilpa thanks for being a pal. You are the only one I could talk to and share my feelings. (after a slight pause) you know I'm a good listener I could return the favor too.
Shilpa: (laughing softly) I know but I've promised myself that I will not live in the past but look to the future. But thanks for the offer and maybe if I'm feeling low I'll take you up on the offer.(pause) so when is the lucky day.
Sid: a week from now
Shilpa: enough time for you to get tickets if you are going (replied jokingly).ok don't get mad just joking.
Sid: ok! Hey shilpa tell me if I can do something for you. (while talking his beeper started beeping) sorry shilpa gotta run. Bye. (and disconnected the call)
Shilpa placed her cell back on the desk and closed her eyes. With all her brave words to Sid her eyes smarted with tears of pain and anger. She kept her eyes shut willing the tears back that threatened to spill and thought "damn you all. I've done crying over you. I've promised myself I will not shed a single tear on you both" she opened her eyes and the look in them was of steely resolve not to surrender. Her expression was that of a warrior going to battle. She picked up the file she was reading earlier and walked out the door.      
Next day day in Mumbai Armaan's shift had ended and he was looking for Ridhima as he had just got Sid's email confirming that he had got the invitation but at the same time excusing himself from attending the wedding. When he had read  the mail he could not believe ridhima could send the invitation but now he was looking for her so that he could ask her what the hell was she thinking. Tired of searching for her in Sanjeevani he called her: kahan ho meinkab se tumhein dhoond raha hoon.
Ridz: mein shilpa ke ghar pe hoon kuch samaan choot gya tha who lene aaye thi aur ghar bhi band karna tha, tum yahin pe ajao phir saath mein ghar jain ge.
Armaan agreed to meet her at Shilpa's place, with shilpa name being mentioned his guilt resurfaced. He still hadn't told ridhima about shilpa. He just never found the right time but he thought : I'll tell her today at shilpa's place. Yes  this is the right opportunity but first I have to ask her about Sid.
On reaching shilpa's house he walked up to the door and rang the bell after a little while ridhima opened the door.
Ridz: hey you made it I'm just about done and then you can drop me at papa's.
Armaan: Ridhima I need to ask you something
Ridz hooking her arms around his neck and said: aaj kya hoa jo itne serious ho. Waise istarha bhi cute lagte ho (and giggled looking at Armaan's annoyed expression)
Armaan: Ridhima plz mujhe batao ke tumne Sid ko shaadi ka card kyun bheja, kya use aur takleef dena zarror tha. (Ridhima became pale hearing this)
Ridz: kyun Sid ka phone aaya tha
Armaan: nahin email aur usne aane se mana kar diya hae. Ridhima tum kya soch rahi ho, mujhe bataoge plz.
Ridz: Armaan mein sid ko takleef nahin dena chati thei. I just thought that he is our friend we've been through so much together. And I thought that by inviting him may be I'll get some closure. I don't know why but I feel as if somethings left unsaid between us and I wanted to start my new life without any baggage from my past.
Armaan: per who nahin aa raha
Ridz: fine at least I tried b'coz if I hadn't tried I don't know if I would've been able to go through the wedding (hugging armaan).
On the other hand armaan who had come prepared to tell Ridhima about Shilpa was confused what to do now. He knew in his heart that by not telling the truth he was betraying a confidence a friend had kept in him but if he told ridhima now it was also a surety that ridhima would've called of the wedding. So Armaan for the first time took the selfish route he chose not to tell ridhima anything about shilpa at that time. He thought I'll tell her the truth after the wedding.
They both closed the house and locked it, as ridhima was putting the keys in her bag armaan asked: how are you going to return the keys to shilpa
Ridz: at present with the wedding and the usual work routine there isn't enough time to get in touch with her but once every thing settles down I'll contact her.
Armaan thought when she is contacting her then I'll tell her. Feeling satisfied with his plan he got into the car and drove away.


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