Monday, 8 June 2015

part 35: Arsh ff ~ Love is life

Shilpa: why r u crying armaan??
Armaan: bus aise hi
Ki tumhe mujhpe itna vishwas hai m so lucky to have u in my life shilpa.
You are really only angel of my life.
I did not get love of my parents phir meri life me friends aye.
Or phir meri life me riddhima ayi
Expression of shilpa changed.
And then armaan said plz tum sad mat ho meri baat puri toh hone do
Pyar aya toh sahi lekin return ticket ke sath
Riddhima ki shadi sid se hogyi me pyar se.
Naraj sa rehne laga tha but then u came into my life and i got a ray of hope.
And u made me to feel love again.
Shilpa smiled seeing this.
And said bus ab tumhe rest karna chahiye.

Armaan: me thik hun shona
Shilpa: armaan please rest le lo.
Me tumhe sanjeevani m milti hun kal.
She hugged armaan not hurting him.
I love you armaan said before leaving of shilpa.
Shilpa went with satisfied smile that armaan is fine.
Armaan got a call from maya
Armaan: hello
Maya: last time toh bach gye but kab tak bachoge??
Armaan: who is this??
Maya: ur not so good friend
Armaan: maya??
Please tumhe jo b karna hai
Dnt mess with shilpa she is really nt your types spare her please for god sack.
Maya: we will see armaan malik.
We will see
Maya cut the call
Armaan got furious
After that call
Armaan thought to himself what to do to keep shilpa safe
Armaan: mujhe shilpa k sath rehna padega
Ab har waqt
Armaan: yes ab yahi ek solution hai.

Armaan changed his clothes and rushed to hospital
Night shift
Armaan shilp Shilpa in hospital
Shilpa collided with armaan
Shilpa: armaan tum
Rest kyu ni le rhe??
Tumhe rest ka bola tha na
Armaan: tumhe bhut miss kar rha tha na toh dur ni reh paya kya karu
Shilpa smiled hearing this
Shilpa took him to fire escape
Armaan said are are aram se
Tum toh mujhse b jyada besabar ho
Shilpa: armaan plz no joking
Tumhe rest krna chahiye tha
Tumhe chot lagi hai
Armaan: are baba m thik hun
Kyun itni tension le rhi ho??
Shilpa: tum apna dhyan kyun ni rkhte??
Armaan: tum ho na
Toh m kyu rkhu??
Shilpa: armaan
Armaan: shilpa
Shilpa: armaan please
Armaan: kya please
Shilpa: armaan hum sanjeevani m hai
Armaan: haan rite hum sanjeevani m hai or sanjeevani k fire escape m hai
Shilpa was lost in armaan s beautiful eyes in his love
He hold her waist and entwined his fingers with hers.
And whispered shilpa
Shilpa: armaan
She shivered with his one touch
Shilpa was taken aback with sudden gesture both heartbeats were really fast.
Hearthrobbing fastly
Armaan hold her hands behind her back and
Lingered his lips with hers just to show her his love s passion
Shilpa and armaan both were in moment
They were kissing each other with full of love.


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