Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Part 55:You Actually Love Me Or

As riddhima looked at the duo in front of her eyes she has tears in her eyes and
R:''main jaanti hun armaan ki mera aab aap par shayad koi haq nahin hain armaan par main aapki princess ka haq oos se nahin le sakti armaan yeh aapki hi thi  humesha se mujhse bhi zayda humesha se aapnein oos din sahi kaha tha ki humara baby par pehla haq sirf aapka hoga ooski ma se bhi pehle''
And she got lost the day when armaan and she thought about their baby on that day in the hospital in her cabin.

A:''lets make a baby riddhima''
He said and riddhima looked at him with shock written all over her face and she moved away from him little away
R:''armaan yeh aap kya''
She said not even completing her sentence and armaan looked at her and then he cupped her face in his palms making her look at him and
A:''I mean it riddhima''
He said and riddhima's head shoot up and she looked directly in his eyes as his words hit her ear drums and seeing her looking at himself he pecked her for head and
A:''han jaan pata hain tumhara yeh ishara sun kar aab main tumse ek pal ko bhi dur nahin rehna chahta hun is sab ke bad mujhe yeh lagta hain ki tumhare bhagwan ji ab humein ek karna chahte hain. Aur jaanti ho jaan dekha tou tumne hain yeh ishara par tumhare muh se sun kar mujhe aisa lag raha jaise in hathon mein abhi choti si princess ane vali hain jo meri riddhima ke rup hogi mere aur tumhare pyar ki parchai  jeeti jagti nishani riddhima''
He said with a big smile adoring his face flashing his dimples and the shine in his eyes makes her shiver, he looks so happy and she saw him this much happy when she confessed her love to him, though he is always happy whenever they are together but this is something that makes her shivered and makes her contended her from her soul and seeing her so lost armaan caressed her face with his knuckles and riddhima comes out from her thoughts and seeing her confused and surprised he
A:''sorry jaan aagar tumhe bura laga ho par its just that  tumhara yeh dream sun kar yeh ishara bhagwan ji ka dekh kar mujhe laga ki now I can have someone all''
He stopped his sentence in midway not wanting to show her his insecurities but whom he is kidding and the moment he speaks these words riddhima get it all along in just a nano second, he needs assurance that now She Is His and he too can have someone call just his Own and she expect this from his considering his childhood and family issues. Though he is all over from them but still he has that string of insecurity in his heart. And this indication makes him more happy as he can now say that he has someone and she knows their baby is going to be the strongest bond in between them after all SHE IS GOING TO BE THE REFLECTION OF THEIR LOVE, seeing her all quite armaan
A:''main jaanta hun jaan sabke kuch dreams hote hain marriage ko lekar and kuch expectations hoti hain post marriage too. Sabki chahat hoti hain shadi ke bad kuch samya aisa ho jahan sirf wife aur husnad ho oonke beech koi bhi na ho. Dono ek dossre ke aur qareeb aa jayen ek dossre ko samjh paye aapnein rishte ke liye. I know riddhima jaan tumhare bhi kuch yehi sapne hain, tum sirf mere saath time betana chahti hun humare pyaar ke safar mein khona chahti ho humari shaadi ke bad. Aur main yeh sab keh raha hun pagal hun main please tum galat mat samjhna. Hum vaise hi karenge jaise tumhe theek lagega humara baby tabhie aayega jab tum ready hogi main bhi na pagal hun jaan''
He said and riddhima shushed him finally putting finger on his lips then
R:''aapko pata hain bahut zayda bat karte hain aap''
And armaan looked at her astonished and then she holds his hand and then makes him settle on the chair and then herself sits in his lap and holding his one cheek in her one palm making her look at herself she started as
R:''aab aap meri bat suniye''
And armaan go quiet and start listening to her and riddhima continued
R:''main janti hun is ishare ne mere armaan ki dill ke vo jazbat bahar nikal diye jo vo humesha se chupa kar rakhte hain aapni riddhima se bhi hain na''
She said looking directly in his eyes but
A:''nahin riddhima aisa kuch nahin hain jaan''
But riddhima gives him sharp look and he goes all quite
R:''aisa hain armaan aur main aapse complaint nahin kar rahi hun pata hain kyun kyunki main jaanti hun mere armaan ne yeh baat aapni jaan se isliyye nahin kahi kyunki vo kuch chupana chahte the par isliye kahi kyunki vo aapni jaan ko dard nahin den sakte the. (she said and armaan lowered his eye lids knowing she can read him like open book) par mere armaan yeh bhul jate hain ki riddhima ko oonke dard ka ehsaas ho jata hain kyunki mere armaan ne aapni riddhima ko aapnein itni close jo kiya hua hain. Main jaanti hun mere armaan ko yeh ishare ke bad Humare Pyaar Ki Nishani aur bhi pas mehsus honein lagi hain aur aap chahte hain ki vo jaldi se aapke pas aa jayen. Jis se aapko yeh yakenn ho jaye ki aab aapka bhi koi hain jise aap aapna keh sake, kyunki aapko koi kabhie aisa milla nahin jise aapna keh saken pure haq se, tou aap humare baby ke bad mujhe bhi aapnein pas aur mehsus karna chahte hain ki main sirf aapki hun''
She completed looking directly in his eyes and armaan did not know what to say to her he simply has his head low and
A:''riddhima main''
He could not find the words to say himself but riddhima kissed his cheek and then to makes him better she
R:''I love you armaan  main aapse bilkul bhi naraz nahin hun ki aap mujhe nahin keh paye yeh kyunki apnein mujhe aapnein aap se bhi zayda pyaar jo kiya hain par armaan meri har saans har khushi aapse hi hain aur mujhe bahut khushi hogi aagar main aapko aapki khushi den payi''
She said as she looked directly in his eyes and she kissed his for head then
A:''nahin riddhima jaan tum please aise mat kaho tumhara har sapna mere liye khud se badhkar hain''
But he is cut short in between as she shushed him
R:''armaan main yeh isliye nahin chahti kyunki aapko chahiye par isliye kyunki main yeh karna chahti hun jante hain kyun kyunki main bhi aapnein armaan ke hathon mein humara ansh dekhna chahti hun aur mere armaan ki aankhon mein vo khushi jo onhein yeh vishwas dila den ki koi hain jo aab sirf oonka hain. Koi hain jo oonhein dada kahega jo oonka pyaar hoga armaan main yeh karna chahti hun HUMARE liyye. Humare ek doosre ko janane ke bare mein main bas yeh keh sakti hun ki mujhe aapse zayda koi nahin jan paya na hi kabhie jan payega aap tou mujhe itna jante hain jitna maine kabhie khud ko nahin jana''
She said and armaan has smile on his lips and tears in his eyes and riddhima kissed his eye lids before the tear rolled on his cheek. She is truly HIS RIDDHIMA knowing him too well the things he never shared with anyone the thing he hide in his heart. Then he just
A:''sorry jaan kabhie kaha nahin tumse par pata hain mera bachpan akele hi beeta tum jaanti ho na mom and dad always busy, dad in business and mom never cared for me and naitik bhai. Aur bachpan mein tou mujhe jo saath bhai meiin milla tha teenage ate vo bhi dur gayya riddhima, jaan bhai ko aapni business administration ki study ke liye U.S.A. jana tha aur main Medical ke liye yahan Mumbai aa gayya. Tab tak mera har rishte se vishwas ooth chukka tha mujhe humesha se yehi lagta tha I AM NOT NEEDED at all. Mere honein ya na honein se kisi ko koi farak nahin padta aur tabhie I just take my life at stake, yad hain na vo bike races and all jahan mujhe papa ne dekha tha (riddhima knows he is talking about shashank) par fir jaan tum meri life mein ayi. Mujhe tumse beinteha mohabbat ho gayyi par mujhe tab bhi kabhi nahin laga ki mera koi hain kyunki tum mujhse gussa thi aur mujhe laga ki main aapna pyaar bhi kho dunga. Par fir tum meri zindagi mein aa gayyi meri JAAN meri RIDDHIMA ban kar aa gayi aur maine sab pa liyya riddhima. Mujhe sab kuch mil gayya tumhe paakar par riddhima mere bachpan ke kaaran mujhe na aapni kismat par bilkul bhi yakeen nahin hain. Mere man mein humesha dar rehta hain ki kahin main tumhe kho na dun''
He said lowering his eye lids and riddhima did not say anything she just placed her lips on his taking him in a deep kiss. She smooched his lips in hers softly and slowly making him believe her presence making him feel that she is there for HIM and feeling her soft lips against his for few minutes he did not believe that she is kissing him but as she nipped softly on his lower lips he give in the kiss still he let riddhima takes the lead as he is just into her feeling her presence in his life. And riddhima kissed him softly and slowly and even armaan's hands gripped on her waist and finally riddhima ended the kiss, its just promising kiss not a sensuous kiss the kiss just to tell him to give him the assurance that she is always there for him
R:''I love you armaan main humesha aapke saath rahungi kabhi bhi aapse dur nahin jaungi''
She said as she kissed his for head and armaan smiled hearing her. He feels so peaceful after talking with her and
A:''riddhima jaan thank you jaanti ho aaj tumse sab keh kar mujhe aisa lag raha jaise mere dill par aab koi bojh nahin raha''
He said as he holds her close in his arms and riddhima smiled and
R:''aapni riddhima se thank you mat kahiye ose bas pyar kijiye aap aur kuch nahin chahiye aapki riddhima ko aapse''
She said as hugged him and armaan hugged her back holding her in his arms today he has nothing secret from her. She let all his hidden insecurities out and now he has nothing in his heart except the love he holds for her. After few minutes armaan breaks the hug and
A:''so ab to be Mrs. Mallik can we start preparing for my princess han?''
He said and armaan riddhima blushed her cheeks turned beetroot red hearing him and she lowered her eye lids and armaan smiled seeing her turning deep shade of red, he pulled her closer to himself and puts his finger under her chin try to make her look at himself, but she did not lifted her eye lids then armaan moved closer to her ear and whispered huskily
A:''aise sharmaogi tou kaise kam chalega jaan''
He said and riddhima turned more red and try to get away from his hold but he did not let her go infact he tightened his hold around her more and
A:''ab jab tumne mujhe officially han kar hi diya hain meri princess dene ko there is no way I am letting you go away jaan''
He said as he nipped on her ear and riddhima breathed heavily and she is melting under his hold but to her rescue they heard door knock and that makes her reason to move she
R:''armaan hatiye koi hain bahar''
And armaan looked at her he did not wants to leave her but
R:''armaan please hum hospital mein hain''
A:''ok if you insist par promise me tum mujhe princess hi dogi jaan''
And riddhima's mouth left open in shock what is he demanding that is not going in her hand she
R:''par armaan yeh main kaise kar sakti hun''
She said and armaan looked at her he knows she is right but he loves teasing her so
A:''vo sab mujhe nahin pata mujhe meri princess chahiye tou chahiye aab you decide''
He said tightening his hold around her waist and riddhima heard the knock once again so
R:''ok armaan jaise aap kahen''
She said giving in and placing a tight kiss on her cheek he finally left her and making her settled on her chair
A:''yeh hui na meri jaan vali bat I love you''
He said making her blush and then she somehow speaks up as
R:''come in''
And armaan makes himself comfortable on the couch as he knows otherwise she is going to be much more distracted and then door opened and its srishti as
R:''yes srishti''
S:''mam actually Mrs. Sharma ki medicines puchni thi aapse''
She said and riddhima nodded and then
R:''han ek minute tum baitho''
And then srishti's gaze fells on armaan and seeing him she smiled and
S:''arey armaan bhayiya aap kab aye riddhima bhabhi tou keh rahi thi aap aaj leave par hain''
She said and armaan smiled seeing her enthusiasm
A:''yes srishti main leave par tha par aldi aa gayya tou socha hospital chalun main tum sab ko bahut miss kar raha tha''
He said last part eyeing to riddhima making her blush more, his passionate gaze always makes her so much distracted so she tried
R:''srishti yeh lo maine medicines prescribe kar di hain go ahead with this dosage and yes I am coming on rounds now anything else''
She said and srishti looked at her and then taking the file she
S:''no mam that's all thank you''
And she turned to leave as its her duty timing and seeing her going armaan called her as
A:''arey srishti sun tou''
S:''ji bhayiya''
She turned to him looking at riddhima she knows riddhima is sweet and their bhabhi but in duty timing she is Dr.Riddhima and seeing her looking at riddhima armaan
A:''arey dar mar hitler tujhe kuch nahin kahegi''
He joked and riddhima looked at him with shock and armaan smirked seeing her face and
A:''han acha sun lunch time mein sabko cafeteria mein bulana mujhe kuch batana hain aur aab bhag jaldi is se pehle yeh hitler meri bhi jan len''
He said and srishti smiled and left from there and armaan turned only to saw an red riddhima in front of his eyes and he knows this time this is not blushing riddhima this is an angry riddhima and he gulped thinking she is not going to spare him. And he called her
A:''riddhima jaan''
R:''no armaan its hitler''
She said cutting him in between and then
A:''meri bat tou suno jaan''
But she did not and stomping her feet she
R:''no Dr.Mallik you see hitler has lots of work so you go to hell''
She said and left from there not giving him chance to speak and
A:''mar gayya armaan kya zarurat thi ose chidhane ki aab bhugat''
He said and then he moved towards his cabin thinking to attend his work as he is going ti take leave after two days.

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