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part 25 : Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

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The part is not edited so please ignore the spelling mistakes
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So here goes the story...
Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha hai, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai,Aur isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahuchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain,yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhand hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga,iske liye authority yani ki writer yani ki main jimmeddar nhi hoon,Krippa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekhiyega..

Ankahein rishtoon me najdikiyaan badne lagi
Andekhi chahat se dil k dor khadakne lagi
Ek to anjaan hai aur ek ko toh ehsas hone laga
Par kya pata hai usko, ki pyar use hone laga

Part 25

Riddhima smile at their eager expression n said: YES..

Everyone squealed for a second n rahul atul n ritu give her a friendly hug while she also reciprocate but when they were continuously saying that how happy they are for her accepting this job n all armaan just stand in a side watching them n a small smile play at his face

Ri: Ok ok but listen i've some conditions..(while everyone stop at her talk when all settle down n look at her in indication of her to say more so she again started)Look DR i know ap log boht problem me ho is wajah se n i notice also u quite tensed for these days thats y i wanted to just help u guys warna mera job karne ka koi irada hi nhi thi so the thing is jo bhi reason ho as i m joining so i want to make it professional only(while atul was about to say something while riddhima speak even before that) Let me finish DR actually the thing is main yaha permanent designer nhi banna chahti as i've some other plans further so i'm here will work for u till u don't get any other capable designer for ur company uske liye jitne din lage ap log le sakte ho i don't have any problem n as soon as ur new designer will be settled i will resign from the post n don't worry i will help u all to find a perfect one for this job..It will be ok for u all na?

While all of them look at each other n then they talk about it in between while riddhima offer that she would go outside till they discuss while they said its ok so riddhima said she want some water n making this excuse she go out giving them time to discuss about the proposal she offer n after a while when she back they were all agree with her condition n quite ok with it..

Ri: That's great oh btw one more thing i don't want u guys treat me special just because u guys know me before or I'm ur relative or something.u guyss must be behave with me the way u behave with others...N please apko office hour me jitne bhi problem ho solve karwa lena i don't want to bring office n home together so aplog kabhi bhi office k bate bahar hum kahi bhi mile toh nhi karoge jaruri hui toh i'm always be here to start my work in anytime but not at home(She stop talking as she saw atul looking at her with wide eyes n rahul certainly smiling while armaan n ritu was just surprisingly looking at her)What happened y u all are looking at me like this?
Ra: didn't i told u yeh sari line uske batoon me hogi hi?

While riddhima look at him confusingly so atul said: Actually rahul ne hume bola tha jab hum tumhe yeh job offer karne k bare me soch rahe the tab that u gonna say this lines if u accept the job..

While riddhima smile a little looking at rahul while rahul also smile back but armaan seems to get a pang of jealousy in somewhere knowing rahul know her too much well but he somehow avoid it..

While ritu said: Riddhima sab agar koi bhi jagah job start karte hai all want to get some extra attention per yaha jab tumhe mil rahe hai wo bina mehnat kiye still u want to decline it..
While riddhima smile n said: Ha kyun ki i'm here for professional reasons na so i want it to be professional ab agar sab ko yeh pata chale that main DR ki pehchan me koi hoon to wo log mujhse baat karne se pehle so baar sochega but freely meri around kaam nhi kar payega ya phir kuch log har waqt jhuti tareef karte rahega which i don't want but agar unko lage main unlogo k jaise hi ek hoon to wo mere sath freely kaam kar payega n unke ideas share karne me ghabrayega nhi n it could be helpfull for my work so isiliye bas...

While everyone smile at her thinking how down to earth she is even being the daughter of famous surgeon still she can mixed up with any person so casual y n not even have a little glimpse of pride in her n agree they will not reveal her full identity to others n they more talk for a while about other procedures

After a while Atul sauid: Ridz tumhare jo bhi sawal hai tum direct ritu se puch lena she will direct u n main toh hoon hi yaha so any problem u can tell it frankly n..

Riddhima give him a Didn't-i-tell-u-no-extra-attention look while atul fumble n ritu n rahul chuckle at atul's state armaan who got a important call was back in room n ask what happen when others just shake their head indicating nothing n riddhima give both of them a look as if telling them to stop n they stop immediately n she remember something n asked looking at atul: DR mujhe join kabse karni hogi?
Atul this time keep his lips shut while ritu answer: tum kabse join kar sakte ho?
Riddhima thinking about asked: What is the date today(while rahul pass her the calendar which was above the table n she calculate something)Is it be any problem if i join after 8 days?

Hearing her everyone frown a little while rahul immediately took the calendar n smile looking at the date n said: So u r doing it finally right?
Ri(with mysterious smirk): Well i guess so..
At: Are we missing something?
Ri: actually DR there is something i need to do before i join n i need to ask for ur help for that(n with a smirk she look at him)

Before atul could ask what is it atul's phone ring it's from the attendent telling the delegates are arrived n waiting for rahul n him in conference room with whom they've  meeting a few while later.atul check the time n then tell her they are coming till now make them comfortable there

At: I'm extremely sorry ridhz but mujhe n rahul ko jana padega..
Ri: it's absolutely fine DR don't worry btw apki meeting lunch time tak khatam ho jayegi na (atul nodded)then main wait karti hoon we can have lunch together n then I can tell u guys what is it that i need help..

That's when armaan said little scaristically: Someone was talking about being professional right..
While atul left confused n rahul n ritu glare him but riddhima with smile replied:Well Mr mallik I still didn't sign the papers so technically none of u r my boss right now so I its not an unprofessional behavior u see...but how would u got that it need brain to understand na but u rarely have that much..
Ar: U...
Ri: what happened oh ho cd atak gaya ya phir alphabet vul gaye bachpan me thik se sikha nhi kya u k baad v ati hai...so simple
While evryone laugh that finally someone have the guts ability to retorted on armaan mallik's  statement it's really rare view to see armaan mallik speachless n armaan just glare at others for laughing

At lunch

Atul n rahul join riddhima at lunch while armaan was have a programme arranged before so he leave n even do ritu as she need to go home as her mother-in-law supposed to be come today who is not at all happy with her bahu even how much she did for her.
Later riddhima tell about her plan when atul gladly ready to cover it up for her

At night

Rangin Ashiayana

Riddhima was sitting in her fav spot in garden wearing a ash color tee shirt with green skirt n skurf n was looking at moon thinking about the marriage fasinco happened the day before yesterday while shashank who was  going to sleep was look outside of garden to see riddhima sitting alone so he go there n ask what is she doing there when ridding told him what he is thinking
Sh: Waise u know it's not their fault actually u urself told them to do something like that..
Ri(surprised would be understatement if u tell her right now feeling she was literally shocked hearing shashank saying that ): Maine kab???
Sh: Don't u remember that when you were making evryone agree for anjali's shadi what u said to ma? (Riddhima give a confusing look when shashank sighed n said) it's not ur fault even it's the situation that was wrong.

Hearing it riddima suddenly recalled the talk she have with nani when she was making her agree for anjali's marriage that's when she told them that they can get her married anytime they want with their choice but agree for anji's love marriage

N here nani who was not getting agreed cause of thinking ram's temp was got finally agreed but that string of thing was still in her heart that riddima unknown to herself actually give them constant of her marriage though they know Riddhima has dreams so they never persue her that comment but few years later when Minnie got that hard to solve kind disease that time nani was have a heart problem n that's when she have a fear that she might be gone in any day n she really want to see riddhima settle before that
N even before they call all those boys mom n all nani tricky once asked to riddhima that if she have someone but riddhima think nani was just teasing so she didn't notice much now when shashank point out that previous incident she then only remember that incident too

So after recalling it all riddhima mentioned it to shashank while they point out that technically it's not anyone's fault it's just the situation n the insecurities of nani which make this thing..

Riddhima insist on that she would have a talk with nani n solve it as it was night so riddhima left it for morning

Nxt morning

The first thing riddhima did after freshen up is have a good talk with nani

Nani who was just come out doing her prayer was settle on living room having her tea n riddhima join her n she directly ask nani about the marriage thing though now riddhima know why nani do so but she wanted nani herself tell evrything to her after a little bit of pressure nani also blurt out the same thing shashank told her

When nani was said it all riddhima hug her instantly n said: nani ap kahi nhi ja rhi ho samjhe abhi to apko aur jeena hai anji di ki baby ki bhi bhi baby ko apne god me khilani hai, n jab meri designs khud ki show room hogi apko hi to uske opening k liye shubh muhrat nikalna hai phir chief guest banna hai phir bhaiya ki shadi me dance bhi toh karni hai apko aise kaise chale jaogi ap hum apko jane hi nhi denge,N aj bol diya apne n maine bhi sun liya phir dubara aise baat ki toh main gussa ho jaungi samjhe n agar meri shadi karne ka matlab ap chain se dur chali jao phir main kabhi shadi nhi karungi kyun ki mujhe apse dur nhi jana..

Both nani n granddaughter cry while hugging each other n nani

Like this they clear all kind of missinsequetions between them n padma also later join them so as priya
The ladies were to busy with their talking that they almost forgot about the breakfast
That's when shashank n ram join them..
N they both greet them inturpting their talk: Good morning ladies
Sh: Kya baat hai aj subah Subah sare gupta ladies n Kapoor ladies are here only two are missing koi sajish chal rhi hai kya humare khilaf,btw aj nashta milegi ya nhi boht bhuk lagi hai..
Pa: Oh hoo main to aj kuch banana hi vul gayi ap log fresh hoke ao tab tak main kuch bana deti hoon.. (she was about to get up when riddhima hold her n stop her from going while padma give her a surprising look)
Ri (stand up n smiling said): Nhi mumma ruko aj main sabko breakfast k liye leke jaungi bahar on my treat akhir meri job hai nayi nayi so treat is on me(then turning towards all)ap sab ready ho jao n mumma ap jiji ko bhi bulwalo main baki sabko call kar deti hoon aj to hum nani k fav restaurant me jayenge

While others smile at her idea of this sudden get together n shashank smile thinking how riddhima could easily solve the problems which could be clearly seen in her eyes.

Later at breakfast

Evryone was present there while riddima sit in between ram n shashank n padma n priya on other side of them nani sitting on head of the chair n on other side of it bi sitting n bi's one side it's priya n other side it's sid n beside sid rahul sitting n beside him armaan n in other side of armaan atul n then anjali sitting so basically the thing is armaan is sitting just opposite of riddhima..
In whole breakfast thing riddhima was fully engrossed with ram n shashank that she never noticed armaan n armaan was so engrossed with rahul that he also didn't got much time to concentrate on riddhima but he did notice the closeness she share with ram n shashank

6 days later

In this days riddhima was extremely busy with her work handling office n her secret planning though she didn't join office fully but she was introduced all as designer who gonna join soon
N evryone quite started to like her
In this six days one more thing happened that is armaan started to notice riddhima more.
But he can't figure out what is exactly the feelings that building up inside him..
Let's see what future hold up for them...

That's all for today...
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Please ignore the spelling mistakes
N the index would be now on update later as I can't do it with mobile
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Allah Hafiz
N EID MUBARAK once again

One Non writer attempting dear devil act...

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