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Part 38 :My Wish Come True


Part 38

Ridhima was lying with Ryan sleeping besides her holding onto her dupatta tightly.. She knew that her visit at the hospital and uneasiness at the school has worried Ryan a lot.. She moved a bit to get up without disturbing him but as soon as she put his head on the pillow from her hand he sat up straight looking at her.. "Ka hua mamma..??" he asked cutely caressing her face.. she kissed his hand nd shook her head saying "mamma bas paani lene ja rahi thi beta.." as soon as she completed Ryan jumped from the bed nd rushed out leaving Ridhima confused..

Ridhima was pleasantly shocked when she saw Ryan coming with a glass of water for her.. She kept on admiring his caring smile.. "Mamma…" he said offering the glass to her.. she kept it aside and pulled him in her lap.. She cuddled him and kissed his head with love.. She was overwhelmed seeing her son growing up so fast.. He had been so understanding and caring towards her lately..

Both of them looked up when they heard a cough.. There stood Armaan with Ridhima's medicines.. He smiled when he saw Ryan picking up the glass from the lower table and rushing to the room.. Seeing Ryan's ways of loving his mamma sometimes make him jealous and sometimes giving him the feeling of the most satisfied man in the World..

He gave her the medicines which she made a face and gulped down immediately as she saw two pair of eyes gazing at her urgently.. She was about to get up after having her medicines when Ryan pulled her dupatta and Armaan held her wrist.. "Kahan ja rahi ho?" Armaan asked

"Armaan khana banane.. ab dawai toh le li na.."

"Ridhu.. tum chup chap baitho yahan.. kahin nai jaana hai.. khaana baaki sab bana lenge aur ek din tumhare haath ka khana nai milega toh bhi chalega par tumhari tabiyat kharaab nai honi chahiye.." Armaan said kissing her forehead.. while Ryan followed tha same track matching his tone with his dad.. "yesh mamma.. hum yahan game khelenge.." saying so he also kissed her head..

Ridhima giggled at their behaviour.. She kissed Ryan back and scolded Armaan.. "Armaan.. aap toh mujhe aise treat kar rahe hain jaise kitni beemar hoon main.. kuch nai hua hai mujhe.. hatiye jaane dijiye mujhe.."

Armaan pulled her back again when she tried to get up.. he caught her by her waist pulling her in his lap saying "tum yahin baithogi.. ab se koi kaam nai karogi tum.. khaana bhi main khilaunga aur uske baad hum ice cream khane challenge.."

"Armaan par…." Her attempt was cut in between by him..
"Ryan.. beta mamma ko yahan se uthne matt dena, verna aaj NO ice cream for you.. papa abhi apna thoda office ka kaam karke aate hain hmm.." saying so he went away with a perfect smile knowing that Ryan would not even let Ridhima lift a finger as his ice cream outing was at stake.. While Ridhima stared at Armaan retreating figure..

As soon as Armaan left Ridhima sighed nd moved to her cupboard when she felt a tug at her dupatta.. She found grumpy Ryan standing next to her.. she knew he wanted her to get back where she was and rest.. as she turned to get a pile of clothes out of the cupboard she heard his sobs.. She quickly turned to see Ryan's chin trembling and tears that were about to spill out of those big eyes any moment.. "Ryan.. acha mamma koi kaam nai kar rahi.. aap ro matt.."

Ryan saw her keeping those clothes back nd settling on the bed after adjusting the pillows behind her back.. he quickly wiped his eyes with a smile nd settled in her lap huggin her.. she hugged him nd wiped a tear that was at the corner of her eyes seeing, Armaan and Ryan taking full care of her..


Armaan had an hours work at his office and after that he straight away went to hospital to collect Ridhima's reports.. He called Atul to see if ridhima's reports were ready.. getting an confirmatory answer he rushed to the hospital to discuss it with Anjali.. On his way he even called to check on Ridhima and was satisfied when Ryan said "pa, mamma mele paash hain aul main mamma ko paleshaan bhi nai kal laha.." he knew Ryan loved Ridhima very much and would never trouble her when shez unwell..

Armaan knocked and entered Anjali's cabin only to find Atul and Anjali sitting their with their coffees.. "Hey Armaan.." Atul greeted while Anjali greeted him with a 'hello'…. Armaan sat their and waited for any of them to say something about Ridhima's reports.. when none of them did he asked for it himself..

"Anjali.. Ridhima ki reports..? how is it..?" he fumbled abit nervously "Armaan.. reports are fine.. Ridhu sirf thoda over worked hai.. she needs a change and some rest.." Anjali explained.. while Armaan lost in his thoughts nodded and left with the report thanking her..

He reached home with a smile and looked for the duo, only to find them in Ryan's room sitting with a plate.. Ridhima had Ryan in her lap and plate in front of them.. just as Ridhima was giving bites to Ryan, even Ryan was giving tiny bites  dripping from daal, to Ridhima saying "mamma daal khaane she shtrong bante hain.." and Ridhima would giggle at his intelligence..

Finally after the duo were done.. Armaan turned to get himself some water nd food too as he knew seeing him, Ridhima would firstly rush into the kitchen to get him something.. keeping the plate aside nd washing hands Ridhima came and settled with Ryan to read him something she smiled when she felt a kiss on her cheek.. "Aap kab aaye..?"

"Abhi abhi.. jab yeh genius tumhe daal ke fayede bata raha tha.." Armaan said giggling abit along with Ridhima.. while next moment Ryan jumped to Armaan with a knowing smile.. Armaan what was thinking of so he announced "Chalo jaldi se ready ho jao phir hum ice cream khane challenge.." while Ryan kissed his dimple nd rushed to get his clothes.. As Ridhima went to change even Armaan got himself ready..


"Armaan aap meri reports le aaye..?" she asked scooping a bite from her cup of ice cream.. Armaan gave a serious nod and continued with his ice cream.. Ridhima kept quiet seeing his glum face when out of the blue he asked "Lets go somewhere for a small holiday..Ridhima gave him a calculative look "is something serious Armaan..??" Armaan shook his head with a smile saying "nothing serious Ridhu.. tumhe sirf thoda relaxation chahiye.. ghar ke kaam se durr.."

Ridhima smiled and agreed just then they heard Sapna's call.. Armaan answered it only and they chatted in monosables.. after finishing the ice cream.. Ridhima sat with Ryan sitting in her lap and his face hidden in her neck.. Ridhima kept brushing his back with one hand nd placed her other hand on Armaan's.. "Aap kisi baat se pareshaan hain..?" she asked as he was very quiet..

"Nai Ridhu.. bas aise hi.. voh Sapna ka phone tha abhi.. usne ghar bulaya hai.. keh rahi thi kuch zaroori kaam hai.." Ridhima nodded nd sat with her hand now placed under his hand on the gear..

With a few minutes they were outside Sapna's place.. Ridhima noticed that Ryan was almost asleep.. getting in she first settled Ryan in one of the rooms nd then came and settled with others.. to her surprise she found Atul and Anjali along with Sapna and Amit.. and with in next few minutes even Muskaan and Rahul along with Niki and Abhi joined them in the lounge..

"Niki… Abhi…? Tumlog kab aaye..?" Ridhima asked with surprise..
"Kal.." Armaan said.. "Aapko pata tha..?" Ridhima asked

"Haan kal uska phone aaya tha toh bataya tha usne.. par aaj ke baare much nai pata hai mujhe.."

After all the hugs and greetings they finally settled..
"So what is it..?" Rahul asked

"Next week mera birthday hai aur uske 2 din baad hi Sapna aur Amit ki anniversary.. toh main soch raha tha ki kyun na ek outing plan kari jaye.." Atul said in an excited to whoch all of them quickly agreed leaving Rahul, Armaan and Ridhima.. "Guys lekin meri meetings hongi toh voh mujhe manage karni padengi.." Rahul said to which Muskaan retorted "kabhi toh mere baare mein soch liya kar.. jab dekho apne kaam mein laga rehta hai.." seeing Muskaan angry Rahul managed a small nod nd started calculating how will he manage his meeting.. Muskaan smiled and gave a quick peck on his cheeks..

While on the otherhand Ridhima didn't say anything as just a few minutes back Armaan was planning THEIR Holiday.. and Armaan who wanted to spend sometime alone with Ridhima was stuck thinking that Ridhima would feel better going out with others.. As if he read her concern he squeezed her hand saying "Kab chalna hai..?"

They spent next few hours discussing about their trip.. about how they'd be going and their coming back too.. Rahul and Muskaan literally  had a war when Rahul refused knowing that they'll leave the next day while Muskaan who was bored at home wanted some change.. "Toh tu ja na.." Rahul finally said only to get a smack on his shoulders.. "Oye.. tu jab dekh raha hai ki yahan saare couples ja rahe hain toh tujhe lagta hai main akeli jaungi kabaab mein haddi banne..?"

"Toh yeh Armaan aur Ridhima ke saath ja na.. Ryan ko samhaal liyo aur inn dono ko time diyo akele.." Rahul said finally having fun irritating Muskaan.. Though Rahul meant to irritate muskaan but it did struck Armaan's mind.. he wanted a holiday so that Ridhima gets time to relax.. but she'll have tough time handling Ryan at a new place..

"Guys.. Bi ko le chalein..?"

Everyone stared at Armaan as he suggested that.. Armaan looked back at them knowing that they wanted to know the reason for this OUTSTANDING suggestion.. "Arre yar.. see.. Goa ja rahe hain toh vahan sea-side cottages le lenge toh.. ek toh sabko fikr nai rahegi apne kisi samaan ki aur Bi help bhi kar dengi khane mein aur Ryan ko samhaalne mein.."

"Armaan lekin Bi ko pareshaani hogi na.. aap keh rahe hain ki hum log by train jayenge kyunki plane ke tickets itni jaldi arrange shayd na ho payein sabke, toh Bi ko traveling mein problem hogi.." Ridhima said as a matter of factly.. which was soon resolved by Anjali's suggestion.. "Ek ticket toh main book karva lungi.. dad ko kaafi baar out of Mumbai jaana hota hai toh unki reservation rehti hai.. Bi ki flight ki ticket main arrange karva dungi.." seeing Armaan's face as he was about to take the favour she added "yeh koi favour nai hai Armaan.. itna toh main kar hi sakti hoon na.."

Armaan nodded and looked at Ridhima to see if she was fine with it.. Ridhima gave him a slight smile and all was done nd decided.. They have all planned to leave for Goa By train the following day..


Everyone was chirpy and was seated for dinner when Ryan's whimper reached them.. Ridhima got up to get Ryan but next moment she found Anjali coming with whimpering Ryan in her arms.. "Main washroom gayi thi jab bahar aayi toh yeh jag gaya tha so I got him here.." She explained herself handling Ryan to Ridhima.. But felt bad when Ridhima didn't say anything nd got busy with Ryan.. While seeing Ryan with Anjali made her insecure for a moment.. She can't let anyone intrude in her family like that, leaving alone the concern for Ryan, Ridhima was not sure if Anjali was deliberately trying to come close to her or it was all for Armaan again..

Pushuing those thoughts aside she settled Ryan in her lap and resumed with the dinner giving him a few bites in between.. After a few bites when Ryan was wide awake he looked around only to find everyone around him.. he smiled seeing his Chachus, chachi, maasi and bua.. He was regularly meeting Sapna so he was very comfortable with her.. "Mashi.." he smiled calling her to which Sapna gave him a huge smile blowing a kiss to him.. Anjali who witnessed how happy Sapna was looking, somewhere felt jealous that she has lost such beautiful relationship.. but anyhow smiled when she saw rest of them happy at their re-union..

Soon everyone retiered to their places.. Niki and Abhi went with Armaan and Ridhima.. Armaan had already requested Bi to come along telling her about Ridhima's reports to which Bi agreed.. Reaching home Ridhima firstly changed sleeping Ryan and settled him in his bed comfortably.. coming out she helped Niki and Abhi with setting the room and quickly left the two alone.. She returned only to find Armaan engrossed in his cupboard.. "Armaan kuch dhundh rahe hain aap..?"

He shook his head and turned to her with a pile of his clothes along with her suits.. "tum thak gayi hogi na toh main bas packing ke liye kapde nikaal raha tha.. apne aur tumhare sets maine nikaal liye hain tum bas Ryan ke nikaal lo.." Ridhima checked the pile and smiled saying acha ab jaake bag laiye.. Armaan got a suitcase from the closet and settled on the bed arranging their clothes only to be stopped by Ridhima.. "Rehne dijiye yeh main karungi.. vera aap khud rakhenge aur aapko khud hi kapde nai milenge  vahan.."

She was done with packing in an hour.. Armaan sighed seeing two big bags full of clothes.. "Ridhu.. humne zyada samaan nai le liya hai kuch..?? I mean 2 bags.."

"Armaan.. humare saath ryan aur bi bhi honge na.. aur Ryan ka akele ka hi itna samaan hota hai.. main subah Bi ko de dungi yeh bag taaki voh bhi apne kapde ismein laga sakein.." Armaan nodded saying "phir yeh bag Bi ko de denge taaki humare paas luggage bhi kam ho jayega.."

Next morning was more of a battle for everyone to get ready on time.. Armaan already asked the driver to drop Bi at the airport nd wait there until she leaves.. Armaan had to leave early to settle his meetings and Niki and Abhi were set to meet Tara and Jai Mallik.. They had to leave at night.. Ridhima was working in kitchen when she heard Ryan's call.. Not finding Ridhima in her room as usual Ryan was whimpered abit.. Geting Ryan ready was even more tough as he was grumpy to have his sleep disturbed by a bad dream.. he was ready and went back to sleep immediately..

The whole day Armaan was very busy winding up his work.. While Ridhima was busy giving final touches to everything.. they had their train at 10.. but still not having much experience of it they reached early by an hour which was good as looking for their train was much more confusing for them.. they had to finally split in couples and check various places for the confirmation.. Finally after the tiring start they waited for the train.. "Yar hum baith toh jayenge train mein par humare saare tickets ab tak confirm nai hue hain.. soyenge kaise..??" Muskaan asked but seeing everyone else's faces she better thought to shut her mouth..

They boarded the train and had their dinner which the girls have got packed from home.. they were now 11 people including Ryan but had only 9 seats confirmed.. ie they had only 9 sleepers to sleep.. Muskaan volunteered to share with Ridhima or sapna, rahul asked her to shut up nd climb up as she rolls a lot in her sleep and she would possibly end up kicking the other person down the seat.. Niki was not comfortable so she also took her place opposite to muskaan.. Abhi, Atul, Rahul and Armaan tried fitting with each other in a pair to see if they can sleep like that but their huge body frame was not allowing it..

Finally the idea struck Armaan.. guys sab araam se so jayenge.. Sapna Ryan ko apne paas sula legi kyuni vaise bhi voh akela nai soyega.. and Anjali was also asked to climb up for safety sakes.. when everyone settled only Armaan was left.. he effortlessly climbed besides Ridhima.. Ridhima was Shy as she had no room left to keep distance in front of everyone..

When Muskaan said "Ammy.. tujhe Ridhima ke saath hi sleeper share karna tha toh pehle keh deta.. Niki aur Anjie ke discomfort ka bahana kyun maara.. hum thodi na tujhe mana kar dete.. after all Biwi hai teri.." Armaan didn't reply instead turned on his side and shifted himself closer to Ridhima, who smacked his arm whispering "Armaan bas kariye..sab kya sochenge.."

Armaan inturn turned and had her head on his chest.. he pulled her half upon himself and covered themselves with a blanket saying "Kuch nai sochenge.. Muski na kaha na, Biwi ho tum meri.. toh ab araam se so jao.." She struggled to keep him off herself for sometime when she felt his lips on her neck.. As it was night time the lights were also switched off.. "Armaan chodiye mujhe.." she whispered in an annoyed tone to which he gave a cheeky grin and again rested his head on her shoulder leaving his hot breath on her neck..

"Itna acha mauka hai.. itni asaani se nai chodunga Ridhu.." He said pulling the comforter on their heads and taking her into a kiss.. She first didn't respond as she wanted him to stop but soon enough she also lost her senses.. He smiled when felt her relaxing in his arms.. He ducked down and kissed her neck holding her firmly from her waist but soon stopped as he knew if he went further He would not be able stop himself Nor will her moans stop then.. He pulled her from her waist and turned such that she was resting herself onto his chest.. he could feel her high breaths nd her grip around him was satisfying enough for him.. as soon as she closed her eyes she was aleep in his arms..


Their journey was more of fun.. to them it was an experience traveling with an unorganized plan like this.. but they surely had their flight tickets booked for their return.. LOL Next Morning everyone was in a light mood.. Even Ryan was excited looking outside from the window.. Since he was not allowed roaming around on the floor he kept hopping from someone's lap into another.. While the guys left looking for their breakfast Ridhima left to get some water from her bag.. She came back and a small smile escaped her lips when she saw Anjali along with others was playing with Ryan.. but then her fear was not yet proven wrong.. She needed to know what was on Anjali's mind now..

They reached soon enough.. all kept chatting away all along their way to their cottages where they knew Bi must have organized everything of their need by now.. They hired 2 cottages with 4 rooms each.. One cottage was shared by Armaan-Ridhima, Bi-Ryan, Atul and Anjali.. and the other One had Rahul-Muskaan, Sapna- Amit, Abhi-Niki..

They had their complete sleep when they reached.. While Ryan who was asleep between Ridhima and Armaan stired abit.. Armaan took him outside and settled him with Bi who was sitting in the garden.. and next moment Ridhima followed them.. Ryan smiled seeing Ridhima while Armaan frowned.. "tum abhi se kyun uthh gayi..?"

"Voh aap aur Ryan nai thhe room mein toh neend nai aayi.." she whispered back surprising him.. he hugged her kissing her head lightly.. Soon everyone joined for Lunch.. Bi insisted a lot but they all wanted to dine outside, they asked Bi to come But she firmly refused saying she was here only for their convenience nd will stay home as she doesn't want to go out much.. They all left with Ryan to a nearby beach restraunt..

Ryan again had a gala time as he had not just Ridhima and Armaan but all of them who were offering him from their plates.. After lunch the couples left in different direction strolling on the beach.. While around was bumping into eachother from time to time, AR were seated closely on a huge rock.. Ryan was busy with his new bubble toy nd his parents were sharing the most expressive silence.. After a few minutes Armaan straightened abit and shifted Ridhima sideways such that he could see her face.. he had seen her disturbed abit but didn't find the appropriate time to ask about it.. but now he knew thay had all the time to themselves.. to voice their fears and feel that love..

"Tum kya soch rahi ho Ridhu..?" she heard his gentle tone..
"Kuch nai Armaan bas aise hi.." she said burring her head in his neck and circling his waist with her arms.. He shook his head knowing that was not true.. "Tum jhoot nai bol paati mujhse Ridhu.." he stated..

"Main Anjali Di ke baare mein soch rahi hoon Armaan.. voh ab pehle ki tarah dekhne lagi hain mujhe.. jaise ek pal mein sab shikayatein durr ho gayin ho unki.. par…."

"Par tum samajh nai pa rahi ho ki voh yeh tumhare kar rahi hai ya mere liye..?" Armaan completed her, she nodded.. "Voh bohot achi hain Armaan.. par unke pyar se ab darr lagta hai.. pata nai kab paas aake phir se paraya kar dein.. Ryan ko dekha unke saath th acha laga.. par phir darr bhi laga yeh sochkar ki kahin voh hi mujhse yeh rishta na durr kar dein.."

He lightly moved back nd brought her to face her.. he looked into her eyes with were now teary "Tumhe lagta hai ab koi bhi tumse yeh rishta durr kar sakta hai Ridhu..? tum maan jaogi yeh baat ki main aur Ryan tumhare bina khush reh payenge..? mujhe nai pata Ridhu ki Anjali kyun kar rahi hai yeh sab.. par mujhe itna pata hai ki maine Atul aur Anjali ki aankhon mein ekdusre ke liye voh acceptance dekhi hai.. Atul ka pyar agar Anjali ko badal raha hai na toh tumhe bohot jaldi tumhara khoya rishta mil jayega Ridhu.."

Seeing her still abit doubtfull he pulled her into a kiss.. they never knew when passion took over them.. Armaan's arms encircled Ridhima's waist and pulled her closer.. She moaned into the kiss which brought them back to the World.. Armaan didn't care but Ridhima pushed him abit breathing heavily..

Ridhima looked around to see Ryan busy blowing bubbles nd then bursting them himself laughing to himself.. unknown of the fact that his mother was capturing that moment in her mobile.. Looking at Ryan she could feel her World still revoling around on a right track.. but just the thought of her life without him makes her panic..


They stayed inside as there was no use roaming around during day time as all shops close during day time.. they planned to stay indoors and spend some good time together and next day would be adventurous for them.. with a Banana boat ride, Some skiing and surfing.. and then a night out at a beach pub..

It was evening.. and tiered Ryan was off to sleep.. while the gang was sitting int the other cottage as they knew they wont stop shouting snd hooting nd this would disturb Ryan's sleep.. They then sat to decide what to play.. when Armaan came up with the idea.. "Lets play Dark Room.."

"Armaan.. aap jaante hain mujhe andhere se darr lagta hai phir bhi.." Ridhima said to which Muskaan asked "arre jab hum sab honge toh kaisa darr.. aur tu hum mein se kisi ke saath rehna.. par Ammy khelte kaise hain yeh toh bata.."

Armaan nodded and started explaining "Dekho its very simple.. cottage ka main switch off karke sab alag alag hoke chhupenge.. aur jiski den hogi usko logon ko andhere mein pakadke aur andhere mein pehchanna hoga.. galat pehchana toh hum phir se chhupenge.." all nodded..

And finally decided that one of the guys will go for the searching in the dark mission.. Abhi was all set to start.. he first went and put off the lights and then counted upto 10 and went inside.. the cottage was completely dark, taking first step inside he fell on his face as Atul was lying infront of the door.. "Abe oye.. kaun tha voh.. zameen kya tujhe apne andar lene vali hai jo zameen pe lait gaya chhupne ke liye.." Abhi muttered and went to see who it was but too late.. Rahul and muskaan have already dragged him with them.. Abhi then crossed the sofa only to get attacked.. niki jumped on him from back making him fall again.. "Nikiiiiii…. Stop it.." he shouted in irritation but stopped when he heard giggles.. He calmed Niki with his palm and went towards the other giggle.. he quickly caught Anjali because of her giggle.. Anjali came and sat on the couch but next moment they heard a shriek..

This time it was Sapna.. Anjali sat in Sapna's head that's why Sapna shouted.. immideately Abhi ran there nd recognized Amit and Sapna.. Amit went to check some corners where he was expecting RM, AR and Atul but he didn't knew that RM and Atul were walking behind him and as he would turn they would bend on their knees.. Abhi turned suddenly and walked back only to fall on Muskaa.. he was getting up and the same time pulling Muskaan's nose for some noise to see it was Ridhima or Muskaan..

He then jumped back when he got a smack on his back and someone bit his thumb.. "Abe oye.. Apni Biwi ke paas meri ko chod tu.." Rahul said Abhi quickly realized that it was Muskaan who has bit his thumb.. caressing his thumb he moved afew steps and collided with Atul but being scared of sudden crash Atul shouted and so did Abhi.. and soon Ridhima's shriek joined them.. She was scared of dark as well as loud voices.. and now both were around her.. Abhi quickly slapped the person infront of him thinking it was Atul but Atul has already ran off to others.. Abhi infact has slapped Armaan who was busy calming Ridhima.. leaving Ridhima Armaan charged onto Abhi and smacked him back.. Abhi somehow stopped him when Ridhima came in between them along with others..

Finally after half an hour of his quest Abhi won although with loads of effort but when the next turn was announced they were even more excited but the person chosen for den was scared.. it was Niki this time as she herself went to Abhi and was the first one to get caught.. "main nai dhundhungi tumlogon ko aise.. tumlogon bechare Abhi ko kitna maara hai.. mujhe bhi lag gayi toh.. No.. lets change the game.."

It was not much of harm for Others but No one except Abhi said No to Niki.. "That's Not fair.. Sirf maine itna khatra uthaya aur koi toh taiyaar bhi nai ho raha..  so unfair guys.." Abhi said whining like a baby..  to which Finally they agreed to play again.. but this time technically Atul who was first spotted was on quest..

The game went on for an hour but when for 40-45 mins no one heard any of Atul's advances they finally thought to switch on the lights and check.. Everyone assembled in the lounge only Anjali and Atul were missing.. "Atul Ko Anjali ne Kidnap kar liya.." Muskaan said with a shock..

"Tu humesha ulta hi sochiyo.." Rahul commented..
"Kam se kam sochti toh hoon.. tu toh voh bhi nai karta.. dimaag hoga toh sochega na kuch.."

"Dekh Muskaan bekaar mere muh matt lag tu samjhi.."
"Tere jaise ki muh lage meri jooti.."

They were ready to kil eachother when Amit's remark stopped them.. "Inn dono ki sach mein love marriage hui hai..? kutte billi ki tarah lad rahe hain.."

Muskaan laughed uncontrollably saying "sahi pehchana Rahul ko Amit ne.. kutta kahin ka.."

"Abe oye.. tujhe bhi billi kaha usne.. Jungli billi.." Armaan cut into her laughing session.. next moment he ran for his life as Muskaan was after him.. Finally exhausted they slumped on the couch… Muskaan punched Armaan afew time swearing under her breath.. They looked at others only to see them with Are-You-Guys-Done look..

"Atul aur Anjali kahan honge..?" They thought sitting as they couldn't find them in the other cottage or in the garden outside.. They called Atul's number but it rang on the table on the lounge.. sighing they thought to wait abit as the two were grown up enough to handle themselves.. Finally after 2 hours everyone was shocked when Atul and Anjali appeared from the doorway leading to the terrace.. Seeing their faces Atul sort of guessed what might have happened as he completely forgot about the game when During the game he had Anjali in his arms and out of the blue seeing his care she asked "Ab bhi mujhse pyar karte ho..?"

Since then they were at terrace resolving all the differences and confessing their love finally.. Armaan noticed happiness on Atul's face but still he wanted to confirm before coming to any conclusion.. everyone looked at them with raised eyes when Anjali announced "We are in Love.."

Ridhima and Sapna stared at her with shock but rest of them went to congratulate them.. It was surprise to them but not for Armaan.. He knew Atul loved Anjali But Anjali's confession justified all her small actions towards Ridhima aswell.. "I'm happy for you guys.." Armaan said hugging Atul when Anjali said "I know maine galti kari hai Armaan.. zid ko pyar samajh ke main 4 logon ki zindagi barbaad karne mein lagi thi.. I'm sorry.. Ridhu mujhe shayad maaf na kar paaye but atleast I can repent for wat I've done.."

Armaan turned to see Ridhima and Sapna's eyes still fixed on Anjali.. her cracking voice and tearful eyes were proof enough of her guilt.. Looking at Anjali like that Ridhima turned and left for her cottage.. Seeing her Sapna turned to follow her when she was stopped by Armaan.. "Ridhu ko main dekhta hoon Sapna.." He rushed to other cottage and went to Bi's room as he knew Ridhima would have gone there to see Ryan.. Her mind and heart were were at war and only One face that could relieve her was Ryan's..

After afew minutes Ridhima planted a kiss on Ryan's head and moved out of the room without disturbing Ryan or Bi.. She turned and saw Armaan leaning on the door.. he moved out of her way and went to their room without a word.. he saw her standing by the window.. he went and enveloped her in his arms.. he could feel her sobbing, tightening his hold around her her pulled her more into his arms.. "Bas Ridhu.. Ro kyun rahi ho tum.. tumhe toh khush hona chahiye ki Anjali ko apni galti ka ehsaas ho gaya hai.."

She kept sobbing quietly in his arms.. after a while Armaan picked her in his arms and sat on resting his back on the bed.. Her eyes were closed and tears were still there on her cheeks.. he bent and kissed her eyes and wiped her cheeks lightly.. She hid her face in his neck mumbling "aisa kyun hota hai Armaan ki main ek situation se nikati hoon aur jaise hi mujhe lagta hai ki maine isse mushkil faisla nai liya hoga apni zindagi ka tabhi kuch na kuch aisa hota hai jo vapas ussi mod pe laake khada kar deta hai.."

"Aapse sirf ek baar milke shaadi kari maine.. pata nahi tha kaise samhaalungi yeh rishta.. tabhi Ryan ke baare mein pata laga.. Phir Anjali Di ka gussa.. Badi Ma aur Bade Papa ki nafrat.. ab jab lagne laga tha ki unki nafrat aapke aur Ryan ke pyar ke aage choti hi rahegi toh ab Di phir se kareeb aane lagi hain.."

Armaan hugged her tightly knowing the fact that she loved Anjali very much but the bitterness their relationship had at this moment was hurting her.. "log galat nai hote Ridhu.. sirf unke halaat galat hote hain.. aur jab Anjali ko apni galti realize ho rahi hai toh humein bhi usko maaf karna chahiye.."

"Kyun Armaan..?"
"voh tumhari behen hai.. Atul uss se pyar karta hai..  aur ek waqt tha jab voh tumse itna pyar karti thi ke tumhare liye har kisi se ladne ko taiyaar rehti thi.. Kya itna sab kaafi nai hai..?" Armaan asked as he knew Anjali was important for Ridhima..

While on the otherhand Atul was pacifying Anjali..
"Tumne sahi kaha tha Atul.. maine Apni zid ke vajah se Ridhu ko kho diya.. voh toh maanegi hi nai ki main sach mein apni galti maan chuki hoon.. apni bholi si Ridhu ko maine itna rulaya hai aur chachu ko bhi toh itna bura kaha maine.." She sobbed in his arms.. "Voh nai maaf karegi mujhe Atul.."

Atul felt bad for the sisters.. just a few months have created such big gap in between them.. at the same time he wondered a strong headed and stubborn girl like Anjali needed support at that moment.. It was then that he understood the depth of Anjali and Ridhima's relationship..


Luv Rucha

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