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Part 2 :Forever Vala Love

Surkh Wala, Soz Wala, Faiz Wala Love
Hota Hai Jo Love Se Zyada
Waise Wala Love
Ishq Wala Love
Hua Joh Dard Bhi Toh
Humko Aaj Kuch Zyada Hua
Ishq Wala Love

Like this one more month has passed and today is the last day of armaan and riddhima's studying together that means riddhima covered all armaan's course, in these two months they did not becomes friends nor they were at that stage where they are at the first day of studying that means riddhima no more hates him and armaan no more finds her weird but they did not turn up as friends too as there are something else in their relationship but they did feels some strange kind of feelings around each-other like riddhima did not know why she start caring for him more as when his hand is bandaged she never let him write, she wrote all the things to make him understand never bother him to write, even when his hand is recovered from plaster she herself made his all the notes and this surprised not even armaan but she well surprised from herself too that why she did that for him why she can't see him in pain and does not wants to give him any kind of problem she knows he can write but why she is over caring for himself thinking when she is there he does not needs to bother himself and she don't know why she did that and when armaan's hands accidently brushed with hers when she was explaining him something then also she feels a shiver ran down in her spine and she immediately pulled her hand back but she always find herself lost something near him, his presence sometimes made her cheeks turned up as just with his one look she feels sensation running in her body and the red colour appearing on her cheeks and she did not know why she feels that, and in these months her view changed for him too as she found him good person actually as she saw him care for his true friends atul and rahul and she then comes to know what she thought of him was not really true he actually showed himself like this but he is not at all like that, just the need is to get the actual Armaan Mallik out  and she somewhere feels that whenever he is with her he is actual himself not pretending the cool dude and spoil brat Armaan Mallik who she hates and she cannot bear to saw him in pain as his pain she don't know why pained her too as when because of his injury sometimes he feels aching she immediately stopped teaching him even she messaged his hand  to make him feel better and she rubbed his hands and wrists with her soft hands she many times thinks that she will not going to do this but every time she saw him in pain her heart cheated on her and she end up massaging his wrist and hand and the one thing she never ever dare to look in his blue greay eyes as she always feels drowned in his blue greay eyes whenever she is close to him and one day when armaan tucked her strand behind her ear as she is buys in explaining him she finds herself shivering badly just the mere touch of his fingers behind her ear makes the goosebumps aroused all over her skin and that was the day she could not able to sleep not even breath properly her heart suffocated her as she can't understand her feelings at all for armaan too. And armaan is not at all in better position as he even armaan did not know why he start liking the jungle billy, yes he start liking her, he did not knows when he start looking at her without breaking his trance he keeps on looking at her without breaking or averting his gaze and when she turned to him asking him if he got that he behaved he is listening to her and was looking somewhere else as she taught him and he loved her to watch when she slipped pencil or pen in her mouth while teaching him and sometimes he so wanted to be that pencil or pen so that he can in between her rosy luscious lips and wants to kiss her madly but then he control no scolded himself for thinking like this about he, but what can he do about his heart who loved every single thing of his 'jungli billy' as he loved when she makes faces to saw some problems, he loved the way she scolds him actually he loved her when she scolds especially for his good he never in his life gets scolded by anyone and this makes him special for him her scold is like sweet words for him and he loved how she actually made all his notes by waking complete in night almost one week and then teaching him in day and this she did just for him and when he comes to know about this he literally blasted at her seeing that puffy red eyes of hers and dark circles under her green almond beautiful eyes
Ar:''tumhara dimag kharab hai  riddhima kisnein kaha tha mere liyye yeh sab karne ko mai khudd kar leta, din bhar mujhe padati ho aur raat ko mere liyye jag kar notes likhe, tabiyat kharab ho jaayegi tumhari aisee tumhe kyoon parvah nahin hai aapni riddhima aur tumhara ek ek pal important hai riddhima tum you have to study for your own your dream topping university so damn it why you did for this me''
He blasted on her and this time riddhima listened his scolds like he listened her like a kid and finally she said
Ri:''mujhe tumhare bhi tou good marks lane hai aur i don;t want to stress you so maien likh diyye notes tumhare liyye armaan fir kya hua''
Yeh Kya Hua Hai Kya Khabar
Yehi Pata Hai Zyada Hua
Ishq Wala Love
Agar Yeh Usko Bhi Hua Hai
Phir Bhi Mujhko Zyada Hua
Ishq Wala Love
As she replied armaan has no words to scold her or even say to her anything she is so much self less and he loved the fact that she is like this and someone can do this much for him he actually feels with this gesture of hers that he is important for someone at least and this fact brings a contended smile on his face and not even this a strange feeling is in his heart too when his hands brushed with hers holding books or notes he feels shiver ran down in his spine like riddhima and he actually lost something precious when she first time holds his hand in hers in pretext of massaging his hand when he has pain in his that other day and he looks deeply at her face how much she worried for him, cared for him and now he so much enjoyed holding his hand by her that sometime he winced fakely just to get her attention and that moment is best for him when she messaged his hand and wrist with worry and he keeps on admiring her and that one day riddhima is teaching him her hairs are left open unlike the other days as she washed them and was wearing his favourite red sauce vaala colour suit he is not at all listening that day what she is teaching to him no matter how hard he tried he did not able to concentrate on the studies he is studied something else that day and that's riddhima's features how beautiful and innocent she is as the moment riddhima's one hair disturbing her and she is trying hard to let go of her hair as she is busy in that problem and armaan smiled and placed that wet tendril behind her ear making her look at him and they shared the longest eye of theirs at that time and as armaan saw shivering riddhima he is amazed how she can react to just with the mere brush of his fingers and after that day he never able to sleep i nights always having sleepless nights with her thoughts running in her heart and mind and as now he knows that and today as there is the last day of teaching by riddhima all the memories of past one an half month flodded back in his heart and mind, making his heart suffocated as he is just not feeling happy, he cannot now imagine his day without seeing her he is so much with her that he never dreamt of that day when he can't see her as now its just the routine for him and he is so much damn excited to come college so that he can saw her but now as the days finished he is not at all happy he knows she will be happy because she did not have to bear him as she did not like him but what he did not knows was that he is wrong riddhima is going to miss him like he is going to miss her as something in between her was already taken by him like her but the main thing is both are aware of this thing yet unaware of this thing may be this distance tells them or makes them aware this thing and they surely has to wait for that fortunate day as it has still to comes but right now the unfortunate day is there as they have to bid bye to each-other and for how much time they don't know still they knows only now as today after completing their studies riddhima smiled and then she looked at him with bright smile and armaan gave her small smile as she just said to him
Meri Neend Jaise Pehli Baar Tooti Hai
Aankhein Malke Maine Dekhi Hai Subah
Hui Dhoop Zyada Leke
Teri Roshini Yeh Din Chadha
Ishq Wala Love
Ri:''lijiye bigde rahees jii aapka syllabus finish ho gayya finally''
She said making him smile wide as she closed the books and he stretched his arms widely and yawned and then he looked at her finally controlling himself and his damn emotions which is making hard for him but still he tried and just said to her teasingly making her smile
Ar:''finally thanks jungli billy vaise aab kam finish and now I can go back to my girl friends after all they all are waiting for me and you know i so missed them seriously now tou i can party even as my syllabus is finished naa''
And he chuckled while saying this and hearing him a frown comes on riddhima's face and she just said to him that
Ri:''armaan fir vohii sab karne lagee tum galat baat hai yeh abhie chot theek hui hai aab dubara don't repeat stupidity of yours armaan naa''
As she said armaan smiled now he well kind off expected this kind of behaviour of hers as he very well knows how much she cares for him and he so loved this fact that she cared for him so much that no one ever did for him and then he with a smile said to her that cheekily
Ar:''oho merii pyaari sii jungli billy i promise mai aapna dhayan rakhunga aisee hii serious mat hua karoo tum yar i took care of myself''
He said and riddhima smiled at least her words did matter to him least she knows her words are the only ones that matters to him well now
Ri:''thanks so much''
She said with same tone making him smile wide and armaan bowed in front of her and then riddhima
Ri:''so armaan aab mai chalti hun theek hai naa bye''
Ar:''areey riddhima kya yar itnii jaldi kyoon hai tumhe jaane kii wait naa we will go for coffee for celebration''
He said as he wants to spend moments with her as much as he can as he from now on going to have just the memories of their togetherness
Ri:''celebration for what''
She asked confusingly as she did not know what he meant about celebration and
Ar:''han celebration mera syllabus finish hua hai vo bhi poore one year kaa just in one and half month so celebration tou banta hai''
He said and riddhima looked at him surprisingly and shook her head he never going to amend one of his kind back to his naughtiness
Ri:''armaan tum naa''
But armaan shushed her in between saying that to her actually
Ar:''i know jungli billy mai nahin sudhuronga so what say chalein ek ek coffee kee liyye i know madam topper kee pas zayada time nahin hai par can i have one coffee with my friend who took care of me and with my teacher who scolded me for my own good so can i please?''
He asked in such a cute manner that riddhima has no heart to refuse him so she agreed and seeing his cute face she nodded and moreover she herself wants to spend little more time with him as precisely she is going to miss him that too very badly and this is truth and seeing her nod armaan smiled and then a wide smile comes on his lips seeing her nod and showing his dimples well and he said to her that
Ar:''thanks so much riddhim aab chalein i don't want to waste any second (and riddhima looked at him confusingly what did he meant but she shrugged her thoughts aside but nevertheless she nods and seeing her nod armaan bowed in front of her) after you mam''
And she smiled and both moved their way towards the cafe near their college as riddhima did not wants t go anywhere else the reason is she does not want to stress his hand for driving so she choose the nearby cafe of their college and as armaan ordered their coffee and while sipping their coffee they start talking with each-other about random things and riddhima reminds him to revise the syllabus too and armaan saw her all the time from the corner of his blue eyes as she continued blabbering and he so admired her and right now he just wants to shut her mouth while smacking his lips on hers and he smiled at his thought as well surprised too once again kissing her and his trance breaks
Ri:''armaan kahan khoye hue ho tum tumhari coffee thandi ho rahii hai''
As his trance breaks with riddhima's voice who shook him while placing her hand over his which was on table must be he did not hear her when she called him that's why but what he can do he is so much busy in looking at her and then armaan just to ease his emotions said
Ar:''umm han riddhima mai coffee pe tou rahaa hun vaise jungli billy kam bola karoo nahin tou jis se shaadi karogi vo tumhara sun kee hii pagal ho jaayega''
He said teasingly but its just his way to know whether she has someone in her life or not as much he knows she is single but still he
Ri:''very funny armaan''
She said as she is well literally shocked with his comment as they never ever discussed something like this or never teased each-other about these kind of stuff even riddhima did not tell him anything about his flirt nature so she is shocked about his words and recovering from the shock she replied back in same tone of his making him smile
Ar:''ohh yea it is nahin vaise jungli billy sachii meiin he will surely get mad hearing your chapad chapad''
He said again teasing her but deep in his heart he said that
Ar(in his heart):''han sahii hii tou hai pagal hii hogaa vo jaise mai ho gayya hun but kyoon yeh abhie samjhana hai mujhe''
And then his trance breaks with riddhima's voice as she said that
Ri:''tou mai aapkii knowledge kee liyye bata dun bigdee rahees jii jis se well ai shaadi karungi naa vo sirff mera hogaa aur chahe mai kitna bhi bolun yaa ose tang karun vo mujhe pyaar karega bigde rahees jii, forever vaala love, jo sirff ekk bar hotaa hai, jiskee liyye mai aapni jaan bhi den doongi ooske forever vaala love kee aage mai aapna sab kuchh den doongi aur vo bhi mujhse vaise hii forever vaala love karega''
She said dreamingly with a smile playing on her lips and bringing a smile on armaan's lips too hearing her and then his trance breaks
Ri:''ohk bigdee rahees jii aapke vaala pyaar nahin jo aapko har ladki se hotaa roz hotaa hai vo vaala nahin''
She said and armaan grinned hearing her but a loneliness too comes in his blue eyes that did not went unnoticed by riddhima
Ri:''armaan i am sorry aagar tumhe boora lagen aur sachii meiin par koi irada nahin tha tumhe hurt karne kaa i am sorry armaan''
She said immediately leaving her cup of coffee aside on table while holding his hand in her thinking she must hurt him and
Ar:''areey yar riddhima jungli billy tum bhi naa kitni tension letii ho yar i am fine aur tum mujhe kaise hurt kar sakti ho tumne aisaa kya kahaa yaa kiyaa kuch bhi tou nahin naa riddhima so jungle billy tumne kuchh nahin kiyya so take a chill pill and i am not hurt ohk''
He said making her understand he is not at all hurt by her words
Ri:''par armaan mai''
Before she can complete hers sentence she was once again shushed by armaan
Ar:''riddhima please yar i am not at all hurt aur yar mai tumhare iss Forever Vaale Love meiin believe nahin karta yar yeh tumhare liyye hai aur vaise bhi koi kisii ekk insane se kaise pyaar kar sakta hai yar matlab so many girls too love then why aur no Forever Vaala Love''
He said and this makes riddhima look at him, his words are saying something while his eyes denied that and having somethingelse so she just
Ri:''armaan mat kahoo tum aisee sahii meiin merii baat soono armaan tum aisee mat kiyya karoo pyaar sirff ekk se hii hotaa hai kyoon bar bar aapna dil aur doosron kaa dill dukhate ho ooska intezar karoo joo sirff tumhara ho armaan jo tumhe chahe jisee tum chaho yeh part time kee liyye nahin forever kee liyye aur dekhna tumhe bhi Forever vaala  love jarur milega jo sirff tumhara hogaa armaan wait for her''
She did not know why she said to him but she just said making armaan look back in her green almond eyes as she is staring in his blue greay eyes and they shared a beautiful eye-lock and then armaan just whispered to her saying that actually breaking that captivating eye-lock of theirs
Ar:''well riddhima jiskii baat tum kar rahii ho vo Forver vaala love vo merii kismet meiin hii nahin hai jisnein aaj tak aapnein mom-dad kaa pyaar nahin milla ho tou what forever vaala love sachaa pyaar koi nahin karta kisii se riddhima aaj kee time meiin sab mere jaise time pass karte hai yar riddhima so chodo ise yar no forever vaala love for me seriously sachai hai yeh aaj kee time meiin koi nahin karta yeh pyaar''
Jhaake Baadlon Ki Jaali Ke Peeche Se
Kare Chandini Yeh Mujhko Itna
Leke Noor Sara Chand Mera Yahin Pe
Hai Chupa Chupa Hua
Ishq Wala Love
 As armaan spoke up riddhima is surprised not only riddhima armaan is so much surprised too as he never in his whole lfe till that date shared that part of his life with anyone and riddhima looked at him as today finally she knows why The Armaan Mallik she hates is like that and so well this is the reason of armaan like this he never saw any love and get love from his parents that's why he did all this dangerous racing as there is no one to stop him and when no one cared for him really he too don't care for anybody and now she cursed herself for thinking like that about him as she used to think but now she wants to say something to him so she just spoke up instantly while squeezing his hand in hers which she is already holding earlier over the table and then she
Ri:''nahin armaan aisaa nahin hai believe me dekhna koi aisaa hogaa joo tumhe bhi forever vaala love karega just believe on god armaan and in love sachii meiin armaan aur mujhe nahin pata kya hua tumhari life meiin par armaan pyaar sachii meiin bahut khoobsoorat emotion hai just wait for the love comes and knock on your door and then you will get to know its most beautiful emotion in this whole world, bas tum wait karoo iss emotion kii aur jab tumhe yeh tumhara part time vaala nahin Forever vaala love hogaa dekhna kitnii sundar hogii zindagi''
As she said and armaan looked in her eyes they shared a beautiful eye-lock as armaan somewhere believe in her words actually his heart knows what she is saying already happened with her and that forever vaala love already knocked on his door and waited him to let him open the door and enters it inside making his life beautiful as per her words as he knows as she is saying truth that he off course can get love but now he does not wants to feels that so then he while shrugging his thoughts aside armaan finally breaks the eye lock feeling drowned again in her so he then breaks the eye contact and then said to her that
Ar:''vo dekhenge abhii kam khatam ho gayya thanks so much riddhima par yeh batao kuchh problem hui tou I can ask naa''
He said changing the topic and riddhima nodded and gave him a warm smile which he returned instantly while replying to him
Ri:''my pleasure armaan aur off course you can ask jab bhi tumhara dill karen you have my number naa armaan kahin bhi koi bhi problem hui tout um mujhe pooch lena aur please aapni revision ache se karna merii aur aapni mehnat (hard-work) par paani mat ferna ohk armaan''
She said replying to him and armaan smiled and then as armaan paid then bill and he just said
Ar:''thanks aur mujhe jungli billi kee haathon marna thode naa hai so i will do my revision off course''
He said naughtily making riddhima smiled and then shaking her head and then she
Ri:''aur han armaan i want to apologise from you (she said making him looked at her with surprise apologise for what) han armaan actually I am sorry mai tumhare bare meiin galat sochti thi merii rai tumhare bare meiin galat thi i am very sorry for giving you hard time really armaan i am very sorry you are such a nice person aagar mai tumse abhie naa milti naa tou shayad nahin jaan paati kii anjie dii aur muskii sab sahii teh tumhare bare meiin tum ache ho armaan so i am very sorry for mine stupid opinion about you and I am very glad to met you sorry once again for thinking like this aur scold you like many times hope you will forgive me for my stupidness and opinion about you sorry once again''
She apologized genuinely bring a smile on his face as he replied to her that
Ar:''its ok riddhima I don't mind actually mujhe jaise bad boy ko tum jaise good girl like nahin karegi I can understand aur han daantne kee liyye sorry mat bolo at least koi tou hai joo armaan mallik ko daant sakta hai sachii meiin atleast kisii meiin tou himmat hai jo armaan mallik ko chpp kara sakta hai ooski cheejen binaa oos se pooche chuna (touch) i mean cheen (snatch) sakta hai aur yar jo tumhara opinion tha mere bare meiin that's too because of me naa yar maine hii aisii image banai hai so never mind jungli billy vaise I found a good friend in you so will you be friend with bigda rahess of yours my jungli billy mujhe bhi merii life meiin ekk genuine friend mill jaayegi so what's say mam''
Riddhima laughed hearing him and then she smiled and agrees seeing his face
Ri:''off course I will chalo armaan now I am going bye take care''
Ar:''hmm bye riddhima take care and I will miss you riddhima''
He said and both leaves from there with a new feeling in their hearts and some of the water in their eyes don't know they are tears as well as maybe there is something more in their lives naa as their hearts are clearly yelling on them that they are missing each-other like anything.
''Dilchasap lamhe aksar guzar kee khawabon kee jaise hii ho jaate hai
Khushboo kee jhonke ik pal theher ke kaise hawaon meiin kho jaate hai
Hum kabhie fir mil sakte hai tum kabhie alvida naa kehna
Kabhie alvida naa kehna
Kabhie alvida naa kehna''

Love and regards

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