Monday, 15 June 2015

Part 9 : Aur Pyar Ho Gaya

Next morning in sanjeevani locker room all the interns except riddhima were present.
Armaan: hey anjy basket nahi ayi …
Anjali: tumhe kyu aaj kal uski itni fikar hai .. ghar bhi wo tumhare sath hi aati hai…
Atul: arre haan armaan yaar aaj kal tum dno hamesha sath sath rehte ho ….
Armaan: arre yar aisa…..
He stopped as he saw a hot girl entering the locker room. It was none other than riddhima. She was wearing a green dress which was above her knees. Her hairs were a bit curled and dyed in green color at the ends. She was first time seen in make up by the interns. Her beauty was mesmerizing. She was looking like a fairy from heaven.

Atul: ridz … me sapna to nahi dekh raha hu na ….
Anjali: shut up atul !!!
Muskaan: ridzzy job hi ho … tu bahut sundar lag rahi hai yaar …. Bilkul meri tarah … hain na armaan…
Armaan was still smitten by her beauty and was smiling to himself while gazing constantly at riddhima. All the interns were noticing this and smiling to themselves. Just then an announcement was made for the interns to report at the nurse station. When they all reached there dr.kirti was surprised to see riddhima in the new attire.
Kirti: dr.riddhima aap … iss tarah … mera matlab ye kapre …
Riddhima: dr.kirti kya me inn kapron me achi nahi lag rahi …..
Kirti: nahi … aisi bat nahi hai infact aap in kapron me bohat achi lag rahi hain ….
That day armaan and riddhima received their duty in genral ward 1.
In general ward 1 as armaan and riddhima entered all of the boys present in the ward were left openmouthed. Riddhima went to a young handsome patient for his checkup
Patient: dr.ridhima aaj aap bohat khoobsurat lag rahi hain …..
Riddhima: kyun pehle nahi lagti thi kya …
Patient : ahh.. pehle bhi lagti thin lekin aaj aap BOHAAT BOHAAT khoobsurat lag rahi hain … (he made sure that the word “bohat” looked significant)
Riddhima smiling deeply: well thankyou hotty ….
No one had ever seen riddhima behaving like this. Armaan had had enough of it he went up to riddhima and said : fire escape me ao
Riddhima did so.
In fire escape riddima came and stood beside armaan
Riddhima: kya hua armaan
Armaan: kya hua … ridhima kya hua …. Tum kya kar rahi thi…….
Armaan was in real anger.
Riddhima: me kya kar rahi thi ….
Armaan: wo tumhare sath flirt kar raha tha aur tum …..
Riddhima: armaan wo to me bas aise hi ….
Armaan: aise hi kya matlab aise hi …..
Riddhima: okay baba ab nahi krun gi …. Happy
Armaan: hmmm
Riddhima smiled at armaan’s concern and then said: acha tum ne ye nahi btaya ke mein iss dress me kesi lag rahi hun …. Sab ne complement kiya but tumne nahi ……
Riddhima wanted armaan to complement her , she did not know why.
Armaan: kyu mene nahi kiya to kya hua …..
Riddhima: armaan tum mere dost ho …
Armaan : sirf dost…
Riddhima: haan…
Armaan in a romantic tone : sirf dost basket ….
Riddhima nervously nodded. Armaan started moving towards her. he took a step forward and she took a step backward. soon she was pinned to the wall with armaan just an inch away from her.
Armaan: bolo na basket …. Sirf dost …..
Ridhima (highly nervous): Armaan tum …..
Looking at her expressions armaan had burst out laughing. She was confused.
Armaan: tum bhi na basket …. Pta nahi kya kya sochti ho …. Hahhahahahaha
Riddhima: armaan ….
Riddhima glared at him which made armaan to stop laughing.
Armaan: par riddhima hum … hum dost to nahi hain na …..
Riddhima: kyaa
Armaan: han riddhima …. Hum dost se kuch zyada hain …. Apne dil se pucho riddhima ……. Kya hum sirf dost hain ….. sirf dost riddhima ?
Riddhima: armaan ….
Armaan: shhh …(putting his finger on he lips) mein btata hun riddhima…. Mein btata hun basket ke sach kya hai ….. hum dono sirf dost nahi hain ….. balke ….. (he took a long pause) balke hum to … hum too .....

To be continued ….

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