Monday, 8 June 2015

Part 49:I will bring my basket back

After having a coffee and chit chatting with her for an hour in the canteen all of a sudden he excused himself as he received a call. The moment he returned he told her that it was quite late and they should get going; which was the same thing she had been telling him from so long!
Anyways considering it as his usual weirdness she followed him and sat in the car for their journey back home. But he looked a little too happy rather excited about something which rose her curiosity;
Armaan; what?s the matter/ Tum itne excited kyu lag rahe ho?
A: Main? Nahi toh......bas ghar laut rahe hai na toh I am happy; finally some rest right!
R: Uhuh......
she nodded her head not fully convinced though.
Their car halted and she came out and started walking; but he was still standing in the same place.
R: Kya hua Armaan? Chalo!!
A: Haan tum jao; main bas.....1 call karke aata hu! You go ahead.
She reached the doorstep but to her surprise the house seemed dark. No lights were on.
R: Par Parshu kaka toh ghar pe hi honge na......
she looked down but even the door wasn?t locked which meant he was inside the house!
She looked back at Armaan who looked too busy in his cell phone. Concluding that maybe there must be some light problem she opened the door;
The lights suddenly turned on and she heard a loud chorus;

She was shocked to find the gang and all the interns (Naina, Jp, Jiggy) right in front of her with a wide smile plastered on their faces. Right behind them was a huge glittery board which read;

If she thought her first day at school.....I mean Sanjeevani was over then she needed to give a second thought!
How do you like the surprise Mrs.Mallik?
She turned around hearing his whisper and found him standing just an inch away from her face smiling his dimpled smile.
Ni: Uh uh.......tum dono apna romance baad main continue karna when we all leave; for now come with me Ridz; humne tere liye kuch special arrangements kiye hai!
A: Kya special arrangements?
Ni: Pata chal jayega tujhe bhi; just hold on till then bacchu!
She dragged Riddhima upstairs leaving Armaan wondering over what arrangements she was talking about which he was totally unaware of. Afterall he was the host of the party; he had arranged everything! So then what was this ?SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT? all about?
Nikki came down after 2 minutes but there was no sign of his dear wife which instantly made him enquire;
Oye Nikki; kya kiya tune meri biwi ke saath? Kaha reh gayi vo?
Ni: Ohh.....toh 2 minute ki judai bhi sahi nahi ja rahi janab se!!
Mu: Hmmm.....koi nai hero teri heroine aa jayegi just wait for few minutes!
After a good 20 minutes he was busy talking to Anjali in between his glance moved up to find any sign of hers; but she was seen nowhere. Now he really started worrying a little.
A: Sun Nikki; Basket ab tak nahi aayi yaar; kaha bheja hai tune use?
An: Haan Nikki; by now she should have come back na!
Ni: I don?t know yaar; I just went up 2 minutes back usne change bhi kar liya hai par pata nahi neeche kyu nahi aa rahi!
Abhi: Guys kya ho raha hai? Aur party ki main guest hi gayab hai??
Mu: Arey kuch nahi Abhi humne vo dress kharidi thi na uske liye kal; vohi pehenkar aane ke liye kaha tha use. Par kya pata itni der kaha lag rahi hai use!
An: I think I should go and check......
A: Ruko Anji.....tell me kya laye the tum log? I mean what kind of dress?
An: Evening gown hai; ab party ke liye salwar suit toh nahi denge na! And chill Armaan it wasn?t that revealing or short; I know what kind of dresses she prefers na. You wait I?ll just..........
A: Nahi tum ruko; I think main jaanta hu vo ab tak kyu nahi aayi. You guys wait main use lekar aata hu. Just 2 minutes.
He walked upstairs nd still found the door closed; so he gave a soft knock and after a few moments of pin drop silence he heard her meek  voice;
Haan Nikki....I am coming just 2 minutes.
He smiled and knocked the door once again;
Basket it?s me; what?s wrong? Darwaja kholo!!
He could instantly hear some hustle as she heard his name and the next minute the door was unlatched.
He walked inside but she instantly latched the door and turned around.
A: Oye hoyye; kya baat hai! Is sab ke bare main toh mujhe in kamino ne kuch bataya hi nahi. Tum bohot pretty lag rahi ho Basket; chalo na let?s go down; everyone?s waiting for you baby!
But as he grabbed her hand and tried to take her along he could feel her strong grip on his wrist making him stop at his place. Her eyes glued to the ground while her lips opened up but she wasn?t really able to speak out anything.
He held her hand and pulled her closer by her waist. Holding her chin up he just stared at her for a while expecting her to speak up but she maintained her mute mode!
A: Basket what?s the matter? Hum sab kab se neeche tumhara intezar kar rahe hai? Tum achi toh lag rahi ho is dress main; toh problem kya hai; chalo na!
R: Armaan vo......
She left his hand and slowly brought all her hair on one side and the moment she turned around he sighed as what he was thinking was absolutely correct!
Erasing the distance between them he snaked his arms around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder. Placing a deep soothing kiss on her earlobe he just caressed her arms giving her sometime to calm her nerves;
Riddhima vaise toh I have already told you right; tumhare in nishano se koi farak nahi padta. Nothing can make your beauty any less! Par agar tumhe itna hi uncomfortable feel ho raha hai toh it?s okay. Tum kuch aur pehen lo.......
She instantly turned around in his hold now facing him;
Nahi Armaan; agar maine kuch aur pehna toh sabko kitna bura lagega! Sab ne bohot pyaar se diya hai ye.....par......
She again stood with her head bowed down upset and unhappy at her ownself. A small glistening tear rolled down her cheek breaking his damn. are such a cry baby! Bacha koi bura feel nahi karega; they are our friends na; vo samajh jayenge......
R: Par still Armaan......bura toh unhe lagega hi na!
A: Arey yaar; tum na.......
He turned around wondering how to convince her when he saw his blazer hanging neatly ironed near his wardrobe. Suddenly an idea struck him hard and a 440 volt smile lit up on his face.
1 minute......Basket!! I think I have a solution......
Jisse na toh tumhe change karna padega; naahii tum uncomfortable feel karogi!
She instantly looked up at him holding all her hopes n her eyes;
Kya solution Armaan?
A: Tum mujhe bas itna batao ki vo jo dresses humne liye the humare honeymoon pe vo kaha rakhe hai?
R: Tch.....uska tumhe ab kya.........
A: Arey baba just tell na!
R: Vo toh walk in wadrobe ke top most wali shelf main hai....par.....
He started walking towards the walk in wadrobe while his face clearly indicating that something was cooking   in her mind;
Itne upar kyu rakh diya hai unhe; koi baat nahi I?ll just check......
R: Armaan you know I won?t wear them anytime sooner now; main vo sab dresses sirf party ke liye vegera pehnungi; par abhi tum uska kya karoge?
A: Just wait and watch babes!
He stood up on a stool and removed the bag that contained her dresses. After shuffling through it for a while he found what he desired for and that could be read clearly on his face.
He walked back to her and held the jacket up;
Ye Basket; this is the thing you need right now. Ye pehen lo; it?s going with your dress perfectly aur iski vajah se tumhe dress change bhi nahi karna padega!
Saying so he walked behind her and made her wear it. She walked up to the mirror and saw at her reflection and then looked up at him who stood right behind her. She just adored him through the mirror while he could read her every thought; but right now he knew it was really necessary to go back to the party or else everyone will be really worried.
A: Uh uh.....I know ab tumhara thanks giving session shuru hoga par not now! Party khatam ho jaye uske baad hum jaroor ye session continue karenge; privately!
He winked at her through the mirror and then turning her around cleared the tears that were ready at the corner of her eyes to spill out any moment.
Extending his hand for her he asked like a gentleman;
So shall we?
They walked downstairs and everyone went awe as they looked picture perfect. Their hands interwined; while their steps matching each other?s.
One more and the most important thing that made them picture perfect was; Armaan had that million dollar smile on his lips as he walked looking straight; but what he did not know or rather preferred to not know for the moment was; his lovely wife Riddhima; had her gaze fixed on him admiring him to the fullest. While her steps matched his; just trusting him to wherever he would lead her.
He knew she was busy watching him; but it was her day; and the party?s focus was supposed to be entirely her; not THEM!
So; he just led her to the cake placed neatly in the centre with those decorative balloons making it look fancy.
Once that he reached the destination he looked up at her and purposely placed a small peck on her temple as he knew very well what was going to following. On a cue the next moment he heard everyone around hooting and whistling and instantly she was snapped back to the present.
She looked around and as she realised that it wasn?t just the two of them but; everyone surrounding them and were very much watching them she instantly let go of his arm and grabbed her jacket in a pretext of keeping it in place.
Mu: Yaar ye jacket ke saath toh ye dress aur bhi achi lag rahi hai nahi?
Ni: Haan bilkul; and Ridzy I am sure Ammy e tujhe bata hi diya hoga but still let me inform you once more; tu bohot pretty lag rahi hai!
Riddhima just gave a shy smile and thanked everyone for the wonderful dress.
Dr.Keerti: Chaliye fir Riddhima; cake kaatiye; let?s start the celebrations!
At: Haan Ridz yaar jaldi kar na; bohooot bhook lagi hai!
She was handed the knife and as on a reflex her gaze went towards him to come ahead and join her. Her eyes spoke the needed and he read it perfectly. After all he was a champion at reading her thoughts ;)
He instantly walked ahead and held her hand softly and both of them cut the cake together. He fed her the first bite and just as she was about to grab the cake he smashed the remaining chocolate piece all over her cheek and nose making her gasp.
The party was on full swing; music started and all the people hit the dance floor except for Riddhima and so obviously Armaan had no interest left either! He approached her as she preferred to stay unreachable as always sitting near the counter just observing everyone around. your party; come na let?s have a dance!
He grabbed her hand pulling her out of the chair.
Armaan mera man nahi kar raha!
She gave him a pleading look as she genuinely didn?t feel good. But his puppy eyes seemed to do the trick. She finally gave in and held his hand walking towards the dance floor. Once on the dance floor; she wasn?t allowed to think of anything but him. His arms held her perfectly; his captivating eyes never let her gaze tear apart from him. She felt free tonight. There were a bunch of people around and somewhere at the back of her mind she knew it; but tonight she did not bother to care. His arms that surrounded her; blocked the view of anything and everything around! As if; giving her a world of her own.
Her hands circled his neck and she moved closer to him. The shine in her eyes was too prominent to go unnoticed by him. He smiled to himself seeing her lost in him. Too content in her own thoughts she sighed closing her eyes and placed her head against his chest completely giving in to the moment.
Surprise kaisa laga? You like it?
She did not bother putting her reply in words; she simply replied in hmm.......
wrapping her hands around him tighter she hugged him closer.
The party came to an end and everyone was happy seeing Riddhima smile to the fullest. Her face showed how content she felt. Later he stood near the window of his room; staring at the moon remembering her face and teasing the moon in his own thoughts about how she always managed to beat him with her angelic beauty. He felt two delicate hands crawl up on his chest and her head rested on his back.
Armaan...... thanks for the surprise. Mujhe samajh nahi aata ki tum kaise mujhe surprise karne ka ek mauka bhi nahi chodte! Vaise yaha kya kar rahe ho?
He pulled her in front and made her stand on his feet as usual. She gasped at the sudden proximity and her eyes instantly averted towards his shirt buttons that her hands played with.
Main Mr.Chand se keh raha tha; ki aaj bhi vo meri Basket ko harane main nakamayab hi raha! Tumne aaj bhi use hara diya baby!
She looked up at him with a frown and he quickly kissed it away;
Tumhari khubsoorti se!
She knew better than looking into his eyes as he said that. He snaked his arms around her waist caressing it making her even more shivery;
When will you stop looking so beautiful Basket?
Her trembling body conveyed to him that she was incapable enough to answer him; leave alone argue! Her eyelashes that were continuously staring down at his buttons while her fingers too who found his buttons much more interesting than him made him a little jealous. Boy he was crazy he himself thought; he hated whatever she stared at when he was right in front; even if the thing was ALIVE or not!
He grabbed her hands and twisted them behind her back bringing her in direct contact with him leaving her with no choice but to look up at him. As she stared at him startled by his action he snapped;
She answered back with her big innocent eyes wide open in the sweetest and softest voice he had ever known;
Kya.... maine kya kiya?
He unknowingly bent down and kissed her cheek before answering her;
Main yaha tumhare saamne hote hue tumhe mere shirt main itna interest kyu hai? Kabhi hume bhi itne pyaar se dekh liya karo; hum bura nahi maanenge!
She instantly turned cherry red hearing his complaint.
Armaan please..... she got out of his hold and walked away but he was quick enough to hold her hand and pull her back in his arms. Resting his back against the wall behind he kept her back rested against his chest. All she could manage was small moans as his cold hands teased her skin.
The only obstruction of her smooth silky hair was away and his lips descended on her neckline making her close her eyes. Her hands on their own accord found his; for the much needed support; and she relaxed in his arms while his lips played havoc with her senses. She turned in his hold as his lips touched her earlobe and hugged him tightly hiding her face in his neck. He felt her fluctuating heartbeat against his chest; while her awry breath tickled his neck.
Her hands gripped his shirt as his cold fingers found their way inside her shirt. Though not facing her; he could still picture her flushed face with eyes shut tight in anticipation and her lips quivering. He purposely drew pattern on her waistline teasing her as he knew how ticklish she felt at the moment. Raising her shirt bit by bit his hands moved up. His lips on other hand nipped her earlobe leaving her in no state to think straight.
She felt her entire body shiver as his hands roamed over her back. Her body had missed that touch; HIS warmth! Her body didn?t give her brain any chance to think; it itself reacted to his touch without her consent.
She never realized when she was lifted off the ground and placed on the bed. His body towered hers and as his torso dropped down on hers she gasped at the direct contact of their bodies. Her hands found their way into his jet black hair and ruffled them. She had no clue how he loved it whenever her delicate fingers played with his hair. His hands slowly moved up to her face and cupped her cheeks; his eyes boring down into hers as both of them tried to grab hold of their breath. The glow on her face was a treat to watch; the moment she opened her eyes he knew what this moment meant to her! The touch was only physical which could be seen; but only he knew how emotionally she was touched by his mere brush against her body.
His fingers traced her lips as she continued looking up at him; her own hands moved down to his clean shaved cheeks caressing them trying to feel him. He smiled at her as her eyes were glued to his as if conveying all of her gratitude at once. Without her asking he returned her thanks and simply placed his lips down on hers. She startled a bit at the sudden lip lock; but as his manly lips moved slowly against her lips she felt her just found breath reach it?s peak. She couldn?t remember if her body reacted this way every time he touched her; or it was only today that she had lost control over her fast pacing heart and shivering body under his hold.
Moving away he stared down at her with a content smile seeing her dazed out of the kiss;
I would have loved to continue this; but we need to be at Sanjeevani tomorrow! So Good night Love......Love you!
Planting a soft kiss against her forehead he lied down and the next minute he felt her head resting against his chest. She hugged him tight snuggling into him and placed a soft kiss on his chest.
He enveloped her in his arms and both of them drifted off to sleep. She was sure that this is what sleeping beauty must have felt when her prince charming must have kissed her. A Magical experience! But just that she(sleeping beauty) had to wake out of her dreams; while here; her prince charming had set her into a frenzy; a dreamland out of which she never wished to come!


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