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Part 53: You actually love me or ...

As riddhima saw their princess is snuggling closer to his dad's chest more and more her eyes have tears seeing that and that sight just takes her back to the memory lane of the day when she is waiting for armaan in the Sanjeevani

                                                        Riddhima is in Sanjeevani on her duty after sending him with his family to visit their ancestral temple and as now she is passing from his cabin as her gaze fell on the name plate of his Dr. Armaan Mallik Neurosurgeon she smiled and then caressed his name over the name plate and then she
Ri:''armaan  aap tou keh rahein the ki jab tak mujhe aapki yad ani shuru hogi aap mere paas honge par aisa nahiin hain armaan dekhiye na abhie tou aapo gayye hue kuch hi ghante (hours) hue hain aur I am missing you terribly armaan kab aayenge aap armaan''
She said to herself as she is missing him from morning she tried to makes her busy in lots of things, after he left she thought to sleep for some hours as her duty timing is late but as soon she laid on the bed and closed her eyes she saw his smiling face and she immediately opened her eyes and then as she turned changes her side she feels so lonely yes lonely on her own bed on which she is sleeping from past so many years, just four nights she shared bed with him and she already dependent on him for her sleep. For sometime she did not knows what is happening to her why she can't able to sleep though she is hell tired of all the travelling and all but then she gets her answers as her gaze fell on the pillow that is used  by him in the night. She remembered how she sleeps in his arms placing her head on his chest gosh she is getting mad in his love with each and every passing second. Then finally leaving the idea of sleeping she left for the hospital as the bed did nothing but makes her missing him more and more with his essence and then she gets changed and leaves for the hospital. And here she is quite early from her reporting time trying to diver her mind but there she is again in back to missing him just the name plate of his makes her missing him terribly. She smiled remembering her morning and then she kissing his name speaks up as
Ri:''pagal ho gayyi hun armaan main aapke pyaar meiin kal tak lagta tha ki bas aur pagal nahiin ho sakti aapko chahne meiin par har roz aapki chahat mujhe deewangi ki had tak pagal bana rahi hain armaan''
And then she heard her pager ringing bringing her back from her thoughts so she rushed towards the emergency as it's emergency call for her as one of her patients got into labour. As soon she start preparing for her emergency cesarean as she needs c section delivery. And she feels so tensed about the operation itself as she saw how the lady and her husband is eagerly waiting for their child coming in this world, she saw them literally counting the days. And this makes her more nervous the hopes of the Husband she did not knows what is going to happen then suddenly she heard that husky voice that makes her day brighter and she turned to saw him standing there with his million dollar smile on his lips and seeing him she is shocked so she just
Ri:''armaan aap yahan kab aye?''
She asked and then armaan comes closer to her and the holding her one cheek in his palm he speaks up
Ar:''kyun itni nervous ho rahi ho jaan kya hua?''
He asked ignoring her question and then she sighed and
Ri:''armaan mujhe bahut dar lag raha hain pata hain armaan poore 5 years ke bad itnein treatment ke bad Mr.&Mrs. Shah ko yeh dekhne milla hain armaan aap jaante hain armaan kitne sapne dekhe hain oonhone aapnein is baby ke saath mujhe soch kar hi dar lag raha hain kii kahin oonke sapne''
She could not able to complete her sentence and armaan then cupped her face in his palms and then he
Ar:''aisa kuch nahiin hoga jaan dekhna oonke saare sapne poore honge oonke paas itni achi Doctor jo hain jo oonke baby ke saath oonki jitna hi judi hain dekhna abhie kuch hi der meiin tum Mr. Shah ko oonke pyaare se angel ko den rahi hogi jaan''
He said looking deep in his eyes and riddhima looked at him the confidence he showed in her then she
Ri:''armaan pakka sab theek hoga na aap mere saath hain naa armaan''
Ar:''off course jaan humesha chalo aab jaldi se jao ek nanha sa angel is duniya meiin ane ka intejar kar raha hain jaan''
He said and riddhima nodded and then she moved towards to hug him but she is shocked as she finds him no where at sight and she looked here and there then she smiled yes off course he is here though not here yet here he is her heart's insight voice and persona and then she smiled and whispered that
Ri:''I love you so much armaan humesha ki tarah aapnein aaj bhi meri problem solve kar di''
She speaks in her heart then she heard him
Ar:''I love you too jaan''
And she shakes her head hearing her heart's voice in his voice then finally all confident she started reading the reports in between the nurse is helping her and after some minutes she is engrossed in her file and then she finds some one is calling her as she turned she saw it's Mr. Shah the lady's husband and
MS:''Doctor meri wife aur mera bacha thek tou hain na?''
He asked and riddhima can see that anxiousness and tension for his wife and baby clearly on his face she comes closer to him and putting her hand on his shoulder she speaks up in her most honest voice
Ri:''sab theek hain Mr.Shah aap fikar mat kijiye main poori koshish karungi ki abhie aapko aapka Baby aur Mrs. Shah saunp dun par ooske liyye mujhe aapke saath aur aapke mujh meiin vishwas ki zarurat hain main aapni jaan laga dungi Mr. Shah bas aap Bhagwan Ji se kahiye ki vo humara saath den ok''
She said and Mr.Shah nodded hearing her honest and determined reply and then she heard srishti's voice as she called her saying that
Sr:''mam everything is ready''
And riddhima nodded and then giving Mr. Shah a nod and smile pressing his shoulder gently she moved towards the O.T.And as soon she entered in the O.T. putting her surgeon cap she remembered him how he always tied her strings then she takes deep breath and then closed her eyes and she saw his smiling face blowing her kiss and then she smiled and then go to her patient
Ri:''all the best srishti''
And srishti smiled and then nodded and
Sr:''thank you mam''
And then they start it after 4 hours long surgery riddhima comes out from the O.T. with a big smile on her face and as soon she comes she saw Mr.Shah running towards her and seeing her showered her with questions
MS:''Dr. merii wife mera bacha kaisa hain?''
He asked and riddhima with smile handled him his baby
Ri:''congrats Mr. Shah aapke yahan beti aur beta donow aye hain''

As she handled him his daughter srishti comes with the baby boy and then Mr. Shah has that big smile on his face seeing his little bundle of joy in front of his eyes and then before taking them he asked her
MS:''thank you doctor but merii wife how is she, she is fine na?''
He asked impatiently and riddhima awed to him she witnessed his love for his better half, in all these nine months he never even leave her alone then smilingly as she answered him as
Ri:''yes Mr. Shah soniya ji bilkul theek hum oonhein room meiin shift kar rahein hain tab aap oonse mill sakte hain''
She said giving him smile and he smiled at her then
MS:''thank you so much doctor aagar aap aaj nahiin hoti tou pata nahiin kya hota aaj''
He said having tears in his eyes and riddhima just handled him his baby and then she just
Ri:''maine kuch nahiin kiyya hain Mr. Shah its your love and god's blessings to you and please no more tears now. Yeh lijiye aapnein nanhe se princess aur prince ko sambhaliye aap''
She said as she handled him his daughter and seeing her he smiled and then spoke to her
MS:''hi bacha main aapka dady hun''
And then seeing him riddhima saw a flash of something 
                                                A:''hi meri jaan meri nanhi si princess you know main aapka dada hun yes baby dada yad hain na hum roz baat karte the I love you merii jaan acha chaliye abhie hum aapki mumma se milne chalte hain, after all oonhone ne hi tou hum donow ko milaya hain na meri pyaari si nanhi si jaan''
And he kissed her on her for head and then snuggled her closer to his chest having that million dollar dimpled smile on his face and the baby have that dimple smile too on her face, she smiled seeing that scene in front of her eyes suddenly she heard her name calling 
And she looked here and there and she saw no one is there just Mr. Shah is with his babies and an anxious srishti is calling her as she again looked here and there srishti nudged her then she
Sr:''mam are you fine?''
And then she finally comes back to the reality and nodded to her she just
Ri:''yea I am fine srishti you go and have break and congrats Mr. Shah once again''
She said grabbing Mr.Shah's attention and he smiled and thanked her then sister comes
MS:''thank you doctor''
Si:''mam patient ko room meiin shift kar diyya hain''
And riddhima nodded and then she nodded to Mr. Shah and an eager husband goes with his babies to met his wife and riddhima smiled. Then she heard srishti's voice as she is still there and
Sr:''bhabhi aap bhi mere saath cafe chaliye na you must be tired''
And riddhima smiled at her then she looked at her and shakes her head in disagreement and as she called her Bhabhi she again started missing him and
Ri:''nahin srishti tum jao main aapnein cabin meiin coffee order kar lungi''
She said as they start walking towards riddhima's cabin but srishti try to object as
Sr:''kya bhabhi aaj bhayiya nahiin hain tou aap cafe bhi nahiin aayengi humari company itni bhi boring nahiin hain bhabhi''
She teased her and riddhima smiled as well red color comes on her cheeks and
Ri:''acha ji roz tumare saath hi hoti hun main madam''
She said and srishti again
Sr:''vahi tou vo tou bhayiya saath meiin hote hain na isliyye''
Ri:''srishti tu na aaj kal bilkul vedant jaise shaitan hoti ja rahi hain''
Riddhima speaks up taking vedant's name and as she thought blush comes on srishti's cheeks then she diverted the topic as
Sr:''acha bhabhi bhayiya kyun nahiin aaj?''
Ri:''he is on leave srishti vo aapni family ke saath aapnein pushtani Kul Devi ke Temple gayya hain srishti''
Sr:''oh acha bhabhi aap chaliye na mere saath cafe''
She again asked as they reach riddhima's cabin but riddhima refused again as such
Ri:''nahiin srishti mujhe na actually ek report check karni hain so ooske bad I'll order my coffee par tum please jao you have half an hour break then you have to report on duty na''
Sr:''you sure bhabhi''
Ri:''yea now go''
And mumbling a quick bye to riddhima srishti finally leaves and riddhima entered in her cabin with smile on her face, how in just short span of time interns becomes the part of their lives, how they respected them how they loved them and in return they becomes their younger siblings and friends. As soon she entered in her cabin and sit on her chair she closed her eyes she is really tired but she has to check the report and she opened her report immediately and go back to work after good half an hour she got free. Then she ordered her coffee and in mean time she opened her drawer and takes out the frame that is having his snap, it was the moment he is looking at something smilingly and she takes his picture without his knowledge and he did not know at all from the time this is with her and he looked so lovable and adorable in this picture that every time she missed him she looked at this picture and his blue oceanic eyes just makes her lose himself and she forgets everything else like she do when she is with him. As she keeps on looking at his picture suddenly her heart goes to the moment that she feels after handling Mr.Shah his daughter
Ri:''mujhe kya ho gayya hain mujhe vahan armaan kyun nazar aa rahein the jaanti hun jab bhi armaan ko miss karti hun mere paas hi hote hain vo humare pyaar ke aks ke rup meiin mere saamne aa jatein hain kabhie meri himmat ban kar tou kabhie mera saya bankar. Par jo maine aaj armaan ko jis rup meiin dekha vo kaise ho sakta hain, abhie tou hum ek bhi nahiin hue hain, tou humara pyaar armaan ki god(lap) meiin main kaise dekh sakti hun. Off course main humara ane vala kal aise hi dekhti hun armaan ke saath par abhie se mujhe iska abhas (feeling) kyun hua jabki abhie tou aisa kuch hain hi nahiin. Abhie tou humein aapnein is pyaar ko duniya ke saamne ek nam bhi dena hain, aur ek doosre ki zidnagi ko jo hum aapna chuke hain ose aur bhi paas laana hain tou yeh khayal mujhe aise bilkul aapnein saamne kaise dikhai diyya jaise abhie kal hi yeh baat poori honein vaali ho, armaan ki nanhi si jaan humari bahon meiin ane vaali ho aisa kyun kya yeh kismat ka koi ishara hain''
She speaks to herself and unknown to herself she feels her cheeks turning red 

(Still Coming More, Till Then Enjoy This
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