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Division-2:The Wedding Story

Armaan explained willing to confront new profound making choices based on attraction.He thought a while about what was 'safe,' and was interested in doing what seems right or meaningful with possibilities of sweet ripped relationship.
There were very few times in the life, you might meet someone who was exactly right for you, he thought. Not because Riddhima seemed perfect, or because he considered himself to be, but because there were some of their certainities arranged in a way that allowed him taking a desicion.

She nodded and straightened the marriage questioner smilingly to her mother.Her mother kissed her on the forehead and headed towards the families with news.The two mothers embraced in anticipation and the fathers were thrilled with joy with a new realtionship embellishing between them.At the one end of she looked up at Armaan, when his eyes clicked onto her face. The breath whooshed out of her body and everything had frozen for a second as the impact of their confirmation was very strong. What was it that she longed for? Perhaps, the moment when you glimpse the truth within someone, you didn't belong to yourself any longer.A part of you belonged to them which you could not take back, no matter how much you wanted to or how hard you tried to, she thought.

She had never belived the power of a glance which had been so much abused in books.How few people dared to say that two beings had fallen in love because they had looked at each other.Was it being the only way that love begins?

For her, the sight of Armaan at first wasn't only the thing instead there was something about his demeanor, his soft, lilting voice, and the pleasing way he interacted with her and her family- that led her and all of her family falling for him.

"Riddhima beta, come here,"Her nani called,"You know what Ananya and Padma, I'm the happiest today.My little Riddhima grew up today."

"I am very happy Maa and Mrs. Gupta that Riddhima would be my daughter-in-law.And Armaan affirmation has come up with double dose of excitement in me."
Ananya was overly surpassed by his son agreeing for Riddhima.She had never imagined he would spell an arranged marriage in his life.

"We are happy too Mrs. Mallik.We found a good guy for our Riddhima."Padma caressed Riddhima's hair,"Riddhima always has been my best daughter and I could promise you she will be the best to you too."

"That you're Bhabhiji, our Riddhima is best in everything." Bhagat Ji approved Padma and walked towards them. He took Riddhima in his embrace.While Riddhima was feeling hiding somewhere behind curtain due to much over dose of embarassment she was getting since the Mallik's had arrived.
She decided to retort if her mother and Bhagat Uncle didn't stop back.But then the door bell rang.

"I'll see Mumma," Riddhima rushed towards the door and was ecstatic seeing her elder sister at the door,"Di."

"Ridzi ! How are you, my love???...I missed you so much,"said Anjali, hugging Riddhima.Both of them were very happy to see each other after couple of days.

"I missed you too Di."

While they both were in middle of their hug and splendid sister conversation, their mom's intriguing voice called them.Soon Anjali was allowed to meet the guest family in the home.She had probably arranged and managed her work in haste making her return to home back on Sunday.'Cause it was a special day in her sister's life.She couldn't miss it at all.Her mom did the honors and the Malliks seemed to be very well more than Bhagat Uncle had been talking to them.She however, liked talking to Ananya Auntie with a wise personality and Billy Uncle, who was a quite fun and well humoured man.The jokes he had been cracking impressed Anjali.The compatibility between the two families and Bhagat Uncle were also remarkable.She soon learnt that Riddhima and the guy had already approved for the new bond.

"But where is him? I haven't seen him since I got here."

That's when Riddhima's eyes fell on him who was approaching them whiddling something out in his phone.She couldn't take her eyes off.
While Armaan noticed Riddhima checking him out and was surprised by her sudden escape, which made him smile wide.The dimples made him looked more adorable, she thought. But he turned around to find his family talking with Riddhima's sister who arrived few minutes back.

"Lo...aa gaya Armaan...Armaan, this is....",said Ananya.

"Anjy?"Armaan asked looking at her,"Is that you?"

Anjali turned and stood up recoganising," Oh my God, Mallik.Where the hell have you been? Long time, no see."

"Exactly, I ask you the same question, where the hell you have been yaar.How are you?"

Everyone looked at them as they both stared each other in disbelief.Soon then Shashank asked them out.
"Anjali Beta, you know each other?"

"Yes, Papa. We met in a medical camp around two years ago."

Anjali had met Armaan in a North India Medical Camp during their internships day and had befriended Armaan readily that time.It had been the best and the most memorable trip for them.They remained the good friends through out but lost the contact over and after.But the day was amazing itself, that she met Armaan after so long and second, he was the one her family chose for Riddhima.She was happily very happy.

"It has been good then, now you guys sit and talk. We will get ready with the roka preparations,"said Ananya.

Riddhima sat far being from her right mind.Several questions as well as the answers had embedded in her.For the instance, her Di had known Armaan beforely, and she was happy with them to be together.She felt her descision rise in the joyful day's waves.
Anjali switched her fingers in front of her and looked at her with raised brows.She nodded negatively and smiled at her.
"So Ridzi, let me get us ready too. Lets go."

Quite a time later, Armaan got himself changed in a white Kurta which her mom had already brought with herself as if she knew this was to happen.She had come up with every preparation she could.He look around finding his parents busy talking with Bhagat Uncle and her family.Tired of the wait, this function was taking, he didn't find Riddhima and Anjali for an hour now.So he went around, clueless regarding the girl's room. Atleast he could get a single glance of them but Shashank Papa called him out, " Armaan Beta... Come here."

Anjali got Riddhima ready in a peach and pink attire perfect for the small ceremony.The matching accessories endeared Riddhima's beauty with a light make-up on.Anjali looked at her through mirror putting the head ornament on.
"So Ridzi?? How do you like Armaan?"

"Di... Wo...I...He's good...I mean...he..."
Riddhima looked up but blushed the deep shade of red at the mention of his name.Anjali grinned at her because she didn't shy easily.She was enough shy, but she was never the one to blush at the name of her crush or any other guy.Instead Riddhima teased Anjali with guys she liked and pulling her leg at every opportunity she got.Especially when, now she was engaged to be married with her long-term boyfriend Atul, Riddhima never missed a single chance on them.So the new relevation in Riddhima made clear that there was something to cook between her sister and Armaan.

"Oh my God ! I can see you blushing my love...."

"Di... Please Stop it... I'm very nervous already. Don't tease me."

"Nervous? Why?"

"I don't know. Everything happened so sudden. Was it a good time for such an important desicion?"

Anjali knew Riddhima was a person who never let any desicion in her life hover over the time so hoarse.So she never considered the idea of arranged marriage a favourable one for her.She always needed time to trust someone.To her surprise, she could not fathom what led her to agree for the one.But, it was the right one indeed. She couldn't get anyone like Armaan and she hadn't put a thought for anyone better than the person she had known him.The bolts of questions in Riddhima's mind needed answers.She could give her the confirmation and assurance she needed, but it wasn't the right time.

"Armaan is a nice guy Ridzi.Don't think much. I know him. He will make you feel lucky one day. For that I am very happy for you," She bent down and kissed her at the top of head,"and you look truly beautiful."

Riddhima smiled through mirror and nodded holding Anjali's hands in assurance.

Armaan saw Riddhima come down the stairs.She was looking so beautiful.This was the first thought her dress for the ocassion set into her mind.He looked at her with dreamy eyes.The new feeling him in was hitting him so hastily that he had to let them out all at once.Soon they both were made sit on the sofas for the ceremony.
Padma put forward a plate with the diya and they started with all the rasams. Armaan just smiled back at Padma and stole a glance at Riddhima.She blushed as he looked at her.They were brought out of their eye lock when Anjali hugged Riddhima sideways putting an arm through her shoulder.

They were lost completely, as they didn't actually know what was happening and what was to be done exactly.They valued and were quite reasonable to their agreement but they didn't know the right though.They both looked at their families who were more than excited they should be which calmed them a bit.If their families think they were right for each other than they had to be.

They both looked at each other and convinced that things weren't that insecure.There would be the confusions about how to carry the them, but they had a time.There was a time to grow themselves in this relationship.So without wasting any time, they welcomed all the happiness this day had brought into their lives.

Soon everyone was clapping for them as their ring ceremony was declared the next Sunday.They were stuck in the bundle of emotions that they couldn't come out with what they actually felt at the time.Perhaps everything was to move so fast for them? It was the first ever meet that they are declared to be engaged by one week.What if the families come up getting them married by next to next week? No.... They hardly knew each other.They weren't ready for this.

Ananya ran a loving hand on Riddhima's head and kissed her on the forehead," Thank You Riddhima.I've been very lucky I got you for my Armaan."
Armaan glanced at Riddhima, as he had noticed her with thousands of questions in her eyes for him.She wanted them to talk, her indications told him.So did he.Because he felt just the same.Their families couldn't force anything on them.They need time-time for their realtionship and time to rise in it.

Padma came forward and hugged Armaan, not to mention the happy tears as he engulfed her in a warm embrace," I got a one more son today."

"Of course Aunty."

Naani gave him her blessings and wished him luck as he touched his feet," God Bless You."

Soon everyone left to the dining area.
Armaan followed Riddhima, his gaze not wavering from her as she stole glances at him.Armaan missed the opportunity as Ananya and Anjali sat on either sides of Riddhima.So he resumed next to Anjali, with a chance to unfold all their memories.They laughed and smiled all the time at dinning.Then Riddhima stole a
glance at Armaan.How she wished, she could talk to him in place of her Di as she certainly wasn't interested in anything else.

After the dinner, the Malliks piled up in the cars and drove off.
Today was their day, but not actually theirs, they thought.

To be continued.....


PS- Ignore the mistakes, because I write the story in shifts and don't have time to review back.

and Happy reading! 

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