Thursday, 11 June 2015

part 36: Arsh ff ~ Love is life

Armaan was feeling complete
With shilpa s touch
Unknowingly armaan s one hand reached in shilpa s hair and he start caressing her hairs
And other hand went to shilpa s waist
Armaan pulled shilpa more close and he was kissing her breathlessly
Unknown to the fact that riddhima has reached sanjeevani and she was witnessing this
Outside from fire escape
And she went from there angrily
Shilpa responded to armaan s touch as he touched her waist
Shilpa tried to protst but denying her protest
Armaan hold her hand behind her back
And shilpa moaned armaan s name loosing herself
In the mean time armaan got conscious what s happening nd he rememberd about the situation he gently hugged shilpa
With sense of security and love
Shilpa whispered lagta hai mujhe kuch jyada hi miss kia
Armaan tucked her hair behind her ear haan fiance ho miss toh krunga na
Muskaan came there suddenly
And she heard thing of engagement
Muskaan: oye chuperustam
Kiski engagement armaan

Haan btao bolo na
Armaan: are bolne ka mauka dogi tabhi na
Haan we r engaged
Muskaan: kamal hai hume toh koi kuch btata hi ni hai yar
Ye toh galat baat hai party ke dar se kuch btaya hi ni
Armaan: muskaan come on yar
Dont over react now
Muskaan: lo ji ab inhe hamari bate bhi over react lagne lagi shilpa bolo na m i wrong??
Shilpa: ni muskaan sahi hai armaan
Armaan: oh acha??
Muskaan: dekha tumhri fiance b mere sath hai
Armaan: baad me btaunga tum dono ko toh me
As armaan came o
Utside of fire escape
Atul: kahan the tum dono armaan or shilpa
Kaha gayab the do din??
Armaan: puch mat yar bahut badi musibat se picha chuda rhe the.
Muskaan came too with shilpa
Muskaan said atul say hello to ur bhabhi.
Atul: kaun bhabhi??
Muskaan: are armaan tera bhai hai na??
Atul: haan hai
Muskaan: shilpa or armaan ki engagement hogyi.
Atul: congrats mere bhai
But armaan tune mujhse b ye baat chupayi bahut galat kia ye
Armaan and shilpa both said
Guys we did not announce anything officially to kese kuch btate.
Atul and muskaan: koi baat ni engagement toh jaldbaji me kar li lekin shadi toh hum karwayenge tum dono ki dhoom dhaam se
Armaan and shilpa stole glances to each other
Armaan rememberd maya s threatning.
So armaan said but guys abhi ni please thoda time ruk ke
Shilpa sensed some tension
But she thought of asking armaan alone about this.
Muskaan: wow yar kitna maja ayega tum dono ki shadi hogi
Me bhut khush hun tum dono ke lie rahul came and said
Kiski shadi ho rhi hai??
Muskaan: lo agya nakchda
Rahul: nakchadi tu hai me ni
Atul: armaan or shilpa ki shadi ki planning ho rhi hai
Rahul: interesting tujhe toh khush hone chahiye armaan ki tujhe shilpa jese ladki mili hai
Armaan: me khush hi hun raoolll
Dnt worry about me .
Rahul: anyway congrats to both rahul forward his hand to congrats shilpa but armaan hold rahul s hand
And said thank u
Rahul said welcome
Anjali: hello guys what s happening i think u should all go back to duty ni toh u know dr
Kirti right??
Listening name of dr. Kirti all ran to their duties
In locker room
Armaan was a little bit taken aback by riddhima s sudden come but he was nt affected now .
Coz he has moved on so he just came to shilpa
And said
Armaan: coffee??
Shilpa: abhi?? Armaan we cnt take so much break u know
Armaan: i know but mera b toh socho na
Shilpa blushed listening his childish talks in front of everyone
Riddhima said
Kai logo ko bilkul sharm ni aati ki jyada public display of affection acha ni hota
Anjali:ridsi what s wrong with u??
Riddhima: di aap armaan ko dekho
Anjali hold riddhima s hand and took her in side.


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