Sunday, 7 June 2015

part 6 : pyari ma mumma

As armaan comes out from the rest room getting fresh up he saw the adorable sight in front of his eyes his father hugging his riddhima he simply adored this fact that she is so close to his parents. He always loved this that she shared such a beautiful relationship with his dad and his mumma he knows she will be the best daughter in law for them, but he did not tell her this till now. Then he heard his dad's voice as he saw armaan on the door looking at them adoring them he knows he is admiring them as he knows he has that corner for riddhima in his heart so he grinned as
K:''kyun ma ke laadle meri princess ko vahin se dekhne ka irada hain kya?''

He said breaking his trance and making riddhima surprised too as she then noticed armaan standing there with a grin on his face and karan's voice makes both of them startled riddhima blushed while armaan too has his cheeks turned red and then he just whined
A:''dad kya aap bhi''
And karan smiled seeing that reaction he so expected this and he makes a mental note to talk to nandini then ask riddhima's hand as he has no hoped from his son for proposing riddhima so he just as
K:''aab mujhe hi kuch karna padega''
A:''kya bol rahein hain dad kya karna hain aapko?''
He asked and he looked at her surprised then karan just
K:''kuch nahiin ghar nahiin jaana kya aagar aur thodi der kari tou teri pyaari mumma yahin aa jaayegi''
He teased armaan and armaan
A:''dad aap meri mumma ke baare meiin kuch nahiin bolenge''
K:''see rimmy beta yeh ma beta mill kar mujhe akela chod dete hain''
He said and then riddhima smiled and hugging him she
R:''aww uncle chodiye na inhein main hun na aapke saath always in your team''
She said and karan hugged her back then
K:''yes this is done princess vaise aagar tum humesha ke liyye meri team meiin ane ke liyye humare ghar aa jao tou what say rimmy?''
He said teasing her and riddhima turned into deep shade of red and then she blushed and armaan smiled seeing her red cheeks but he too equally surprised with his dad's joke but then just to rescue her he
A:''dad aapko aagar aaj office meiin rehna hain rahiye main aur riddhima ja rahein hain ghar mumma ne humein special dinner par bulaya hain tou chalo riddhima''
He said as he picked up his things and handled riddhima's bag to her too like a gentleman too and then karan said that as
K:''oh really chalo rimmy aaj tou aap humare saath chaliye aage ka fir dekhte hain''
He said and smiling they walked towards the big doors of Mallik Empire and leaves for Mallik Mansion. After about 20 minutes they reached Mallik Mansion as soon they entered inside armaan looked here and there to catch the glimpse of his mumma as today he needs her to see like anything. He just wants to get hold by her, her embrace will make him sane. And seeing his anxious face riddhima holds his hand knowing what is going inside him and armaan looked at her seeing her giving him strength from her eyes he nodded and then he asked john
A:''john mumma kahan hain?''
And before the helper can reply he heard his dad as he comes inside
K:''armaan beta calm down yahin hogi teri mumma tere liyye kuch bana rahi hogi na''
He said and then suddenly they heard the voice of steps and without thinking anything he runs to the direction of the voice and immediately hugged her and embraced her in tight hug whispering
A:''I so missed you mumma I love you mumma''
He said and Nandini Mallik hugged her son back taking him in her tight embrace giving him all her affection and then she caressed the back of his son, and then she mumbled
N:''mera bacha I love you too''
And seeing them like that karan has that wide smile on his face seeing the duo they were his life the reason of his living and unknown to himself he speaks up as
K:''pata hain rimmy beta nandu aur armaan ko aise dekh kar I just feels at home, yeh donow meri zindagi hain rimmy. Main chahe kitna bhi bol lun ki nandu armaan se zayda pyaar karti hain par mujhe pata hain yeh donow hi mujhse sabse zayda pyaar karte hain. Yeh donow meri zindagi ke dhage ke do sire hain rimmy in donow ke bina main kabhie jeena tou dur ki baat saans lene kki bhi nahiin soch sakta hun kabhie kabhie mujhe dar lagta hain ki kahin meri hi nazar na lag jaaye meri is zindagi ko''
He said and riddhima held his hand and then she just
R:''nahiin uncle aisa nahiin hota aapnon ki bhi nazar lagati hain kabhie''
She said and karan smiled and hugged her as they both witnessed the sight of mother-son in front of them and riddhima then
R(in her heart):''nahiin uncle kisi ki nazar nahiin lagegi main lagne nahiin dungi uncle''
And then as nandini breaks the hug and gives armaan kiss on his forhead her gaze fell on riddhima and seeing her
N:''arey riddhima beta aap bahar kyun khadi hain aandar aayiye na''
And then riddhima smiled and walked with karan while karan speaks up as
K:''oh fursat mill gayyi aapko aapnein bete se yeh dekhne ki koi aur bhi hain yahan''
He chided his better half and nandini mallik smiled as she heard her husband as
N:''well you see Mr. Mallik meri riddhima ke bas the best chauffeur tha na so''
She said rolling her tongue in her mouth teasing him and armaan smiled holding his mom as he really feels home seeing this and
K:''han han bas aab meri yehi aukat hain chauffeur hi par aapni princess ke liyye kuch bhi han''
N:''acha bas in sab baton ko chodo riddhima''
She said as she opened her arms for her and riddhima smiled and happily moved towards her and engulfed her in her arms and as armaan is still hugging his mom from behind they looked in each other's eyes and seeing her face close to her riddhima holds his hand not let nandu ma and papa noticed and then she smiled at him giving him the cue that everything will be fine.


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