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part 5: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Armaan is sleeping with a charming dimpled smile playing on his face.Riddhima comes near the bed to wake him up.He wakes up to see his Riddhima wearing his favourite sauce wala laal colour saree,mangalsutra with little make up on her beautiful glowing face.She seats beside him n strokes his head playing with his hairs.
Riddhima:utho na Armaan,sab niche breakfast ke liye wait kar rhe hai.
Armaan:(putting his head on her lap)nahi Riddhima,mujhe tumahare sath rehna hai.aise hi.
Then he pulls her suddenly so that she is lying on the bed and he is half lying upon her.he puts her hair back to ears and comes closer.his blue orbs fixed to her green orbs.he comes more closer and looks at her lips,then again looks in her eyes.their lips were an inch distance.He close his eyes and was about to kiss her.When muskaan shouts. ap kya kar rhe ho.wo Rahul hai Riddhima nahi...
Armaan listening this opens his eyes only to see Rahul lying their with closed eyes and hand on his mouth,horrified.Armaan gets up with a jerk realizing he was dreaming.Rahul runs out of the room all shock.Muskaan and Ananya laughs standing at the door looking embarrassed Armaan and horrified and shocked Rahul.

Rahul has come to call Armaan as he was late than his usual time.Muskaan has come to check why Rahul is taking so much time just to call Armaan and she was almost dead to see Armaan is about to kiss her husband thinking she is Riddhima and shouts.Ananya was going down when she heard Muskaan and rush to see what has happened for Muskaan to shout like this.she started laughing.
Ananya:(laughing to Armaan)jaldi ready hok niche aa ja breakfast ke liye.(looking at Muskaan and laughing more)chal.din ki shuruwat achi thi.
Muskaan:(laughing)ha ha ha ha..ha mom.jab dad ko pata chalega to aur maza aaega(looking at Muskaan)bhai,ap aj to mere sautaan ban jate.(dramatically crying fakely)phr mera kya hota...?kaha jati mai abhaagan??(laughing)Aur Riddhima?uska to socha hota bhai?use pta chalega to kya sochegi wo aap ke bare me??
Armaan stands their all embarrassed and guiltily and then runs in the bathroom.
Yes,Muskaan knows her Armaan bhai is in love with her sister-cum-best friend.and she is so much happy but prays so that Riddhima should also forget her past and move on with Armaan.Rahul gave her the news the day she came back to Mallik mansion.She always makes plan so that Armaan can meet Riddhima and they both can know each other more.They all went for picnic so that they can help Armaan without telling him,as if he get to know,for sure he will be angry as he wants to do efforts alone to win Riddhima's heart.
Armaan is in dream land now-a-days,always thinking about her and dreaming about their future.He is just waiting for the day when he can love in her eyes for him and is sure that the time will come very soon.He talks to her daily on phone about something or nothing.
Riddhima is day by day becoming more friendly with Armaan.She likes talking to him very much so whenever she is free,calls him.sometime they talk for hours about their likes dislikes,what they want to do in future.She feels proud to be his only girl-friend and that he shares everything to her.They enjoyed alot in the picnic last week,planned by Rahul and Muskaan playing antakshari,football,Muskaan doing everyones mimicry and all laughing.She has forgot about Sid.She is very much happy with Armaan's friendship.He always makes her feels better.she somewhere in her heart feels connected to him.She never felt like this with Sid too.She is now focused to her work and Nikita is very happy to see her happy.
Here Shashank has told Padma about his wish to make Armaan their son-in-law.Padma was very much glad and wished in her mind "meri Riddhima ka rishta Armaan se pakka kar dijiye bhagwaan jee".They many time thought to talk to Malliks but Anjali denied as she was aware of Armaan's wish and wanted Armaan himself comes with the proposal.She has seen love n care for Riddhima in Armaan's eyes and with his action too but she wants Riddhima to feel the same for Armaan.Riddhima is now-a-days is at Joshi house,as her sister is 3 months pragnent.Anjali has called riddhima for some days so that if she will not feel good with her health,Riddhima will be their for her when Atul is busy working.Anjali and Atul were talking to Riddhima.
Anjali:Ridzi,tune shadi ke bare me kya socha hai?
Riddhima was shock with the sudden question.
Riddhima:mujhe thoda aur waqt chahiye di...mai abhi apne career pe focus karna chahti hu.
Atul:are Ridzi,wo to tu shadi k bad bhi kar sakti hai,jaise anji aur muski kar rh hai.muski rahul aur armaan ke sath office aati hai and hume help karti hai aur anji aj bhi apni practise continue kar rh hai.(anjali is a paediatrician)
Riddhima:(thinking)ha par jeej mujhe koi aisa ladka pasnd bhi to aaye na...
Anjali:acha chal bta tujhe kaisa ladka chahiye?
Atul:ha ridzi bol? Mai tere liye waisa hi ladka dhundh k lauga.
Riddhima:(thinking)hmm ladka aisa ho jo mera sab se acha dost ho.mujhe uncoditional pyar kare,chahe kuch bhi ho jaye mera sath kabhi na chode(thinking about sid)meri care kare,aur hmesha mere sath khada rhe chahe dhup ho ya chaao.
Anjali:(smilingly)mil gaya ladka.Ridzi jaisa ladka tu chahti hai waisa to bs Armaan hai.wo teri care b karta hai aur tu uski friend bhi hai.and i am sure ki wo tujhse bhot pyar b karega shadi k bad.
Riddhima:(shocked)ye ap kya keh rahi ho di.(looking at atul)jeej di ko samjhao na.pagal ho gai hai,kuch bhi bol rh hai.
Atul:kya galat keh rh hai?? ridzi.Armaan tere liye perfect match hai(Anjali has told everything to Atul)tu hi to chahti hai na ki tera life partner tera sabse acha dost ho.Aur Armaan se acha dost hai kya teri life me??
Anjali:ha ridzi,soch is bare me.shayad tujhe samajh aa jaye.
Then they both go to sleep in their room.Riddhima is thinking about Armaan.she thinks what Atul and Anjali has said to her.
Riddhima:(thinking)kya sach me Armaan aur mai...(smiling) wo to mera bhot acha dost hai aur meri kitni care bhi karta din jb mujhe chot lagi thi to wo kitna bechain ho gaya tha...

Picnic day
their is a big garden where all(armaan,anjali,riddhima,atul,rahul,muskaan)are playing football.Riddhima is admiring a cute girl playing alone when ball comes and hits riddhima's leg as Rahul has passed the ball to her to kick.she shouts in pain and sits their not able to walk.Armaan comes running.
Armaan:riddhima?tum thik ho?
Riddhima:aaahh.bhot pain ho rha hai.
Armaan first glares to Rahul in anger then picks up Riddhima in his arms and makes her sit on the bench.He removes her shoes and caresses her foot ask muskaan to bring pain-relief ointment from car and applies gently on her foot.She is happy to get a friend who cares for her alot.then he ask everyone to play antaksharee so that Riddhima will not have to move for sometime till her pain decreases.

Flashback ends
Riddhima:(to herself) jab wo itna acha dost ho sakta hai to soch riddhima ki wo husband kitna acha hoga.(smiling) he will be the best husband.par maine kbhi use as a husband point of view se dekha hi nahi(hitting her head lightly)itne din se so rh thi kya ridzi.tera life partner tere sath tha aur tu use dekh bhi nahi pai. Wait wait wait.jyada sapne mat dekh ridzi.agr wo kisi aur se pyar karta hoga to..karta hi hoga yar. Itna good looking and handsome hai.kafi ladkiya marti hai uspe to phr kaise ab tak single hoga.koi na koi to hogi.(thinking)offo... Ridzi pagal ho jaegi tu itna sochegi to.usi se puch leti hu.(picking up her phone)nahi nahi.itni rat me wo q jaga hoga.aur kya sochega...
Thinking this she doze off.

Next day
She gets up and call Armaan.she has already seen so many bad dreams in a single night and wants to make sure that they all are not real.
Armaan picks up the phone
Armaan:hey Riddhima.aj itni subh subh kaise yad kiya?
Riddhima:(confused)hmm wo ar... Armaan mai... Mai tumse mil...(closing her eyes)Armaan mai tumse milna chahti hu,mujhse tumse kuch puchna hai,kya aj sham tum mujhe mil sakte ho.plz its urgent...
She said all this in one go.
Armaan:ha ha q nahi.mai milta hu sham ko.nothing serious na?
Riddhima:(to herself) ha bhot jyada serious hai.meri life aur death ka sawaal hai.(to armaan)nahi kuch serious nh thodi bat karni hai.chalo bye.
She cuts the call and here Armaan is all confused that what has happened to her and why she is behaving so weirdly. But is happy to meet her all alone having no family and friends around her for sometime.Ofcorse he loves his family and friend but wants to spend some precious time with her alone.

Here ends the part.
Do tell hows the part guys.


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