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part 43 : An Arranged Love Marriage

Ananya looked at them perplexed as to why were they both been so hyper. Riddhima too frowned thinking on same lines; but what surprised her more was the look on Armaan's face. He looked too disturbed by the name for some reason.
Par Mom Dad ne use yaha kyu invite kar liya; kisi hotel main; ya rental basis pe bhi toh arrangement...
Armaan; ye kaisi baat kar raha hai? Tu jaanta hai Mr.Sharma tumhare dad ke itne ache dost hai. Aur fir Tia teri achi dost reh chuki hai; yaha rahegi toh she'll also not feel homesick. Koi hotel vegere nahi; vo yahi rahegi bas!

There was some silent conversation that happened between Armaan and Rahul and soon they left for office. Around 5 in the evening there was some commotion downstairs which grabbed Riddhima's attention. She walked down and found a girl dressed in a white knee length one piece sitting on the sofa with carefree attitude while Ananya was busy in some conversation with her.
Riddhima beta tum uth gayi...aao aao baitho. Riddhima hai; Armaan ki wife.
Riddhima gave a pleasant welcoming smile but Tia was too busy checking her head to toe to return her smile. Once that her observation was done she turned back to Ananya;
Aunty main fresh ho jati hu; vaise Armaan ko pata toh than a main aa rahi hu?
Haan haan use maine subah hi bataya tha.
Ohh...nahi vo office main bhi mujhe mila hi nahi toh...anyways vo kab tak lautega?
Vaise toh vo 6/7 baje tak aa jata hai...
Riddhima cut her in between; Arey nahi Maa; vo kehkar gaye hai aaj unhe shayad late hoga.
Tia sighed and got up from the sofa; Ok thanks.
Riddhima found her behaviour a little weird but did not ay anything as she was their guest and that too Armaan's guest! Riddhima went back to her room and to freshen up when she found her cell's light flashing. There were 4 missed calls by her hubby dearest and just as she was about to call; he called for the 5th time and without further delay she picked up quickly.
Riddhima...where have you been? So rahi thi kya?
Nahi vo neeche living room main thi; cell upar hi reh gaya tha.
Acha suno...vo Tia pohoch gayi hogi ghar pe right? Be as far away from her as possible okay?
Jee... par vo toh aap guest hai na; aur dost bhi! Shouldn't I be...
You shouldn't be doing anything; and she's no guest! Riddhima frowned at his sudden interruption and that too soo harshly.
Nahi mera matlab... tumhe uski koi khatirdari karne ki jarurat nahi hai. Mom handle kar legi if she wants anything; tum bas usse dur raho.
Par aap aise kyu keh rahe hai?
Bas keh raha hu utna suno; and just avoid her!
Riddhima did exactly what she was told. Though she had been a little confused by his words; she was wlling to offer hospitality to this new guest and also she was upset with him for not letting her fast; so she was not really willing to listen to whatever he instructed. But anyways she got caught up with some files that he had left on the table and thought of rearranging them properly before he arrived.
Riddhima was busy doing something in their wadrobe as he entered the room. But she peeked out as she sensed someone's presence; she was surprised to see him come back early but did not say anything. Armaan saw her noticing him; frowning and thinking something to herself and then quietly getting back to her work. He untied his tie and made his way towards her knowing that she was still upset about the fast thing.
Riddhima tum...
He turned around as he heard some sound of knob and his blood boiled seeing the source. Tia had just walked out of the washroom and as she saw Armaan she flung herself into his arms hugging him tightly. Riddhima who stood behind just kept watching needless to say that the frown had already settled on her forehead.
Riddhima was surprised as Armaan literally pushed her off and questioned her rudely; Tum yaha mere kamre main kya kar rahi ho?
Armaan tum bilkul nahi badle. Main itne saalon baad tumse mil rahi hu; na hi na hello; kam se kam ek smile toh de do!
Well that does not answer my question!
Riddhima held his arm as for some reason he had turned red with anger and was behaving so rudely with Tia; Armaaan! Tia ke washroom ka nal kharab ho gaya tha; isi liye vo bas humara washroom use karne aayi thi. Aap aise kyu...
Guest room! He snapped back still looking at Tia with a cold gaze.
Vo Tia ki room nahi hai Riddhima; guest room hai! And Tia if you are done can you please excuse us!
Offo Armaan... aaj bhi kitna ghussa karte ho tum. Bina vajah kyu us bechari ko suna rahe ho.
Joseph!! ... Joseph...
Armaan kya hua aapko kuch chahiye; aap Joseph ko kyu bula rahe hai?
Before he could answer Joseph had arrived at the door step.
Joseph; see what's the matter with the guest room's tap. And make sure it's fixed as soon as possible. Agli baar logon ko mere room main aane ki jarurat nahi padni chahiye!
Riddhima was stunned seeing how rude he was been to Tia; and if all that he did was not enough he still continued.
So Tia... I hope you are done; so will you please leave.
But I was waiting for you Armaan; I thought we will catch up...
Actually I am too tired; and I really want to be just with my wife for sometime. So...
he gestured towards the door showing her the way out.
Riddhima felt bad for tia so she spoke up; Umm...Tia tum jaakar thodi der rest kyun nahi kar leti. Abhi kuch der main dinner bhi ready hoga toh tab tum sabse baatein kar lena.
Ya...ok! She just gave a small smile and walked out of the room.
Armaaan... ye kyat ha. Vo aapki dost hai na; is ghar ki mehmaan hai aur aap...
Riddhima I thought I told you to stay away from her!
Par uske room...
Vo uski room nahi hai!
Tch Armaan aapko ho kya gaya hai. Aate hi aise chid chide kyu ho gaye hai aap!
Armaan sighed rubbing his forehead; Riddhima... tum bas usse dur raho. Vo ladki bilkul bhi theek nahi hai trust me. Whatsoever help she might need; tell Joseph; par tumhe uske muh lagne ki jarurat nahi hai.Okay?
Riddhima just nodded her head seeing him insist so much.
Riddhima had been noticing his behaviour closely and had figured out by now that he disliked Tia's presence. Not that she herself was too happy by her (Tia's) behaviour; but she wasn't offended as much as him either.
Armaan had just finished off his work and had headed home instantly. Riddhima was still not all herself as she was been adamant on keeping the fast whereas he was not ready to accept it. But today that he had finished his work earlier he thought of going back home and have a word with her. Reslove everything and spend the evening with his lady love.
While his car crossed the market lane; he saw a very known figure and he didnot take a second to recognize that it was none other than his dear wife!! But that was not what bothered him; his nerve tightened as he saw Miss.Tia Sharma right next to her!
He instantly stopped the car and made his way towards her.
Riddhima what are you doing here?
Riddhima startled as he questioned her; appearing out of nowhere.
Armaan... aap yaha?
Tum yaha kya kar rahi ho; vo bhi iske saath?
Tia who was more than happy by Armaan's presence smiled widely at him; Ohh Armaan what a pleasant surprise!
Ignoring her completely he turned back to Riddhima;
Rddhima tumhe ye saari grocery shopping karne ki kya jarurat hai. Aur mausam bhi theek nahi hai; itni sard main tum bahar kyun nikli ho?
Tia butted in before Riddhima could even utter a word; Actually I brought her; vo kya hai na Armaan I needed some salad with broccoli; you know how I love broccoli right! But ghar e broccoli khatam ho gayi thi so...
Once again he turned a deaf ear to her and held Riddhima's hand; Chalo Riddhima ghar chalte hai.
Par Armaan broccoli...
Tumne shop dikha di na ise; ye khareed legi. And if you need any further help Tia; toh yaha pe service staff hai hi. He called out for the service lady standing close by;
If you could please help her get the best of broccoli it would be really helpful.
Sure sir...this way ma'am!
But main ghar kaise...
He cut her words instantly; Don't worry Miss.Tia; I'll send a car for you. Aap apni shopping enjoy kariye okay...excuse us!
Riddhima stared at him as if he was some ghost as they settled in the car.
What...what are you looking at?
Armaan...that was so rude!!
Ohh tumhe ab pata chala; main toh humesha se aisa hi hu Riddhima!
Armaan? Use bohot bura laga hoga; she's our guest!
And what about me? Mujhe bhi bura laga...I told you to stay away from her and here you are going out shopping with her!
That was just because she needed broccoli and...
Please Riddhima; I am sure she did it purposely. She knew it very well that I have instructed you not to be with her!
Uff... aapki baatein na main toh samjhne se rahi! Vaise toh aapki hi dost hai; par jab dekho khud bhi usse dur bhaagte hai aur mujhe bhi bhagate rehte hai!
They had reached the house and the car halted;
Riddhima listen I need to tell you something.
She just saw him once and moved out as if she no more understood the language he spoke. Armaan followed her to the room and found her grabbing some clothes to change.
Riddhima...I am talking to you!
Still no response; so he held her arm and turned her a little bringing her out of the wardrobe.
Will you listen to me?
She again got busy shuffling the clothes in wardrobe.
Finally as she got her dress; she shut the door and was about to walk to the washroom but he blocked her way.
Main tumse baat kar raha hu!
Toh keejiye na; maine kab mana kiya. Par main sunu ya nahi ye toh meri marzi hai na!
He frowned at her words but anyways made a try; I need to tell you something really important and you are just not listening!
Ab kya karu...aapki hi biwi hu na; thoda bohot toh aapki tarah rahungi!
What are you trying to say; that I ignore you?
I am not trying; I am saying!! Jab aapko meri koi baat nahi maanni toh main aapki koi baat kyun sunu?
Par meri...
Riddhima had completely turned deaf ear and walked away to the washroom.
Lately Armaan had figured that Riddima had expertized in ignoring him. All the way through dinner she just kept avoiding any kind of conversation with him. And yes of course; Tia was still there in the picture; so he anyways did not want to have a word in her presence. He kept calm till they were done with their dinner.
Ananya and Billy had already gone to bed. But the moment Armaan got up from his seat Tia suggested in her sugar coated voice;
Armaan...why not we watch a movie. I mean tum main aur Riddhima?
First and foremost Tia; its Me-Riddhima and then you! And secondly mujhe movie dekhne ka bilkul man nahi hai.
Uff Armaan...tum bhi na. Come on...
She entwined her arm with his taking him along towards the couch.
Ab dekho itne din ho gaye hai; hum itne waqt baad mile hai aur kal toh tumhe chutti hai! Toh fir kuch waqt ke liye baith jao na. What say Riddhima?
She purposely dragged Riddhima into the convo. But Riddhima was too busy gazing down at their entwined arms. Armaan was just about to shrug her hands off his arm but as he saw that green colour appearing around her aura he stopped.
Haan Riddhima ko kya problem ho sakti hai if we both catch up...isn't it Riddhima?
Huh... she snapped out of her thoughts as he took her name.
Main...mujhe... actually... kya; kya keh rahe the aap?
I was saying; ki tum toh bohot thak gayi hogi na; toh you'll need some rest. But I am sure tumhe koi problem nahi hogi agar main aur Tia thodi der baithe aur movie dekhe. If we catch up!
Riddhima looked at him with a big frown but couldn't do anything more than a nod. Tia on the other hand was surprised by his sudden anticipation and tightened her grip around his arm;
Haan Riddhima; even I think you need rest. Tumhari toh abi tak dawaiya bhi chal rahi hai na. You slep... Armaan bhi kuch waqt main aa jayega!
Armaan's smile faltered as this girl was too clingy than he thought; but now that he had started he could back out; not atleast in front of his target; RIDDHIMA!!
Umm...haan; aap dono... umm; enjoy your movie. Main sone jaati hu...
Good night!
Armaan for the first time thanked God for Tia's presence as he had clearly spotted that jealousy on her face. But he had forgotten that Tia had some other thoughts in mind. She pulled him down on the couch and switched on the tv.
Ohh Armaan I am so glad. From past two days tum toh mujhse theek se baat bhi nahi kar rahe the; I thought you actually love that Riddhima. But then she's so not your types... *sigh* anyways chalo let's watch a movie and...
Her words disappeared in thin air as he jerked her hand off his arm and stood up as soon as Riddhima left.
Miss. Tia Sharma. Ek baat achi tarah samjh lo; ye khwab jo tum dekh rahi ho unhe vohi rok lo toh acha hoga. I am a married and let me clarify; happily married man! And Riddhima is absolutely my types; as I love her more than anything in this world. Rahi baat abhi jo hua uski; toh samajh lo that was just a small treat for my dear wifey. Tumse main pehle bhi keh chuka hu and I repeat myself; stay away from me.
But Armaan I thought this was an arranged marriage aur tum dono toh ek dusre se kitne alag ho. Come on Armaan you don't need to put up with this; kam se kam mere saamne...
I LOVE RIDDHIMA!! Do you understand a thing as simple as this? Main sirf aur sirf Riddhima ka hu End of the story; and you are here on business purpose; finish it off and leave! Do not interfere in my life; and don't you dare say a word against Riddhima varna I won't spare you!!
Saying enough he walked to his room; while Riddhima who was sitting on the bed looked absolutely troubled with numerous thoughts.
Vaise toh din bhar main 1 minute ka waqt nahi hota mere liye. Aura b dekho... mana unki dost hai; toh kya? Mujhse toh pata nahi kya kya kehte rehte hai; usse dur raho she's this she's that. Aura b khud... jakar uske saath movie dekh rahe hai!
Meri ek choti si baat toh kabhi maante nahi; aur usne ek baar keh diya toh baith gaye uske paas. Aur humesha itna chipakne ki kya jarurat hai? Main aur Spikey bhi toh dost hai; Muskaan bhi toh inki achi dost hai; hum toh kabhi itne nahi chipakte!
Armaan who had just stepped in couldn't hear her; but had an idea as of what she might be murmuring.  As soon as her eyes caught his presence she moved off the bed and started making the bed tucking the pillows properly.
Riddhima... tumhe bhi aa rahi hai... kuch jalne ki smell?
Riddhima turned back at him with a raised brow and gave him a not-so-funny look!
Jale meri jutti... aap itni jaldi kyu aa gaye. Jaiye na; baithiye uskee saath. Apni movie enjoy keejiye!
Armaan giggled at her flaring nose inducing more anger into her. She gritted her teeth and went towards her side of bed but he caught her wrist. He pulled her back into his arms and hugged her through her waist trapping her as he knew very well she would start struggling in a minute.
She put in all her strength to get out of his hold; to push him; move away; but obviously remained unsuccessful.
Chodiyeee mujhe...
Uhuh... pehle mujhse baat karo...
Kyun aapki dost hai na bahar aapka intezar karti hui! Mujhe usse dur rehne ko kaha hai na aapne; toh iska ye matlab thodi hai ki aap bhi ye baat follow kare! Chodie mujhe... and go out na be...
Shh... he pulled her more into his arms and nuzzled her neck.
Mujhse 2 din se theek se baat bhi nahi ki hai tumne...kyun? Ye vrat mujhse bhi jyaada jaruri hai kya tumhare liye!
Aapse jyaada toh nahi...par jaruri toh hai!
He turned her still keeping her in his hold; she again tried to move away but he remained firm.
Riddhima; baby aap samjhte kyun nahi ho? Aapki dawaiya chalu hai; and you know the dose is strong! Agar main kuch keh raha hut oh mujhpe trust nahi kar sakti?  Won't I think good for you...hmm?
He let her free as she no more struggled; instead got comfortable in his arms.
Armaan I trust you; aur aap sahi hai; par main bhi toh galat nahi hu na. Aap mujhpar bharosa kyu nahi karte; main jarur khayal rakhungi apna; I promise!
Matlab jo ho jaye par ye vrat jaroor rakhogi!
Nahi; jab tak aap haan nahi keh dete tab tak toh nahi. Par main vakai ye vrat rakhna chahti hu.
You do know that I don't believe in all this stuff right? But I still wouldn't have stopped you agar tumhari tabiyat...
Armaan main manage kar lungi; aur fir poora din ghar pe hi rahungi na! Par ye mera pehla vrat hai Armaan; and I don't want to miss it!
She had built up some hopes but then as he went all quiet lost in his thoughts she sighed.
Chodiye ye sab...aap thak gaye honge hum kal...
He held her wrist as she tried to move away and brought her back.
You really really want to do this?
She simply nodded her head politely. He held her face and caressed her cheeks softly;
Agar main mana karunga toh...
She cut his words finishing the sentence;
toh mujhe bohot bura lagega; par aap mana karenge toh main ye vrat nahi rakhungi. Kyunki fir aapko bohot bura lagega I know.
He kissed her forehead tightly and dragged her closer;
hmm... I guess if you are promising to take care of yourself toh fir I shouldn't mind!
Matlab... main ye vrat rakh sakti hu? Her eyes twinkled as she asked in confirmation.
Haan... if that makes you so happy; toh I am ok with it!
Thanks Armaan... thank you so much!! She squealed in delight hugging him tightly.
Ya but jo tests agle week hone wale the I am preponding them and isi weekend karva rahu hu. Agar us tests main kuch bhi negative aaya; tumhare haemoglobin levels jara se bhi drop hue ho toh...
Nahi honge!
She detangled from his hold and looked up at him with determination.
Aapne mujhe permission de di hai na; toh ab main apna poora khayal rakhungi. I won't disaapoint you; I promise!
She pinched her throat as she said that and he chuckled at her cute face pinching her nose.
Tia had been more than furious as Armaan kept ignoring her. And what infuriated her more was his undivided attention towards Riddhima. She had always; since college days; tried to grab his attention. To make him fall for her; but she had never succeeded. And that had been a huge blow to her ego. But now that she was back she wanted his attention all to herself. Moreover seeing Riddhima who was absolute opposite to him; her hopes had built up to great extents; but last night Armaan's words had crushed all of them.
But she wasn't a girl who accepted defeat so easily. She loathed Riddhima; as she had what Tia wanted! ARMAAN!!


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