Sunday, 27 September 2015

part 15 : pyari ma mumma

Armaan entered his home through big glass doors and as soon he entered towards the dining area he saw his mom sitting on her chair beside his dad and he sighed seeing her he knows he is in trouble and yes there he gets into trouble as soon nandini heard foot steps she speaks up as
N:''karan keh dijiye apnein bete se jaye aur, jitne chahe kitne money kamaye, jitni chahe otni deal sign kare ghar ane ki kya zarurat hain kaunsa ghar par koi hain jo iska intejar kar raha hain bol dijiye ise''

She said not even looking at him and karan replied
K:''had hain aj os se gussa ho tou mera beta ho gaya aur kal tak 'karan khabardar jo mere bete ko kuch kaha tou' mujhe dur rakho apnein is ma -bete ke jhagre se''
He said putting his hand in air and nandini frowned at her husband then
N:''fine ap se tou mujhe vaise bhi koi umeed nahin hain''
She said and before anyone can say anything she feels her hands in her baby's hold as
A:''pata hain bahut bura hun main apni mumma ko bahut zayda tang bhi karta hun. Sorry par aap mujhe jitna chahe daant lijiyega par abhie please kuch kha lijiye na main janta hun meri mumma ne evening coffee ke bad kuch nahin khaya hain please.''
He said making a morsel and bringing it in front of her and no one can be remain angry after such a sweet apology. And nandini loved his son a lots for his simplicity alots, he never believed in showing off. Whatever he will do just did from his heart. Then nandini pecked his forhead and
N:''aur main bhi apnein bete ko bhokha nahin dekh sakti hun''
She said and then both mother-son duo feeds each other and seeing this karan smiled then he breaking their trance speaks up
K:''see ab patch up ho gayya tou ma-beta donow mujhe bhul gayye ab na main rimmy ko jaldi se is ghar launga jis se main bhi kisi se team up kar sakun''
He said making a face while nandini smiled at his complaint and armaan stiffened hearing her mention making but he just smiled fakely. Then as everyone served dinner and they sat on their respective chairs. They chatted when suddenly nandini asked armaan as
N:''mani karan ne bataya na apko ki kal hum apki aur riddhima ke rishte ki bat karne jana chahte hain''
She asked cheerfully and armaan just did not wants to make her mumma sad so he just nodded in ''yes''
N:''that's good so beta please kal no more over timing mujhe ap time par ghar par chahiye ok''
She said and armaan smiled at his mumma
A:''ji mumma''
K:''arey nandu don't worry I will personally bring him on time after all I can't wait to have rimmy here for forever''
He added making nandini smiled and
N:''vo tou hain ab tou mujhse bhi intejar nahin hota apnein bete ko dulha bane dekhne ka ap dekhiyega karan main aise shaadi karuni apnein bete ki sab yad rakhenge''
She said caressing her son's hairs and his parents happiness makes armaan tongue tied and he just did not say anything just smiled.
After dinner armaan is in his room thinking the moments he spent with his mumma
A:''ab main kuch aur nahin sochne vala jo bhi hoga dekha jayega. Meri mumma ne mujhe itna kamzor nahin banaya hain ki main Sach na sun paun. Main sab seh lunga. Par aaj ise for the last time khatam hi kar dunga, Aur rishte dill ke hote hain sirf blood se nahin bante. Mere liye meri family mera parivar sirf yehi hain. Is sach ko dill se koi nikal sakta. Ek sach mera aur meri mumma ka 27 sal puarana rishta nahin jhuthla (false) kar sakta. Mumma meri mumma hain aur yehi sach hain bas kuch nahiin''
Then he picked his car keys seeing the time and then he caressed the large frame of his and his mumma that is placed in his room and then just looking at the frame for quite sometime he left the house finally for facing the truth.


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