Saturday, 6 June 2015

part 5 : pyari ma mumma

Riddhima thinks about this as she looked at the papers in her hands and she comes out from her thoughts as she heard the knock on door immediately she hides the papers. As she answered the door
R:" come in"
She said and then julie entered in the cabin and
J:" sorry to disturb you mam but actually there is some important courier has been come for armaan sir so I thought to give it mam"
She said giving the reason of her visit and riddhima nodded and she can see julie is still frightened, well armaan is such a nice boss but he can be really scary sometimes when he is angry so she stands up and then putting her hand on her shoulder she

R:" julie I am sorry on armaan's behalf you know sometimes he gets bit problematic but he does not wants to hurt you sorry julie"
She apologised from her and julie smiled at her she knows riddhima mam from quite sometime as she is the regular visitor of  Malliks she knows she shares a great rapport with them especially armaan sir and she too adored riddhima mam for her down to earth nature then she just as
J:" no mam please don't say sorry it's actually my fault i should  not actually makes nandini mam on hold actually mam sir is bit disturbed from morning so I thought"
Riddhima sighed as she heard julie her armaan has very transparent face he cant able to hide his emotions even if he want to so
R:" I understand julie"
J:" mam everything fine?"
She asked and riddhima looked at her then nodding with a smile she
R:" yes julie don't worry anyways you come to give something right?"
She asked and julie then remembered the courier so she just
J:"yes mam here this courier is for sir"
Riddhima smiled and takes it and then she
R:" thank you julie I"ll give it to armaan and once again sorry about him"
J:" thats perfectly fine mam"
And then julie left the room and riddhima gazed at the courier it states "Private & Confidential" she reads as she turned the package there is no name if sender on it
R:"is par bhejne vaale ka nam tou hai hi nahiin tou yeh kisi company ki taraf se tou ho nahiin sakta as they surely mentioned their name. Tou kahiin yeh osi ne tou nahiin bheja jisne armaan ko vo papers bheje hain. Oh god main armaan ko yeh dekhne nahiin den sakti aagar armaan ne aab yeh dekh liyya aur ismein fir se kuch aisa vaisa hua tou main ose sambhal nahiin paungi. Kya karun main aab. Aisa karti hun ki ise pehle main dekhti hun aagar sab theek hua tou armaan ko den dungi. I am sorry Armaan but sab sirf tumhare liyye"
She said to herself and immediately stuffed that in her bag and then she heard door clicked and finds karan mallik coming in and seeing her he has the wide smile on his face
K:" rimmy beta what a pleasant surprise"
As he called her riddhima too gives him wide smile then she moved towards him and greeted him
R:" namastey uncle kaise hain aap"
And karan mallik blessed her and engulfing her in his arms he
K:" I am good bacha par main bahut gussa hun aapse aap kab se ayi hain aur mujhse milli bhi nahiin thats not fair"
He pouted like a kid and riddhima smiled she  loved and adored karan uncle like her dad and same with karan uncle he showered with all his fatherly love just like armaan so
R:"sorry na uncle actually I just come to tell armaan that everything is ready for tomorrow nahiin tou is that even possible i don't come to see you"
She said holding her ears making him smile and then engulfing her in hug he said that
K:" yeah mothers day so bacha you are forgiven"
R:" thank you uncle you are the best I love you"
K:" love you too vaise tera vo idiot best friend aapni ma ka ladla kahan hain"
He asked as his eyes searched for his son in the room and riddhima
R:" he is in washroom uncle"
K:"oh ok I thought aabhi tak oske gifts finish nahin hue ooski mumma ke liyye"
He laughed making riddhima smiled and
R(in her heart):"nandu ma karan papa aur armaan ek doosre se dill se jude hain koi ek bhi aalag hua tou teenon meiin se koi nahiin jee payega. Main kisi ko bhi mere is hanste khelte paeivar ko todne nahiin dungi koi beech meiin nahiin aayega. Main sach jan kar rahungi yeh nandu ma ki family hain oonka Armaan hain ise koi nahiin bikher paayega I promise armaan yeh vaada hain tumhari riddhima ka tumse"


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