Monday, 28 September 2015

part 16 : pyari ma mumma

Armaan reached the place where those persons called him and he moved towards the old building that is in its bad condition itself. As soon he entered inside one of the door he smelt the liquor and cigarettes that makes him cough somehow he moved ahead and then he heard one voice
(Goon 1 = G1 Goon 2= G2)
G1:''arey aa andar aa armaan hain na tu chore?''

A:''ji main hi hun Armaan Mallik''
G2:''arey vah chore tu tou sach mein aa gayya sach mein bada himmat vala hain tu''
G1:''han sahi kaha re jaggu tune vahan kyun khada hain andar aa na apna hi mal samajh''
The goons laughed as they sipped their drinks armaan feels aghast there he soon wants to leave from here so
A:''nahin bas ap mujhe saboot de dijiye main chala jaunga yahan se''
He said and goons laughed and
G1:'arey han bhai le ja hum bhi bade asool vale hain vaise manana padega tu tou bahut himmati hain vo chori tou aise hi dare thi''
They said and again laughed and armaan feels anger hearing riddhima's name but he managed to control himself as
G2:''are han oye apni os itme ko bolna jaggu sorry hain apun aj ose marna nahin chahta tha vo galati se chaku zara oski hath pe lag gayya par apun sorry hain han''
He said armaan feels he needs all his self control for stopping himself as he used those words for HER but just calming himself he
A:''mujhe saboot mill jate''
He said and then finally one of the goon nodded and then gives him one briefcase and said to him that
G1:''dekh bhai hum tujhe aj ke bad kabhi pareshan nahin karenge. Hum bas 2 crore chahiye the vo mill gayye''
He said and armaan just nodded and left from there as right now he just looking at the briefcase in which his life is shut. And then he drove towards his house and entered in out house. The out house because its his personal space whenever he feels lonely and not well he come and paints or sings there. As soon he moved inside he sits on the floor. His heartbeats got sharpen and his hands shivered as he opened the brief case. And then he looked at some photographs in between that bag and he takes them out and saw his parents in their early age holding a baby. And he thinks it must be him as his mumma is looking at the baby lovingly with so much love filled in her eyes just the way his mumma looks at him. He smiled seeing that picture. And then he saw some documents in it as he opened them, his world crushed and his eyes filled with tears making his vision go blur.
A:''matlab main mumma papa ka apna beta nahin hun''
He said to himself just these words and he breaks down and suddenly he is enveloped in one pair of arms.


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