Friday, 12 June 2015

Part 50:I will bring my basket back

She finished her work earlier today. Even Armaan was supposed to be free by now but he wasn’t. It had been a month she had been back and it felt as though life was finally on track. She felt too tired and just wanted to go home but not without him. After s while she got a call as she waited for him in the parking;

Riddhima baby you go ahead; mujhe kuch kaam hai toh mujhe der ho jayegi. Tum ghar chali jao ok.
Par Armaan tumne toh kaha tha ki......
I know I was almost done but kuch important kaam aa gaya hai can’t ignore it Jaan. Tum chinta mat karo I’ll be home in an hour. Driver hoga neeche tum chali jao ok.....bye........
Par Armaan.....meri baat toh.........
but before she could say anything else the line went dead. She felt goose bumps all over her body.
She was reminded of the horrendous day and a somewhat similar situation when she had pleaded that she did not want to go home all alone. He had never after that let her go alone; he knew her insecurity then how could he do that to her today. But then she took a deep breath and consoled herself.
Nahi Armaan kabhi aisa nahi karta if it wouldn’t have been important. I am sure kuch bohot jaruri kaam hoga. It’s okay.....vaise bhi usne kaha hai 1 ghante main vapas aa jayega........
After thinking for a while she headed towards her car and went home. She freshened up making sure that all the doors and windows were shut tightly. Parshu kaka was at home but still an insecurity and darkness seeped through her heart.

After the incident it was first time that she was alone at home. She knew she was home and safe inside 4 walls but still she felt exposed since her 24*7 shield was off. Armaan wasn’t around and that made her quite restless.
Placing her things neatly on the table she was just praying to send Armaan soon. Her eyes were stuck at her watch counting every passing second in his wait; when she missed a beat of her heart.
The lights went out and all of sudden she was surrounded with darkness. The phone that she had just grabbed slipped out of her hands and her legs turned shaky. Armaan’s absence had already made things hard for her and to worsen it all the lights had gone leaving her all alone in the dark.
Her legs instantly turned towards the door and her heart started thudding loudly. Only name that came to her mouth was ARMAAN. She was really frightened but somehow she moved ahead and started calling out Parshu kaka.
Kakaa...... Parshu kaka aap...................
she for once froze and her words stuck at her throat as she felt someone’s presence.
Kaun......kaun hai vaha..........Armaan......... tum ho; Armaan?.........Arm........
She took 2 more steps ahead but was covered in sweat as she sensed the person lock the door turning the room pitch dark! She could see the dark figure approaching her and her mind numbed. On a reflex she started backing off. She could see that it was a manly figure;
Kakaaaa....... Parshu kaka...........
She knew kaka was home so she tried to call him for help but never got any response.
Ka....un ho tum...... what do you want? Dekho tum mere..... paas mat aana..... main......
She was too frightened and had no idea what she was supposed to do.
Her leg hit against the bed and she stumbled. Her eyes automatically shed tears and her pulse rate doubled.
Armaaaaan helpppp.......Armaaaaaan................
 All she could see was the person advancing towards her; she was too petrified. But at the same time she knew she had to act; she couldn’t be a victim again to any horrendous incident that would send her back to sleepless nights. The person wasn’t attacking but wasn’t backing off as well. She somehow got off the bed and went to the other side when her hand reached the side table and sensed something cold.
As she held it she realized it was a knife. She wondered when and how it came there but right now was  no time to think over it; she grabbed it and pointed it towards the person.
Dekho mere..... mere paas mat aana..... varna main..... I’ll use it. I am warning you.
But the person seemed unaffected.
As she kept backing up and the person approached her she ultimately hit the wall behind and was trapped. She was a little surprised as the man never once uttered a word but was just approaching her.
Kya chahte ho..... leave me alone. Gooo away...........
She cried helplessly but the person did not bother to consider her plea and as he was a few steps away he raised his hand and was about to touch her face. She was terrified but all of a sudden Armaan’s face flashed in front of her face.
She remembered all the efforts that he had put in to bring her out of those dark nights, painful memories. She remembered the way he had told her that she had to fight for herself as at the end she was the only one who could save herself if she wanted!
She gained all the courage she could and saw the hand that was about to hold her;
She pushed the hand making the person stumble back and attacked him with the knife. He shrieked in pain as the knife cut his upper arm and could see the blood that oozed out of it. She pushed him harshly making him fall back and groan in pain.
Grabbing the opportunity; she rushed towards the door and tried to open it but to her surprise she found it locked from outside. That is when the person hissed and for some reason the voice seemed quite familiar to her.
Even before she could try to understand things she heard the person shout and turned around;
Kakaa....ssssss........ lights!!
She frowned at his words and his voice just blew her mind;
Ye awaaz toh..... Arm.........
She could see the figure standing up and she looked around as the lights were back. As her eyes returned back to the person she gasped looking at his face.
Yes..... the person was none other than Armaan! The knife slipped out of her hand as she saw the blood oozing out of his arm and stood rooted to the spot. The next moment the door flung open and Parshu kaka entered;
Baba.... aapko toh chot lag gayi. Main abhi first aid lekar aata hu.
Riddhima just kept looking at them all confused and then saw Armaan walk towards her.
I am so sorry Armaan..... vo mujhe laga..... main dar gayi thi..... lights bhi chali gayi thi aur fir..... tum...... I am really sorry..... main....... I was just..... tum kuch bol bhi nahi rahe the toh main.............
Her hands started trembling and she held his arm to examine the wound when she heard him speak;
I am alright Basket!
Armaan looked as calm as ever; in fact his face showed a weird sense of satisfaction! She was confused as hell.
Parshu kaka entered in with the kit;
Riddhima bitiya aap theek toh hai na. Aapko kahi chot toh nahi aayi?
Riddhima looked at him perplexed and almost burst out on him;
Kaka aap mujhse ye kyu pooch rahe hai. Aapko dikhayi nahi deta Armaan ke haath se khoon beh raha hai; deejiye main dressing kar dungi. Aur aap kaha the; main kabse aapko aawaz laga rahi thi par aap...........
Bitiya vo...........
Armaan cut him in between and took the kit from his hands;
Kaka aap jaiye. Thank you very much for the help kaka. Aur aap chinta mat keejiye; Riddhima bilkul theek hai!
Par Ammy baba aapki dressing......
Main kar lunga kaka....... it’s okay!
Parshu kaka nodded and left the room. But all this while Riddhima was just busy watching Armaan’s arm which was hurt badly; by HER!!
Armaan tumhe ho kya gaya hai.... tum kuch bol kyu nahi rahe the? Main kabse pooch rahi thi na tumse.... aur....vo..... vo kaka bhi jawab nahi de rahe the ye.....
She was panting out of fear while her eyes were sheding tears.
Riddhima sabse pehle toh shant ho jao theek hai. Don’t you see what you have done? You should be happy!
She looked at him completely baffled;
Armaan ?? Tum pagal ho gaye ho? Meri vajah se tumhe itna badha ghav ho gaya hai aur tum keh rahe ho ki mu...........
Armaan held her shoulders and brought her closer making her look straight in his eyes;
Haan mujhe chot lagi hai but don’t you see the brighter side? Tumne kiya hai ye sab!! All by yourself Basket!
Tum bol kya rahe ho.....mujhe kuch samajh nahi..........
Basket..... baby you defended yourself right now! Tumne apne aapko bachaya hai mujhse; physically I’m twice as you; still you managed to push me off you and hurt me as much so that you could save yourself! Tumhe apne aapko safeguard kar liya without my help! Without anybody’s help.
Mujhe nahi pata tum ye sab kya keh rahe ho..... jo bhi hai tumhe ek baar toh bolna chahiye tha na tum ho......... agar kuch ho jata toh...........
Kuch nahi hota Riddhima...... don’t you still get it............
Tum aisa kaise keh sakte ho........
Because I was the one who planned it Riddhima!
Planned it?? “Planned it” se kya matlab hai tumhara?
I am sorry for all this Basket par maine ye sab jaan bujhkar kiya tha. I had instructed Parshu kaka to not answer you; maine jaan bujhkar tumhe ghar akele bheja tha; I was the one who switched off the lights aur vo knife bhi vaha maine hi rakha tha!
She shrugged off his hand that rested against her shoulder;
Tumne ye sab..... jaan bujhkar...... kyu Armaan? Kis baat ki saja de rahe the tum mujhe?
Nahi Jaan meri baat suno...... aisa nahi hai..... main toh sirf.......
Armaan kuch bhi ho sakta tha; agar maine dar ke mare tumpe attack kar diya hota toh. Galti se agar knife se gehra ghav hota toh? Vo chaku kis liye rakha tha tumne; agar mere haathon kuch........ she stopped mid way and shut her eyes tightly as she thought of the worst situations that could happen.
Tumhe kuch ho jata toh kya Armaan........... tumne aisa kyu kiya......
She started walking back pushing him away as he tried to hold her.
Mujhe kuch nahi sunna Armaan; mujhe nahi pata kya ghatiya majak sujha tha tumhe par tumne ye bilkul bhi theek nahi kiya. Main is ke liye tumhe kabhi maaf..........
He pulled her up and kept his hold firm this time; as she tried to push him he winced in pain as his arm was still bleeding but did not let her get out of his hold;
Will you just shut up and listen to me once!
She stopped struggling and cried silently still in his arms as she realized her struggle was causing him pain.
Haan main jaanta hu ki ye sab karke maine tumhe takleef pohchayi hai; par is takleef ke hi vajah se tum ye kar payi ho Riddhima. I achieved what I wanted to!
She shot him an unbelievable look stumped by his words;
Kya karna chahte the tum Armaan? Khoon bahana chahte the apna vo bhi mere haathon?
Nahi Riddhima........
He held her face and caressing her cheek put forward his intentions looking straight in her eyes;
Main apni biwi ko ye samjhana chahta tha ki use apni suraksha ke liye meri jarurat nahi hai!
The frown was erased off her forehead instantly as she realized what he was trying to say. He cleared her tears as he saw her eyes calm a little.
Riddhima..... main humesha hi tumhare saath rahunga; har baar tumhare aage tumhari dhal bana rahuna to protect you from every bad. Par ye sab main is liye nahi karunga kyunki tumhe meri jaroorat hai khud ko bachane ke liye; main ye sab sirf apne farj ke liye karunga. Shaadi ke un pavitra vaadon ko nibhane ke liye karunga. Apne pyaar ke khatir karunga.
I am by your side at every step Basket; but what you need to understand is; you are not exposed without me! Tumhe apni safety ke liye meri ya kisi aur ki jaroorat nahi hai! Haan vo knife maine hi vaha rakha tha; par tumne use istamaal karne ki himmat dikhayi; khudko bachane ki koshish aajmayi tabhi mujh jaise....umm..... what do you call me...... haan..... mujh jaise junior hulk tak ko maar kar bhaag payi!
He smiled at her but anyways continued making his point;
Kisi bhi ladki ko apne bachaav ke liye takat se jyaada himmat ki jarurat hoti hai Riddhima. And that is all that I wanted to let you know. Tum us haadse se har chote se chote dar ki aadhin ho gayi ho. Par us sab se bahar aao toh dekhogi; ki us sehmi Riddhima ke andar aaj bhi vo Basket chup hai jo har takleef se ladne ki himmat rakhti hai. Chahe toh jungli billi bankar saamne wale ko behaal kar sakti hai!
Remember Riddhima kal agar main tumhare aas paas nahi raha aur Godforbid tumhe khud apna protection karna pada toh you are capable enough to do so. I am your shield baby; but in my absence you yourself are no less than any weapon don’t forget that!
He handed her the knife and caressed her hand;
Aaj se ye military knife humesha tumhare saath hoga. I’ll see to it ki ainda tumhe kabhi iska istamaal karne ki jarurat hi na pade; but at the same time if the situation calls for it; I would be more than happy if you bring it to some good use!
I know.... har baar sirf will power sab kuch nahi ho sakta; but do you realize Riddhima ki us incident ke baad se aisa 1 din nahi gaya hai jab tum bina dark e; akele; mere begair kahi rahi ho! I am more than happy that you are dependent on me for small small things; par mujhe ye manjur nahi hai ke tum mere na hone par laachar mehsoos karo! Mera tumhare paas hona tumhari takat hai is baat se mujhe koi harj nahi; par tumse dur ho jau toh tum kamjor pad jao ye main kabhi nahi chahta Riddhima!
Riddhima looked at him blinklessly as he spoke. All that he did was just to make her realize of her strengths. The guy in front of her had always being her shield; but he was absolutely correct. She could always rely on him; but she should not! His words did tell her that yes; today it was he; whose memory gave her that strength to fight back. He had always been her strength and all that he was asking was to let that be constant.
But all of that reminded her of his deeds; his doing; to make her realize the whole situation. She grabbed his collar pulling him down to her level;
Par is sab main tumhe apni jaan khatre main daalne ki kya jarurat thi Armaan? Agar tumhe kuch ho jata toh mainkhud ko kabhi maaf nahi kar paati! Jaante ho ye sab main kar paayi kyunki tum meri takat ho; tumhare baarein main soch kar hi main lad paayi. Agar tumhe kuch ho jaata toh meri himmat kaun banta?
Kuch nahi sochte na tum; humesha bas superman banna chahte ho. Is sabke beech main ye humesha bhul jaate ho na ki main tumhari patni hu; meri himmat ke saath saath meri jaan bhi toh tum main hi basti hai!
Armaan held his ears and made a cute face apologing for his deed;
Sorry Basket..... maaf kar do! Ainda dhyaan rakhunga.
Riddhima removed his hands and hugged him tight. He had her in his arms but she detangled soon as she felt something wet against her fingers. Realization struck her that he was still injured and needed dressing.
The next moment he was settled and she started dressing his wound with utmost care. He planted a soft kiss on her head as she panicked and smiled at her assuringly which helped her calm a bit.
Everyone was at the nurse station; Riddhima stood with the intern batch as she was yet to clear her tests and Anjali read out the duty chart. Armaan had been busy in meeting since morning soboth of them hadn’t met at all. After her afternoon rounds she found Armaan stading at a far corner busy discussing smoething with an intern.
He turned around in an instant as there was no way he couldn’t guess whose voice it was. She approached him with a controlled smile and a file in her hand as they were in the middle of Sanjeevani with many people aroundso all she could manage right now was a formal hello or some talks under the pretext of that file. She had almost reached him but to her luck her there was an announcement for him; as usual interrupting them. Armaan as always cursed the speakers and he left giving while she gave him a helpless smile.
That was the problem; who said working at the same place gives you some extra time with your partner!
Done with her surgery she had just stepped towards the reception when Muskaan called her out. Armaan too just came into the picture as he handed over some files to Sister Lovely and found the two girls talking. Riddhima had not noticed him yet but he had observed that she looked dead tired.
An intern who had also assisted in the surgery along with Riddhima came out and approached Armaan;
Sir can I please talk to you for a minute?
That is when Riddhima noticed him and gave a weak smile which indeed did not please him at all. Though he was busy with the intern he asked her through his eyes what the matter was to which she simply shook her head.
Acha Muski main chalti hu; mujhe jara Dr.Kirti se baat karni thi.
Armaan wanted to have a word with her but knew that it wasn’t possible as yet. Riddhima had just passed Armaan when he noticed that she stopped all of a sudden; she again stepped ahead but stumbled; and the next minute Armaan ran towards her as she completely lost her balance and collapsed in his arms.
Riddhima?? Riddhima.....tum theek ho??
He tapped her cheek but all she could only manage to blink her eyes uneasily.
All others present too gathered around while Armaan quickly picked her up and took her to the treatment room. Settling her on the examination bed he wiped the sweat off her forehead while making her drink a glass of water.
Are you ok Riddhima.....kya hua tumhe?
I am alright Armaan...... bas thodi si chakkar aa gayi thi.
She spoke up in a tender voice as she was done gulping the water.
Ma’am aap jaakar lunch kar lee jiye apna; it’s quite late already!
The intern who stood just next to her suggested grabbing Armaan’s immediate attention.
Armaan eyes snapped towards the clock which struck 4 and back to her! Riddhima on the other hand shut her eyes tight as she knew what was coming up;
Riddhima?? You are still to have your lunch? Shaam ke chaar baj rahe hai!
Armaan actually vo main.......
The lunch break is supposed to be at 1:30 aur dhai ghante se tum bhuke pet ghum rahi ho! What’s wrong with you Dr.Riddhima?? Have you lost it? And you went in for the surgery just like that! I thought we have some rules in Sanjeevani isn’t it?
Riddhima was a littled hurt as there was a good amount of staff standing in there and he was scolding her left and right in a tone which he knew she always disliked!
Armaan I couldn’t get time....... and I ............
Well then Dr.Mallik aapko time nikaalna chahiye tha! This is not an excuse I am even going to consider.
She was too tired and in no mood to take the scoldings and that too in front of all her friends and staff was out of question!
What’s wrong with you Armaan ? Tum khud kabhi waqt se kuch karte ho jo mujhe bina vajah daant rahe ho!
As she answered back; she had failed to realize taht he was not in best of his moods and was very much angry thanks to her careleness.
Well then in that case let me inform you Dr.Mallik that unlike you main apna khaana skip karke yaha vaha chakkar khake nahi girta! So don’t you dare give me that Riddhima!
She realized that her words had done nothing but infuriated him further. His finger that he had snapped sharply at her was a clear signal that he was much more than angru; She was well aware how he had always warned her on taking care of herself. She tried to explain herself but he had already lost his cool and she knew she was the one responsible.
Not a word more Dr.Riddhima!! Aap abhi isi waqt jaayengi; apna lunch khatam karengi and you’ll head home.
Par Armaan.......
Right now Dr.Riddhima! And I hope aap kam se kam mere orders ki ijaat rakh lengi; varna toh aap apni marzi ki maalik hai. You can do as you wish. But I had really appreciate if you get going!
He stormed out of the room leaving her dazed. She knew she had stepped on his wrong nerve; he had tolerate anything but her carelessness. Now she understood what he had meant when he always said that he had been lenient with her till now for all her carelessness towards her health.
Oye Ridzi tu theek toh hai na?
Riddhima just nodded her head still looking towards the door as he had left.
Kya hai yaha koi mela laga hai; chalo jao apne apne duties pe.

Muskaan told everyone to go away and settled next to Riddhima;
Maine kabhi hero ko itna ghusse main nahi dekha yaar. Tub hi na; kya jarurat thi use jawab dene ki.
Toh kya karti; Vo mujhe daante ja raha tha.............
Mujhe kya pata vo itna naaraj ho jaayega.
Hmm....khair chod; tu ab chal aur jaldi se khana kha le; varna ye sher vapas jag gaya na toh tere saath saath mujhe bhi zinda kha jayega!
Riddhima was done eating when Anjali entered the canteen and told Muskaan to leave as she was there to take care.

Ridzi kya hua tujhe; maine suna Armaan ne bohot ghussa kiya tujhpe? I mean seriously; you guys need to stop fighting..... atleast now!!
Kuch nahi di ye Armaan na; jabse administrator bana hai; Gabbar part 2 banta ja raha hai!
But Ridzi tujhe apna lunch skip nahi karna chahiye tha na!
Diiii...... not you atleast! Mujhe seriously waqt nahi mila. Aur fir surgery main Dr.Shubhankar ko assist bhi karna tha toh.........
Acha acha theek hai chal...... aage se dhyaan rakhna!
She gave her a warm hug and smiled at her as she looked too cute complaining about her hubby!
Toh agar tera khana khaake ho gaya ho toh ghar chale?
Kiske ghar?
Ridzii? Tere ghar aur kiske?
Par aapki duty??
Aapke priy pati devi ne Dr.Kirti se request karke mujhe half day dilwa diya; so that I drop you home. Vaise toh vo khud hi aa jata but uski koi meeting hai fir se so.......
Uff...... main chali jaungi di; aap tension mat lo. I am fine now!
Arey aise kaise...... itni mushkil se teri vajah se mujhe half day mila hai aise kaise chance chod du!
She winked at Riddhima and both walked out giggling like school siblings.
By the time he was back home he had cooled down. He had made sure that she had reached home safely by enquiring Anjali an hour after they left. Just like any other day he freshened up and settled on the sofa watching tv. All the time since he had come home; Riddhima had made every effort to talk to him; but he didn’t budge.
She had even offered him a steaming coffee with a sugar sweet smile but he had ignored her down right and just drank the coffee too busy watching Doremon!
Armaan meri baat toh suno.......
He hit the volume button and increased the volume four times giving her a clear signal that he was least interested.
That was the limit. It had been an hour she was trying to manofy him but he was just being a jerk.... (hehe; mujhe mat gaaliyaan do; according to Riddhima yaar)! She entered the kitchen and started her cold war with the utnesils which he could clearly hear. He smirked as he knew what the chaos was all about but she was not to be forgiven so easily!
She thought that he would atleast come in to stop her from making that noise; but half an hour passed there was no sign of Mr.Mallik. Infact there was too much silence around. As she stepped out she found the room empty and the television switched off which meant;
Point no. 1) All her efforts had gone down the drain.
Point no. 2)  Mr.Mallik was genuinely upset and Mrs.Mallik; in a big trouble!
Now; any other day her tantrum of “Agar tum mujhse baat nahi karoge toh main khana nahi khaungi” would have worked; and she had almost tried it even today; but his one look and she knew today was not the day to mess with him!
Bed was laid and Mrs. Mallik was busy setting the comforter and pillows neatly; but Armaan seemed too busy with his tab. Well if you are thinking he was working then you are absolutely......... WRONG! He was busy playing games; and mind you; as I said he was “BUSY” so not to be disturbed!!
Sprawling on the couch; the tab had his complete attention leaving Riddhima alone to sulk.
Armaan kam se kam bed par aakar so jao; vaha couch pe sone se peeth dard karne lagegi!
15 mins later............
Armaan itni raat ho gayi hai tum ab tak games khel rahe ho; subah duty pe nahi jana?
20 min later............
Fine...... poori raat vohi raho; kam se kam lights toh band kar do!
That he had heard in a second; and followed her orders in micro-seconds. And as the room turned dark she sprang up on the bed. He smiled widely and with lots of struggle kept his giggles under control.
Ughhhh......... Armaaaan!! Ye baat bohot jaldi sunai di na tumhe.
She had seen him smile and that had really irritated her to no ends. Fine she was being careless; but he had just gone completely mute! She hated this; she was hating this silent treatment and so he was mentally praising himself as it was very much working!
She threw a pillow at him as she finally had had enough and stood up on the bed with her hands on her hip;
Mr.Armaan Mallik enough of you. Now will you just speak up once and for all. Kabse main akeli hi bak bak kar rahi hu. Tum jawab kyun nahi de rahe. Main tumse baat kar rahi hu; deewaron se nahi!
That was it; he threw the tab in a far corner of the couch and stood up;
Don’t you think I should be the one yelling at you? Tum kis baat ka ghussa dikha rahi ho mujhe?
What the hell Armaan? Aur kitna ghussa jataoge; aur ghussa ho hoke angry birds ki tarah futna chahte ho kya?! Itne waqt se muh fulake toh baithe ho kaafi nahi hai kya?
God knew how hard he had tried to refrain the smile as she looked too cute at the moment; and her comment had all the more cracked him up; but he wasn’t ready to let go so easily. SO he maintained his straight face.
Whatever Riddhima..... let me play in peace; bina vajah mujhe disturb mat karo!
He got back to his task while she stood with her mouth wide open staring at him unbelievably!
After around half an hour as she couldn’t sleep at all; she slowly approached him. Yes she too had turned a little angry; but she was missing him now. They had not had a normal conversation since yesterday night as he had gone away early morning; and today all they had done was a fight!
She smiled as he had held the tab close to his heart; as he fell asleep right on the couch. Undoubtedly he was a cute little innocent baby just at this moment. Slowly and carefully she pulled the tab out of his hold and lied down next to him. The couch was big and comfy so she had space to snuggle up into his arms.
Armaan who was not completely fast asleep as yet felt her hair that were tickling his ear; and in his sleepy mode he tried to shoo it away think of it of some fly. In an attempt to move he felt his elbow hit something soft and his sleep broke immediately as he heard a shriek; before she could fall off due to his sudden attack he realized the situation and held her back.
But the damage was done; his elbow had already hit her and maybe too hard on her old wound as he saw her groaning with her hand against her waist. He placed her properly on the couch and caressed her waist now towering her;
I am so sorry Basket...... tum yaha kab aayi. I am very sorry.
Armaaaan..... tum ghussa ho toh kya kuch bhi karoge?
Don’t say that..... mujhe sachi main nahi pata chala tum ho Jaan; main neend main tha. I am sorry baby...... bohot jor se lagi kya? Let me check.....
He tried to lift her shirt but she stopped him;
Nahi tum rehne do; koi jarurat nahi hai ab. Vaise bhi naaraj hi ho na mujhse toh kyu jhut muth ki concern dikha rahe ho?
Jhtu muth ka...... Riddhima please?? You know I would never do that! Baby please let me.......
Nahi..... pehle promise karo ki  tum vapas ghussa nahi karoge!
He rolled his eyes at her but as she still stayed firm he gave in to her demands;
Can we talk about that later abhi mujhe tumhari chot....
Nahiiiii...... pehle promise karoooo. Ki tum mujhpe ghussa nahi hoge; naaraj nahi hoge aur ache se baat bhi karoge mujhse! Karo promise!!
Uff...... he sighed as this girl could keep conditions even when hurt and down with pain!!
Fiiiineee baba..... promise; jot um bologi vohi karunga!! Ab toh check karne do.
Ab kya hai Basket.
He asked a little annoyed this time.
Tumne promise kiya tha Armaan; that you won’t scold me!
Toh tumne bhi toh promise kiya; that you’ll let me treat! Ab mujhe chot check bhi nahi karne de rahi tum!
Vo actually ab iski jarurat nahi na!
Huh? Matlab??
She pushed him a little away to get him off her and to herself get off the couch;
Jara sa hato.........
As she stood up and walked a few steps back; she said in a slow tone;
Kyunki mujhe chot lagi hi nahi thi!
With that she removed her hand off her waist; winked at him and ran for her dear life! He just kept staring at her for a minute and as reality dawned upon him he threw the pillow away and started the chase;
Iska matlab tum naatak...........Basket ki bachiiiiii ruk...... abhi batata hu tumhe!


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