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Friday, 12 June 2015

Part 39 : Tu zindagi

tam was busy in some work when she saw arman was coming in her room.she noticed he was tensed a bit .tam stopped her work and looked at bhai who was standing near doorstep .

tam : "'kya hua bhai ,kuch chahiye?

arman : "ümmm..nehi..bas..tujhse baat karne ka dill chaha toh aa gaya.

tam understood that something was cooking in his mind but she uttered calmly : "toh isme puchna kya hai bhai,aap ander aao na."'

arman came and sat on the bed .he looked at the pic which was on the wall,it was of arman,mumma papa and tam.she was about 5 years old that time.he remembered that time and sighed. tam noticed it  and spoke to divert his mind.."'aaj shilpa se nehi miley bhai?"'

hearing shilpa's name arman smiled and uttered : 'kal thi mere sath ..we spent a long time together par anjali ki shadi ahi na toh wo thodi busy hai.

tam uttered smilingly : 'bas kuch din ki baat hai bhai,phir shilpa humare sath hi rahegi na,aapke paas.wo bahut achchi ladki hai bhai,dekhna aap dono abhut khush rahoge..aur mumma papa bhi wahan se aap dono ko dekhkar khush honge.''

arman nodded while uttered :'nehi tam,mumma papa mujhpar gussa honge..unka beta nalayak jo hai.''

tam looked at him while uttered : ''kyon bhai? aap aisa kyon sochte ho?

arman uttered with a sigh : ''tu choti behen hokar mere liye jo karne ka himmat rakhti hai mai bhai hoker kuch bhi nehi kar paya."'

tam didn't get the meaning so gave a questioning look to him.

arman uttered slowly : ''mai khud me itna khoya raha ki kabhi tere barey me socha hi nehi. aaj papa hote toh teri shadi ki baat sochte..ek achcha sa ladka dhundhte par wo nehi hain toh yeh duty meri hai na tam?

tam uttered in a stern voice : 'mujhe shadi nehi karni bhai,mai aise hi khush hun.aap aur shilpa hi ab meri family ho.aur aap ek baat kyon bhul rahe hain ki mujhse koun shadi karega,mujhme ek kami hai ,jo bahut maine rakhti hai.koi ladka nehi chahega ki jisse uski shadi ho wo ladki uspar burden ho,jo khud thik se chal bhi nehi sakti,aaj ke fast life me kaise mai kisi ladke ke sath kadam se kadam milakar dourungi bhai?"

saying it she turned to go from there but stopped hearing arman's voice :"'ágar koi tera  hath thamna chahe tam..jo tujhe pasand kart ho,pyar karta ho."'

tam looked at bhai with a jerk but kept her eyes down as not able to bear bhai's piercing look.

arman came to her and uttered holding her hand :''meri nazar me koi hai jo tujhse shadi karna chahta hai,tu bas ek baar dekh le usey..baat kar le phir teri marzi ..par yaad rakh wo tujhe bachpan se chahta tha aur aaj bhi chahta hai.apne barey me na sahi par uske barey me ek baar uske barey me soch jiski duniya tujhse hi suru hoti hai aur tujhse hi khatam.."'saying it arman kept a pic in tam's palm and went from there .


tam looked the way bhai went  and sat on the bed while holding the pic in her fist.she had no courage to see it .after a while she opened the fist slowly and saw sid's pic was there. tears flowing down her cheeks but lips smiled as she expected him .  she caressed sid's pic while uttered : "tum kahan ho sid?i know mujhse bahut naraj ho but i want to see you..i miss you so much.

she remembered their last meet when sid came to her to say good bye. his  last words still echoing in her ears : ‘tam ,mujhe pata hi nehi kis galti ki saza mujhe mill rahi hai.tumhari family me jo hadsa hua uske liye meri koi galti nehi thi par maine tabhi tumhe khoya ya kaho tumne mujhe apni zindagi se nikal diya aur phir shilpa aur mera rishta humare parets ne joda tha,mujhe is barey me kuch bhi pata nehi tha par uski saza bhi mujhe hi mili.par aaj aakhiri mulakat me bas itna hi kehna chahta hun chahe tum mujhe apni life me kabhi aane do ya nehi,maine sirf tumse pyar kiya hai aur karta rahunga. Hum yahan se ja rahe hain kyonki yahan raha toh tumse dur nehi reh paunga.”

Tam asked to the pic with teary eyes: ‘yahan wapas aaker bhi toh mujhse dur ho sid..

She heard arman’s voice : ‘ek baar bulakar toh dekh tam.wo shayad tere call ka wait kar raha ho.humne usey kam takleef toh nehi di na,har cheez ke liye wo khud ko doshi samajhta hoga.”

Tam got up and hugged bhai while uttered in a low voice : ‘wo aayega na bhai?

Arman replied caressing her hairs: “sure..wo aaj bhi tujhe chahta hai tam. Bas ek phone ka intzaar hoga usey.

Tam nodded with teary eyes and picked the mobile to call him while arman showed her thumbs up and went from there.

Shilpa was cooking  in kitchen but her mind was somewhere else. She didn’t get time to talk to arman from 2-3 days as anjali’s relatives were started to come from abroad. Shilpa and padma took their responsibilities so they were very busy to welcome them. Shilpa looked at the mobile which was kept in the shelf,but she sighed not getting any call or any message from arman. she was worried for tam,if arman managed all things or not? Tam loved sid or not..so many questions were in her mind but she had no courage to ask arman about it.

She was lost in her thought just then heard someone calling her from back.it was sumit..anjali’s cousin,who came from australia to attend the wedding ceremony.shilpa noticed that he was trying to come close to her anyhow. shilpa got to know from anji di that this guy was in love with him.huh!she thought…”abhi 2 din pahle to aaya aur pyar ho gaya..yeh ladke bhi na..

But she was relaxed that anjali assured her that she informed sumit about arman .she told him that no chance of him as shilpa was engaged with arman,who was mad for her and shilpa loved only arman.

“shilpa ji,kya ek glass pani milega..wo pyas lagi thi.”sumit uttered making an innocent face.

Shilpa nodded and gave him a glass of water.but in the process of giving water,sumit touched her hand which made shilpa shiever.she didn’t like it but sumit was a guest so she kept quiet and trying to show him busy in cooking. Sumit stood there for some time then went from there.shilpa heaved a sigh of relief and took the mobile to call arman but  jerked with fear as someone hugged her from back.she tried to push him but he hugged her more tightly while uttered : ‘it’s me shona..tumhara arman…”

shilpa turned and hugged him tightly while hid her face in his chest.arman asked caressing her hairs: "kya hua shona? dar gayi thi kya?"

shilpa nodded and was going to tell about sumit but  stopped as she knew arman will not leave sumit alive .

but arman uttered hugging her: "i saw that guy was trying to touch you.agar aur thoda age badhta toh mai usey kill karta."

shilpa uttered quickly : "nehi arman,usne kuch nehi kiya.tu usey kuch nehi karoge."

arman smiled : 'i know..

shilpa : 'par tum kab aaye?kahan chupe they itni der tak?.maine toh nehi dekha tumhe.

arman : "actually mai udhar chupa tha,shelf ke paas ..aur tum toh kisike khyalon me khoyi thi. batao wo koun hai jiske khyalon me khoker meri shilpa ne mujhe tak notice nehi kiya.

shilpa smacked on his cheek lightly while uttered : "mai toh bas ek pagal ke yadon me hi khoyi rehti hun..achcha batao tam se bata hui kya?

arman was about to reply but heard sumit's voice from door : "shilpa ji ...

arman clenched his jaws and looked at sumit but sumit was surprised to see a guy was in kitchen sticking shilpa with him.

shilpa quickly freed her from arman and uttered : "kuch chaiye aapko ?

sumit nodded in "yes" but again in "na"while asked : "yeh koun hain?"

in answer arman dragged shilpa in him and uttered : "I  am arman....crazy lover of shona..aur aap?

sumit  got jealous but replied calmly : "I am sumit...an admirer of  shona..

arman clenched his fist and uttered : "shilpa ko shona sirf uske apne kahte hain mr. sumit..so aage se iska dhyan rakhiyega. "

shilpa got scared understanding that arman was angry but didn't get what to do that time but thank god ,he sent anjali there.

anjali : "arey arman ,tum kab aaye? aur sumit tu yahan kya kar raha hai?chal papa bula rahe hain.

sumit  nodded and went from there.

now anjali asked with a frown  : "ab batao arman ,kya ho raha hai yahan?

arman replied with a broad smile while hugging shilpa : "kuch nehi,,kuch nehi..pyar ho raha hai..

hearing it anjali burst out laughing while shilpa cheeks changed into beet root red..she uttered: ‘dhat!!arman tum bhi na!!

Love u all

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