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Part 3 :Forever Vala Love

''Dilchasap lamhe aksar guzar kee khawabon kee jaise hii ho jaate hai
Khushboo kee jhonke ik pal theher ke kaise hawaon meiin kho jaate hai
Hum kabhie fir mil sakte hai tum kabhie alvida naa kehna
Kabhie alvida naa kehna
Kabhie alvida naa kehna''

As they walked opposite side of road when riddhima turned feeling something leavings he saw armaan's back and next moment armaan turned feeling he is leaving some part of his behind he turned and at that moment riddhima's back facing him his heart clenched and he walks and then stop and once again turned and then as if his heart's vice heard by riddhima's heart and riddhima too turned at that time and both have a warm smile coming back on their lips adoring their faces seeing each-other and they looked at each-other for some time and then waved to each-other and then finally leaves from there with a complete new feeling in their hearts which reciprocated by each-other.
And now finally the exams over and armaan's exams are never went to so good before this ones, and the credit goes to his teacher riddhima, in this whole month of exams he never even for once time did not missed her, he used to hug the notes to sleep as he feels her touch in them and riddhima is having same feeling, she missed him too he even comes in between the preparatory holidays to ask something though somewhere she knows it's just a excuse to met her as they both clearly remembered the day when armaan comes first in her house in that chilly morning and as she opened the door she finds him standing in front of her door with his nose red and hands he were rubbing with each-other first riddhima is shocked to see him at her door step that too in hat hour of morning when he is probably sleeping and that too without informing her not that she minds he comes but she well more than happy seeing him in front of her green almond eyes after so many days well that's not the thing with happiness she is surprised but she is in shock too seeing him and when riddhima keeps on standing the door with her eyes in shock armaan smiled and then he finally asked making riddhima comes out of her thoughts well his thoughts
Ar:''jungli billy if you don't mind can i come in please bahar bahut thand hai yar sachii''
He said and riddhima breaks her trance and then she just
Ri:''umm han armaan''
Ar:''han tou jab tak tum odoor se nahin hatogi how will i come so please jungli billy hatoo naa yar its really cold out here''
He said while rubbing both his hands and riddhima moved away from his way while saying to him that
Ri:''han armaan sorry''
Ar:''its ok riddhima''
And they both walked inside riddhima's room and riddhima gives him one stole of hers to wrap his hands in that as they were getting red because of weather and armaan has a million dollar smiled seeing that reaction from hers and riddhima makes him sat there run to kitchen and brings a cup of coffee steaming coffee for him making armaan's broad smile appeared he so missed these things and her face from these days so that's why unable to hold his restlessness he finally today walked in her house in this chilly weather as armaan sat there riddhima
Ri:''armaan tum yahan itnii subhh subhh koi kam tha kya i mean tumne call bhi nahin kiyya''
Ar:''kyoon nahin aa sakta kya''
He instead of giving her answer question her back and riddhima just speak
Ri:''armaan mera vo matlab nahin tha''
As she said nervously armaans miled seeing her nervous expression how much she scolded him but still she gets whole nervous in front of him
Ar:''chill yar riddhima i am just kidding mujhe kuchh problem thi tou that's why i come to ask you yar''
He said and then take out his book from his jacket and riddhima sighed and then she just
Ri:''han armaan 1 second mai notes ootha lun just give me one second''
Hua Joh Dard Bhi Toh
Humko Aaj Kuch Zyada Hua
Ishq Wala Love
Yeh Kya Hua Hai Kya
Khabar Yehi Pata Hai Zyada Hua
Ishq Wala Love
Agar Yeh Usko Bhi Hua Hai
Phir Bhi Mujhko Zyada Hua
Ishq Wala Love
And armaan nodded and as she turned to go she her feet get stuck in armaan's shoe lace and the result is she slipped and feeling fear of falling she closed her deep green almond eyes and armaan as just saw her imbalancing he immediately put his hands on her waist preventing her to fall on floor and he caught her and he just lose himself seeing her close in his arms with her deep green almond eyes closed and she is looking so beautiful and innocent in his arms that he just wants to kiss her like no tomorrow and here well as riddhima feels she is safe and sound and her muscles are not at all aching she slowly opened her deep green almond eyes only to get drowned in those blue captivating eyes which is making her restless from past so many days and then she noticed she is in armaan's arms he was holding her protectively from her slender waist wrapping his hand around there and as they shared a beautiful eye-lock, looking deep in each-other's eyes and the green and blue orbs speak volumes and drowned in the moment armaan's other hand which is wrapped around her neck made his way towards her nape while caressing it that makes a shiver ran down in both their spine, their first touch and riddhima gasped and closed her eyes feeling that and armaan was once again lose this battle, he leaned near her face but their trance breaks with knock on door.
And that was anjali  riddhima's dii on door but that one moment surely made them realize there is something deep now in this relationship and from that day their restlessness increases for each-other and till now that days is clearly remembered by both armaan and riddhima.
Kyun Na Aise Hota
Jo Milte Tum Ho Jaate Ghum Saath Mere
Hotey Hotey Hoga Samjhaaye Hum
Thum Jaaye Tham Oh Dil Mere
Toota Zyada Zyada Taara Jab Gira
And now in between their exams she never even once forgot to ask him how was his exam and they always went inside after whispering all the best to each-other but as in all these days riddhima still feels his first ever touch on her nape feels that he is touching her and now she riddhima very well knows till the exams ended knows why she is restless without him knows very well she deeply fell in love with armaan her bigda rahees and now she even did not know what to do as she clearly now knows they feels a really special bond between them, and she don't know will she has to tell him her feeling true vaali feelings for him, one part in her heart tells her taht he too loved her but another part deceiving her by reminding her they are too opposite poles and how armaan can love her the girl who is not at all of his type so she is in dilemma to confess her feelings to him or not and well and today she knows exams are over and she thinks she never going to confess her feelings for him and will always remain his friend as she fears yes deep fear of rejection of his losing his friendship too and as today exams over that means officially college is over, now they did not know where everyone will go and this makes both armaan and riddhima restless as they even did not even able to see each-other's face and as riddhima is walking towards the college gate to go home lost in her own thoughts after the exam over finally she heard his voice calling her and she turned only to found him standing in front of her green eyes whole panting
Zara Zyada Zyada Maangu Dil Tera
Kabhi Zyada Zyada Maane Na Dil Yeh Sarfira
Ishq Wala Love
Bada Yeh Dil Nadaan Tha Par Aaj Kuch Zyada Hua
Ishq Wala Love
Ar:''kya yar jungli billy bhagee jaa rahii ho kab se boola raha hun''
He said in between his panting and riddhima smiled and then she just
Ri:''sorry armaan maine soona nahin actually mai kuchh soch rahii thi isliyye''
She said and armaan smiled hearing her innocent voice and then said to her making her smile with his nautanki
Ar:''don't worry itnaa mat socho tum hii top karogi exam meiin riddhima mine jungli billy''
He teased her making her frown and she hit on his arms playfully
Ri:''armaan tum nahin''
But she is shushed in between as he whispered to her that making her shook her head
Ar:''nahin sudhorunga that i know vo sab bad meiin aur achaa jungli billy mujhe bad meiin maarna aabhie I come here to tell you kii mai sham ko 8 o'clock aaonga tumhe pick karne tayar rehna madam''
As she smiled his first words his another second half words confused her getting ready where they are going
Ri:''tayar par armaan kyoon hum kahin jaa rahein hai kya''
She asked not getting him and armaan smiled and replied
Ar:''yes aur tum mana nahin karogi vaise bhi tumhare kaaran se mere exams itneein ache hue hai so party tou banti hai aur merii har khushi merii iss dost kee binaa adhoori hai aur vaise bhi exams finish tou teacher tum bhi break deserve karti ho so madam mai naa nahin soonoga 8 o'clock sharp aagar tayar naa hui tou mai ootha kar le jaonga and its not threat I mean it''
He said huskily near her ear making her bretahs sharp and she nodded and armaan then whispered near her ear his breath kissing her ear lobe and just
Ar:''good girl sham ko milte hai exactly 8 o'clock der mat karna''
He said in the same tone she used two months back for him and she smiled and both leaves to their own ways and both waited for evening anxiously.

In evening armaan pressed the honk of his car and next moment he saw riddhima emerging from her house wearing a beautiful red strips churridar, her long hairs falling on her shoulder slightly curled from front, she is looking so sweet and innocent an epitome of beauty and as riddhima come closer she herself feels her heart skipped a bit seeing him, he is claded in black shirt and black jeans looking handsome and then armaan opened the door of his car for her like  a perfect gentleman and they drove towards the pub where the party is held and all the way armaan's eyes were fixed on hers, his eyes never leave her sight. And as they reached the pub they met everyone, armaan's friends and the gang which includes anjali-atul, rahul-muskaan, abhi-nikki and they have fun around, they danced eat and enjoyed so much, and as armaan is almost all the time with the gang but then for sometime he excused himself to met his other college friends and from the time armaan leaves riddhima is looking at him, as she did not like how the other girls drooled over him, poor girl she is jealous after all she loved him and she admitted this now and she just wants to grab armaan's hand and let him take some where only she can see him as she is getting jealous completely and she knows she is even possessive about him but will it worth it she don't know and feeling suffocated then suddenly she wants to use washroom, the three other girls offers that they will come but she refused and after using washroom when she come back she stopped in mid tracks when she heard her name and she looked armaan's friend sheena and millind were talking with him and she heard
Sh:''kya armaan vaise tum iss riddhima koo kyoon laaye saath laaye invite kyoon kiyya ose tume meiin I mean muskii is rahul's girl friend and anjali is fine but what about her she is not fitted in your circle after all she is not your taste naa armaan''
Mi:''han armaan sheena is right vo riddhima does not suited in rock star armaan mallik's image yar she is not your type''
And riddhima could not hear more and she leaves from there with tears in her eyes and she reached outside and sat on the bench she broke down completely as their words echoed her ears thoroughly as the tears escaped from her beautiful green almond eye as she cried bitterly

Ri:''han riddhima sahii hii tou keh rahein the vo log tuu kahan armaaan kii life mein suit karti hai, kahan vo college kaa sabse handsome ladka aur kahana tuu ek seedhi saadhi sii ladki, joo inn parties meiin kabhie bhi nahin ayi, aur tujhe kya kii armaan bhi tujhse pyaar karega not at all how can he, you are not beautiful riddhima, joo bhi tum dono kee beech meiin hai just plain friendship tuu poori pagal hai kuchh bhi sochti hai aur sochh baithii kii armaan bhi tujhe pyaar karega vo bhi Forever vaala love joo tuu oos se kar baithi hai aisaa nahin ho sakta yad hai naa oosnein kahaa tha kii vo pyaar meiin nahin manta aur oopar se tuu ooski tyoe kii bhi nahin hai ose tou koi bhi sundar sii mini skirt vaali achii sii sunar sii ladki mill hii jaayegi riddhima''
Jo Khone Ka Tha Darr Tujhe
Toh Hi Kyun Nahin Zyada Hua
Ishq Wala Love
Hua Joh Dard Bhi Toh
Humko Aaj Kuch Zyada Hua
Ishq Wala Love
Yeh Kya Hua Hai Kya
Khabar Yehi Pata Hai Zyada Hua
Ishq Wala Love
Agar Yeh Usko Bhi Hua
Hai Phir Bhi Mujhko Zyada Hua
Ishq Wala Love
 Ar:''aur aagar main kahun kii mujhe sirff riddhima hii chahiye tou''
Riddhima is shocked beyond limits hearing that words as she turned her face and saw him standing in front of her eyes, she quickly turned her gaze and wiped her tears not wants to let him see she is crying and then as she saw armaan comes in front of her as he sat near her knees then riddhima asked him finally
Ri:''areey armaan tum yahan kya kar rahein ho armaan''
Ar:''yeh bat mujeh tumse poochin chahiye''
Ri:''ohh mai tou bas aisee hii aa gayyi see mai parties kii zyada aadat nahin hai naa tou bas isiliyye armaan nothing more''
She said avoids looking in his eyes and armaan placed his finger under her chin and holds her making her look towards him and
Ar:''shh riddhima''

He said placing his finger on her lips and riddhima looked at him
Ar:''maine sab sun liyya hai kii merii jungle billy bhi mujhse pyaar kar baithi hai forever vaala jaise kii mujhe ho gayya hgai''
Riddhima is shocked hearing but she try to cover up while shaking her head in no
Ri:''nahin armaan mai tumhari life meiin suit nahin karti hun''
She even herself did not know when she said this as words escaped from her mouth making armaan smiled and he just
Ar:''nahin riddhima tumse zyada mujhe koi suit nahin karta hai riddhima I found my love in you that is you only you, aur aagar koi suit nahin karta tou mai hun tum hoo hii itnii achiii, par fir bhi I want you and wants to spend my life with you only you, tumne mujhe pyaar karna sikhaya hai riddhima, tumne mujhe behtar insan bana diyya you have changed me for better aur aab mai tumhare liyye bike race aapna sab pagal pan chodna chahta hun because I love you aur han tum sahii keh rahii thi riddhima merii life meiin bhi koi aayega jisee mujhe forever vaala love hoo jaayega aur voo tum hoo riddhima please don't leave me riddhima I love you will you marry your bigda rahees my jungli billy i really love you?''

He asked with lots of emotion in his voice and tears in his eyes and riddhima's eyes too welled up hearing him yes she believed him, she knows he is saying truth she can sense honesty in his voice and words and she has no objection after all she loved him too that too very badly that she can't live without him or even imagine her life without him so she just
Ri:''yes mere bigde rahees I will marry you I love you''
And armaan smiled in between his tears and she immediately makes him moved on bench  beside her and armaan hugged her tightly and riddhima hugged him back and then after few minutes armaan de tangled her face and while placing tendril behind her ear he caressed her lips with his thumb making her tremble and closing her eyes and then armaan sealed her lips with his and kissed her softly  and she kissed him back they kissed each-other telling each-other they love each-other.
Ar:''I love you riddhima humesha vaala forever vaala love''
Ri:''I love you too humesaha vaala forever vaala love''
As they both broke the kiss said to each-other and then
Ar:''oye hoyee''
And once again sealed the promise for love each-other this time passionately telling each-other that they are always for each-other.

Ishq Wala Love
Surkh Wala Soz Wala Faiz Wala Love
Ishq Wala Love
Hota Hai Jo Love Se Zyada Waise Wala Love
Ishq Wala Love
Surkh Wala Soz Wala Faiz Wala Love
Ishq Wala Love
Hota Hai Jo Love Se Zyada Waise Wala Love
Ishq Wala Love

And today armaan and riddhima married and are happy with each-other riddhima comes in armaan's life and changed him for good and armaan makes riddhima's life beautiful with his just his presence and riddhima feels lucky to have armaan the one whom she did not liked once today she cannot live a second without him and she gets to know that what actually our eyes sees its not mandatory that is true only, truth may be something else too and the same happened with riddhima she hates armaan just for his image but when she comes to know him she knows he is gem of person so never makes opinion of one person just by his look that truly says don't judge the book by its cover  and now she is deeply in love with him as she knows he is the best and one for him and armaan too comes to know if he is hurt in his life that does not means he can close the doors of his heart for that forver vaala love or what you can called sace vaala pyaar or sirff pyaar pyaar bas sabkii zinadgi meiin ata hai jarurat hotii hai wait kii sachee dill se intezar aur pyaar sirff aur sirff aapka jaise armaan kii life meiin ayi ooski riddhima and now he just loves her and believes in his life too forver vaala love comes and as he got the trule love of his life and now well as they loved each-other armaan vaala infatuation nahin joo ose har ladki se hotaa tha yeh riddhima vaala love the forever vaala love which tied them for all their lives and coming lives together making them each-other's.

Ishq Wala Love
Surkh Wala Soz Wala Faiz Wala Love
Ishq Wala Love
Hota Hai Jo Love Se Zyada Waise Wala Love
Ishq Wala Love
Surkh Wala Soz Wala Faiz Wala Love
Ishq Wala Love
Hota Hai Jo Love Se Zyada Waise Wala Love
Ishq Wala Love

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