Monday, 1 June 2015

Part 5: Aur Pyar Ho Gaya


That day all the interns were present in the locker room after completing their duties.
Anjali: ridzi chalein?
Ridhima: nahi di me ajaun gi…
Anjali: aise kese aa jaye gi …. Chal na ….
riddhima: (hiding her smile )wo di Armaan sir ne kuch kaam die hain…..
Armaan: what ?? mene kab … mene to koi kaam nahi dia .. jhooti …
Riddhima glared at him and went up to him and said …: aapne hi to kaha tha … ice-cream ….
Armaan(now understanding): oo haan …. Han han mene hi to kaha ta … tum log jao mein riddhima ko drop kr dunga kaam ke baad ..
Anjali : u better do so
saying so anjali left and so did all the other interns except riddhima and anjali.
Armaan: wese basket tumne jhutt kyun bola ?
Riddhima: kyunke agar hum di ko bta dete to wo bhi aane ki zidd krti … aur phiir mujhe ice-cream sahi se khane nahi deti…
Armaan: kyu wo tumhari ice-cream cheen leti hai kya ? he asked smilingly
Riddhima glared at him and then said: wo mein ice-cream bohat zyada khati hun na … to..
Armaan: oh okay okay … ab jaldi kro … wrna der ho jaye gi ….

While armaan was driving the bike … riddhima had opened her arms to let her feel the weather which was quite good at the moment… wind was brushing past her black hair.
Armaan: pehli baar bike pe bethi ho kyaa?
Ridhima: han … issi liey to bike pe lekr jane ko kaha ….
they reached the ice-cream parlor. Riddhima: (to waiter) bhaiya … ek chocolate ice-cream , ek strawberry ice-cream aurr ek vanilla…(then looking towards armaan) tum kuch logge?
Armaan staring at her in disbelief: ye sab tumne apne liey …
Riddhima: (calmly) haan …
Armaan to the waiter: bas yehi le ayein aap
When the ice-creams arrived … riddhima started eating as of she was eating ice-creams for the first time. She took one spoon from one flavor and the next from the other. Armaan kept looking at her face … which was busy in devouring the ice-creams.
After paying the bill they left the place. In the journey back to home it had started raining. Ridhima : Armaan bike rook..
Armaan : what … yahan ?
Ridhima: armaan rokooo naaww ( while saying this she looked so cute that armaan could not deny her request)
He stopped the bike and riddhima stepped down . she started to play and dance in the rain. While armaan kept looking at her. Ridhima signaled at him to come and enjoy with her . he came towards her … and stared intently into her eyes…. Ridhima who had stopped dancing also was lost in his blue eyes… just then some boys on bikes came there….
Boy 1: oyee dekho dekho … yahan to khulam khula ishq laraya jaa raha hai …
boy 2 : (saying to riddhima) jan e man … hum bhi bure to nahi hain …
all of them started laughing… Anger was clearly visible on Armaan’s face. He hid ridhima at his back. He moved forward towards the boys…. And held boy 2 by his collar and said: kya kaha tune ?... teri himmat kese hui riddhima ke bare ..
Boy 1: ohh … to item teri dost hai ?....
boy 3: ri..dhii…maa … wah bhai ….. jesi khud wese hi naam bhi ……. Khoobsuuurraatt (he said this while scanning riddhima from head to toe)
riddhima felt uncomfortable. Meanwhile Armaan punched boy 3 in his face while all the other boys aso started fighting with armaan… nearly all the boys were now lying on the road fainted… only two were left … one was being beaten by armaan … while the other ran towards riddhima and held her by her hand .
ridhimaa shouted: Arrrrrmmmaaaannnn!!!!!
Listening to ridhima’s shriek armaan ran towards her direction and sprang upon the boy and started beating him fiercely.
Riddhima: armaan .. armaan choro use … wo mar jayega …
listening to this Armaan stopped beating the boy and looked at ridhhima who was shivering with cold….Armaan took off his jacket and gave it to riddhima who took it reluctantly…. Then Armaan drove off to her house. He bid riddhima good bye and left.

that night in armaan’s bedroom… armaan was thinking about the incident that happened about an hour ago.
Armaan: mujhe ho kya gaya tha … akhir kyu mujhe itna ghussa aaa gaya?

while in riddhima’s bedroom .. ridhima was also in a deep thought….
Riddhima: armaan ko ho kya gaya tha …. Use itne ghusse me to pehle kabhi nahi dekha …. Kher job hi hua uss ke liey mujhe use thank you to bolna hi chahiye … agar w na hota to pata nahi kya ….
She had stopped in mid-sentence as she did not want to think about it ….
Riddhima to herself: thank you armaan ….

To be continued ….

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