Thursday, 4 June 2015

Part 6 : Aur Pyar Ho Gaya

Next day in sanjeevani locker room all the interns were present due to which riddhima could not talk to armaan. And same was the situation during the briefing time.
That day during the break all the interns were present in the canteen.
Muskaan: waiter !! ek cup coffee….
Rahul : aaj to hitler ne kuch zyada hi kaam de dia ta …..
Muskaan: mera dil to nahi kar raha kehne ka … par ye kamina hai na zindagi me pehli barr sahi bat kr raha hai……
Atul: arre han yaar guys …. Pata hai issi waja se to trinzy bhi mere se naraz ho gayi hai … me uss bechari ke sath time hi nahi spend kar pata …. Tch..
Anjali: shut up Atul !!
Ridhima by now was getting restless she wanted to thank armaan. Just then an idea popped into her mind she took a tissue and scribbled smthng on it. She stood up to leave the place and dropped the tissue in armaan’s lap. Armaan read the letter which said “ 5 minute mein fire escape mein milo “

In fire escape
Armaan opened the door of fire escape to find riddhima sitting on one of the stairs. Armaan came and sat down beside her. She gave him back his jacket.
ridhiima: armaan wo … wo me … I wanted to say thank you… jo kal raat tumne kia uske liey ….
Armaan: you don’t need to thank me for it riddhima …. Dosti me no sorry , no thankyou …
Ridhima: to phir shaid humein apni friendship ko agge barhana chahiye….
Armaan: please basket … mein koi aise wese type ka larka nahi hun …. Armaan said this with a tinge of mischievousness in his eyes…
Ridhima stared at him in disbelief and then said: agar tumhe ye sab bakwas karni hai na to me jarai hun…
Armaan quickly held her hand and made her sit.
Riddhima: mera matlab tha ki hum best friends ban jayein …..
Armaan : hmm … but please han kuch arse baad ye mat kehna ke hum best friends se boyfriend girlfriend ban jayein … he said this smilingly
Ridhima: Armaan …. She said this punching him on his arm….

Saying so she left the fire escape.
That day after riddhima’s duties were over she did not go home but instead she went to a park. It was a beautiful park… with lush green grass and trees all around. There was much crowd there that day.
Riddhima moved along the tracks of the park slowly enjoying the wind that slightly kept brushing her hair. Suddenly riddhima started feeling dizzy. A black screen had started appearing in front of her eyes and she fell down on the ground unconscious. This caught many people’s attention and thay all came up to her. Some of them took her to a hospital nearby.
In the hospital when riddhima gained her consciousness she looked at the doctor and said: mein yahan … yahan .. kese ?
doctor: aap ko yahan kuch log laye hain … aap kareeb ke hi ek park me behosh ho gayi thin….
Riddhima: behoshh… but doctor mein .. mein behosh kyu … kyaa hua hai mujhe….
Doctor: dekhiye ma’am .. aap ghabraiye mat .. ap pehle mujhe ye btayein ke aap ke sath koi hai ..
Riddhima: na .. nahi …. Par hua kya hai ? (she said this looking a bit scared)
Doctor: dekhiye ma’am aap ko brain tumor hai … ye rahe aapke x-rays …. Mein ne bohat achi tarah se check kiye hain (she said pointing towards the x-ray reports)
Ridhima: kya .. nahi aap mujhe dijiye me ek doctor hun … dijye …(she was shocked and did not believe even a word of the doctor)
Doctor handed her the reports. Ridhima scanned the reports and let out a shriek.
Riddhima : nahiii …. Yee nahiii hoo sakktaa ….. mujhee … mujhe brrr… brain tumor hai …..

To be continued ….

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