Monday, 22 June 2015

part 3 : meri duniya hai tujhme kahin AR Ts


Its been more than  an hour since Naina called Riddhima and still now thay were not back..she was getting tensed up and all other family members were there..both Raaj n Anuraag were trying calling them..but there phone was switched off..Anuraag was about to call the police when his phone rang..he saw it was from Sanjeevani…so he picked it up and then what he heard had left him shocked..he cut the call and said to Raaj ‘dad..armaan ka accident ho gaya hai..’ hearing it all ran to hospital and also informed Guptas on there way to reach there.

Soon all reached sanjeevani…and went towards OT…only to see Abhimanyu coming out of the OT. When Raaj saw him..he aske ‘Abhi beta..Armaan kaisa hai..aur..aur Riddhima..voh kahan hai..voh kaisi hai…’ Abhi looked at them and said ‘uncle ab Armaan bilkul theek hai…half n hour mein usko he’ll come around…but am afraid uncle ke Riddhima Armaan ke saath yahaan nahi aayi hai..kyunki I was the one who was on night duty…but riddhima ka kuch ata pata nahi hai….don’t know where she is..’ Naina  along with all mallik members wwere shocked and worried hearing this when Naina said ‘yeh kaise ho sakta hai..maine khud Riddhima se baat ki thi..and voh kahe rahi thi ke voh log 10 minute mein aa rahe hain..’ before anyone could say anymore ..Guptas along with gang n Police reached there…and police asked Abhimanyu ‘dr.hume patient ka bayaan lena hai…kya voh hosh mein hai..’ Abhi replied ‘let me check upon him..’ and went inside while all guptas and malliks consoled each other.


Armaan was lay fainted on the hospital bed and was murmmering Riddhima’s name continuously…he then in his sleep saw the last scene where a guy was picking riddhima in his arms…and went away after muttering something facing armaan. Armaan got up with a jerk and shouted ‘Rrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiddddddddddhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmaaaaaa..’

hearing his shout Abhi who just entered the ward to check upon him..came running to him..and said ‘kya hua armaaan…tum thik ho…ab kaisa feel kar rahe ho..’ Armaan looked at him and said in chocking voice with tears in his eyes as he said. ‘v..voh le gaya..Riddhi Riddhima ko le gayaa..mai…main ku..kuch ahi kar paayaa..’ abhimanyu asked ‘kaun le gaya Riddhima ko armaan..’ before arman could answer all gupptas..gang..malliks and police inspecter came..inspector asked ‘mr. Armaan aap hume bataiye ke aapka accident kaise hua..aur mrs. Riddhima kahan hai..’ armaan then in breaking voice told everything to the police about Naman..his obsession with Riddhima since college days..and how he threatened Riddhima to harm Armaan ..and how the accident took place when the truck hit there car..and Naman came from his car and took Riddhima away in his car thinking that Armaan died.

All listening to this gasped in shock and horror…as the piece of information they got…inspecter then asked Abhi  Muskaan as they both were with Riddhima since college if they know where Naman can take Riddhima…but they didn’t knew anything. So inspecter thought to take out all his details and start search for Riddhima soon…and also traced Naman’s phone.


Riddhima lay unconscious on the bed…still fainted due to accident and Naman sitting sitting beside her..admiring her..while on the walls of the room there were many pictures of riddhima..he looked at her calm face and said to himself ‘kitne khubsoorat lag rahi ho..aise calmly sote hue…mere bed pe…bas ab tum jaldi se hosh mein aa jao..phir hum dono shaadi kar lenge…aur humesha humesha ke liye yeh sheher chhodhke kahin door chale jayenge..jahan sirf tum aur main hoon…aur koi nahi…’ he then took out his phone and dialed a number and said ‘haan mujhe do tickets books karwani hai Malaysia ki…do din baad ki…thik hai..jaldi karo..’  saying so cut the call..and then admired her for soomem more time and went out of the room..locking it from outside..
On the other hand…it was going to be morning but there was no success in finding where Naman had kept Riddhima..Armaan was just getting hyper by every second….he had totally turned into an angry young man from a lovey dovey guy…and was blasting on every it anyone..everyone understanding his condition didn’t say anything to him…and while all guys were helping the police in finding Riddhima..while all girls were consoling elders.

Next day in the morning...Riddhima opened her eyes..shouting armaan’s name..and looked around to find that she was in unknown place…and when she saw the wall she was left shocked to see her pictures all around the she was getting scared..but as soon as the room door opened her eyes went wide…and soon fear took over her she saw Naman walking in with a breakfast tray in hand and a smile plastered on his face..he came and sat beside her and said ‘finally tum uth gayi..pata hai..tum kal raat se behosh thi…aur main kitna darr gaya tha…chalo ab jaldi se naashta karlo..okkay..’ saying he was about to feed her ..but  she pushed his hand away making food fall on the floor and then shouted ‘main yahaan kya kar rahi hun..aur ar..armaan kaahan ahia…’ then she remembered the accident and asked in shock ‘tu..tumne voh accident karaaya naa…tumne mere armaan ko maarne ki koshish ki…you bastard..’ she was about to slap him when he hold her hand and with anger in his eyes..he slapped her hard..making blood coming out of her lips…he said ‘Armaan…armaan…armaan…bas..nahi aayega tumhara Armaan ab kabhi wapas..samjhi tum…aur ab tumhe mere saath hi rehna hai…humesha ke liye..bhool jao usse…varna achha nahi hogaa..’ saying so he left her alone in the room weeping and crying.

 Soon she saw that he forgot his phone here..she picked up the phone and quickly dialed a number...and soon the caller picked it up.. it was none other than armaan..she said ‘hel…hello armaan..’ hearing riddhima’s voice Armaan said “riddhima..kahan ho tum….kaisi  ho theek ho naa.uss naman ne tumhe kuch kiya toh nahi..’  Riddhima cried hearing his voice and said ‘mujhe yahan se le jao armaan…vo..voh..bohot buraa hai..uss…usne mujhe…’ before she could complete naman came there and snatched  the phone from her and slapped her again..making her fall down oin bed..and he said on the phone ‘oh..toh tum zinda ho…mare nahi..chalo kuch nahi hota…waise bhi ab tum jiyo ya maro….i don’t  care…mujhe jo chahiye tha voh mil gaya…aur ab tum dekho..demo sunna chahoge…toh dekho…’ saying so he put the phone on speaker..and pulled riddhima towards him and and made her sit on the chair and tied her there and stuffed a hanky in her mouth making her choke out her breathe..he then left her…when he heard Armaan’s voice ‘you bastard how dare u touch my wife…main tujhe zinda nahi chhodunga kamine..kutte..ek baar mere haath aa phir dekh main kya karta hun…saala buzzdil…kahin kaa..’ Naman in anger said ‘jo karna hai kkarle…ab the Riddima kabhi nahi milne wali..aur  agar tune kuch bhi karne ki koshish ki..toh bohot bura hoga..samjhaa..’ saying so he cut the call…and went out of the room leaving cryiong Riddhima behind.

While on the other hand Armaan after the call in anger throw all the things in the room….breaking them…while Anuraag Abhi n Rahul were trying to calm him when police who was tracing the call of naman came and said ‘humne NAman ka phone trace kar liya hai..voh puna ke kisi farm house mein hai..bas ab hum jaldi se unhe dhoond lenge..’ when Nikki heard about this..she remembered Naman’s talk two days back which she heard by mistake..and   she said ‘inspecter ek minute..’ he turned and said ‘ji…’ Nikki said ‘sir maine naman ko kal raat kisi se phone pe baat akrte hue sunna tha..zada samjh toh ni aya..bas itna pata chala ke voh kuch puna highway pe jo farm house hain uske bare mein baat kar raha tha..’ inspecter thanked her for the info and said armaan ‘Mr. Armaan ab hum bohot hi jald Riddhimaji ko dhoond lenge.’ Armaan said ‘inspecter main bhi aapke saath chalungaa..’ inspecter looked at all three men when Anuraag said ‘Armaan teri tabiyat theek nahi hai…tu rest kar..main jaata hun..okay..’ Armaan became irritated and snapped  ‘aapko samjh nahi aa raha kyaa…voh Riddhima ko already itna kuch kar kuch kar chukka hai…pata nahi..aur kya kay kar sakta hai…maine kehe diya naa….main bhi jaunga…I don’t care meri tabiyat sahi hai yaa nahi…main bas usse lene jaa raha hu…aap logon ko aana hai tpooh aao…nahi toh main akele jaa raha hun..’  saying so he stand up from the bed and went out of sanjeevani…withpout giving them a cjhance to speak..while all sighed and followed him quietly..when Anuraag said ‘Rahul tu..Muskaan Abhi Nikki ghar jao…aur sabko hume Riddhima ka pata chal gaya hai..aur hum usse lene jaa rahe hain..okay..’ Rahul nodded and all four went to mallik mansion..and here inspector with his team along with Anuraaag n Armaan went to get Riddhima back.

While here Naman after calming his anger went back to the room to see Riddhima tied on chair and crying…he came and sat beside her and pulled her closer to see her lips had dried blood on them…he looked at them and said ‘dekha..kya karwaa diya rumne mujhse…main kabhi nahi chahata ke tumhe koi dukh ho..par tumne uss Armaan ko phone kyun kiya…dekha naa..uska saara gussa maine tumpe nnikal diyaaur majoori mein tumhe yahaan baandhna padha...’ riddhima cried more and said ‘ple…please mujhe jaane do…main Armaan se bohot pyaar karti hun..pati hai voh mera…please..’ Naman looked at her and said with anger in his eyes ‘nahi manta main tumhaari shaadi ko…’ but then calming a little he said ‘mujhe pata hai..tum mujhse pyaar karti ho..bas tum manna nahi chahati…’ Riddhima became angery and slapped him and said ‘nnahi karti main tumse pyaar..samjhe tum…aur pyaar ka matlab bhi jaante ho tum…pyaar ka matlab kisi ko chot pohonchana yaa kisi ko zabadasti apne pass rakhke usse khudse zabardast pyaar nahi kara sakte..’ naman got angery and pulled her through her hairs and said ‘mujhe tumse seekhne ki zarurat nahi hai…ke pyaar kya hai…’  then calming a little he said ‘Riddhima tumhe pata hai…main tumhe deewano ki tarah pyaar karta hun…aaj se nahi…college time se…jab armaan toh tumhaari life mein tha bhi nahi..voh hum dono ke beech aaya hai…aur agar ab usne phirsetuimhe mujhse cheenne ki koshish ki to hiss baar main usse zinda nahi chhidunga…samjhi tum..’ saying this he went out of the room locking it..leaving a scared Riddhima behind thinking of her Armaan getting harm due to her.

Naman after going out talked to someone on the phone and after hearing what the other person said he became agry..and then went inside the room and saw Riddhima crying sitting on the bed..he went near her and said ‘chalo Riddhima hume yahaan se kahin aur jaana hai…voh Armaan aur Police hume dhoondte hue yaahan aa rahi hai..’  hearing this Riddhima got happy and said ‘maine kaha tha naa..mera Armaan mujhe lene zarur aayegaa…ab dekhna tum..voh tumhe zinda nahi chhodega..’ Naman became angry and slapped her really hard printing all his five fingers on her face and pulled her closer through her hairs and said in dangerous voice ‘agar usne tumhe mujhse door karne ki kooshish bhi ki toh main usse jaan se maar dunga..samjhi tum..’ saying so he tied her hands and put cloth on her mouth so that she can’t shout..and took her in his arms..a.snd went out of the room out of the house..and zomed away from there. He took her to a warehouse hwre his men were waiting..he then tied her on the chair and put the cloth on her prevent her from shouting. He then said to one of his men ‘iska dhayaan rakhna…main abhi aayaa..’ saying so he went out and called someone.
While here Armaan Anuraag and police reached the farmhouse..armaan din’t wait for a second and stepped out pof the car..and went inside the house searching for his Riddhima…he shouted ‘Riddhima…Rioiddhima…’ but couldn’t find her anywhwere…the inspecter said to his team to search the whole house for her..but they could find anything…then Inspecter  said ’lagta hai usse humaari ane ki khabar lag gayi aur ahumaare yaahan aane se pehle hi voh Mrs. Mallik ko leke chala gaya..’ before anyone could say anything Armaan’s phone ringed..and without seeing he picked up and
While here Naman called Armaan and said ‘tch..tch..kya hua Riddhima nahi mili vahan…haan..tch..milegi bhi kaise…voh toh mere pass hai..’ and then said in cold and dangerous voice ‘aur tum uss taka b kabhi nahi pohonch sakte..’ Armaan said in ager feeled voice ‘saale ek baar bata ke kahan hai tu…phir main bhi dekhta hun…ke kaun Riddhima tak pohonch sakta kaun nahi..’ but till that time Naman had cut the phone the call..leaving a frustrated Armaan behind. While Armaan ran a frustrated hand in his hairs and told the police ‘usse pata hai..aap log mere saath hain..usne mujhe akele jaana hogaaRiddhima ko bachaane..main jaa raha hun bhai…aur maa papa aur mom dad ko bolna ke main riddhima ko saath lekar aaaunga..’ saying so he was about to sit in the car when police inspecter said ‘dekhiye Armaanji..aap ke liye vahan akele jaana aapke liye khatra ho sakta hai…aap aage chakliye..aapke pohonchne kle thodi der baad main police team aur Anuraagji ke saath vahan pohonchta hun..taaki usse shak naa ho..aur humne naman ki call ki trace karli hai phirse…voh yahaan se ek kilometer pe jo khandar hai…vahin pe hai..’ armaan nodded and went alone in the car…while after a while police team along with anuraag went there.
Armaan soon reached the warehouse where Naman had kept Riddhima…he slowly went inside…up to the stairs where Riddhima was tied on the chair..and four to five men were roaming around…so she cannot run away from there..he saw Riddhima tied on the chair…with hands and legs tied along with a cloth stuffed in her mouth.
Tears welled up in his eyes seeing this condition of her…he was about to go there and fetch riddhima safely when he saw one of the man coming in his direction..he quickly hide behind the wall…and when the goon was about to pass Armaan..he quickly attacked the goon from behind…and pressed the nerve under his neck…which made the goon faint within seconds..he quickly made him lay there..and went towards where Riddhima was tied..the men was facing front side while armaan came from back of Riddhima…he reached near her…and was about to tap on her face when he felt some cold metal on hid back head..he turn around to see one of the goon had put gun on his head…he quickly stand up…and and now the gun was pointing on his forehead…he looked around to see three more goons were there nd there gun was also pointing towards him..he quickly without anyone’s notice kicked the goon between his legs who had put his gun on his forehead making the gun fall from his hand and leaving him wincing him in pain.
Armaan soon was beating the goons, very badly…making them wincing oin pain…very quickly all were lying on floor fainted…he then went towards Riddhima and patt her cheek…waking her up ‘Riddhima..jaaan..get up dekho..main aa gaya…tumhaara Armaan tumhe lene aa gayaa..’ saying so he quickly opened her hands and legs and then removed the cloth from her mouth..he looked here n there and found a water bottle..he grabbed it and opened it..and then taking some water in his hand he sprinkled on her face making her come around..while Riddhima slowly opened her eyes..adjusting her view which were blurr a little…due to constant crying..she finally opened her eyes and seeing Armaan in front of her..she felt as if life came back to her seeing Armaan in front of her eyes after whole 48 hours of separation..she slowly moved her one hand to touch his cheek..making herself believe that he was actually save take her away..she with tears and little smile on her face said ‘arm..armaan..’ armaan hold his hand which was on his cheek and pressed it ,making himself and her believe that he was there to get her back..he was there seeing his jaan in front of his eyes after so long..both felt seeing each other that they are meeting after ages.
Riddhima hugged him..and cried aloud..making all tears come out from her eyes wetting his shirt..while his eyes were also  having tears…he hugged her tightly feeling her close to him…he then latter break the hug..and said ‘chalo..ab hum yahaan se bohot door chale jayenge..jahaan..voh naman bhi nahi aa payegaa..’ she hugged him tight and while crying said ‘ha..haan chaliye armaa..vo..voh bohot bura hai..uss..usne mere saath bohot ganda sulook kiya…usne..’ before she could say anything..they heard a loud sound of clapping and both turn around to see Naman standing in front of them with anger in his eyes..and a gun in his hand..he pointed the gun towards Armaan while Riddhima hid  herself behind Armaan…naman said ‘toh tu yahaan tak pohonch hi gayaa..aur mere aadmiyon ko bhi maar daala..good…par iska yeh matlab tu Riddhima ko yahaan se le ja sakta hai..voh meri tab tak nahi ho sakti jab tak tu hum dono ke beech se nahi jayegaa..toh aisa karta hun..aaj humesha ke liye tujhe khatam hi kar deta hun…taaki phir koi aur mujhe aur Riddhima ko alag naa kar paaye..’ saying so he ponting the gun came towards armaan…and armaan looking at the correct opportunity kicked his hand which was holding gun..the gun fell down from nama’s hand…he then hold naman from back…and punched hard on his abdomen making  him fall on the floor.
Armaan then picked Naman from his collar and beat him black blue saying ‘saale tune meri biwi..ko chhune ki himmat ki..usse maara..a.b tu dekh..main tujhe zinda nahi chhodunga..’ saying so armaan started to beat him badly..whhile Riddhima was crying badly remembering how he tortured her..and said ‘maariye isse armaan..itna maariye key eh kabhi kis ladhki ke saamne aankh uthane laayak na rahe..’ hearing Riddhima Armaan beat him more badly..till the time Naman fainted…seeing naman not responding..he left his lifeless body there…and went to Riddhima and hugged her..she cried badly…and armaan was also having tesrs and while caressing her hairs he said ‘ssshhh..its okay jaan..ab kuch nahi hoga..koi hume alag nahi kar payega…dekhna tum…’ Riddhima just cried badly…when she saw…
On he other hand..Naman after getting beaten up from Armaan get into senses after few seconds and when he saw AR hugging each other at a distance..he got rage back in his eyes…and then he saw the gun which fell from his hands was lying beside him..he picked it up and slowly as his legs were trembelling due to getting beaten up badly…he then pointed the gun..towards armaan whoose back was facing Naman..but riddhima could see naman standing again..and
Here Riddhima on seeing naman again standing up..and pointing the gun..towards Armaan..her eyes went wide…and breaking the hug….she came and stand in front of armaan…while naman without thinking loaded the gun…and press the gun trigger…making the bullet come out of it..and hitting Riddhima directly on her chest just near her heart…making her fall in armaan’s arms..he looked at her with tears in his eyes…and said ‘ye kya kiya tumne Riddhima…tum..tumne..’ riddhima put her hand on his face and said ‘arm..armaan I Love you..very much…please mujh…mujhe bacha..bachala lijiye..mujh…mujhe jeena hai..aapke saath..plea…please..’ saying this she fainted in his arms…and he shouted

Here soon police came along with anuraag.and on hearing the shoot of gun voice..they quickly came up and saw Riddhima lying in pool of blood in armaan’s arms while he was in shock staring at her..and Naman pointing gun towards armaan and  was about to shoot again when police shoot naman’s legs..making him fell down..and making armaan came out of his trance. Police took naman with them while anuraag said ‘armaan hume riddhima ko abhi hospital le jaana hoga..jaldi karo…yahaan pass mein ek sanjeevani ki branch hai..vahin chalet hain..’ armaan without saying replyin anuraag picked riddhima in his arms..and took her in the car…and sat with her on the back seat while anuraag drove the car to the hiospital.


All the time in the car..Riddhima’s head was kept in armaan’s lap…he was trying not to let her close her eyes..he  kept on talking to her..but he could feel the pain she was going through…he could feel it as because he knew that Naman was going to shoot him but Riddhima took the bullet on herself saving him..when after beating Naman Armaan  hugged Riddhima back and she was crying he only knew how he felt seeing her condition…such a nave girl was who didn’ty even think to hurt a insect was facing such a wrath of obsession by someone. When armaan hugged Riddhima only he knew how he felty..he felt as if life was back in his body…he was dying thousand death thinking how his riddhima would be surviving with that beast..when he felt her hugging..and crying badly..he felty as if someone had pierced his heart with a sharp knife and left it for bleeding without doing any dressing. He was just enjoying the feeling of being holding her in his arms when he felt her breaking the hug..he didn’t knew why she did that..before he could ask..he saw her moving in front of him and then last he heard the bullet hit on her chest making her fall in his arms and making numb seeing what she had done to save him. He looked down in his lap to found Riddhima breathing heavily all her clothes were drentched in blood…while she was closing her eyes..he with tears continuously leaking from his eyes said ‘Rid..Riddhima..don’t close ur eyes jaan…please..’
Riddhima on the other hand seeing Armaan in tears she also felt as if its not him crying…its her heart crying due to the pain which was reflecting oin his eyes..she knew he was feeling the pain through which she was going..only she knew how shew survived those 48 hours away from him..with that beast..only she knew how many times she wished God to send Armaan to save her from that beast…and when she called him through naman’s phonme..,she could feel the pain in his voice when she had called him..and when that Naman had taken her to that warehouse..she was damn scared as she didn’t knew what was going to happen..she was praying to god to send Armaan soon as hse knew that Armaan had come to know hwere she was..but due to constant crying n thinking she fainted. After a while she heard someone beating but was not able to open her eyes..soon she felt someone sprinkle water on her face and whebn she saw tahtit was Armaan..her armaan who had finally came to save her..she was elated tat she hugged him tightly..hugging she felt she was breathing if she was living life again…she kept on hugging him when she heard Naman seeing them..she was glad this time Armaanw as with her to face him..soon she saw Armaan beating Naman black n blue and she felt relieved that now he won’t be able to to do anything..when Armaan hugged her again she knew now no one could separate them…but then she saw Naman waking up and holding gun and was pointing towards Armaan..and how can she see that someone try to kill her Armaan because of her..soo she broke the hug and stood in front of Armaan without giving him a second to thought..she took the bullet on herself…saving Armaan..she knew that Armaan would save her from this aldo..she now lay in his arms in the car….and looked at him with tears in her eyes and while her dropping she said ‘I LOVE YOU..ARM…ARMAAN..’ after saying this she closed her eyes.
 And Armaan on seeing this just with tears in his eyes and patted her cheeks and said ‘Rid..riddhima.wake up…wake up please..’ but she din’t… soon the car came to a halt…and Anuraag said ‘armaan jaldi se Riddhima ko lekar ander chal..’ armaan quickly took Riddhima inside the hospityal and shouted ‘doctor….doctor..’ hearing the commotion the senior doctor Dr. shubhankar came running and said ‘what happen to her..’ armaan was not in the state to answer so anuraag said ‘dr..she had hit the bullet on her chest near her heart…’ dr. shubhankar said ‘h..god she ‘s bleeding…..nurse wardboy quickly tae to OT…and do the preparation of operation soon..’ both wardboy n nurse noded and took Riddhima inside the OT while Armaan was moving with her holding her hand when on reaching OT nurse said ‘sir u r not allowed to enter the OT..please..’ saying so she pulled Riddhiam’s ahnd away from armaan and took her inside..while soon DR. shubhankar came and said ‘don’t worry…everything will be alrigt..’ armaan hold shubhankar’s ahnd said ‘plea…please doctor save her…she’s my life..i can’t live without her..’ shubahnkar nodded and went inside the OT..while Anuraag called back home and informed all the family members about the situation…both the moms broke down hearing the news while the Dads handeled them and soon reached the hospital along with the whole gang..they came n saw Armaan sitting like a lifeless body..outside OT..and was having tears in his eyes..his clothes were and hands were having dry blood all over..seeing this Naina came running to him..and when he saw his mom…he just broke down…and hugged her through waist and cried bitterly…seeing his condition Naina Padma..Shashank n Raaj too were having tears while Anuraag was handelling Taani as she was also crying seeing her dear devar and her baby sister in OT. Naina while wiping her tears and then Armaan’s said ‘sshh..Armaan bas…chup ho jaa bachha..agar tu aise royega toh Riddhima ka dhyaan kaise rakhega..hhmm..’ Armaan looked at his mom and asked in chocked voice ‘ voh..voh thee..theek toh ho jayegi naa..’ Padma after getting consoled by Shashank moved to Armaan and while caressing his hairs she said ‘zarur theek hogi bachha..dekhna tum…tumhara pyaar hi usse builkul theek kar dega…hhmm...’ armaan nodded and then hgged Padma…she to responded the hug when shashank said ‘armaan beta do din se tum theek se soye nahi ho..jao thodi der so jao…jab operation over hoga..hum tumhe bula lennge..’Armaan nodded in No and said ‘nahi papa..main yahin rahungaa…jab tak operation ni ho jata aur Riddhima ko hosh nahi aa jataa…’ Raaj tried to say ‘par beta..’ but armaan cut him and said ‘nahi Dad…main kahin nahi jaunga..’ everyone knew it was very difficult to make Armaan agree to go…so all waited till the operation was done. All the eyes were stick to the OT light too went off.


After whole three hours…dr. shubhankar came out of the OT..with a glum  expression on his face…it was Armaan who saw him and ran to him and asked ‘doctor…kaisi hai Riddhima…voh…voh theek toh hai naa…boliye doctor…’ soon all surrounded shubhankar when he said to armaan ‘dekhiye..operation was successful..we were lucky ke mrs. Mallik..ka blood group rare hote hue bhi humaare blood bank mein available tha…as unka bohot saara blood loss hua hai… kyunki  bullet unke heart ko chhuke nikli hai…toh uski vajah se blood bohot loss hua tha…but we had her blood group toh humne unhe four units blood chadhaya hai…but still unki condition bohot critical hai….and we have to watch  her till 24 hours…jab unhe hosh aayega…tabhi hum unki exact condition bata paynge..’ armaan looked at him and asked ‘can…can I meet him..’ shubhankar nodded and said ‘sure u can…and yaa  yaahan pe sirf ek hi ruk sakta hai…mrs. Mallik ke saath..’ saying so he left..when armaan went inside..and sat on the stool…while all others wait outside…he kept on looking at her with tears in his eyes…he looked at her calm face which had little bruises all over..he carssed them..and kissed them…he then hold one of her hands in his nad brought near his lips and kissed them..he kept on looking at her.
After a while..he came out and said ‘ dad..bhai bhabi..aap sab log jaaiye..main yahaan pe Riddhima ke saath rukunga..’ shashank came forward and said ‘but beta tum already do din se soye nahi…tum jaake aaraam karo..main rukta hun..’ but armaan denied saying ‘nahi papa…ghar jaake bhi mujhe nind nahi aayegi..bas riddhima ke bare mein hi soochta rahungaa..toh please mujhe yahaan rukne dijiye…aur aap log ghar jaiye..jaise hi Riddhima ko hosh aayega..main aap sabko call kar dunga..’ Rahul came forward and said ‘haan uncle aap sab log jaiye..aur anuraag bhai..aap bhio bhabi ko lekar jaiye…unka iss halat mein itni raat tak jaagna thekk nahi…phir main aur muskan toh hai hi…hum log bahar rahenge aur armaan andar...’ everyone agreed and went to mallik farmhouse which was in Pune now it was only Rahul..Muskaan and Armaan was there.
When everyone went…rahul said ‘muskaan tu yahi ruukk Armaan ke pass main coffee leke aata hun..’ muskaan nodded and went inside with Armaan to look at Riddhima. Soon Rahul came and gave coffee to Armaan and then both Rahul Muskaan went outside and Armaan stayed inside the Room..and sat near Riddhima holding her hands and looking at her intently…and was having tears in his eyes remembering those two days..


[Maine dil se kaha, dhund laana khushi
 Nasamajh laya gum, toh yeh gum hi sahi] - (2)
 Maine dil se kaha dhund laana khushi
 (Armaan remembered all the moments he spent with Riddhima…thre first meet at her house for there relation..there first date…there engagement…wedding…secret meets in fire escape n terrace of hospital…there first night…there confession.. )

 Bechaara kahan jaanta tha, khalish hai yeh kya khala hai
 Shehar bhar ki khushi se, yeh dard mera bhala hai
 Jashna yeh raaj na aaye, maja toh bas ghum mein aaya hai
 Maine dil se kaha, dhund laana khushi
 Nasamajh laya gum, toh yeh gum hi sahi
 (He looked at her face which was calm n serene…he then Remebered there honeymoon…there moments they spent there….there consummation…when they became one in all means….he remembered there…first month anniversary…when he at mid night gave her surprise by wishing her and gifting her the beautiful chain which had there pics in it..)

 Kabhi hai ishq ka ujaala, kabhi hai maut ka andhera
 Bataao kaun bhes hoga, main jogi banu ya lutera
 Kayi chehre hai iss dil ke, najaane kaunsa mera
 Maine dil se kaha dhund laana khushi
 Nasamajh laya gum, toh yeh gum hi sahi
 (he remembered how scared hse was when she saw Naman in hospital for the first time…how she hid herself behind him….as she was too scared to face him…and then her telling the truth to Armaan about Naman…and at that time also..her pain was clearly shown.. )

 Hajaaro aise phaasle the, jo tai karne chale the
 Raahe magar chal padi thi, aur peeche hum rah gaye the
 Kadam do chaar chal paaye, kiye phere tere mann ke
 [Maine dil se kaha, dhund laana khushi
 Nasamajh laya gum, toh yeh gum hi sahi]- (2)
(he then remembered there accident and gher abduction…he couldn’t do anything at that time to save her from  that beast…he could see that he was taking her…but still he couldn’t do nothing..relising that…tears came into his eyes…as he aain realized that it was all his fault…)
He shurddered thinking how Naman must have tortured her or behaved with her…he knew seeing the little bruises on her face and hands printed on her face..that he must have slapped her..when she rebelled..or tried to save herself from him..he felt tears in his eyes when he saw those bruises..he bent down and kissed them tears fell from his eyes to her cheeks…he moved close to her..on to her bed and layed there..and carssed her bruises all night..he din’t know when he felt asleep while laying there..beside her.


Armaan was sleeping still laying there beside Riddhima with his one hand on her waist and other on her cheeks as whole night he was carressing her wounds on her  face..he was sleeping when he felt that riddhima was moving in her sleep…and was murrmmering something..he opened his eyes..and saw where he was then he rememebered all incidents of previous night..and then he saw Riddhima who was murmmeing something..he bent down to listen what she was saying but was unable to hear anything…so he tapped on her face a few times saying ‘Riddhima..riddhima open ur eyes jaan….’ Riddhima still din’t respond him as her mind was replaying the previous night incidents..and when she felt his touch on her face she got up with a jerk shouting ‘Arrmmaaaann..’ she then saw him in front of her eyes and instantly hugged him as tears continuously flowing from her eyes saying ‘please mujhe chhodh ke mat jaiye Armaan…mai…main mar jaungi aapke binaa…’ armaan was also having tears in his eyes seeing her he knew she must have seen the previous night incident in her he just caressed her hairs saying ‘sshh..jaaan..main kahin ni jaa raha…yahin hun tumhaare pass..’ saying so he kissed her hairs and hugged her tightly..after a while he tried to break the hug to call the doctor..but she din’t left him..nor she broke the he lightly parted from the hug…and while straightening her hairs a bit and putting some steands behind her ears he whispered ‘main tumhe chhodhke kahin ni jaa raha jaan..but abhi abhi tumhe hosh aaya hai..toh mujhe doctor ko toh bulana hoga na…tum yahin rest karo..main abhi aaya 2 minute mein..hhmm…’ Riddhima still din’t leave him and was having tears in her eyes while she said ‘na..jnahi..aa…aap akhin nahi jaa rahe…main aap..aapko kahin ni jaane dungi…’ Armaan smiled and said ‘achha theek hai..main kahin nahi jaa raha..but tum abhi let jao…main bell toh ring kar dun naa..taaki doctor aa jayen..hhmm..’ Riddhima nodded and layed down on the bed butwas still holding one hand of she was feeling scared as if she will left his hand..and he’ll be again went away from her..or someone will separate them..while Armaan on seeing this condition of hers..had slight tears in his eyes…thinking how much she had sufferd in those dreadfull 48 hours…anyways he rang the bell when the nurse came..he looked at the nurse and said ‘please aap dr. shubhankar ko bula dengi…Riddhima ko hosh aa gaya hai..’ Nurse nodded and went out to call the doctor…soon he came in the ward with a smile on his face and asked ‘so mrs. Mallik how you feeling now…’ Riddhima smiled at him and said ‘I’m feeling better doctor..’shubhankar nodded and looked at Armaan and said ‘Mr. armaan aap please kuch der ke liye bahahr jaayenge…mujeh inhe check akrna hai..’ Armaan nodded and was about to go but Ridddhima hold his hand and said ‘nahi aap kahin nahi jayenge..plea…please..’ she was having tears in her eyes..seeing him going away from her again..Armaan looked at Shubhankar and he smiled and said ‘its can stay here..’ Armaan smiled and bent down n kissed her forehead saying ‘jaan..main kahin nahi jaa raha..okk..’ Riddhima nodded and soon shubahkar checked her…and did the dressing on her wounds and all this while Riddhima was just holding Armaan’s hands tightly..not leaving for a second..after checking her..shubhankar said ‘mr. armaan aap please bahaar aayenge…mujhe aapse baat karni hai..’ armaan nodded and said to Riddhima ‘jaan main abhi aaya..5 minute mein haan..’ Riddhima very reluctantly let go of his hand..while he moved out with Shubhankar…and soon Rahul Muskaan entered the see Riddhima wide awake..and nurse checking her medicines n IV..muskaan ran and took Riddhima in a bear hug and said ‘Riddhizi..ab kasis hai tu…thek hai naa…kahin zyaada pain toh nahi ho rahaa…aura b keisa feel hkar rahi ahi tu..’ Muskaan bombered her with the questions while Riddhima smiled at her friend’s concern when Rahul to change the slight mood said ‘arre chhipkali tu usse bolne togh de..tabhi toh voh bolegi..tu usse bolne ka maukaa kahaan de rahi hai..khud hi chapaad chapad kaiye jaa rahi hai..’ muskaan looked at him and said ‘saale khankajure tera kyaa jaa rahaa…dost hai voh meri…behen jaisi..ab chinta toh hogi naa..aur tune..tune mujhe chhipkali bola…anb tu dekh..’ Rahul replied ‘haan bola bata kya kar legi..chudhail…’ Muskaan fumed and said ‘tune mujhe chudhail bola…tu Bandar..tera pura khaandaan bhhott….tu choodha chamamr..kutta…’ and soon both hold each others hairs and atart pulling it and Riddhima laughed seeing tehm fighting like this…when Armaan enterd and saw them fighting like jungles and Riddhima laughing…seeing tehm..he smiled seeing her laughing openely..and went towards RM and said ‘guys…kya kar rahe ho…chhodo dono ek dusre ko..yeh hospital hai..ghar nahi..’ both Rahul Muskaan left each other..and looked at each other with fuming eyes…and both said ‘isne shuru kiya tha,…’ armaan put his hand on his forehead and said ‘shut up both..aur jao…ghar jao…jaaker fresh ho jao…because Abhi kehe raha usse bhi Riddhimako dekhne aa na ahi..toh tum dono ko wapas sanjeevani jaana padega..cozzz vahan doctors kam jhai..’ bot noddead and went away…saying riddhima to take care of soon as they left..tthe whole Malliks n Gupta family came to see her…and both moms n Taani bombered her with questions how she was she feeling any pain anywhere…has she taken her medicines or not…but Riddhima smiled in returned and replied ‘mamma(Naina)..Maa(padma)…Dii…main theek hun…mujhe kahin pain nahi ho raha…aur maine medicine bhi leli..’ all smiled listening her cheerful voice and Naina said ‘teri awaaz sunne ke liye mere kaan taras gaye the…bhagwaan ka shukr hai..usne mujhe meri beti sahi salaamat wapas kardi…’ naina was having tears in her eyes of happiness seeing Riddhima fit n fine..she just hugged her and caressed her hairs kissing them…while Riddhima was also having tears in her eyes seeing the love of her mother-in-law for her…to lighten the mood Padma said to Taani ‘chalo Taani…mujhe lagta hai..inn maa beti ko humaari zarurat nahi hai..tabhi toh dekh tabse sirf ek hi maa se gale lagi hui hai..aur dusri ko toh dekha bhi nahi…’ taani also played along and said ‘haan maa aap sahi kahe rahe ho..dekho kaise doo gale lagi hui hain…ki mamma ko dikh hi nahi raha ke unki ek aur beti pregnant hai..’ listening to all this Naina n Riddhima laughed a little and parted from each other and Naina said to Taani while holding her ears ‘achha mujhe toh yaad hi nahi k meri ek aur beti hai…haah….abhi batati hun rukk..’ Taani smiled and said ‘aahh..mamma chhodhiye dard ho raha hai..main toh bas mazak kar rahi thi..’ Nanina smiled and hugged Taani while Padma also hugged Riddhima..and both Riddhima n Taani hugged Nanina n Padma respectively.
Soon Shahsank…Raaj…and Anuraag came followed by Abhimanyu n nikita.she looked up to see all are there except Armaan..Riddhima looked around to see he was no where…soon fear started to get over her of him being going away from her…but Anuraag saw her and said ‘Riddhi…Armaan teri medicines lene gaya hai..abhi aa jayega…hhmm..’ anuraag like a big brother caressed her hairs wile she nodded meakily…soon shashank came and sat on the stool next to her and while Raaj sat on the other side of her bed and asked ‘ab kaisa feel ho raha hai beta..’ Riddhima smiled and said ‘main ab theek hun Dad..’ Raaj smiled nad caressed her hairs and kissed her forehead and shashank smiled and said ‘ab tum aur bhi theek ho jayegi…kyunki…kal sham tak aapko discharge mil jayega..’ Riddhima smiled but still her eyes were searching for armaan only.
Soon elders left and now only youngsters were left..Abhi n Nikki…asked her about her well being and soon all four engrossed talks…soon Armaan came back with medicines and asked ‘arre sab kahan gaye…’ Nikki repled ‘bhai voh log ghar chale gaye..mamma ne aapke liye clothes diye hain…bola ke aapko bol dun…aap change kar lena…’ armaan smiled and said ‘thanx nikki..’ soon armaan went inside washroom and changed his clothes..after a while Abhi n Nikki left along with Taani n Anuraag bidding bye to AR..and said that they all are waiting for Riddhima to come home soon. Soon all left leaving AR now it was almost lu armaan ordered food for Riddhima which was prescribed by doctor. Soon food came and armaan arranged a folding table for Riddhima on her bed..then armaan came and said ‘chalo jaan..jaldi se lunch karo…phir tumhe medicines lekar rest bhi karna hai naa..’ seeing the food she was confused as there was only one plate..looking at her confuse face he asked ‘kya hua riddhima shuru karo…achha chalo main apne haathon se khilata hun..okk..’ saying so he made a morsel and forwarded to her..but istead of taking ..she asked ‘Armaan aapki plate kahan hai..iss plate mein toh sirf mere liye khana hai..’ armaan smiled and said ‘mujhe abhi bhookh nahi hai jaan..jab lagegi main kha lunga..abhi pehle tum khao..tumhara khana zyada important hai..phir tumhe medicines bhi toh leni hai..’ but riddhima denied folding her hands on her chest and faced opposite to armaan saying ‘nahi mujhe nahi khana jab tak aap nahi kahyenge..main bhi nahi khaungi..’ she then looked into his eyes and said ‘mujhe pata hai armaan aapne jabse mera kidnap hua hai..tabse naa aap dhang se soyen hain..aur na hi aapne hi kuch khaya hai..’ listening to this Armaan was having tears in his eyes and so was in Riddhima’s eyes..Armaan hugged her tightly and Riddhima too reciprocated the hug…Armaan let his tears fel on her back making them mix in her hairs….and she too was having tears…both silently sobbed  making each other believe that they are together again…no words needed to explain how they felt when they were away from each other…what they went through …they just stayed in each others arms…feeling be with each other.
They were still hugging each other..when Armaan started to plant little and feather kisses on Riddhima’s neck..making her shiver under him..she was just enjoying his touch nad kisses on her skin..while Armaan was feeling eleted and was also making himself believe that she was with him now and no one can separate them. Armaan slided her hairs to her other shoulder..and started kissisng her bare one…soon he came to face with her..and first kissed her eyes sucking  her tears and making them close..he then kiss her nose..making her smile..he then kissed her cheeks making them red with blush..Riddhima’s hands were on Armaan’s shoulder…gripping she was enjoying his touch ..was getting lost..Armaan make Riddhima  lay on her bed..and came on top of her..Armaan’s hands were on her waist while her hands now move in his hairs..caressing them with her deligate fingers making him lost in her touch..he slowly move towards her lips..throwing his hot breathe on her lips making them quiver…he bent down and kissed near her lips…and then slowly placed his manly lips on her soft petal lips…he slowly sucked her upper lip..while she too give in the kiss…and kissed his lower lips…both kissed each other then switched the places...soon Armaan entered his tongue inside her mouth and smootched her tongue..drinking her sliva while she also did the same…while there hands moved on each other’s back continuously..making them lose in each other’s arms..the kiss was full of passion…full of love…promise of never let go each other again..full of longingness..thir kiss contained every feeling they felt for each other in those dreadful 48 hours. Soon both broke the kiss as both were out of breathe..Armaan then joined there heads feeling content…both were feeling each other’s breathe..Armaan lightly pecked her lips and whispered ‘I Love you..’ while she smiled and replied ‘I Love  You Too..’ soon Armaan put more food in her plate and both fed each other lovingly..then Armaan made her  have her medicines..and then Riddhima asked Armaan to lay beside her as she knew he must be also very tired..soon both slept taking an afternoon each other’s arms…feeling content.


After doctor checked Riddhima thoroughly and went through every test..dr. shubhankar was sure that she was fine but still needed complete bed rest for atleast three weeks..and dressing needed to be done near her heart where the bullet hit atleast twice a day….Dr. shubhankar to Armaan to take the nurse along with them..for dressing n all..but he simply denied saying that he’ll do her every work by himself. Shubhankar smiled seeing the love in Armaan’s eyes for his wife..and was greatfull that Riddhima also reciprocate his love equally..blessing both Dr. shubahnkar bid them instructions. Anuraag came to take AR home..As others were making preperations to welcome them home after full four everyone..Guptas..Malliks and the Gang..all were decorating the house and both the Moms made all the favourite dishes of both Armaan Riddhima.
Soon AR came to Mallik Mansion along with Anuraag..the car stopped in front the main gate…Anuraag came out of the car..and went to take out the  the trunk of the car..while Armaan moved out and then opened the gate for Riddhima’s side and helped her to come out of the car..and holding her through waist and helped her to walk inside the house…soon they reached the main gate only o be welcomed by the two Moms and the Dads standing there with pooja thaal…and the whole gang standing behind them..soon both Padma n Naina did the aarti and put tilak on AR’s forehead welcomed them in..while Armaan bent down and touched both parents feet…while Riddhima also tried but none let her do so and hugged her giving blessings.
Both Armaan Riddhima moved inside and looked at the decorations and then towards the big Banner on which it was written WELCOME ARMAAN RIDDHIMA..both had a big smile on their faces nad little tears shining in their eyes..seeing tears Raaj came n took Riddhima in a side hug and wipped her tears saying ‘no more crying princess..bad times over now…so ab koi rona dhona nahi…chalo lets cut the cake…tum dono k ghar wapas sahi salaamat aane ki khushi mein maine shashank ne especially tumhari Moms se class lekar banaya chalo…cut it and tell hows it..’ Riddhima smiled and went towards the table where the cake was kept..while Armaan stood near the banner and smiled with tears in his eyes seeing the love the family is showering on them especially on Riddhima..he was lucky to have such friends n family who stood by their side in their bad times. Armaan was still lost in his thoughts when he saw Riddhima looking towards him expectantly as if asking him to come to her and cut the cake with her..shashank saw Armaan standing there alone..he called ‘arre Armaan beta aap vahan akele kya kar rahe hain..yahaan aayie Riddhima k saath cake cut kijiye..’ Armaan smiled and silently clearing the tears from his eyes without anyone noticing..he went towards them..and hold riddhima’s hand and cut the cake and firstly both AR feed eachother..then Riddhima feed to Naina n Raaj while Armaan fed to Shashank n Padma…then Riddhima fed to her parents while Armaan to his…then both fed to Taani n anuraag who gladly fed them back…and then they fed to gang..
As it was night time…soon dinner was served and all elders sat on the dining table while AR n AT(Anuraag Taani) sat with gang together and Arnaan n Anuraag fed to their partners repectively for obvious reasons as the gang n AR n At were sitting little away from the elders the gang started to tease both the cou[ple while nikki said ‘kya baat hai..anuraag bhai aur Armaan Bhai..bohot pyaar aa raha hai meri dono bhabiyon par...’ she said winking while both Riddhima n Taani blushed and Anuraag replied ‘Nikki tu zyada mat bol.samjhi naa..aajkal bohot bolne lagi hai tu..aur waise bhi Taani pregnant hai..toh main usse nahi apne baby ko khila raha hun...warna toh yeh itna kam khati kabhi kabhi mujhe lagta mere baby tak khana pohonchta bhi hai ke nahi..’ hearing this Taani smacked him and said ‘main itna kam bhi nahi khati…ab maine 2 roti khani shuru kar di hain..aur mamma bhi mujhe roz do time milk aur fruits khilati hain..’ Anuraag said ‘haan..bol toh aise rahi ho..jaise apni marzi se khaati ho…rozz force karna padhta hai tumhe khaane k liyee..’ and soon both started their bickering and everyone was enjoying it..even AR also seeing them bickering like this had a smile on their faces..they both were quite as they ddn’t talk much but was happy  to be back at home and between their family n friends.. soon they saw that Nikki Muskaan n Taani were standing on one side.and Abhi  Rahul n Anuraag on one side and were bickering with each other..Armaan looked towards Riddhima who was looking he asked ‘tired…’ she just nodded and put her head on his shoulder..he looked at her and said ‘main plate rakh kar aaya..phir room mein chalte hain okay..’ Riddhima nodded and he went and kept the plate and said to everyone that Riddhima is feeling tired so he’s taking her to the room.
 He went and took Riddhima to their they entered the room she looked around the room and felt as if she came here after ages..she looked around the room it was same as she left it..nothing was touched…as Armaan made her sit on the bed with her head resting on bed post and her legs spread on the bed..then Armaan went and brought her medicines and the dressing material to dress her wound..he made her have her medicines..and then asked her ‘umm..Riddhima voh tumhaari dressing change karni hai..toh tum change karao..aur thoda kuch broad neck ka pehenna..’ Riddhima hearing him became alert and felt little nervous...Armaan saw the nervousness on her face and asked ‘kya hua Riddhima..tum itna nervous kyun ho...’ Riddhima just nodded in no and went to change..soon she came out changing in a white gown…which had had little broad neck from front..Armaan can still see the nervousness on her face and knew why she was feeling…he hold her hand and made her sit next to her and asked ‘kya hua jaan…tum itna nervous kyun ho..’ hearing him she just nodded and said ‘na..nahi Armaan ma..main ner..nervous kyun hogi..’ Armaan held her hand in his and said ‘jaan..tum isilie nervous ho na..cozzz  main tumhaari dressing karungaa..’ Riddhima hearing him looked at him and then lowering her eyes she nodded and Armaan on seeing this put his index finger on her chin and make her look into his eyes and said ‘tum itna kyun darr  rahi ho jaan…maine pehle bhi toh tumhe aise dekh chukka hun naa..’ Riddhima just nodded as her cheeks turned completely red..making her blush beetroot red..and Armaan saw her he said ‘mujhe haq hai jaan..’ hearing this Riddhima nodded and Armaan made Riddhima lay on bed and opened her gown from front and dimming the lights..he changed her dressing..making her pain subsidise as his fingers worked on her wound..he then after dressing kissed her where the wound was..and closed her gown..Riddhima feeling this pulled him towards her and kissed his lips making him smile..he quickly responded to her kiss…and after kissing each other…both slept peacefully in each others arms…with Riddhima’s head on Armaan’s chest and his hands aroud her waist..holding her securely.


 Next few days passed quickly…Riddhima was recovering fast…with under everyone’s care but still she needed Armaan by her side 24*7…and whenever he’s not near..automatically fear took over her of him being going away from her..and everyone could feel her fear as she was cheerful and to herself only in Armaan’s presence..its not that she didn’t felt secure in other family members presence but the fear oof losing Armaan since the kidnapping incident..everyone tried there best to remove that fear completely from her heart…but coould not…they knew that only Armaan can remove that fear…and he himself knew that only he can do that by expressing his love in  every way be it mentally…be it physically..or be it by any means…and also since that kidnapping incident..both Armaan n Riddhima also hadn’t shared any physical relation since that incident only few lip locks and kisses on cheek n Forhead that too only by Armaan.
Both AR were on leave for few days from sanjeevani and seeing there condition especially of Riddhima who couldn’t do anything without Armaan..whether be it eating…taking medicines or anything was one such day in Mallik Mansion when Armaan got a call from Sanjeevani that he needed in hospital urgently as Dr. Shahshank was out of town and his one of the very important surgery is he was needed as the surgery was too important to be done today after Dr. Shashank Armaan was the only Neuroligist available in Sanjeevani right he agreed…as the surgery was to take place in afternoon during the trime Riddhima taking he thought in afternoon due to medicines Riddhima atleast sleep for 3 hours in afternoon so he’ll come back soon…before she woke after giving feeding her lunch n giving medicines he made her sleep and when she was in deep sleep he went to sanjeevani informing Naina n Padma to look after Riddhima ..he’ll be back before she is up.
Armaan soon reached sanjeevani…and started his surgery..the surgery was of two hours…but unfortunately it took more than three hours…as the surgery was complicated…while here in Mallik soon as Armaan went to hospital..Riddhima’s sleep was gone within an hour…as she again saw a nightmare…in which Armaan was going away and Naman came back and separating them…she woke up shouting ‘Aaarrrmmaaaannn…’ she  was all sweaty and sweat  beads were on her forehead with tears in her eyes…hearing her shout Naina n Padma who were sitting in living room came running to see what happen..they both saw her condition..she was trembling with fear…and tears didn’t stopped from flowing….Naina hugged her but she didn’t respond to that as her eyes were frantically looking for one person only…while Padma tried to make have her some water…so that her sobs can subsidise but she didn’t had a sip…Naina looking at her knew that she is looking for Armaan so she said ‘beta Armaan hospital gaya hai..usse ek emergency aa gayi thi..toh usse zaruri hospital jaana padha…bas voh abhi aa jayegaa..tu rest kar itne..’ but Riddhima cared less about what Naina said…she had to see Armaan in front of her at this moment….in any way…the fear of him going away was eating up her like anything..she tried to get up…but somehow Naina stopped her…as she being the psychiatrist…she knew Riddhima had a nightmare in which she again saw her being going away from Armaan…so she using her medical methods made Riddhima calm down…and then giving her sleeping injection..she made her sleep…but she was upset seeing her condition…as Riddhima was a daughter to her like Nikki…not a Daughter-in-law…both Padma n Naina went down…Naina looked at Padma…and saw her crying for her daughter…Naina hugged her and said ‘don’t worry Padma sab theek ho jayega..uske mann mein jo darr baith gaya hai ke voh Armaan se alag ho jayegi..voh kisi bhi tarah nikalna hoga..’ Padma loked up at Naina and asked ‘tum hi batao Naina..yeh kaisa hogaa….uss hadse ko aaj pure ek mahina ho gayaa…phir bhi Riiddhima ko Armaan chaubis ghante apne saamne chahioye..uska darr kaise niklega..’ Naina looked at Padma and made her drink some water and said ‘don’t worry maine kuchh socha hai…I’m sure yeh zarur kaam karega..’ Padma nodded and again got lost in her thoughts while Naina called sanjeevani asking if Armaan was still busy in surgery..but she got to know that Surgery got over few minutes back…and he has left for home.
Soon Armaan reached home…and Naina called up Raaj..Shashank…Anuraag n Taani along with gang to come home as she need to talk something very important. All by evening was at Mallik Mansion while Armaan was up in his room with Riddhima as when he got home he got to know from Naina n Padma what  happened when he was in hospital. Since then he hadn’t left her side..and was continuously waiting for her to come around..soon she got up and as soon as she saw him she hugged him tightly..and asked in teary voice ‘Armaan aap kahan chale gaye the mujhe chhodh ke…aapko pata hai naa..main aapke binanahi rahe sakti…pata hai voh…voh…phir aaya tha…aaapko mujhse durr karne…’ Riddhima was crying pain n fear was clearly visible from her voice and seeing this he also got little tears in his eyes but he wipped them off..and made her look at himself and while wipping her tears with his thumb he said ‘sshh..jaan hume koi alag nahi kar sakta..aur ab voh kabhi nahi aayega wapas..hhmm..’ saying so he  hugged her hiding her face in his chest..while he planted few kisses on her forehead..soon Armaan called the kitchen and asked one of the servent to bring food for Riddhima..soon he made her eat and gave her medicines and made her sleep..he then went down to the living area where everyone was.


Seeing Armaan coming Naina said ‘achha hua Armaan tum aa gaye..Riddhima ko dinner kara diya..’ Armaan nodded and said ‘haan mom…usse medicines dekae sulakar aaya hun..’ Naina nodded and said ‘I needed to talk to you..infact aap sab se..’ Armaan after greeting Padma n Shahsnak went n sat next to Anuraag…while Raaj said ‘Naina ab batao bhi kya baat hai..’ Naina nodded and told the afternoon incident when Armaan went to hospital for few hours…how Riddhima saw the nightmare again..and how she reacted after that..listening to this all became tense as Riddhima was dear to everyone…then Naina continued ‘toh as a psychiatrist..maine  Riddhima ki situation dekhte hue yeh samjha uss iss maaholl..iss sheher se thode din ke liye bahar niklegi aur Armaan k saath time spent karegi toh uske mann se yeh darr nikal jayega…toh main soch rahi thi…Raaj humara ek farmhouse hai naa Kasauli mein toh kyun naa in dono ko 2-3 weeks k liye vahan bhej de..Riddhima k liye hawa paani badlega..toh she’ll feel better…aur uske mann se darr bhi nikal jayega..’ all nodded and shahsank said ‘I think Naina bhabi theek kahe rahi hain…main apni bachhi ko ab iss halat mein aur nahi dekh sakta..’ Raaj patted Shashank’s back and said ‘dekh toh hum bhi nahi sakte shanky…main abhi phone kar deta hun..vahan John aur Marrie sab saaf safai kara denge..aur Armaan tum dono kal hi nikal jao..jitna jaldi yeh sab hoga…utna hi Riddhima beti k liye achha hogaa..’ Armaan nodded and said ‘theek hai jaisa aap log kahen..’ after sometime he went back to his room and lay beside Riddhima holding her through waist and keeping her head on his chest he said ‘I promise jaan…yeh trip main tumhaare liye itni memorable banaunga ke tum apne sab dukh…sab dar bhool jaogi…I promise jaan…I promise..’ saying so he kissed her forehead near her sindoor…and went to sleep hugging her tightly.
Next day in morning Armaan told Riddhima about their trip to Mallik farmhouse in kasauli…Riddhima asked why suddenly they are going to kasauli when Armaan said ‘arre main apni wifey k saath second honeymoon pe jaana chahata hun…isilie maine Dad se bolkar tickets book karayi..aur waise bhi kitne din ho gaye…humne pyaar bhare pal saath ni bitayae..’ Riddhima blush hearing his romantic talk..but she knew that why he made this sudden plan…and she also want to get out of this stressing atomosphere always living in fearof losing him…she made a promise to herself that this trip would be the best trip of their lives and they would surely decrease all the distances between them…and would make new memories…when they’ll returbnn back…all of a sudden she seemed excited about this trip…and seeing this Armaan could say tthat she’ll definitely leave all her fears n insecurities behind…he could actually feel positive of this trip.


By evening they reached kasauli farmhouse..there they met one of malliks oldest servents John n Marrie who were older in age…and use to work at mallik mansion back in London…so when Malliks shifted here they called John n Marrie to India and send them to Mallik’s kasauli look after it. The couple was not only respected not only by Mallik kids but also by Mallik elders. When AR reched airport John came to pick them up as there was always a car available for Malliks n the that if they want..they can use the go to market or any other place to bring things because the farmhouse was situated little far from the kasauli city.
Soon AR reached farmhouse and Armaan introduced Riddhima to them saying ‘Riddhima inse milo yeh hain marry aunty…jab hum sab London mein the..toh she use to work there…and John uncle also ..’ Riddhima smiled at the lady and bent down to touch her feet but Marry hold her and hugged and said ‘u r so beautiful child..’ then looking at Armaan she said ‘lucky man..u got such a beautiful girl as ur life partner…god bless u both..’ she said caressing both their heads…while Armaan Riddhima smiled at the love showered on them.Then marry said ‘john please keep their bags in the master bedroom…’ then to AR ‘come children  let me show u the farmhouse…u both have come for the first time right..’ Then she showed the the was beautifull in grey and white colour..had canopy shape…and a huge garden in front.

As they went inside there was huge living room..with open gallery in right side there are 4 bedrooms in line while a kitchen was there far end of the long corridor……and stairsin front of the main enterance door of the house which  go up where there is master bedroom at other end of the corridor while three other rooms in the left hand side of the corridor..the room was cozy room with rustic touch in they entered the room..the room was warm as fire place was burning with woods in it and some spare woods were kept put them in the the weather was cold outside…so the warm room gave them relief…the room had king size bed in centre and in front of it had the fire place with two single sofa chairs kept and foot stool in between it..on the left side of the room there was open window with small bed kept…and on right side there was two doors one was the washroom with jacuzzie style…and other was the walkin wardrob.

After showing them the whole house..Marry said ‘now you both rest…and all things are available in the kitchen..and anything you want…call me or John..we just leave few minutes away from’s the number..’ saying so Marry went away leaving AR all alone in the house.
Soon Riddhima examined the room and liked was a beautiful cozy...just the way she likes..she had a serene smile on her face…she went towards the window and opened it the cool breeze came inside making her shiver a little…she felt someone’s arms around her waist and knew who it was she leaned back on Armaan’s chest kept her hands on Armaan’s hands which were on her waist…Armaan put his head on her shoulder..and inhaled her hairs fregnance and planted few kisses on near her earlobe and shouder nape..while she just feel his kisses with close eyes and enjoyed his little kisses on her skin..he nibbled her earlobe and whispered ‘so kaisa laga room..’ Riddhima smiled more and while turning in his arms and coming face to face she said ‘its beautiful Armaan..just the way I like it..its simply beautiful..’ she said with a beautiful smile on her face which was reaching her eyes..and he looking at her smiling face he also had a smile on his face and said ‘bas issi smile ke liye toh yeh sab kiya hai..naa jaane meri voh humesha muskuraane wali Riddhima kuch dino se kahin kho gayi thi..par aaj mujhe mill gayi…thanx for giving my jaan back..’ he said with little tears in his eyes..Riddhima listening to him looked into his eyes and saw tears and moved her lips to his eyes and kissed them sucking his tears making him close his eyes she said ‘I Love You Armaan..’ Armaan smiled and said ‘I Love you too..’  both then hugged each other…and then Armaan asked Riddhima to change n freshen up while he went to the kitchen and made some soup for both of them and bring something to eat. Soon Riddhima came and he went to change after bringing the soup and something to eat..then after that both had soup and laid down on bed hugging each other..just enjoying the closeness with each other..enjoying the feeling to be in each others after whole month…the incident somehow had made distance between them..but both were now determined to finish all there distances and again become two bodies one soul forever.

It was one week since AR came to Kasauli…both enjoyed this one week fully…with each other…they did came close to each other …but still had not completely became one soul…they use to share kisses in every coorner of the house..which with time became passionate and soon they use to found themselves making out wildly be it any corner of the house…or be it their bedroom…John n Marry didn’t disturbed they knew they were married few months back and needed some privacy…so they gave it
completely to them. Armaan Riddhima use to roam out in the city and visit many places in kasauli…and when they would be at home..Armaan always use to make breakfast for both of them while Riddhima made Dinner as mostly their Lunch use to happen outside. They were still waiting for the right moment when they could once again became one soul again…and as if god had finally listen to their wish for which they were waiting very impatiently.
It was one such day…and the whether outside was too was looking like it can rain any both decided to stay at home today…and enjoy the weather…as it was afternoon and both were sitting in each others arms..enjoying the cold weather..and talking sweet nothing to each other sitting near the window sill on the small bed kept there..a little while latter Armaan went to make coffee for both of them as it was too cold and rain was pouring down making the weather more cold than it was already.
Armaan came baack in the room with a cup of coffee to see Riddhima sitting on the small bed with her shawl around her protecting her from cold while her one hand was stretched out and was playing rain drops..with a sweet smile on her face..Armaan came near her and sat behind her and then picking her and making her sit between his legs…while Riddhima made herself comfortable between her and he made her pull to himself and while putting his one hand on her waist and his face on her shoulder..both sat comfortably enjoying the moment when Armaan who was holding hot coffee brought it in front of her and asked ‘coffee…’ Riddhima nodded and took a sip..while after that he also had sip…soon both finished the coffee and he busied himself in her hair fregnance as his hands rested on her waist while Riddhima’s one hand was on Armaan’s hand and other was stretched out playing with rain drops..soon weather became more cold and Armaan pulled Riddhima more to himself and lost in her fregnance started kissing her earlobe..near her nape and shoulder making her shiver under his hold..he pushed all her hairs to other side of her she was wearing her night dress and had shawl over it..Armaan removed her shawl from her shoulder and sliding it down he pulled the sleeve of her night shirt down a little making her shoulder bare..Riddhima shivered feeling the cold breeze coming from the open window and the hot breathe of Armaan that was caressing her bare shoulder..she closed her eyes feeling his lips touch her shoulder and shuddered when he bit it and then licked the love bite with his tongue...whereas Armaan was completely lost in her slowly licking the bite moved little up to her nape and gave wet kisses all over her neck..while his hands slowly moved inside her shirt feeling her bare waist against his palm..he caressed her nevel..and pinched it lightly..he licked her earlobe while hands were continuously working on her waist..his hands slowly went towards her pajayamas and moved slightly inside it and started caressing her lower waist..making her more his lips were already working on her neck creating havoc all over her body..he then with his one free hand turned her face towards himself and then kissed every inch of her face slowly yet sensually..making her deeisres awake..but as he moved towards her lips and was about to capture them when she with little courage and controlling herself stretched her hand out of the window and collected some rain drops in her small palms and splashed on his face making him come out of his lala land while she giggled looking at his shocked face..she leaving her shawl..ran out of the room..moving down the stairs to the open garden and swirled with her open arms..and was wet within seconds as rain was very heavy.
While Armaan come out of his shock state listening her laugh..he followed her and saw her twirling around with hands open and face upwards..Armaan saw her and smiled…he saw her clothes were clinging to her body..making her every body part visible within that thin cloth of her shirt...seeing that his desire were awake again and eyes turned dark with passion..and he didn’t know when he started moving towards her..and stood behind her and hold her waist from back while sliding her hairs to her other shoulder..he left few wet n feverent kisses on her shoulder..while Riddhima feeling a hand crowling on her waist and manly lips touching her shoulder..she shuddered n shivered as she knew it was her Armaan..she turned around in his hold..and looked into his eyes only to see passion… in his eyes..she looked away as she couldn’t hold the intensity his eyes were showing..slowly she started going away from him..but he hold her hand and swirled her around in such a way that she banged in his chest as her hands landed on his chest..which was almost bare because due to rain…he without giving a second thought placed his manly lips on her and kissed her furiously…his hands went around his waist pulling her closer while her hands reached in hairs caressing them..making him more involve in the kiss..she also responded to the kiss..her desires were also awake and were on fire...…they both were so lost in kissing each other since last 25 minutes inside the rain..that they didn’t realize that the weather there is frozing them…with a loud thunder in air they came back to the world and breaking the kiss both look into each others eyes to find desire and passion to complete each other once again to become one soul and two bodies again.
Armaan picked Riddhima in his arms and took her back in their room..and made her stand on the floor and said ‘tum change karlo..warna beemar ho jayegi..’ Riddhima nodded and went inside the bathroom to change while Armaan changed in the room itself and went near the fire and add more woods to increase the fire he was bare chested and had only wore lowers and was sitting near the fire place and setting the woods in it..he heard the click sound of the door and what he saw had left him blown away.



Jism to sirf ek bahana hai
Rooh tak saath saath jaana hai
Haath jabse hai tera haathon mein
Mere haathon mein zamaana hai
(Riddhima was in the bathroom..when she saw Armaan’s one shirt was hanging on the hanger..she smiled naughtily..and blushed thinking about her naughty thought thoughts..she then wore it..and it landed on till her thighs..she then moved out wearing it..)


lo shuroo abh chahaton ka
silsila ho raha hai
mit rahi hain dooriyan
aur faasila kho raha hai
ho rahi hai baat kuch aisi jis mein
ho rahi hai baat kuch aisi jis mein
shabd gum hai
arth matlab chupke se kho raha hai
lo shuroo abh chahaton ka
silsila ho raha hai
mit rahi hain dooriyan
aur faasila kho raha hai
(Armaan hearing the click sound of the door and turn to see Riddhima in his white long shirt which landed till her thighs..leaving her long milky legs bare..he checked her up n down..her hair were wet..water dripping from her hairs..going from her long neck.)


rut na thi pehle kkabhi
itni jawaan
thoda nayaa sa lag ra hai yeh jahan
(Riddhima seeing him checking her out…she blushed profusely and walked towards him with little her cheeks were complete red..feeling his intense gaze upon she reached up to him..she was suddenly pulled down by him..)


aayega aur bhi aisa hi sama - 2
haan hameshaa do dilon ko
pyaara sa jo raha hai
lo shuroo abh chahaton ka
silsila ho raha hai
mit rahi hain dooriyan
aur faasila kho raha hai
(Armaan seeing her in that shirt again his desires woke up…and eyes became dark with passion again..he saw her walking towards him….he saw her cheeks were tinch red… due to blush n cold weather..he was sitting near the fire…as she came near him he pulled her with a force that she
directly landed in his lap)


(dil yeh chaahe
toot kar chahoon tumhe
dedo ijaazat tootne ki tum hume) – 2
(Riddhima with sudden pull landed in his lap…her hands went on his shoulder for support..while his hands went on her waist holding her tightly..she looked into his eyes..the intensity in his eyes told her that today they’ll cross all barriers of love once again..and will become man n women…one soul once again..)


chuun ke rakh lo chahaton ke yeh lamhe -2
yuhn sambhal kar thaam lo pal
dekho woh kho raha hai
lo shuroo abh chahaton ka
silsila ho raha hai
(Armaan looked into her eyes and the to her lips…he slowly bent towards her as his jhands moved up at her back sensuously..making her close her eyes..he bent her head towards him and took her lips into a heated frenzy…soon both lost in the kiss…and kissed each other madly…and with passion…)


mit rahi hain dooriyan
aur faasila kho raha hai
(Riddhima was so lost in the kiss..that she didn’t knew when her hands started moving on his back…feeling his hard muscled back…she deepend the kiss …)


ho rahi hai baat kuch aisi jis mein
(Armaan made Riddhima lay on the rug…near the fire place and came on top of her....breaking the kiss..he moved towards her long neck and saw a water droplet othere..he sucked it….and left few wet kisses on her neck…moving down to her collar button… )


ho rahi hai baat kuch aisi jis mein
(Riddhima felt him making her lay down as he cmae on top of her..she soon felt him leaving kisses on her neck…and collar bone..)


shabd gum hai
arth matlab
(…and dug his face in her nape n shoulder part...he then looked at her face..which was completely red..he picked her in his arms
and made his way to their bed)


chupke se kho raha hai

Armaan picked picked her in his arms and took her to bed making her lay there..he came on top of her and looked into her eyes only to see same emotions n passion were there..he slowly moved down to her forehead and kissed her there…lovingly yet very sensuously…he then moved to her eyes..and kissed them one by one ..while she gripped his shoulders..while he moved down to her cheeks nad started to give her wet kisses on her both cheeks ..then he moved near her lips and side pecked them..he then moved to her chin and kissed her there sensuouslyteasing her…making her desperate m eager to feel his lips on her..she knew he is just teasing she took hold of her his face and and kissed him…initially he was too shocked with her sudden kiss..but soon gave in..both kissed each other  for a while…
After what felt like 30 minutes both break the kiss due to lack of breathe…but Armaaan didn’t stopped there…he was too high in passion.while her hands were were in his hairs massaging them…and pushing his head more int o her nape…
After that there was no stop to there expressing love…as the rain pour outside and woods burn inside the room..the two bodies were were on fire of their passion to mark each other as theirs once again.


Its been five years to Armaan Riddhima’s marriage….since they were blessed with two cute little kids..a baby boy nn a baby girl named “ARYAN N ARIANA” oth were the carbon copy of Armaan Riddhima…Aryan had same green emerald eyes just like his mamma but has cute dimples and naughtiness in his eyes just like his Dad...but still he was always his Mamma’s biy…on the other hand Ariana was the exact copy of her mamma ..she had same shy nature ..and was the cutest daughter ever…her eyes were the only thing tahat were like her Dadda..she was always her Dadda’s  daughter…Armaan loved Ariana more than anything in this world he always wanted a daughter which had looks just like his beautiful wife Riddhima..whereas Riddhima always needed a baby boy who looked exact copy of her dearest hubby…so the god listened to them and granted both their wishes by sending Aryan Ariana on same day. Yes, Aryan n Ariana both were twins…but Aryan was just 5 minutes elder than Ariana..and was very protected about his baby siister just like his Dad.

As it being a Sunday morning…only AR n kids were there as Naina n Raaj along with Shashank n Padma had gone to Lonavla orphanage to spent some oldies time while Anuraag n Taani along with their 5 year old son TANMNAY to US due to some Anuraag’s business there. The sunrays enter through the room spreading all over making everyone aware of its presence with that comes Riddhima from the bathroom in her white bathrobe…drying her wet hairs from the towel as few water drops rested on forehead making her look like  a fresh flower which is blossoming under the rains…she look around the room to see her hubby dearest who was sleeping like a baby with his head buried under the pillow hiding his face fom the sunrays coming from outside. She smiled and after drying her hairs she went and sat next to Arnaan n whispered ‘Armaan uthiye..aur kitna soyenge…its already 10 in the morning..’ but he didn’t budge and pulling duvet over him..he slept again hiding himself under the covers..while Riddhima sighed as it was routine on Sundays that her all three babies wake up late and make her late also…she then once again looked at Armaan and alnaughty idea got into her mind and leaning on him she pulled the blanket a little and taking few of her hairs she put it into his ears making him scrunch his nose a little and then rubbinghis ear with his one hand he went back to sleep…this happened for few times and now Armaan was fully awake and knew that it was beng done by his jaan…so when this time Riddhima again tried to did the same he hold her hand at that momen and pulling her with such force that she landed upon him……she gasped feeling the moment and looked into his eyesto see naughtiness and desire n love for her….she blushed and looked down and Armaan taking turn…make her lay under him and  and  looked at her with  naughty smile and said ‘’hhmm..yeh kya kar rahi thi aap..’ Riddhima looked at him with innocent face and said ‘maine kya kiya…main toh bas aapko jagaane ki koshish kar rahi thi..’ Armaan looked at her and said ‘aise..mere ears mein goodkoodi karke...’ Riddhima smiled while Armaan continued ‘ab meri nind kharaab ki hai..toh usi punishment toh milegi..’  Riddhima hearing this looked at him into his eyes to find naughtiness in it..and she knew what was coming before she could even react his lipd were already on her soft ones and was moving in rythym…enjoying the taste of her fresh juicy lips..afetr bath…while she was also too involved in it when she heard some kid ruffle..she instantly opened her eyes and pushed Armaan from her while he was too lost in her when he felt her pushing of hr..he looked at her with frown while she catching her breathe as her face was totally red she said ‘bach..bachhe uth gaye..’ hearing it Armaan rajistered what took place few seconds before he smiled and pecked her lips while she just blushed and got up correcting her bathrobe made her way to kids room while Armaan also followed her.
The room was in colour of baby pink n sky blue colour with two beds kept in the shape of between the beds there kept shelf whre all toys n shoppees were kept nicely…the red colour carpet lay on farsh...

AR entered the room to see the kids were up andwhen they saw their parents..Ariana ran to her dadda and hugged him and said ‘dood morning dadda(good morning dadda)…’ Armaan samiled and hugged her back and said ‘aaww..good morning my princess..’ she smiled showiig her white teeth while Armaan gave sloppy kisses to her on her face making her giigle while Riddhima kissed Aryaan’s forehead and said ‘good morning baby..’ Aryaan smiled and said ‘good morning mamma..’ and kissed her cheek and making him standup she asked Armaan to give both children baath as hse has to go down snd look whats there for breakfast..Armaan agreed gladly anfd took kids for bath..while Riddhima after changing nto a simple suit went down to look for the late brunch in kitchen..she saw marie working in kitchen so she said ‘good morning marie aunty..’ marie smiled and said ‘good morning bacchaa..’ she smiled and helped her making brunch soon she  asked one of the servents to put there breakfast on terrace as the weather was good so they’ll have there.

Servent did as he was told soon all three Armaan Aryan n Ariana came and had breakfast with full masti as it was Sunday Armaan decided to take kids to wonder land..soon all got reay and went to wonderland. the wonderland had many swings big n small...all types..Aryan seeing this got all the more excited and pointing to the most big swing he said ‘dada main voh wala swing loonga..’ Riddhima looked at ttthe swing with horrified look and said ‘no baby aap yeh wala nahi loge..aapko darr lagega…aap dusre wala…uummm haan voh wala swing lo..’ Armaan smiled and looked at Aryaan who was having sad face so he moved close to her said ‘wifey usse darr lagega ke aapko..’  Riddhima looked at him and saw naughtinesss in his eyes and seeing this she knew he was teasing her so she replied ‘main darr nahi rahi hun..mujhe bas Aryan ki ension ki hai..voh abhi uss swing ke liye bohot chhota hai..’ Armaan said ‘achha toh phir chalo mere saath…Aryaan aur Ariana ke saath hum bhi saath mein jhoolte hain…isse dono bachhon ko darr bhi nahi lagega..what say kids..’ Aryaan squeelled in joy and said ‘yieeppiee..Dadda..momma chalo na…please..’ while Ariana also said ‘haan…mommy pisshhh…’ she made the best pout ever just like her Riddhima smiled at her kids and agreed and all four went for the swing..and had fun having start Riddhima was damn scared and was holding Armaan's arm tightly with her eyes closed..Armaan smiled seeing it while Arians was sitting comfertably in her father's lap..whereas Aryan was enjoying the fully..
after 20 minutes of ride all four came down smiling fully while Armaan to tease  Riddhima he took Aryan in arms and asked ‘Aryan beta aapko awing pe darr laga..’ Riddhima hearing this looked at him to see that he is looking at her with slight naughty smile on his face while Aryan innocently answered ‘no dadda I loved the swig…hani na momma..’ Rihima smiled and took Ariana in her arms while kissing herchubby cheeks said ‘yes baby I also enjoyed..’ Armaan smiled and pulled her close through her waist and kissed her on her forehead making her smile..while a cameraman who was roaming there saw the love of this cute family and clicked there pic in his instant camera and gave them and said ‘this is for your family…’ ARsmiled at him and tok the pic from and then they clicked some more pics of their family..Armaan clicked pics of Riddhima with kids and some kids with Armaan…there were in corner there was cartoon character photoshoot going on so when Ariana saw that shepulled Armaan’s jeans with her little hands and said ‘dadda mujhe voh chahiye..’ she said pointing towards the cartoon costume corner so AR smiled and took both kids there and making them wear the costumes of Mickey Mouse n Mini Mouse clicked their many pics.
Enjoying the day fully all four came back home tired..and soon both kids were sleep..while after making kids sleep Armaan changed clotheds in room and Riddhima in bathroom..he went n stand near the window looking at the moon thinking about his family…Riddhima..n they  made his life beautiful then ever..he loved his family very much..soon he felt two hands on his chest as his jaan was hugging him..he hold her hands pulled her in front and and put his hands on her waist and kept looking into her eyes while she asked ‘aise kya dekh rahe aap Armaan.’ Armaan just only said ‘thanx jaan meri zindagi mein aane ke liye..aur itne pyaare ache denee ke liye..’ Riddhima smiled hearing and said keeping her head on his chest she said ‘isme thanx ki kya baat hai Armaan…aapne bhi toh mera har mushkil mein saath diya hai…mere mann se aapko khone ka darr nikala hai..tabhi toh main aapko yeh khushiyan de payi hun…aur jaante hain main aisa kyun kar payi..’ Armaan looked at her and asked her through eyes while she just said one line ‘kyunki MERI DUNIYA TUJHME KAHIN…TERE  BIN MAIN KYA  KUCH BHI NAHI..’ listening to  this was having dimple smile on his face while he replied ‘MERI JAAN MAIN TERI JAAN HAI..SAATHI MERE..’  Riddhima smiled and ans moved close to him and placed her lips on his and both kissed each other and were soon lost in there love land where only they exist..this is what there life was happy n full of love..they had great parents who love them to no ends…wonderfull brother n sister who care fior them a lot..…and awsume friends who don’t leave a chance to teae them even after so many years of their marriage.

Marriage is the most n precious n purest relation in the world everyone says…every marriage has its own ups n downs and it depends on the life partners how they cope with that ups n downs and follow all the promises they made when tey take Saat pheres around the sacred fire. Same was with Armaan Riddhima…both of them had arranged marriage…which was arranged by their parents…and by the end of their courtship period both were head over heals in love with each other.
And now being married for five years…and being the parents of cute little 4 year baby boy…still love each other to the depths..their love evan more deepen with the passing time..their love evan more deepen with the passing time..and they always said that ‘MERI DUNIYA HAI TUJHME KAHIN.’


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