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part 24 (B): Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

part continues...

Everyone turn around to see a girl in black maternity dress standing there with a guy wearing black kurta while riddhima said: Di, DR ap dono yaha?

well guyss they are atul n anji lets see y they are here?

Riddhima n atul bring anjali inside while making her sit on a comfortable place while riddhima look at her surprised as few moments ago the thing she said make her shock so she thought to ask directly n said: Ap yeh kya bol rahe ho di?Wo log..
This time another voice come from behind: Anjali bilkul sahi bol rahi hai..
Ri: Papa ap bhi..

Thats when three of them tell them whats happening till this one week n reveal the secrets which has been hidden
So chalo ap logo ko bhi main batati hoon actually hua kya hai...

So the thing is it was nani's idea of getting riddhima married so she call all of her friend from the NGO n kitty party to anji's godbharai that's y those ladies were asking riddhima weird question as they wanted to get riddhima married to their pota n some of their sons..
First of all it was unknown to all but after riddhima ask shashank to look the matter nxt day shanti n shashank have a talk n as usual both disagree on the fact riddhima should get married n but shanti manage to influence padma n priya over the fact n get them agree while shashank said a complete no to them about her marriage even ram agree on the fact so to hide from them they thought they would let the boy meet riddhima but will not tell her the reason as they know if they tell her the real reason shashank will again stop them n when they finally meet someone who really like riddhima they can tell shashank then..

So these three lady's took the step to going out on lunch with the ladkewale but when riddhima inform shashank about her sudden lunch program with padma shashank instantly have a small query n got to know it was their plan to let riddhima meet with the boy's family so he call riddhima n say her to repeat what he says n says some line like i lv u n i can't live without u which could make the boy's family think that she have a relationship so they will reject the rishta n like this shashank n ram somehow managed to fail all of these three ladies plan as abhi is out of city he don't know anything much..

N today finally shanti manage to bring another family to home for dinner n even padma's belief about getting riddhima married is little too weak but still shanti's influence make her not to think about it

N this time shashank was not there n ram was alone so minnie join him in the plan n minnie mixed some jamal gota (for those who don't know what is it_ it is a kind of thing which could be collect from a tree n by having it started dysentery) on their refreshment so after having it they started to go to washroom continuously
So till now this is what happen
Let's get back to present

On heaven hill
It was 8 now
Everyone can hear a voice of hitting punching bag coming from a room as scene approached towards the room it shows it was armaan's room only n armaan in his black vest n three quarter punching the punching bag placed in gym room continuously while suddenly he stop in his process n giving a hard punch on punching bag making it fly a little way n stood there not moving while it come back n hit his face only making him fall
While he shout a little:Ouch
N then said to himself: dude yeh ho kya raha hai tujhe?where is ur concentration? concentrate yaar concentrate..
While he remind the evening's happening...

Flashback start
Atul n armaan was just return from their office n settle on the sofa tiredly while bi bring water for both of them with anjali's juice n while having juice anjali ask atul to take her to rangin ashiyaana..
At: Aj kyun kuch kaam hai kya anjali u know tumhara jayada bahar jana thik nhi hai..(N look towards armaan while armaan gave a i-surrender-tere-biwi-tu-sambhal-mujhe-nhi-ana-dono-k-bich look to atul n going towards his room when anjali's word stop him in his steps)
An: Offoo tum mere bare me tension karna chodoge n listen mujhe aj hi jana hai as waha kaam hai mujhe..Aj riddhima ko dekhne a rahe hai ladke wale so mujhe jana hai..

Armaan who was stop at his step n realize he forget his coat was got near them to take it back was shocked hearing about riddhima's rishta he stop there while listen anjali's talking about riddhima's rishta coming thing..
While with a unknown feeling of losing someone was started to touching him in deep inside his heart when he go to his gym to work out a little bit to clear her mind...
Flashback End

Yeh ho kya raha hai mere sath"saying this he lie on his gym room floor looking at roof thinking about how he n riddhima meet how he started to call her basket how every time they meet they fought n at the end their little eye locks n first hug ;)
While a smile started to play at his face
Scene faded at his face

Scene shift to rangin ashiyaana
After anjali n shashank finish their side of story n riddhima got to know everyone's plan n doing she look at padma n priya was looking down while shanti was trying to think something hard to skip from the situation

Ri(with broken voice): Mumma ap sach me chahti ho meri shadi ho jaye..??Main ap sab k liye bojh bangayi hoon kya jo ap mujhe is ghar se jane k liye itni jaldi kar rhi ho?
Pa(who was shocked hearing her talk): Nhi beta aisa kuch bhi nhi hai its just we wanted u to be happy tu humare liye kabhi bojh nhi ban sakti(n she look towards shashank for help who was quite angry on her for doing this kind of stuff but for now she need his support so he also go towards riddhima)..
Sh(holding her in his arms as she was by now crying thinking about they want her to go away from this house): Beta aisa aj bol diya but dubara kabhi na bolna mere beti kabhi mere liye bojh nhi ban sakti(riddhima look at him with big eyes as if asking for insurement of what he said while shashank plant a soft kiss on her forehead n hug her)N i know beta u want to do something before u get married so koi sath de na de(while looking at padma saying this words) i will always be ur side

While padma n priya also come saying they only wanted her to be happy they never wanted she feel like this.

Ri: Isiliye apn logo nee ek baar bhi pucha tak nhi main kya chahti hoon?(then looking at them said)Mumma main shadi karna nhi chahti itni jaldi ,mujhe to boht kuch karni hai abhi, sab mujhe apki naam se jante hai i want that ek din aisa aye that sab ap logo ko mere naam se jane,jaise bhai k sath kahi jate ho toh sab apko bhai k mom k tarah jante hai, waise hi jab ap mere sath bahar jao to log mujhe apki beti nhi,balki apko mere mumma papa k hasiyat se jane,jab ap log mujhe lekar proud feel kar sako jaise ap abhi bhai k liye karte ho, please mom,chote ma,nani kya ap log mujhe aisa kuch karne ki mouka mhi doge(while they were almost cried hearing her so riddhima wiped their tears n hug them n to light the moment said) N mujhe abhi bhaiya k shadi me bhi toh nachna hai so pehle unke shadi ho jane do phir meri shadi k bare me sochna..

While everyone laugh hearing her dancing wala part n shanti also said it was just that everyone of her ladies club has their grandchild married so she wanted to one of her grandchild married n kitne dino se yaha koi shadi bhi to nhi hui so n upar se abhi is not at all want to marry now so she think they should think about riddhima's marriage while shashank again warn her not to bring his princess in marriage category now she is still small to get married while others laugh hearing him n their as usual mother-in-law n son-in-low blunter

After that all confusion are settled for the night n they have dinner while laughing forgetting all the blunter till now...

Later at night
Heaven hill
Both anjali n atul was back from rangin ashiyaana but it was quite late at night while going towards their room atul notice armaan's room's light was still on he thought to check on him after she make anjali sleep n come back to see its still on
He knock to get no noise so he enter n see armaan is in his gym room with music playing on its background n kicking his punching bag as the room is soundproof so atul didn't hear any noise from outside as its secure with separate door also
He enter n stop the music when armaan look at him n ask: Champ tu yaha?
At: Kya hua tujhe?its 1am now n u still here what happened?
Ar: nothing was just trying to give some time for fitness as time nhi milta na abhi thik se..
At: dekh armaan main janti hoon tu pareshaan hai so mujhe jhut maat bol main tera bhai hoon na chal bata kya baat hai?
Ar(As armaan was still thinking about anji n atul's evening talk he wanted to ask atul what happened there but he also didn't want atul to know about his weird feeling n all that to so soon when he himself don't know what's happening n in another case riddhima is atul's sister-in-law so he thought to change the topic): Are kuch nhi hua mujhe main bilkul thik hoon wo bas office k problem ka haal soch raha tha chal tu bata tu itni raat tak jaga hua hai kab aya wapas?
At: Wo bas adhe ghante pehle hi aye hum.
Ar: Anji so gaye kya?
At: Ha wo aram kar rhi hai
Ar(who wanted to ask what happened there desperately ask it in rounding way): Acha tumlogo ko itna der kyun ho gaye?
At(started bumbling with words): Are tujhe pata hai waha toh aj boht kuch hua(then he started to tell him about all the happenings were in RA n after telling it he sit with armaan who was sitting on ground graving his water bottle drinking water showing he didn't actually much care but his ear was all on his talks)Waise ammy mujhe na tujhse kuch puchna tha
Ar: Kya champ bata na?
At: Wo nhi kal office me baat karte hai n subah na kuch time free rakhna mujhe tujhse n rahul se important baat karni hai... (Saying this he got up to go away wishing him good night)

Here after atul left armaan seems like got his life back as if till now it was stuck in somewhere

Next day
At hill point

At morning atul have a meeting with rahul n armaan n ritu while atul offer something which both of them gladly accept

Around 1hour later
A TVS scotty stop in front of the hill point office a girl in blue white mixed top n dark blue jeans n white scurf with hairs tied in a French braid was come down from it mumbling: pata nhi aj DR ne mujhe yaha kyun bulaya woh bhi itna subah subah i mean kal raat ko hi humse mile the tab kuch nhi bola(then parking her scotty she enter the building)Chal riddhima ab dimag me itna jor na daal lets see what happened?

Well guys obviously this is riddhima so let's see what is she doing here?

While entering in the building she meet ritu there while ritu greet her n while talking with her both of them reached to atul office
While they knock atul ask them to come in as rahul was also with atul they didn't have to talk with rahul first

Entering the office we could see there is modern looking desk with a side small wardrobe attach where files has been kept n in back of it the wall was printed in black in between there are space made with wooden small desk kind where files n other things are kept one side on table there is a chair n other side of it there is two chair kept n left side of the table there are a open view of outside with one side looking glass n other side of it there are two door one is attached to go out n other one is attached with small room for relaxation n in front of the doors there is fluffy sofa kept with a glass table in front of it.. n in back of its a wall there is pics of three different season with different view making the room more elegant n classy
Riddhima saw atul was sitting on one single sofa while in rahul was sitting in the middle three seater sofa n the opposite of atul's single sofa there is a guy with black hat sitting with his back towards the door..

Though the persons sitting position was little bit familiar to her but because of the hat n his back facing her she couldn't make out who is it?

Atul n rahul get up n hug her greeting her to sit in between the three seater sofa while she gone to seat she see the guy was none other than armaan so she greet him also with a small smile n sit in between ritu n rahul

Ri:DR apne itna urgently call ki kal toh kuch nhi bataya kuch hua hai kya?
At: Actually riddhima baat yeh hai ki..Rahul tu bata na
Ra: Are main kyun tu bol..
At: tu bol de na yaar kya farak padti hai..
Ra: Koi farak nhi padti na phir tu hi bol mujhe maat khich isme..
Ar(watching them arguing for no reason): Shut up both of u.. Main bol rhi hoon..(Then look towards riddhima n bending sit straightly looking at him)Look riddhima...

Hearing armaan said riddhima i mean her full name she was sure this is something important n then all of them have a talk around 2 hour n after that riddhima leave saying she want to meet shashank before she tell them anything about the whole meeting

After coming out of hill point office she call shashank to meet her in a restaurant which is one of shashank's favorite hearing her serious voice shashank also ask her to go there he will be there in half an hour

Riddhima enter in the huge shaandaar restaurant which is named "Ivy Inn" m entering there she order her share of food n ask to bring it later when shashank arrive as it was shashank fav restaurant which is supposed to his friends restaurant also so riddhima got extra attention though she ask them to there is no need for special attention but still the owner of the restaurant himself come n accompany her till shashank come n live after a while shashank arrive leaving the father-daughter due..

Sh: Toh bolo princess what happen yeh achanak bahar aise kyun bulaya?kya hua?
Ri: Actually papa..(Then she started to narrate the whole convo of their meeting in hill point)

So chalo jab tak riddhima shashank se sab detail bolte hai main bhi ap sab ko bata hi deti hoon kya hua ;)

Actually hua yun u guys remember na few days ago armaan got a call n get shocked actually that call was from his office saying as the contract with their recent designer over so that designer want to resign as he was all set to for shift to abroad n armaan couldn't force him to stay as its now the designer's choice but the main problem was as they even run the even management n they even supply wedding dresses n other special occasion dresses for them n they already took order for some of event n now the designer is quitting n itni jaldi ache designer milna is a tuff task n for that only armaan was gone to abroad to have a meeting with that previous designer who agree to work for one more month but not for the advanced order he will just finish the pending one..

N yesterday when atul come to riddhima's house hearing riddhima's determination about her career later after dinner he want to watch some of her work n before even riddhima could reply shashank took atul gladly to her room n in the working area there is a closet where till now all her designs were placed atul was literally surprised watching such exclusive designs n on that moment only he thought that riddhima could help them in their that designer problem but before he could talk with riddhima he need to talk with rahul armaan n ritu as they are all involve in this whole problem so after today having a complete chat with them atul finally call riddhima n later armaan explain the problem n they offer her a job on heaven hill as official designer of them,

In this point u guyss need to know one more fact that is
Heaven hill don't own any particular fashion house it just supply garments in different country n arrange a single fashion show in whole year over different theme they have website where those design could be get n the work of their official designer is to provide those designs n even help in event management designs of cloth if that is required
So now back to story again

As they offer riddhima job of this post riddhima didn't give them any answer she said she need time as she want to consult with shashank what to do so she said she would tell them tomorrow what is her answer

n now after she narrating the whole event to shashank she is staring at him in hope that she might say something  but while shashank didn't say a word so riddhima broke the silence which fall after riddhima finished her part of story: So..
Sha: So ...
Ri(whining): Papa u know na i need ur advice to take the decision what to do as u know i want to open my own fashion house n now this proposal n DR is stuck up too I want to help them but it would mean..
Sha(cutting her in between): princess princess princess chill itna maat soch n took a deep breath n relax..
Ri: but papa..
Sha: Uhmmm not a word do as i say took a deep breath(while riddhima was about to say something close her mouth n do as he said) now relax(riddhima nodded her head)n smile(while riddhima smile a bit)yeh kya itni kanjusi chalo chalo badi wali hasi dikhao (while shows finger to tickle her while riddhima giggle)Yeh huyi na baat meri princess wali acha ab suno koi bhi pareshani ho aise haske samna kia karo samjhe n now listen beta i know ur dream n all n now even u want to help them also but beta its up to u na what u really want to join them or not, Even u can think some idea to help them n not to even have any effect on ur dreams,(then pick up the ice-cream which they order for dessert as my now their lunch was finished)N abhi yeh thande thande ice-cream khao n then ghar jake thande dimag se socho tum kya karna chahte ho,Tumhara koi bhi faisla ho hum humesha tumhare sath hai ok princess..(while riddhima give him a tooth full smile showing all her teeth)

N after paying the bill shashank back to hospital while riddhima was gone to home
Later at night
Shashank n riddhima again have a small talk before dinner where she tell him about her decision while shashank gladly support her n tell her to tell others about it n at dinner table they said about the proposal n riddhima's decision everyone gladly support her
so after that riddhima call atul n told him she decide her decision but she want to tell it in person so she will meet him in morning at 11

Next day

Hill point
At 11am a girl wearing a white n grey strap jumpsuit with grey scurf on her neck with hair tied with high ponytail with Frenches in front at the desk knock at rahul's cabin while rahul look up n say: Exact on time as always, Miss Gupta
Well the girl is obviously none other than riddhima gupta
Ri: Sure Mr. Garewal
While rahul show her go with her to atul's office before informing atul that riddhima is here while atul ask him to bring her to his cabin in 5 min as others will be there also in 5min
When everyone was there armaan was the last one to enter in the room while saying sorry he also join them they all look at riddhima with hope in eyes n atul break: So..
While riddhima frowned n said: So what?
This time armaan answer: What's ur answer about this proposal...
Ri: Well i think a lot about it n after talking with Dad i took the decision that about this proposal my answer is...
She stop to look at everyone's face to see every person of the room looking at her with hopeful eyes...
Scene stop at everyone's hopeful face...

That's all for today..
I hope sabko pasand aye
N btw I wanted to say that this part I want to deidcate to my dearest friend urf choti behen "SAMI"
Yeh le sami yeh rahi teri birthday gift
Waise I know I'm late but late hone ki wajah bhi toh thi
So I hope u wouldn't mind
Btw evryone though her birthday is over but please wish her once again
"Happy late birthday sami "
Lv u a lots
N isi k sath main ap sab se bida leti hoon
Next part amaine abhi tak likhna bhi start nhi ki
So I don't know when I'm gonna update next
Tab tak k liye
Lv u all
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