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part 39: My Wish Come True

Part 39

The Morning was not as pleasant as the evening was for all of them.. Everyone noticed the change in Ridhima, when sweet nd ever caring Ridhima was not talking to anyone else.. she busied herself with Ryan.. She sat with Ryan in her lap reading him a story when she felt someone's presence.. she turned expecting Armaan but shifted her feet uncomfortably seeing Anjali by her side..

Ridhima was confused when Ryan gave a toothy smile to Anjali.. Ryan then looked at Ridhima saying "mamma.. mashi hai.." pointing at Anjali.. Ridhima was mystified at his remark when Anjali spoke "Sapna ne sikhaya usko.."

After sometime Anjali saw Ryan running out to play and Ridhima was about to go.. Anjali placed her palm on her shoulder "Mujhse bhaag rahi ho Ridhu..?"

"Nai.. iss baar bas aisa mauka nai aane dena chahti ki aapse bhaagna pade mujhe.." Ridhima said with watery eyes.. "ab aisa nai hoga Ridhu.."

"Dekhungi main ki aap kitne din apni yeh baat yaad rakhengi.. itna asaan nai hai voh sab bhulana jo aapne kaha.. main aapse nafrat nai karti par phir se pyar karne mein waqt lagega.." Ridhima said with a far of look nd bowed head.. Anjali knew explaination here won't work right now Ridhima needed time to accept the change in her.. She once gave a light squeeze to Ridhima's hand nd went away thinking how bad she has hurt her sister whom she once loved more than her life..

All of them gathered for breakfast, Ridhima on purpose tried to avoid any conversation with Anjali.. Deciding about their day, they finally settled to visit the beach which was not too far.. The guys grinned to themselves when Sapna said that the girls will get ready nd meet them at the beach while the guys can have fun on their own till they reach..

Though others were fine but Ridhima was a bit apprehensive about this but muskaan shut her mouth saying "Ridhu aaj jaane de inn logon ko.. hume bhi inse alag apne liye time milega.. we'll go shopping aur phir uske baad hum beach pe milenge sab.."

As decided guys got into their shorts nd tshirts dn left for the beach with Ryan along with them as Armaan wanted to let Ridhima relax and enjoy with her friends.. While on the otherhand in the market, the girls were going crazy as everything about Goa was so different.. They bought some gifts and were about to enter the shop for their beach dresses when Muskaan giggled as an evil idea stuck in her head.. She pointed to the shop on the other side which had some really revealing dresses..

While Muskaan, Anjali and Niki grinned, Sapna and Ridhima looked at eachother horrified.. before they could run they were dragged to the shop to try something for themselves..

"Muski.. main yeh nai pehnungi.." Ridhima said looking at two piece suit in Muskaan's hand.. "Toh aur kya pehenegi.. beach pe jaana hai na toh kapde bhi vaise hi hone chahiye.. aur vaise bhi aise mauke baar baar thodi milte hain.."

"itni pasand aarahi hai toh tu pehen le main nai pehnungi isko.."

"try this.." Anjali came with a dress.. It was also short but still was better than wat Muskaan got for her.. Ridhima looked at Anjali with questioning eyes to which anjali replied "I knew wat sort of clothes you are comfortable in.. This suits the occasion as well as ur choice.." Ridhima was bowled over with that reply.. she had nothing to say further.. she just turned to try it..

Finally after an hour of choosing and fussing everyone except Ridhima was ready with their two piece suits under see through shirts and shorts.. Ridhima came out of the changing room with a small face looking at Sapna for some assurance.. Sapna smiled at her while Muskaan Whislted.. they proceeded to the beach.. Soon enough all their plans were changed when they saw their husbands/bf having gala time at beach bar..

"Iss khote ko dekh zaraa kaise aankhein faad ke dekh raha hai unn
ladkiyon ko.." Muskaan said gritting her teeth..

"Haan aur Amit aur Abhi bhi, rahul ke saath hain.." Niki whined..
"Guys but where is Atul and Armaan..?"

While all other girls head towards the bar to catch hold of their husbands, Ridhima and Anjali go to look for Armaan and Atul.. "Voh rahe.." Ridhima pointed towards a group of kids where they both could be seen.. Peeping into the group Anjali saw Atul and Armaan covered in sand and were busy making a castle.. "What are you guys doing here?"

"Anjie.. voh actually hum dono se in bachon ka castle tut gaya tha toh pehle inn logon ne humari pitai kari.. uske baad humein naya banane ko kaha.." Atul replied with a baby face, making Anjali smile.. "Ridhu kahan hai..?" Armaan asked but he didn't need any answer when next moment he saw her standing in a white see through shirt and black shorts..


Armaan and Atul after freeing themselves from the kids went for a dip in the sea to get themselves rid of the sand.. "Guys chalo paani mein chalet hain.." Atul called out to which Niki retorted saying "Not now.. Lets roam around a bit.. tum log itne gande ho u guys go and change rather than getting wet.."

"Niks.. do you have a change for urself?" Armaan asked
"No bhai.." but she regretted saying that as next moment Armaan emptied the bucket of sand which he was using to build castle..

"No ways Bhai.. I won't leave you now.." But more than Niki, Muskaan who was standing next to Niki was ready to kill Armaan.. Finally after a lot of chase everyone decided to hav fun in water and then go for banana boat rides and  motor-scooters and water skiing.. Armaan found everyone around him except Ridhima and Ryan.. he saw them sitting by a rock nd playing their animated games.. he came and picked up Ryan from Ridhima's lap and extended his hand for her.. not wasting a second she took his hand but stopped when she saw that he was taking her into the water..

"Armaan rehne dijiye.. mera mann nai hai.. aap jaiye.."
"Mann kyun nai hai.. chalo na Ridhu sab toh hain vahan.. tumhe paani se darr lagta hai toh main rahunga na tumhare saath.." he saw her still unconvinced so before she could say another NO, he turned his cuter-self  and pleaded her.. Seeing his pleading eyes she couldn't get herself to say no now so she got along with him.. they stood with all other and Ryan kept shifting from his father to his chachus..

After sometime they got out of the water and went towards the place where adventure sports were facilitated.. All the while she could feel his eyes tracing her body through her wet shirt.. first they got 2 banana boats booked nd they were tied to a motor-boat.. sine they didn't go together Ryan was left with the group that was staying.. Armaan asked Ridhima to sit between him and Niki but she again refused saying she doesn't know much of swimming.. Not listening to any of her pleads, he picked her up and settled her infront of him holding her tight from her waist.. followed by Amit and Sapna.. just as the ride begun she began to panic but soon forgot it when she felt Armaan shifting closer .. He thought she would get shy and blush forgetting her fear but on the contrary she got uncomfortable.. and shifted abit away.. Armaan frowned but kept quiet..

Just when the boat took turn they all lost balance and slipped into the water.. everyone giggled while Ridhima clung to Armaan for her dear life.. He could feel her grip on his wrist as he held her nd realized she was indeed scared of sea.. a short ride of 10-15 min refreshed everyone's mind but Ridhima was angry.. She kept Ryan close to herself and replied in monosybles when Armaan started a conversation.. He stopped to take a look at her but found her moving to their bag and wrapping a jacket around her..

"Kya hua hai Ridhima?" he caught her wrist and pulled her back on the chair when he saw Ryan busy with Sapna.. She looked at him frowning.. "Kuch nai Armaan.. chaliye chalte hain.."

He took her hand and went to a deserted area.. "Kya problem hai..? jab se aayi ho tab se dekh raha hoon.. meri Ridhu toh dikh hi nai rahi hai.. kis baat se pareshaan ho tum? Tell me Ridhu.." he said in a strict voice.. "Kuch nai hai Armaan.. mujhe bas yahan acha nahi lag raha.." she said meekly..

"that's  wat m saying.. Kyun acha nai lag raha.. wat is it..? yeh main nai maan sakta ki tumhe boat ride ke liye gussa aaraha hai kyunki tum uske pehle se hi irritated ho.." she freed herself from his grip saying "main is dress mein comfortable nahi hoon.. sabne kaha toh main mana nahi kar paayi.."

"Toh problem kya hai ab.. you have a jacket aur tumne voh pehni hui hai.. toh ab tum distant kyun behave kar rahi ho..?" he asked abit softly and calmly..

"Mujhe nahi lagta ki mujhe yahan aana chahiye tha.. aisi dresses mujhpe achi nahi lagti issliye log aise ghoor rahe thhe.. I think mujhe vapas cottage jana chahiye.." seeing her speaking so low about herself he felt nothing but anger building inside.. he let go of her and looked at her.. "Tumhara na dimaag kharaab hai Ridhima.. tum vahi sochti ho jo tumhe sochna hota hai aur vahi dekhti ho jo tum dekhna chahti ho.. tumhe lagta hai ki tum achi nai lag rahi toh tumne iss baat ko apne mann mein itna baitha liya ki na tum khud enjoy kar rahi ho na main kar raha hoon.. jaana hai na tumhe fine jao.. meri galti thi jo maine socha tumhe mujhpe itna bharosa hai ki mujhe pata hoga ki kya sahi hai kya nahi.."

She was in daze when he said all that.. she was not sure if she was scared, uncomfortable or angry.. she just felt somewhere she did something wrong but then a part of her was telling her that she has done right thing by being honest, unknown of the fact that it was not her honesty but her thinking that has hurt him.. he would have told her that people were staring because she was looking hot but he didn't because somewhere he felt jealous when others were looking at her.. She wiped her tears from the corner of her eyes that were threatening to roll down any moment and gave up the thought of going back to the cottage..

She spotted them and joined everyone.. they sat for a while discussing about their further plan but most of them opted for returning to cottage to change after water skiing and then come back at night for the party.. Ridhima came and sat next to Armaan but he on purpose shifted Ryan to her side to avoid any conversation.. all were busy but Anjali's eyes caught Ridhima's expressions she nudged Sapna to look at Ridhima.. they exchanged a worried look and then looked at Armaan who looked equally disturbed about something..

"Chalo guys it getting too sunny.. lets go for ride phir chalte hain vapas.." Sapna said getting up straightening her clothes..


They left Ryan with Atul who felt abit sea sick after the banana ride and since he opted out even Anjali backed off saying they'll try it tomorrow.. after the uuuhh and aaahhhs everyone got on in couples.. Girls standing in front and guys behind them.. First Niki and Abhi left, then Rahul and Muskaan followed by Sapna and Amit.. before going Sapna signaled Anjali for Ridhima.. Anjali saw Armaan getting on the water-scooter alone so she nudged Ridhima.. "Ridhu tub hi ja na Armaan ke saath.. sab hi saath gaye hain.. Ryan mere aur Atul ke paas reh jaeyga itni der.."

Ridhima first saw at other couples who were busy having fun together and then at Armaan.. she was taken aback when she nothing but anger in his eyes.. he gulped and with in a minute she was standing with him infront of him.. she stood between his arms and the handle as he was taking the control.. just when he took a turning speed she turned and hugged him with a squeak.. "Ridhima..?" he called her but she kept on hugging him till he kept one arm around her.. she got conscious of the proximity then and stood straight.. he went closer to Sapna and Amit's scooter and went away splashing water at them giggling to himself.. afew minutes later when he thought that she was fine he found her very rigid.. not laughing not enjoying even one bit.. he turned towards the shore while she looked at him in surprise.. "Armaan..?" she called his name questioningly..

"Pata hai mujhe ki agar anjali nahi kehti toh tum nahi aati mere saath ride pe.. tumhara mann nai hai toh ja rahe hain ab vapas.." he said coldly..

Just after them Sapna-Amit and Rahul-Muskaan came to the shore aswell.. Niki-Abhi were still in mood to take more round so they stayed.. "oye yahan restaurant hai lunch karke nikalte hain yahan se.." Muskaan suggested to which everyone agreed but Armaan disapproved in anger and went to get some water.. Ridhima quickly followed him.. "Armaan aap mera gussa sab pe kyun nikal rahe hain?" she asked catching hold of his wrist.. he stopped to look at her and jerked her hand out of her grip..

"Problem kya hai tumhari.. jab tumhe bahar leke jana chaho toh tumhe problem hai ki log dekhte hain aur jab vapas le jaana chaho toh tumhe baaki sabka khayaal aata hai.. Aise kapde pehenne ki kya zaroorat thi jab comfortable nai ho.." he blasted making her cry.. he didn't notice as soon as he turned to get water bottle she ran away from there in tears.. he came back to see everyone there except Ridhima, Sapna and Anjali..

"so whats the plan..?" Rahul asked looking at him as he was the only one who disapproved the idea of having lunch at the beach..

"Mujhe nai pata..Ridh.." before he could complete he was attacked by Anjali and Sapna.. down on his stomach while they both her punching and mumbling abuses at him with all their power.. "pagal ho gayi ho kya dono.. leave me.." he managed to shout but it had no effect on them..

"Abe roko inko koi.. kyun maar rahe hain mujhe?" armaan pleaded to which other came out of shock and tried to stop them.. "Anjali.. Sapna.. Stop beating him.." Rahul tried seperating them.. Anjali in turn slapped rahul's arm and they both got up from him.. Armaan took a sigh of relief and got up to face those wildcats.. "What was that for..?"

"Shut up.. we know ki kya kaha tumne ridhu se.." Anjali said ready to attack Armaan again but was stopped by Atul in between.. "You were spying on us..?"

"No.. I was.. subah se dekh rahi hoon tum dono ko.. nd you are so rude Armaan.." Sapna said jumping in between Armaan and Anjali..

"bas karo yar.. chodo usko.." Amit took hold of Sapna..
"Then ask him to apologize or he will be so dead.." Anjali and Sapna said glaring at him..

Realising what they're talking off.. he realize he was actually very rude to her.. though her indifferent behaviour was irritating him but this was first time they have fought this bad.. he knew his Ridhu is very sensitive and a baby at heart.. he felt his mobile vibrating.. he checked it was a msg from Ridhima saying "Main cottage vapas ja rahi hoon.. Ryan mere saath hai.. ab iss baat ke liye bhi gussa hona toh ho jaiyega par main aur nahi ruk paungi vahan pe.."

He sighed reading the msg. true he was getting angry reading the msg but reading her last line it all vanished thinking about how scared and hurt she might be feeling.. he pointed finger at Anjali and Sapna "yeh sab na tumhari vajah se hua hai.. shopping shopping shopping.. bechari meri Ridhu phas gayi tumhare chakkar mein.." saying so he ran to get a cab back to cottage while it took a lot of control for Anjali and Sapna to not catch him again and beat him blue-black..


He was nervous when he entered the cottage as it was very silent.. Bi was in her room.. on an impulse he moved to their and Ryan's room to check where she was.. taking a step forward he saw her emerging out of Ryan's room.. she once stopped seeing him, not angry but awkward.. She ignored his presence and went to their room.. she sat there ready to lie down for a nap but seeing him seated beside her with hopefull eyes she sat comfortably.. he shifted infront of her facing her but her eyes were closed.. he touched her hand and kissed her forehead..

"I'm sorry Ridhu.."

"Sorry..? Kyun..? aap hain kaun aur mujhe kyun sorry bol rahe hain.. aap toh mujhe jaante hi nahi.. toh apni Ridhu ke paas jaiye na mere paas kyun aaye hain.." she said in a hurt voice..

He lied down with his head on her stomach hugging her from waist.. but instead of soothing his she pushed him off from his shoulder to which he moved away hissing.. She was alarmed when she saw his painful frown holding his left shoulder.. "Kya hua hai shoulder mein?" she came forward touching his hand.. "Kuch nai hua Ridhu.. please forgive me na.."

"Armaan behes matt kariye.. boliye kaise lagi hai shoulder mein..?" he commanded.. to which he explained how first in the morning the kids attacked him and then sapna and Anjali..

"Anjali di ne aapko mere liye maara?" she asked in surprise..
"Haan.. aur jab usne aur sapna bol rahe thhe tab mujhe realise hua ki maine apni Ridhu ko kitna hurt kar diya.." he cupped her face and continued "I'm sorry Ridhu.. main tumhe yahan relieve karne ke liye laaya tha par tumhara dhyaan rakhne ki jagah tumse hi lad baitha.."

She let tears flow from her eyes as she heard him say that.. "aap bohot bure hain Armaan.. pehle dil dukhate hain phir aise aake maafi maang lete hain ki na maaf karo toh khud hi bura lagta hai.." he pulled her into a hug as she sobbed on his chest still mumbling "par main aapko maaf nai karungi aaj.. aap nahi thhe toh mujhe samajh hi nai aaya ki kis se poochu ki kya acha lag raha hai kya nai.. par aap toh mujhse hi gussa ho gaye Armaan.. aap nahi.." he had to finally take her into a loving kiss to shut her mouth.. she rested her head on his shoulder still sobbing abit while he settled with her in his lap..

"Bas Ridhu.. ab aur nai rona hmm.. aage se aisi galti nahi hogi.. main dhyaan rakhunga ki meri bholi Ridhu har tarah se comfortable rahe.."

She was now breathing heavily, for once tilted her head nad kissed his neck and again hid herself in his neck saying "Phir se mujhse gussa hue na toh kabhi baat nai karungi aapse.. I love you Armaan.."

"I Love You too Ridhu.." he held her tighter into a grip from her waist..

They sat in the embrace but never knew when time flew.. Sapna came to their room with Ryan but bit getting any response she let them be.. the afternoon nap was peacefull aswell as stressful in its own way..


In the Evening

Everyone was ready to go out for dinner and party.. Ryan was left under Bi's care.. the girls got into their sexy dresses all were ready to go when Armaan and Ridhima joined them.. Ridhima was in a white saree and Armaan in a white shirt..

"Bhabhi.. we are going for party.. aapne saree kyun pehenli.." Niki said..
"I like it better Niks.." Armaan said butting in before Ridhima could answer.. he held her closer saying "Her simplicity is what makes her different.."

All his rudeness and irritation from morning was erased from Ridhima's mind as soon as he said that to Niki.. she blushed and smiled to fullest..

Reaching there they first had there food and then headed for the beachside party.. Niki- Abhi, Atul-Anjali, sapna-Amit went straight for dance while Armaan- Ridhima and Rahul-Muskaan sat near the bar.. It was not much of a crowded party as they were too late.. Rahul frowned when he saw a glass in her hand.. "Yeh kya pi rahi hai tu..?"

"orange juice hai aur yeh apple juice Ridhu ke liye.." she said casually handling the glass to Ridhima who took it without thinking twice.. "Aur hum..?" Armaan said pointing at himself and rahul..

"Tum dono khud socho apne baare mein.." she remarked with her standard giggle.. Armaan shook his head and went to get two beers for him and Rahul.. before Armaan could take fisrt sip Ridhima took the glass from him and took a big sip.. "Ridhu yeh beer hai.." Armaan exclaimed in surprise but next moment glared at her as she spat that mouthful drink on his face only.. "Chhhiiiii kitna ganda taste hai iska.."

"lagta hai isko chadh gayi.." muskaan giggled as some bit of alcohol was affecting her aswell..
"Kya matlab chadh gayi..?" both Armaan and Rahul shifted their attention towards Muskaan who was laughing uncontrollably.. "meri aur uske juice mein thodiiiii si Vodka thi.. maine uss khote bartender ko kaha ki mujhe juice de toh bola alcohol hi dega.."

"Kitni Vodka..?" Armaan asked glaring at her..
"3:1.. mera matlab 3 vodka aur 1 juice.." and she again giggled seeing Armaan's shocked face while Muskaan became abit violent with Rahul ie abit more violent, Ridhima on the otherhand has disappeared from there.. Armaan spotted her with some random guy who was offering her drink and she was gladly accepting it.. he rushed through to her and took hold of her from her arm..

"Ridhu bas enough.. u're drunk.."
"Armaaannnnnn.." she called his name very cutely nd kissed his dimple sloppily making him smile at her antics..

Finally after lot of persuasion Ridhima was ready to go out of the noisy party to a quiet place.. they were crossing the bar when she pulled him back "Armaaaan.. ek aur beer le lo na hum share karenge.."

"Ridhu.. no.. chalo ab.." when she didn't budge with all his sweet talks he thought of challenging her kiddish heart.. "Ridhu dekho Muskaan kitni achi hai.. rahul ke saath chali bhi gayi.. tum meri koi baat nahi sun rahi ho.." he said pouting..

"Nai.. main sab baat maanti hoon.. m a gooood girrlll.." she started to move out holding Armaan's arm as her head was spinning due to firstly vodka and then loud music..

"Armaan.. vahan chalte hain.." she pointed towards the side where waves were hitting the shore.. seeing her shining eyes he did as she wanted.. They were walking silently on the wet sand when she suddenly stopped and looked at him.. "Kya hua Ridhu..?" he asked her looking at her..

"Mujhe pakad ke chalo.. mera sir ghoom raha hai.."
He held her securely from her waist and she kept on walking with him resting her head on his chest.. He felt her shivering abit so her wrapped her shawl around her, kissing her forehead once.. they were nearing their rest of the gang who have managed a born-fire she caught hold of his jacket and stopped him..

"mere subah ke behavior se gussa ho na.?" she asked
"Nahi Ridhu.. main hi samajh nahi paaya ki Meri Ridhu kitni simple hai.. aur phir subah tum itni sexy lag rahi thi ki aur ladke bhi dekh rahe thhe tumhe.."

"Toh aapko jalan ho rahi thi..?" much her surprises he nodded.. "Toh uss baat ke liye mujhe itna hurt kyun kiya.? Maine voh dress pehni kyunki sapna di ne kaha tha aapko achi lagegi.. aapke liye pehen bhi li par yeh bhul gayi ki aur bhi toh log honge.. phir aate hue maine dekha bohot saare ladke dekh rahe thhe humein aur main ghabrahat mein distant ho gayi thi.." she poured her heart still in his arms..

"Tum bohot achi lag rahi thi Ridhu.. par tumhe kabhi bhi aisa kuch karne ki zaroorat nahi hai jo tumhe sahi na lage.. mujhe bura lagta hai jab tum apne aap ko aur ladkiyon se kam samajhti ho jabki meri Ridhu jaisa dil toh kisi ke paas nahi ho sakta.." he kissed her lightly taking her into his embrace..

They again started walking.. "Armaaannn.. agar aur koi nai hota toh kya tab bhi aap daant te mujhe..?" he smiled naughtily at her question saying "agar hum akele hote na Ridhu toh.... Toh.."

"Toh main tumhe apne kareeb hi rakhta.. itna ki humein apne room se nikalne ki zaroorat hi nai padti.." she blushed at his remark and ran to the rest of the gang.. she seated herself next to Sapna thinking Armaan will now be siting with Atul.. but he came and settled behind her into his lap.. "armaaaann.." she whinned but he clasped his arms around her..

"Chodo mujhe.. verna main di ko keh dungi subah ki tarah phir se maarengi.." she warned him but he was enjoying this whiny Ridhima so he kept on irritating her.. finally she said "Di.. maaro phir se inko.." Sapna smacked armaan's arm giggling to herself but to everyone elses surprise Ridhima called for anjali aswell.. "Anjali di aap bhi maaro.. aap zyada maarogi na humesha aap hi protect karti thi mujhe.." Armaan let her go as he guessed she would go to Anjali, he was happy when Ridhima sat by Anjali and hugged her complaining about him..

While Ridhima was oblivious of her actions, everyone else was really happy to see this progress.. Anjali hugged Ridhima back and warned Armaan in a stern voice for once adressing him a JEEJU and not Armaan.. Sapna was on cloud 9 seeing all these changes..


Coming back from the beach all of them retiered to their cottages.. Armaan saw Ridhima was on the stairs but due to her headache she just managed to maintain her balance.. without warning he picked her up and took her to the room.. Keeping her lightly on the bed he removed his jacket and kept it in the bag nicely when he felt himself hugged from back and her palms were exploring his chest.. He took her in his arms and settled on the sofa.. he sat there with a sigh as he felt  her lips on his neck and hands in his hair.. Not knowing how far would this go, unknowing his hands started tracing her waist making her shiver.. he bent his face down interrupting her neck exploration.. next second they were kissing like there was no tomorrow.. he never knew when she pulled her shawl and wrapped it around both of them.. when he pulled away for breath it was then that he noticed the warmth of her thudding heart against his chest.. He tugged at her saare and ducked his head under  the shawl kissing her neck and collarbone making her go crazy at his touch.. pulling him again to her lips she kissed him moving her palms on his chest making him groan..

He got up picking her along when he felt his eyes dropping looking at her he found her already asleep..  He covered her under the comforter and got in hugging her keeping his face close toh her heart he too fell asleep..

Ridhima stirred when she felt sun disturbing her and something heavy on her chest.. she tried pulling it away butt it won't move an inch.. she turned and looked at the time it was 11:30 in the morning.. she was shocked trying to figure out wat is happening why is she having such throbbing headache she turned the other side and then looked down only to find Armaan's face dug into her neck and his arm around her.. she tried moving him but he stirred and kissed her neck, pulling her more closer into the embrace..

"I Love You so much.." she heard a hoarse whisper.. she blushed looking at him without a shirt.. but was shocked as soon as he sat up.. she saw a light cut near his lips, lipstick marks all over his neck and chest and afew scratches on his shoulder and chest.. she too sat up straight but got concious as she realised how messed up her saare was.. she quickly got hold of her shawl covering herself.

"kaisa lag raha hai ab Ridhu..?"
"mujhe kya hua tha Armaan?"
"You were drunk last night.. muski tumhare juice mein vodka milva ke laayi thi.."

"aur.. aur phir..?" she wanted to know what did she do..
"aur phir.." he shifted closer to her.. "aur phir.. meri Ridhu ne apna dil kholke rakh diya mere aage.. tumne mujhe sapna se pitvaya kyunki main tumhe chhed raha tha.. phir tumne sabke saamne jaake Anjali ko di kaha aur hug kara.. aur bataya ki kaise voh tumhari side leti thi humesha se.."

"kya..??" she was shocked her massaged her temples..
"Tum ruko main nimbu paani leke aata hoon.." he got up to go when she shouted.. "Nahi armaan.. Rukiye.." he was going out without shirt out of worry not realising the state he was in.. after many hesitant attempts Ridhima made him realise why she stopped him..

"humare voh pal bhi yaad nahi hain Ridhu..?" he asked naughtily.. to which she just blushed and shook her head.. instead of going to kitchen he made her a quick black coffee instead.. he came and settled behind her tracing her waist with his hands and shoulder blades with lips.. "Armaan.." she gasped..

"kal raat ko tum yahi kar rahi thi Ridhu.. mujhe nahi pata tha meri Ridhu mere kareeb aake itna secure feel karti hai.." he was about to continue when they heard a knock on the door.. anjali's call from outside.. as she got up he held the corner of her saare whispering  "Aaj bas hum dono.. kuch bhi bahana bana dena.."

He first thought to get into bed again but then followed her to the door hiding behind the door while ridhima peeked out of the door..

"Ridhu tu ab tak ready nai hui.. hum toh ja rahe thhe ghoomne.."

Ridhima gasped abit when she felt Armaan's hand on her back ... "Umm.. voh.. nai.. umm.. arrmaann.. haan.. umm.. voh so rahe hain.. aap log jaiye.. mere bhi sir mein bohot dard hai.."

"acha..? are you sure..? coz teri shakal toh aur kuch hi kahani keh rahi hai.. Jeeju so rahe hain aur tere sir mein dard hai phir tu blush kyun kar rahi hai itna hmm..?" Anjali teased..

"umm nai.. aisa kuch nahi hai.. aap log jaiye.. hum baad mein aayenge.." anjali for once let go off Ridhima as Ridhima looked very nervous.. as soon as Ridhima closed the door and was about to scold him for being so annoying an impatient he cornered her to the door whispering "Kiss me like you did last night Ridhu.." although she didn't really remember what she did but looking into his eyes she was ready to do anything for him.. she pulled his face closer while he carefully locked the door before taking her to the bed..

"Armaaaann.." she called him in the same tone she did last night and kissed all the scratches she gave him last night before he took her to heaven..

They rested in each others embrace feeling the intense moment they just shared.. she kept gracing his cheek while he kept soothing her hair planting swift kisses on her face.. Their life in last 24 hours has changed 100%.. day started with a huge fight and bitterness, ended with craziness and truthfulness and has finally blessed a new morning of love with satisfaction and more security.. Their first ever fight has also taken a positive turn..


Luv Rucha

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