Monday, 8 June 2015

Part 7 : Aur Pyar Ho Gaya


Doctor: dekhein aap pareshan nah on …. Is tumor ki ek treatment hai …. Aap ka operation ho sakta hai …….
Riddhima : aur uss operation me risk hai hain na ?? agar me bach bhi gayi to ya mein coma mein chali jaun gi ya phir memory loss hain naa??
The doctor kept silence. Ridhima: kitna time hai mere paas ?
Doctor: aap ke paas zyada se zyada 1 and a half month hai ……
Listening to this riddhima picked up her reports and left for her house. In the rikshaw she was thinking

Riddima: agar .. agar mene ye operation krwa liya to … to me coma .. ya memory loss …. Nahii mein ye operation nahi karwaun gi … nahi krwaungi mein ye operation ….. mere paas jitna waqt hai … me utne mein apni saari zindagi jee lun gi …..
She reached her house where everybody was in tension.
Shashank seeing riddhima entering the house: riddhima kahan chali gayi thi tum …..
Anjali: ridzy tu itni der kahan reh gayi thi …. Ham sab kitne pareshan ho gaye the pata hai ….
Riddhima: sorry di … sorry papa …
Nani: lekin meri bacchi tu gayi kahan thi
Riddhima: kuch nahi nani … wo bas park gayi thi to time kese guzar gaya pata hi nahi challa … I am sorry
Nani: koi baat nahi … aajaa khana kha le ….
Next day in the locker room ….
Muskaan and rahul entered the locker room at the same time and collided into each other. Muskaan lost her balance and was about to fall when rahul held her by her waist…. They both were lost in each others eyes… and all the other interns were smiling at the pair. Listening to their giggles rahul made muskan to stand….
Muskaan: oyye kutte… kya zaroorat thi mujhe bachane ki … mujhe to pehle se hi pta tha ke tu mere piche para va hai …..
Rahul : kyaa … tere piche parree meri jooti
Muskaan: haw … tu na .. tu ..tu … tu maar jaa …. Hain na ridzy …….
But riddhima had payed no attention to any single wrd of their.
Muskaan going near her and shaking her …. : oyye ridzy kahan khoyi hui hai …. Mene theek kaha na …
Ridhiima: han … hmmm….
Armaan felt awkward seeing riddhima behaving like this.
At the nurse station kirti was assigning duties to all of them..
Kirti: Dr.anjali and dr.atul OPD
Dr.muskaan and dr rahul Path lab
Dr.ridhima and dr.armaan general ward

All left for their duties.
In general ward Riddhima was checking a patient’s heartbeat through her stethoscope. But she was lost in her thoughts due to which she had placed the stethoscope on patients forehead. Armaan noticed this came forward and shaked her.
Armaan: basket….
She did not respond.
Armaan (a little louder) : baskeett ….
She did not even respond now. The patient who was being treated by riddhima took the chest piece of the stethoscope and punched his finger into it. This made riddhima jump to her feet while all the patients of the ward started giggling.
Armaan : basket kya hua tum theek to hona ?? subah se dekh raha hun kuch hua hai kya ?
Ridhima by now had a pool of tears in her eyes which did not go unnoticed by armaan. Without saying a word riddhima ran towards the fire escape with armaan following her. In the fire escape she cried her heart out. When armaan opened the door of the fire escape he was pained to see riddhima in such a condition. He came and sat beside riddhima. Riddhima not able to control herself anymore hugged armaan guickly. Armaan felt really different. He had never experienced such a feeling when he hugged someone else. Then coming back to the world and ignoring his thoughts he tried to pacify riddhima who was crying hysterically.
Armaan: riddhima dekho please chup ho jao …. Mene tumhe btaya tha na tumhare ansuon se mujhe takleef hoti hai …..
With this riddhima calmed down a bit. But tears kept rolling down her cheeks unwillingly.
Armaan: acha ab mujhe btao kya hua hai ….
Riddhima: ku..kuch nahi armaan … wo bus aise hi rone ko mann kia to …
Armaan: tum btati ho ya …
Riddhima: armaan … hum jahan kaam karte hain yahan roz koi na koi marta hai …… kal dr.kirti ne ek case ke barre mein mujhe btaya … wo case ek young larki ke barre me tha jisko brain tumor tha …. Aur …
Armaan: aur .. ?
Riddhima : aur wo marr gayi … .. with this riddhima started crying again.
Armaan: riddhima… dekho …. Zindagi hmare hathon mein thori hi hoti hai … wo to ooper wale ke hathon me hoti hai …… aur marna to ek din hum sab ko hai …..
Riddhima: Armaan …. Zindagi ka koi bharosa nahi hai na …. Pata nahi kab mot humein gale laga le …. (she said this all through her sobs) Armaan .. me naa … me na marne se pehle .. ap .. apni kuch khwahishein puri karna chahti hun …. Tu .. tum meri help karo ge … karo ge na …
Armaan: basket tum .. tum aisa kyun bol rahi ho
Ridhima: armaan tum bas mujhe btao mei help karo ge ya nhi … han ya na
Armaan: han .. pr bask…
Riddhima : no par war ….. (riddhima was now having a big smile playing on her beautiful face)
Armaan: acha baba theek hai … bolo kya wishes hain tumhari…
Riddhima : umm wo to mein tumhe soch kar btaun gi …..
Just then armaan’s pager beeped.
Armaan seeing the pager : sorry riddhima … I have to go ….
Saying so he went away. Now riddhima was sitting alone there…. A tear trickled down her cheek like diamond… which she quickly wiped away and smiled…
Ridhima: ab baqi ki zindagi …. No more crying …. Sirf smiling .. okay ridzy ?

To be continued ….

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