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Part 37 : My Wish Come True


Part 37

The informal coffee date was very confusing for Anjali.. She wondered if she acually deserved so much love nd trust.. But thinking of Atul, she knew Atul deserved all the happiness.. She wanted to let Atul stay happy but she was not sure if she was the one for him.. she was sure of his love but was not sure of her own feelings.. She never knew when she drifted off to sleep thinking of him..

While on the otherhand Armaan nd Ridhima were not their chirpy self.. Armaan was thinking of trapping his suspect while Ridhima was thinking of Armaan nd Ryan.. She came out of her trance when she felt Ryan moving from her lap.. she held him "Kahan ja rahe ho beta..?" Ryan stood up nd jumped off the bed moving to his room saying "Lyan katti.. mamma baat ni kalti.." It was then that Ridhima realized that she was not responding to Ryan's talks that's why he felt dejected nd angry.. She held her ears making a sorry face nd opened her arms for him to hop back.. Ryan smiled nd quickly settled back in her lap, hugging her asking "Ka hua mamma..?"

"Kuch nai beta.. mamma aapse bohot pyar karti hai.." she said kissing his head nd patting his back while he started all over again with how his day was with his dadi nd bi.. He talked all about it, making her promise a day out soon..

 Next Day was strangely a happy start..
Even before the servants could come, Armaan was in the kitchen making coffee for Ridhima with less sugar, just as she liked.. He made easiest breakfast for three of them Omellete and toast.. By the time he was ready with the breakfast, even Ridhima was up.. she frowned not finding him besides her.. She stepped down from the bed nd hissed immideately as the pain in her feet was still much.. she somehow got fresh nd went to check on Ryan who was sleeping still..

She went to the lounge calling Armaan's name she found him setting table in the dinning room.. "Aap yeh sab kya kar rahe hain.?" She asked in a confused tone.. While instead of replying her he picked her up nd placed her on a chair.. "Pair mein dard hoga na abhi bhi aur phir bhi uth gayi kaam karne ke liye.." he said serving her.. She looked at him with wide eyes seeing her plate.. "Armaan.. yeh omellete hai.."

"Haan.. the best nd easiest to make.." he said but suddenly sat infront of her with glum face saying "Main breakfast banane ki excitement mein bhul hi gaya ki tum egg nahi khati.." She smiled at his affectionate face saying "Koi baat nahi Ryan toh khata hai na.." He too cheered up thinking someone will eat the breakfast he has made..


Ridhima entered Ryan's room but the bed was empty.. She called for him when he was not seen anywhere.. she frowned when she saw him emerging out with a crayon, from a corner where a study table was placed.. she picked him nd kissed him lovingly.. "Aap vahan kya kar rahe the beta..?"  he shrugged in answer nd crossed his hands saying "kuch ni mamma.."

Looking at his smile Ridhima knew there was definitely something more to it.. She kept Ryan on his feet nd bent by the table to see what was it.. she was horrified to see the Light Blue wall of that end painted in different shapes nd colours with some crayon pieces scattered there.. She turned to scold Ryan but the lil Mallik has already ran outside the room.. She came out of his room nd saw him sitting in Armaan's lap having his milk nicely.. as soon as he wiped of his milky moustache he saw his mamma standing in front of him with her hands on her waist..

Armaan saw her nd was confused at her sudden change in mood but he decided to keep quiet.. But Ryan was clever enough to hide behind Armaan nd peep from his back mumbling "Shorry mamma.." Armaan asked Ridhima about the matter but burst out laughing when Ridhima told him about the budding painter.. Soon he was also quiet seeing not so pleased Ridhima.. Before he could say anything Ridhima called for the servant who used to clean Ryan's room everyday enquiring why was she never told about this before.. to which the servant bowed her head saying "Baba ne itne pyar se mana kara tha toh hum khud hi vahan se roz sab hata ke safai karke aate the.."

Ridhima turned to Ryan who gave a small hopeful smile to her, making her anger melt.. Ridhima knew that if smile can do wonders to her, then the servants had no chance to say NO to it.. She shook her head nd picked him up cuddling him lovingly.. "apni smile se sab kaam karva lete ho na aap.." she said mocking nd tickling him abit making him roll in laughter.. While Armaan was relaxed seeing that smile on Ridhima.. He felt happy thinking that even in her worst moods or phases of life Ryan can make her smile with his antics.. He stood up to leave for office making a mental note of being home earlier than usual nd surprising Ridhima..

After Armaan left. It was a battle for ridhima to send Ryan to school as he wanted to stay with his mamma for the day.. At first Ridhima insisted because she didn't knew what was on Ryan's mind.. but when he got ready nicely nd saw Ridhima preparing his bag he gave her a teary pout nd ran from his room.. Ridhima kept those things away nd decided to let him be for the day.. She looked around to find him but she was not able to find him anywhere..

She understood that her buddy was angry so she got her apology weapons ready nd looked for him at all his secret hide outs.. She finally found him sitting on a swing in the balcony attached to her room.. It faced beach nd that has been her nd Ryan's fav place to find peace.. When Ryan was small, she used to carry him nd sit with him at the same place, everytime he would get restless nd fidgety without a reason.. Manier times she used to just look at him drifting off to sleep as pleasant nd salty breeze used to sooth him in her lap..

She came out of her trance nd went to him.. she firstly took off his shoes nd socks nd then made him sit on her lap hugging him close.. "Aapko school nahi jana na buddy.. koi baat nahi.. aaj mamma aur Ryan games khelenge.." she said kissing his forehead while he just hid himself in her embrace.. "Lyan mamma paash.."

"Haan betu.. mamma aaj apke saath hi rahegi.. par aapko kya ho gaya ekdum se hmm.. kya baat hai buddy..?" She asked lovingly caressing his hair lightly.. but he just kept hugging her burying his face into the hair that were falling on her shoulder.. She picked him up nd moved into his room.. she knew the best way to lighten his mood.. she sat on the huge teddy shaped sack with Ryan in her lap.. She joined all the wires nd came back with a remote.. Ryan's face lit up when he saw his video game all set for them to play.. "Mamma car game.." he said with a smile.. Ridhima pecked his cheek sloppily nd started with the game.. They would control half-half of the remote.. Ridhima would hold the remote nd take care of the directions while pressing acceleration button, Ryan would take care of car's speed..

They sat playing for hours breaking their own records everytime.. Ridhima was surprised when one of the servants came to tell her that the lunch was ready.. she didn't realize that they had been playing for so long.. she immideately decided to call off the gaming session.. "mamma one last game.." Ryan said making a baby face to which Ridhima picked him up nd tickled him saying "Ab baaki games khane ke baad.. itni der se khel rahe the na hum.." she carried him to the table nd made him sit in her lap.. she made their plate nd fed him herself While sometimes even he would make a bite for her..

It was time for his mid day nap.. She lied down with him with his story book teaching him some character names nd putting him off to sleep with afew more fairytales.. She caressed his forehead with love as she saw his eyes dropping, keeping the book aside she too drifted of to get some sleep with him..


In the evening, instead of 8pm Armaan came home by 5..  He rushed to his room to find his lil family involed in coloring.. He smiled seeing Ridhima guiding ryan's hand nd teaching him properly.. just as he saw them done with it, he made a loud noise while entering, scaring them abit.. While Ridhima was scared still, Ryan burst out laughing seeing his father laughing too nd his mamma scared.. he quickly hoped into Armaan's arms nd his tiny hands made their way into his jacket's pocket looking for his chocolate.. he grinned finding it nd kissed Armaan's cheek.. Armaan smiled nd kissed him back.. He settled Ryan on his feet nd sat besides ridhima giving her a side hug, only to be pushed away in a instant..

He looked at her face while she scolded him saying "Aise koi darata hai kya.." He smiled at her innocence nd kissed her cheek.. "Sach mein darr gayi thi.?" Seeing her nod he could help but giggle again to which she made a bad face nd turned to go, but stopped when she saw a sunflower peeping out of his jacket.. She was about to pull it out when he stopped her nd took it out himself.. he kissed the flower lightly looking into her eyes nd forwarded it to her.. She blushed nd took the flower, without any hint she came forward nd pecked his cheek making him grin from ear to ear..

"Aap itni jaldi kaise aagaye?"
"Aise hi.. Ryan ki tarah mera bhi mann tha ki main uski mamma ke saath rahu aaj.." he said with a naughty grin seeing her blush he burst the love bubble saying "Vaise Sapna ka phone aaya tha.. usne kaha ki tumhe leke ghar aaun, Mohit aaya hua hai.." before Armaan could say anything Ridhima squealed in delight nd took her phone to call sapna..

Armaan was confused as well as anxious to know who is Mohit.. He let that thought be nd got up to get fresh, he stopped by the wardrobe when he heard Ridhima talking..

"Hi Mohit'.. aap kaise ho..?... awww I missed you too'. Haan main jaldi se aarahi hoon aapse milne'.. I Love You too.." This One sided conversation left Armaan jealous.. He kept thinking who could this Mohit be to whom Ridhima was saying "I Love You"..

His Thought express broke when Ridhima called his name.. "Armaann.. aap jaiye na jaldi fresh hone.. main itni der change kar leti hoon phir hum chalenge Sapna Di ke ghar.. vahan ek choti si party bhi hai.." Armaan nodded nd left mumbling to himself.. Ridhima turned to find a blue saree on the bed, she smiled admiring Armaan's gesture.. She changed into her underskirt nd blouse.. She battled tying two the strings of her blouse but then last one irritated her.. in the mean while she combed her hair nd took out clothes for Armaan thinking he'll help with the last string.. She was tying her hair when she felt a hand on hers..

"Aise hi rehne do.." she heard Armaan.. she blushed nd nodded Armaan hugged her from behind nd rested his head on her shoulder asking "Mohit kaun hai..?" to which happy Ridhima replied "Mohit, Sapna di ka nephew hai.. 4 saal ka hai aur bohot cute hai.." Armaan smiled satisfied at Mohit's profile, he turned Ridhima nd caught her in his arms, Ridhima was bowled over seeing him dressed in a light blue jeans nd lemon color shirt.. She turned her back to him to avoid any gazes nd meekly asked him to help her with the string.. he turned her to face him nd locked her in his arms as his hands worked on the strings.. The closeness nd even more, his cologne was affecting her senses.. she never knew when she started tracing his neck with her nose.. He sensed her move nd his hands stopped tying the string.. He instead pulled her hair to one shoulder nd planted a sloppy kiss on her shoulder nd pulled her closer..

They never knew when they lost track on time.. he tipped her chin nd claimed her lips into a passionate kiss which she reciprocated equally.. His hands pulled the tied strings nd soon were tracing her back.. He picked her up in his arms and took her to the bed.. gently lying down next to her, buried his face into her neck leaving hard kisses making her moan.. He entwined her fingers with his nd laid half onto her.. He stopped for a second when he felt his phone vibrating in his pocket, still dazed he just kept his phone near Ridhima's hand nd continued kissing her.. Ridhima answered the call naturally but didn't had any attention to it.. she didn't say a word after answering the call..

She suddenly pushed Armaan abit when Sapna who was shouting at the other end of the phone called her name loudly.. Ridhima quickly disconnected the call nd looked at Armaan who looked puzzled nd nonplussed, pink with some blush.. she blushed badly seeing that hint of passion in his eyes.. before she could say anything he bent nd kissed her lips, moving his hands on her waist making her feel every movement of his perfectly..

As soon as he rolled of her she quickly picked up a suit nd went to get changed.. while he still was thinking of what happened just now.. he again felt his mobile vibrating nd again it was sapna.. he answered the call shouting sarcastically "Haan haan.. la raha hoon teri Ridhu ko.. thodi der baith shaati se apne ghar mein.. aur khabardaar jo ab phone kiya toh.. abhi 5 min mein nikal rahe hain hum.." He expected a rude reply but heard a chuckle followed by Sapna's teasing voice "Lagta hai maine disturb kiya aapko.. koi baat nahi yahan aajao phir batana detail mein ki kya kiya meri call ne aur uske pehle aap dono kya kar rahe thhe.."


When AR reached Sapna's place with Ryan, they were the last ones to arrive.. They were bombarded with teasing queries but they couldn't utter a word.. Armaan just grinned while Ridhima blushed.. Ryan was playing around with his toys nd people.. he was now comfortable with RM, AA nd Sapna- Amit's presence.. but he did felt some attention being divided as Mohit was there too.. Ryan who was playing With Muskaan suddenly ran to Ridhima with his toy nd sat by her asking her to play with him while Ridhima was talking to Mohit nd kissing him affectionately.. Ridhima patted his head lightly..

Ridhima smile knowing Ryan was getting jealous so she made room for him too nd the trio played together.. When Ryan nd Mohit got along well Ridhima excused herself nd got up to meet others aswell.. as since the time she was there she was with the kids only.. She joined Armaan, Muskaan and Sapna.. while next moment she cursed herself for doing so.. as she was showered with teasing remarks for being late.. although she blamed lil Ryan for being fussy about his clothes but she knew No one would take that lie from her..

"Toh Jeej.. ab aap bataiye ki aap mere phone karne pe itna irritate kyun hue thhe..?" Sapna asked Armaan, smirking..

"Irritate'??? Aur main..?? arre nai Sapna.. tumhe shayad kuch galat laga hoga.. main kyun irritate hone laga, balki voh toh Ridhu ready hone mein time laga rahi thii issliye humein der hui.." Armaan said fumbling but completed confidently only to get a sharp glare by Ridhima.. Seeing others giggle at them she altered her gaze nd looked away.. while Muski interwined "Ammy, Ridhu ne kaha Ryan ne late karvaya.. tu keh raha hai Ridhu ne late karvaya.. yeh toh excuse kahin match hi nai ho raha.. ab tum dono ek baat aisi bata do na jo sach mein hui thi.. ya kuch sensored hai..??" she said nudging Ridhima abit..

To their rescue Ryan came nd tugged at Armaan's jeans while Mohit came to Ridhima.. seeing that the discussion was discarded for a while, Ridhima sighed nd went to see what Mohit wanted..

Armaan and Ridhima were sitting with kids while someone from a corner was observing them.. how they would communicate with kids.. how Armaan was holding Ridhima's hand in every few seconds nd she shies away.. "Probably, They are made for eachother.. I never noticed how perfect they look together.." She mumbled in her heart..

"Right.. They are perfect for eachother and so are we.." Atul said grining as he heard whispering to herself.. While Anjali felt abit embarrassed thinking "Was I loud enough for him to hear me or he could really listen to my heart..?" She made a straight face when she saw him giggling abit at her confused faces..


Everyone left for their places except AR and AA.. Since Atul had his bike  and it was raining outside.. Not for his own good, but he waited so that he can drop Anjali home without her getting wet.. Not feeling good about leaving them behind AR offered them a lift back home which before Atul, Anjali accepted gladly..

Ridhima was confused at her reaction but then she was somewhere happy when Anjali agreed that too with a sweet smile towards her.. Armaan nd Ridhima settled with Ryan in the front while Atul nd Anjali settled at the back'. on the otherhand Padma was worried.. she knew Anjali has left on a bike nd seeing the rain which had no plans to stop.. the networks were busy..

Hearing a car in the drive way she rushed to the door calling for a servant to get an umbrella.. Anjali thanked Armaan and Ridhima nd waved them sweetly, brushing Ridhima's shoulder once before she got down.. Ridhima looked at her with questioning eyes but got only a smile as an answer.. Ridhima was about to smile back when she got a bad glare from padma nd she turned her face away from them recollecting all the accusations and unfair words from them..

"Tumhe Ridhima ke saath aane ki kya zaroorat thhi..? ek baar phone kar deti toh yahan se driver bhej dete.." Padma asked Anjali as she sat with Shashank.. "Mom please.. mujhe har baat ke liye aapse poochna zaroori nahi hai.."

"Anjali.. beta this is no way to answer ur mom.." Shashank butted in trying to reason Anjali, Padma's concern.. "Dad Please.. stop it.. agar main Armaan aur Ridhima ke saath aa bhi gayi toh ismein kaunsi badi baat hai.." Anjali said in an irritated tone..

"Anjali.. Ridhima tumhara bhala nahi sochti hai beta.. usne tumse Armaan tak ko durr kar diya aur tum.." Padma tried poisoning her mind only to get a quick reply "Ridhu ne kuch galat nahi kiya hai mom.. Galti meri thi jo maine yeh socha ki Armaan loves me.. par aisa nahi hai Armaan Mallik loves only and only Ridhu.. and I Love Atul.. aur humne jo Kiya hai na Ridhu ke saath voh itna bura tha ki ab uss se maafi bhi nai maang sakti main.."

Seeing Anjali gaining that soft corner for Ridhima again, Padma and Shashank were angry.. "Kis baat ki maafi.? Usne bhi humari kitni baar insult kari hai.." Shashank roared.. "Ki hai.. par tab jab humne uski family ko hurt kara.. par main aap dono se kyun behes kar rahi hoon.. aapne kab usko apna samjha tha jo ab aap uska dard samjhenge.. galti toh sirf meri hai jo maine Ridhu ko bachpan se jaan-ne ke baad bhi, apni Ridhu se pehle aapki baat suni.." Anjali said with tears glistening in her eyes nd rushed to her room leaving her parents in shock..


Next Morning Ridhima had to go with Ryan to his school to see what his teachers have to say about him at the meeting.. Ridhima was getting ready when she heard impatient knocks at the door of the closet.. "Armaan rukiye 2 min.." she replied.. "Ridhu.. der ho rahi hai mujhe.. meri meeting hai aaj.." he said hurriedly..

Ridhima emerged out of the closet in a white color suit while combing her hair simultaneously.. "Armaan aapko der ho rahi hai toh aap jaiye.. main aur Ryan dusri car mein chale jayenge.. maine aapse pehle hi kaha tha ki aap matt wait kariye humara, aapko der ho jayegi.." she said without looking at him.. while on the otherhand Armaan was stunned seeing her in a white suit for the first time.. she looked eternally beautiful in the white suit nd her silky hair bouncing on her shoulder nd face.. He stepped forward nd passes his fingers in her hair setting them away from that charming face..

She frowned looking at him, lost.. She turned to see herself in the mirror to see if anything was wrong with her face.. but next moment Armaan caught her arm nd turned her, there she stood in his arms with his deep blue eyes boring into hers.. He very lightly brought his hand near her eyes nd taking some of her kohl he put a black mark under the thick veil of her hair mumbling "Bohot khubsoorat lag rahi ho.. vaisi hi jaisi tum bachpan se lagna chahti thi.." he smiled seeing her frown at his statement while he kissed her forehead nd whispered "Bilkul ek khubsoorat Pari jaisi.."

She blushed with a light smile gracing her lips as she recollected when she was in school she used to participate in her school functions dressed as fairy.. but soon her face came down as at that time Her Father and Anjali were the ones who used to be with her to give her all the support she needed.. Remembering her father a small tear escaped her eyes but she quickly hid it from Armaan nd hid herself in his arms..

Armaan was surprised for a moment but then hugged her back.. After afew seconds Ridhima parted from the hug, balancing her thoughts nd her head that was swaying abit without any reason.. "Aap jaiye Armaan verna aapko bohot der ho jayegi.. mujhe aur Ryan ko abhi time lag jayega usne ab tak kuch khaya bhi nahi hai na.." She saw him pouting as he wanted to drop them off to school on his way.. She lightly kissed his cheek making him smile and whispered 'I Love You' in his ear, only to see that dimple on his cheek deeper..

After Armaan left, Ridhima somehow got Ryan ready nd they headed towards his school.. Since morning Ridhima was feeling abit uneasy but sitting there in the school's auditorium which was packed with parents nd kids making noises Ridhima felt even more uncomfortable.. She asked Ryan to stay where he was sitting nd she'll be back with some water.. Ryan frowned but seeing Ridhima's uneasy expressions he nodded obediently..

The function nd meeting took around two hours where Ridhima has to make some efforts to concentrate on what was going around her.. she sighed some relief when after meeting Ryan's teachers they were moving out of his class.. Ridhima stumbled abit when unknowingly her knee hit a corner of a table.. she whinned but walked till car while Ryan sobered  abit when he saw Ridhima's chudidar getting soaked from blood.. Ridhima politely denied staying at his school nd get her wound clean..

Ridhima asked driver to rush home while all the time Ryan sat hugging Ridhima lightly planting kisses on her cheeks from time to time as if soothing her pain..


Armaan rushed from his meeting when Bi called him nd told him that Ridhima is hurt nd is not much in her senses while Ryan was crying non stop.. Armaan quickly called Atul nd asked Bi to reach Sanjeevni with Ridhima nd Ryan..

Armaan sat outside Anjali's cabin calming Ryan nd his own fears.. He was shocked when he heard Bi's panicky tone he knew problem was big or else Bi would have handled it.. As soon as Anjali came out of the cabin, Armaan went to her while she consoled him saying "Armaan uska wound toh zyada deep nahi hai.. dressing kar di hai maine.. par usne kaha ki 2-3 din se thoda fatigue feel ho raha tha usse toh kuch tests karvaye hain.. kal reports collect kar lena.. abhi usko ghar le ja sakte ho tum.."

As soon as she finished Armaan thanked her was about to go when Anjali called him "Armaan.. don't worry.. shez fine.. take care of her, she just needs rest.. yeh doctor nahi Ridhu ki behen bol rahi hai.." He stared at Anjali for a moment but ignoring that last line for a while he went inside nd found Ridhima sitting on a chair with Ryan wailing in her arms, mumbling "mamma" in between.. she herself was in tears seeing him so scared.. Armaan firstly calmed Ryan nd kissed Ridhima lightly on her forehead.. Ridhima could see pool of emotions reflecting in his eyes aswell..

While going back home Ryan whinned to sit with Ridhima while Ridhima sat with her head lying in Bi's lap.. She was about to get up na take Ryan but Bi asked her stay.. "Ryan.. bete mamma ki tabiyat theek nahi hai na.. mamma abhi thodi der rest karke phir aapke saath baat karengi okk.." Armaan explained while ryan made a glum face nd kept on peeping now and then at Ridhima..

Even after hundred shy protests from Ridhima's side Armaan didn't budge nd carried her to the room.. he made her sit nd hugged her tightly.. "daraa diya tha tumne.. Apna dhyaan rakha karo Ridhu.. tumhe takleef hoti hai toh bohot dard hota hai mujhe.." Ridhima was surprised when she heard his cracking voice she got out of the hug only to see his eyes full of tears that were about to spill any moment..

She kissed his eyes and mumbled a small 'Sorry'.. "Meri vajah se aapki meeting adhuri reh gayi na.. par mujhe nahi pata tha ki achanak itni weakness lagne lagegi.. verna main subah school hi nai jaati Ryan ke saath.."

"Meeting phir ho jayegi Ridhu.. uss meeting se zyada zaroori yeh hai ki meri Ridhu ekdum theek rahe.. Tum meri zindagi ho Ridhu.. tumhare bina main nahi jee sakta.." He took her into a small kiss just to convey his love.. as soon as they broke apart Ryan rushed into the room.. He quickly climbed into Armaan's lap extending his arms towards Ridhima for a hug.. Ridhima smiled at his earnest face nd bent forward to hug both of them.. She knew they loved her but she never knew how deeply was her name engraved on their Hearts.. But now she does..

Just as they say 'Everything happens for a Reason.. Good or bad is upto our own thinking..'



Luv Rucha

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