Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Part 4 : DMG 3

The week just flew by and before anyone knew it the wedding day had arrived. Ridhima couldn't believe where the week had run away and finally the day when she and Armaan were finally going to be bound together forever had come. When the day had started she had felt a bit nervous as to if every thing was arranged properly or not but by 12 noon an hour or so before the wedding was suppose to start she felt reasonably calm. She was in the process of getting ready. Anjali was doing her hair and make up as she had refused to let anyone else touch her baby sister on her important day. With hair and make up done ridhima was getting into her wedding clothes. She had chosen red lehenga with gold embellishment and emerald green trimmings. The duppata that went with the lehenga was emerald green with red edging. With less than half an hour to when the baraat was suppose to arrive ridhima was busy wearing her jewellery. As every thing else was done she alone in her room putting the final touches to her jewellery and make up, when her cell rang. Smiling and thinking that it would be armaan asking her if she was ready or not she picked up the phone without looking at the name flashing on the screen and said: Haan armaan mein tyar hoon, tum kahan ho
There was a pause on the other end and then: Ridhima mein hoon

Ridhima just froze hearing the voice she tried so hard to forget but at the same time had prayed to hear once again even if only once.
Ridz: Sid….
Sid: haan just called to congratulate and wish you on the big day. Ihope and pray to God that you and armaan always be together.(the words sort of rushed out of him)
Ridz: Sid mein tumse,….
Sid : kuch hehne ki zaroorat nahin hai ridhima I understand, kabhie kabhie kuch cheezein humare control mein nahin hotin. Honestly, I just wanted to let you know…..
Ridz: Sid mujhe…
Sid: Ridhima bas ek baat kehna chahta hoon. I forgive you . Its ok.
Hearing Sid utter those words, the reason she wanted to meet him, what she had been trying to ask him ever since hearing his voice on line, her throat closed up. She opened her mouth to speak but could croak out only his name: Sid!
Sid: No ridhima just listen. Its ok. I've let go. This is right you and armaan. Mein to aise he beech mein agaya tha. Ab tum dono ek naiyee shuruaat karo and just be happy.
Ridz: tum khush ho sid(she managed to get the words out of a throat that was filled with unshed tears)
Sid: (after a pause) haan buhat tumhare liye. Akhir jot um chahti thi who tumhe milgaya.right.
Ridz: right per tumhara kya. Kabhie apne bare mein bhi soch liya karo.
Sid: apne bare mein hi to soch raha hoon ridhima. Acha ab chalta hoon armaan ko mere taraf  se hi or congrats bolna. Ok bye.
Ridz: bye
Sid: Ridhima I'll always love you (he added quietly and immediately cut the phone).
Ridhima who had holding back tears had to close her eyes hearing this, her heart which she had thought had mended again started beating a painful beat. She stood there holding her cell to her chest willing herself to stay calm. Just then Anjali came into the room and said: Ridzi!(excitedly)baraat aagaye hai.
When ridhima didn't move anjali said: ridzi armaan aagya hai tum kahan khoi hoi ho.
Ridz quickly blinking back tears smiled at Anjali and said: Kahin nahin just thinking about the past few months. Anjali: cha lab sochna bas kar niche chalne ka time ho gya hai.(and walked her to the door and out).
Armaan on the other hand was feeling nervous to the extreme. All day long he had kept chexking the watch as to when would be it time to meet Ridhima and when the time was nearing he realized he wasn't ready. H e then rushed to get ready. He worried over whether he looked good enough for Ridhima, (his basket) was she ready or fearing that she might change her mind. His friends and family tried calming him but he was all over the place. When they reached the Gupta household where the wedding was supposed to take place he impatiently waited for the rituals to be started so that he could get to Ridhima.
Once inside he kept looking up the stairs for a glimpse of Ridhima but to no avail, he was getting nervous waiting for her and tried calming himself by talking to JP and Jiggy who were making fun of his impatience. Suddenly he felt her presence he turned and looked up the stairs there she stood a vision in red and green, his love, his life.
As Ridhima looked down her gaze searching and finding Armaan, she shut her mind to the memory of Sid's words. She promised to shut the Sid drawer firmly and not to think of anything but armaan and herself. As she looked at him a smile bloomed on her face. He looked good enough to eat she thought and then blushed. Armaan was dressed in white Sherwani, with his face freshly shaven, hair trimmed and styled back from his face he was heart wrenchingly  handsome. As their gazes met Armaan felt calm settle over him, his heart felt ready to burst as he looked at the beautiful woman walking towards him. If someone asked him what happened in the ceremony he would not have been able to tell them any thing. The only thing he knew was Ridhima, how she looked, how oftern she smiled or blushed or looked his way. He was drowned into her, when her hand was placed into his, her touch left him trembling. He wanted to grab her and run away. After the ceremony ended and they were declared husband and wife, he touched her cheek with one finger and whispered "I love you" she looked back at him with all the love in her eyes and said "and I love you".
Atlast with the numerous rituals carried out and Ridhima entering their new house they were alone in their bedroom. He walked into the room and saw her standing near the window looking at the moon. He walked to her and wrapped his arms around her from behind and breathed deeply her scent. Ridhima who had been waiting for him turned her head and kissed him lightly on the nose.
Armaan: you need to improve your aim. Our first night together and my nose is the best you could do.(making ridhima blush furiously)  
Laughing himself he swung ridhima in his arms and walked to the bed, where he gently placed in the middle of the bed. Finally two lovers who had been separated by circumstances were finally one. Armaan lightly kissed ridhima on her lips, on feeling her respond his kiss became firmer and longer. armaan linked their hands, looking deeply into ridhima's eyes which were sheened with tears and started moving. When the climax hit them both felt that for that second they were one and then slowly floated back to earth. Wrapped in each other arms, both felt peace and loved and drifted off to sleep.
On other end, with one click of the button Shilpa decided to take action. She was sitting in her room on her laptop where she had just sent her acceptance to the position of Senior Intern In Sanjeevani Delhi. Shutting her laptop she  took out a picture from her nightstand, it was of her with all the doctors at Sanjeevani. She ran a loving finger over the images of Armaan and Ridhima and said: Congrats di! Shaadi Mubarak ho. (and then put the picture back)
Shilpa had always been a survivor if not she would have never been able to survive the childhood she had. Not only a survivor but a fighter she refused to go down and she refused to sit in a corner and cry. She had willed all her pain into a small ball which had locked in a small corner of heart never to be opened. Just then her maasi walks in says: you haven't gone to sleep yet .
Shilpa: no I wanted to talk to you about something.(maasi gave her an inquiring look to which she continued)maasi I've planned to go to Sanjeevani Delhi, I'm going to finish my internship there.
Maasi: per shilpa yahaan rehne mein kya burai hai, yahaan ka hospital bhi to acha hai
Shilpa: maasi Delhi is going to open loads of opportunities, aur aap to jaante ho ke yahan rehna mere liye zyada der possible aur logical nahin hai.
Maasi: per shilpa abhi tak to koi aise baat…
Shilpa: aisi baat na ho islye zaroori hai ke mein Delhi jaon aur yeh mere career ke liye bhi acha hai. Plus I've decided so its better that you don't try and change my mind.
Maasi: (looking sad) ok per jaana kab hai
Shilpa: next week so lets have fun till then. Ok(she ended smiling, there was no sadness on her face she looked happy but there was something in her eyes but maasi didn't comment.)
This looked like a starting point in every one's life. Where two lovers were wrapped in their own world forgetting certain people who unknown to them had a very part in their life,  believing that their paths might never cross but the tapestry fate weaves has many layers to it. When and how different, new and old threads join in and then separate one never knows.

To find out more you know what to do. Enjoy.  


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