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Part 8 : Is Dill Ka Kya Karun (ss)

.                      this time a short part ..priyu,i will ud next part most probably on friday .sorry..haan.



Riddhima got to know that arman watched “alone” movie with his friends.when she came in recreation room for practice of their trinity..saw that muski was whispering something to nikki .when she asked about it,muski uttered : “u know ridhz,yeh boys ‘alone’ dekhne gaye they..shaaram nehi aati inko?”

Nikki : “waise muski tu overeact kar rahi hai.agar hum dekh sakte hain toh wo kyon nehi?”

Muski  uttered stretching her eyes..:’tu toh boys ka side hi legi nikki.okay,unhone dekha,doesn’t matter but yeh rahul kya keh raha tha tumhe pata bhi hai?

Nikki gave her a question look.

Muski : “rahul is like…”haww!tum girls kitni besharam ho!aise films dekhti ho?aur pata hai arman ne kya kaha?

Now riddhima got interested in this topic..she asked : “kya kaha usne?

Muski : “usne kaha ,aajkal ki ladkiyan badi besharam hoti hai.dikhati toh aisa hai ki jaise bahut masum hain kuch pata nehi par humse 10 kadam aage hoti hai yeh.”

riddhima frowned : "'arman ne aisa kaha?"'

muski : "'nehi..actually arnav ne aisa kaha aur arman ne haan me haan milaya..aise.."'saying it she nodded head .

Riddhima fumed in anger hearing it.she said : “aur karo inse dosti. Maine pahle hi kaha tha yeh log sab ke sab nalayak hote hain.aaj hi hum unhe block kar denge fb me and khabardar kisine unse contact karne ki koshish ki toh!

Sapna : “ridhz,tu aisa kaise kar sakti hai?arman tera fiance hai not only a friend.”

Nikki : “aur mai abhi se contact nehi tod sakti.itni choti si baat ke liye mai usey nehi chod sakti.

Muski was confused what to say as she too didn’t want to break this relationship.

Riddhima looked at them and uttered in anger : “par kisiko koi haq nehi humare barey me aisa kahe. They have no right to interfere in our life.”

Their discussion was stopped that time as rehearsal was started but riddhima decided to  do something.she was very angry on arman and wanted  a right answer from him.


At night when she opened the fb page..fumed in anger seeing arman’s page was full with bip’s pic. Arman came ol with a fresh mood and seeing riddhima is online,pinged her but she didn’t reply him.
Arman : “hey,how are you?
Riddhima : …………………………
Arman : “r u there?
Riddhima: ……………………
Arman : what happened? Mujhper gussa ho?
Now riddhima replied : “mai kyon gussa houngi? I have no right ..
Arman sent a blush emoticon (yesterday’s alone film’s effect was still on him) and wrote : “tumhara hi toh haq hai riddhima.meri zindagi tumhari hi hai.”
Riddhima sent an angry emoticon while wrote : “mr. arman..control urself. Tumne kaha tha hum sirf dost hai usse aage kuch nehi.”
Arman sent a sorry emoticon while wrote : “sorry riddhima ,par baat kya hui? Itna gussa kyon ho?
Suddenly muski came ol and pinged to riddhima.
Riddhima saw that she wrote : “plz plz ridhz,arman ko wo sab batein mat batana jo maine tumhe bataya tha.burna wo rahul ki jaan le lega..plz yaar..tujhe meri kasam.”
Riddhima saw that arman again wrote: “kya hua riddhima?
Riddhima’s eyes went on bip’s pic and she wrote: “yeh tumhara page is chudail ke pic se full kyon hai?”
Arman : “she is not chudail.she is my fav.riddhima.kal alone me dekha toh achcha laga..she is very hot.
Riddhima wrote in anger : “okay,then why r u wasting time with me..jao aur dher sarey pics
She sign out and threw herself on the bed while cursing that chudail.

After that day,riddhima didn’t go online as she was very angry on arman and angry on her friends too who were still in contact with those the meanwhile,she got to know that amit proposed sapna and she accepted .

Their college was closed as exams were in a month. Riddhima was trying to concentrate herself in study but couldn’t as she started missing someone.she wanted to talk to arman but her self respect stopping her to do so..arman was not coming ol now a days.riddhima kept staring on his page .she noticed that arman removed bip’s pic from his page and now he updated only his family pic.his papa,mumma and friends.riddhima’s heart melted seeing it. She remembered nikki’s words: “agar hum apne fav heros ke pic rakh sakte ahin,unke barey me batein kar sakte hain toh boys kyon nehi? Unka bhi dill hota hai jo kisiko pasand kar sakta hai par pasand means pyar toh nehi na…

She sighed and closed lapi and tried to study just then her mumma came there with a tensed face and addressed her : “beta,tumne suna kya hua?
Riddhima looked at her and asked worriedly : ‘kya hua mumma?”
Mumma : “arey beta..wo arman ki ma..
Riddhima got up with a jerk while uttered :”kya hua unko?
Mumma : “beta,wo mandir gayi thi,wahan stairs se gir gayi..pair par plaster chadha hai..chal beta,unhe dekhkar aaungi.akhir humare relative hain.”
riddhima was confused what to do as she didn’t want to grow this relation like this.she said : “mumma,aap jao na,mai phone par baat kar lungi.
Mumma looked at her a while then uttered : “beta,teri sasu ma hai wo.”
Riddhima uttered angrily : “I have exam mom..abhi se mujhpar itan burden dalogi toh baad  me kya I want not to marry.”
Just then she heard papa’s voice,who was watching all these from the door.
Sashank : “beta..aapko jana chahiye..and I don’t want any excuse..padma,mai office se hi milne aa jaunga,tum riddhima ko lekar chali jao.
riddhima got ready with a heavy heart and went arman’s house ..arman’s mom was very happy to see them,specially her bahu. Arman was sitting beside her mom. He thanked her through eyes.after some time arman’s mom addressed him : “beta,ja riddhima ko humara ghar dikha.
Arman nodded and got up .riddhima too wanted to talk with him so agreed to go.arman took her in his room and riddhima surprised to see the whole room…she mumbled : “aisa kaise ho sakta hai?
How is it possible!!!

Love you all

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