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Epilogue:When I'm With You

"Armaan stop it! "

"Stop what G?"

"You know what! I'm saying!"

Riddhima struggled as she tried to free herself from her Co-Boss's Hands. Which clutched hers tightly in an on going Meeting! It had been 6 years now! Riddhima had managed to live and bare armaan and vice a versa! well though it was difficult for the coworkers! To bear their bosses! But well pet bharne ke maamle me koi risk nahi boss!

Well you read it right! Armaan and Riddhima were now the hot but jhagdalu Couple that everyone envied! Riddhima was now the co-owner! Of the Mallik Enterprises! And billy Mallik's lovely to- Be Bahu! Though they were together now for a long time! They didn't dare live together! Billy nor Riddhima's Chachu believed in the Live-In Relation and Armaan most significantly was against it. He didn't want anyone to say anything about Riddhima if their relation didn't work out! And the other reason was ! Uhmmm abh itni khoobsurat ladki hamesha! Aage peeche rahegi toh kon control Kar paega?? No way ! Armaan couldn't even stay away from her like for a minute and it was the same with her. Every time one of Armaan's ex Girlfriend called. The workers almost needed to call for a fire brigade! For their poor boss! But everyone in the office had seen their boss change over a couple of years now. He had turned from the arrogant insensitive creature to a kind loving person. Billy thanked the god that he sent Riddhima in his Son's life! She had restored Armaan's life and made him take the right decisions! He wanted Riddhima to soon be his bahu! But his khotta beta hadn't yet popped the question! Even billy knew that Riddhima was waiting for it!

Mus- Uff Uncle Ye armaan bhi na! Abh tak Riddhima ko pucha nahi shaadhi ke liye!
Ra- ya bolta he ! I don't think I'm ready yet! Shaadhi karke kya Karna! Mere jaise (Points to himself) joru ka gulaam nahi banana usse!
Billy- Nahi Banana? Already ban chuka he uska Kya?
Musk- Eh eh eh!! (typical laugh)
Chachu- billy ji! Abh kuch toh Karna hi padega! Ghar me sab log bolne lage he! Z beta ki umar Bhi hogayi he shaadhi ki! Aur time Nahi.. 6 saal toh dekh liya na, Reh sakte he ke Nahi saath me abh kiss baat ki dher?
Billy- Sahi Kaha! Kuch toh Karna padega! Armaan jab tak Nahi puchega Riddhima khudh Initiation Nahi legi!
Musk- aur le Bhi kyu?
Ra- Aye what do you mean!
Musk- Uff Rahul! We girls like it! When guys take the things in their hands! Now go! Rahaan! Will be coming back soon! Get him his ice cream and me mine! While I'll tell billy uncle and Chachu about the plan we thought of

Rahul nodded and walked off! Rahaan! Was Rahul and Muskaan's! 6year old Son! They kept the names combining their own! Rah-Aan!He was a brat but the Apple of Riddhima and Armaan's eye! He loved the and so did they! He was their sole companion in troubling RM and sometimes even playing pranks on others!

Musk- Toh suno!!!

Billy- But Beta! Iske liye toh Riddhima ko Bhi Manana padega!
Chachu- Uski Aap Fikar mat Karo! Emotional Atyachar kis kaam ka!
"Ye aap kya keh rahe he Chachu! No never me Aisa kuch Nahi karungi!"
Chachu- Z Beta meri baat toh sun? Tujhe Armaan se shaadhi karni he na?

Riddhima looked down as a blush crept on her cheeks! She smiled and nodded! Chachu smiled too remembering how his wife always blushed and remembered the other fond memories!

Mus- oye hoye! Dekho toh hone wali dulhan kaise sharma rahi he!
R- Muskaan!!!!!
Chachu- Acha OK OK! Beta armaan abh tak Sure Nahi he ke shaadhi uske liye correct choice he ke nahi!
R- What!!! Ye usne khud kaha? Me toh usse!! Abhi dekhti hu!!
Cha- Nahi Z! Har baar Gusse se kaam Nahi Chalta! Hame usse ehsaas dilana hoga! Ke woh tujhse kitna pyaar karta he! Aur tere saath hi khush rahega!
R- Par Chachu usse bura lagega Ye me Nahi sakti !
Cha- Abh Pyaar Nibhane ke liye thoda dard Toh sehna hi hoga na?
Mus- Ohohohoho abhi se Itni Chinta pati parmeshwar li?
R- Muskaann!!!

Chachu saw as Riddhima ran behind Muskaan! Avidly making some actions with her hands and Muskaan kept laughing and running! Chachu chuckled and sat on his seat! His life couldn't be better!
*Next Day*

Hey my baby! I'm here in office!
Where are you?
I have a meeting at 10. Won't be able to meet you for an Hour or two!
Why aren't you in office yet?

Riddhima smiled as she read Armaan's messages!. But according to the task given to her! She replied keeping in mind what Chachu said.

R- Sorry Armaan. I won't be coming to office today. I forgot telling you about it yesterday! I have some important work at home. Chachu won't let Me out.

Ar- What important work baby? Tell me! I'll send someone over to help you! And come myself after I'm done with the meeting!

R- Well, Armaan.. This isn't something you can help me with!

Ar- Why Jaan? kya hua? Tell me what work you have? Kya hua?

R- Woh Armaan! Mujhe ladke wale dekhne aarahe he shaadhi ke liye bas 2-3 ghante me ate honge woh! Mujhe tayar hone jaana he abhi! Byeee!

Ar- WHAT!!!!!!!!

But the message was the left there without any reply. Armaan almost suffocated as he read the message she sent him. He remembered her continuously nagging him for marriage from a long time now. He would always make some joke and shift the topic.

The meeting was canceled as Armaan Hurriedly landed in front of Riddhima's house. He knocked frantically still in his suit and tie. The door was opened by Muskaan somewhat a frightened and surprised look on her face. Armaan smirked " So they thought they would get my Riddhima married and I won't do anything". He watched past Muskaan with a tight face full of anger raging in his eyes. Muskaan almost turned, to avoid letting him see the laugh that was gonna escape. Armaan saw Chachu settled on a seat. Two pairs of elderly on a sofa and Riddhima and a handsome guy next to her sitting really close to each other. When he saw Riddhima his eyes, Heart, Lungs all skipped a beat. She sat there like an angel dressed in a beautiful blue saari with an off shoulder blouse. Could anyone look this pretty?. Maybe not! But as soon as his eyes landed on the guy sitting next to her. His nostrils flaired.

Everyone looked up even Riddhima. She knew he will be angry! But such fierceness shocked her out of her wits. She could almost see veins ready to pop out from his forehead. She looked frantically at Chachu. Who calmed her down with his eyes. He moved towards armaan. Smiling to the people on the couch. He held Armaan's arms! And pulled him in the kitchen.

Cha- Ye kya chalu he armaan beta?
Ar- Chachu Ye aapko Nahi, mujhe puchna chaiye! Ye kya chalu he! Aap Riddhima ki shaadhi kisi aur se karne ki soch Bhi kaise sakte he?
Cha- Armaan yeah Sab tum dono ke khushi ke liye he!!
Ar- Khushi? Kaisi khushi!!! She loves me and I love her!
Cha- But beta! Tum dono ke rishte ko koi naam Nahi he! Aur ajka samaaj bada baituka he! Z ko kuch Bhi kahega!
Ar- Mere hote Huye! Usse koi haath Bhi laga ke dikhaye!
Cha- par armaan Tumhe toh usse shaadhi karke Ye rishta aage Nahi badhana! Z ko toh pariwar chaiye na! Kab tak me zinda rahunga!
Ar- Par...

He was left unheard as Muskaan blasted in the kitchen!!!

Waise Bhi itni sundar Aur sushil ladki ko! Koi kaise nah keh sakta he!
Cha- Bilkul sahi kaha!! Chalo mithaioya ka bandhobast karte he!

Armaan couldn't take it anymore. His Riddhima was his! And nobody else's! He didn't hear whatever Chachu was shouting out at him. As he marched out to the hall. Anger visible in his eyes. Even the guy's parents got scared! The aunty almost sat in her husbands lap. What armaan noticed was the guy clutched riddhima's hand. As he was going to protect her from The Armaan Mallik. Her armaan Mallik. Was he out of his mind. Even in the parallel universe armaan wouldn't hurt his Riddhima. Never. He walked towards them and snapped their hands apart. He jerked the guys collar in his hand and pulled him to his level.

Don't you even dare think of her as your wife.

Guy- Who the hell do you think you are?

Riddhima had almost got up from her place seeing Armaan's Ill mannered behavior. But to her surprise he left the guys collar. And pulled her closer to him. his hands on her bare waist. He smirked as the guy looked uneasily at them.

Ar- who am I? I am the Armaan Mallik! The only guy who could love Riddhima and the only guy who Riddhima. Loves. She is mine. And always will be. She is mine. And I won't let anyone even look at her. She is mine and I will marry her! You ask me who I am ! I am ms. Riddhima Gupta's fiance!!

Chachu and Muskaan smiled while the smiling the guy moved back and his parents huffed up their lungs. As if sighing that the acting part was over. What confused armaan the most! Was when he heard Riddhima giggle near his neck.he looked at her confused like a small child tilting his head. She couldn't take it anymore. She caught his face and pulled him in for a kiss. Smashing her lips softly on his! He turned to face her and pushed his hands caressing her waist. He felt her hands reaching his hair. And he smiled goofily like a cute child lost in something during the kiss. They came back to reality when they heard Chachu cough and the others looking at every direction possible.
What? Ye sab tumlog ka plan tha? "
Mus- aur Nahi toh kya! At last you accepted! That you want to marry her!
Cha- Yes! Toh samdhi ji! Shuru kare shaadhi ki tayariya!?(Billy Walked in happy they outsmarted his kid)
Billy- Of course!!!!

Riddhima looked at the floor blushing! While armaan smiled! And his fingers slowly traveled around her waist. Only to be smacked on his fingers. He looked at her frowning while she did the same because he stopped. Armaan found Muskaan laughing and cursed her. because it wasnt riddhima who had hit him. it was this devil !

Mus- Oye hero! Abh 2weeks badhi he tere Juliet ko tu milega! And that will be after your shaadhi! Bye now!

Armaan frowned and looked at them retreating. but he smiled seeing his baby blushing a beetroot red.

Ra- Dude what are you doing? itni tayari?
Ar-Oye Bhul Gaya kya? Mere Shaadhi ke functions chalu he!!
Ra- Oye tu Bhul Gaya kya?
Ar- Agar me bhulta toh teko yaad dilata kya?
Ra- Abe!! I mean tu bhul gaya kya ke.. Mehendi ki rasam he! Only Girls! Ladke strictly not allowed.! Even Chachu is not going! He is Partying out with billy uncle.
AR- Wohi toh!.. Chachu and Dad out.. Armaan In!
Ra- Dude , Muskaan ,The chamunda is there! Chachu aur billy uncle se jyaada woh in sab maamlo me strict he
Ar- Are my dost, My chuddy buddy, my roadside romeo! Tu kiss Kaam Ka! Tu muskaan ko uljhaye rakh na!After alll teri hi Saheli he!
Ra- what saheli? biwi he meri!!
Ar- Okay mere baap ...
Ra- Lekin Rahaan Ka kya kare?
ar- areh yar paida tune kiya na ! Tu sambhal!
Ra- Okay! mein Nanny ko bula lunga! She will take care of it. Mene bhi Muskaan ko Bohot Time se nahi dekha! too busy because of your marriage!
Ar- Ye hui na baat!

Riddhima sat there among all girls and ladies moving around. plates filled with colours. and songs in the background. she couldn't believe this was happening!she was having her mehendi ceremony. when the lady asked her the initials of her husband's name. she blushed to the extreme. that's when she heard a muffled whisper."Oye Hoye". She looked around Shocked. This couldn't happen. He was not allowed here! How is that possible! Muskaan would kill him. She shook Her Head.. and went back to answer the lady to write an A on her hand. It took correct 6 mins for her to get done with the remaining mehendi. her legs were still left. and her muscles were already sore from the siting. her body ached. That's when muskaan came to her rescue and ordered everyone to make way as riddhima would be going to her room to rest for some time. and in the mean time they could enjoy themselves with the food that was laid down for them. Riddhima in her mind thanked muskaan! but even she didnt know that the actual reason that muskaan has done this was because her love had quite easily manaofied her to do so .. so that they could spend some quality time together! Muskaan gushed out. and Riddhima confused walked up the stairs to her Bedroom. She was wearing a white chudidar With a Bright Pink chunni. She looked like an indian version of barbie. her hands were filled with henna. and she walked tired taking each step as if it was her last. suddenly two hands came around her waist and whisked her off her the floor. she almost clung on to whoever he was but couldn't hold him as her henna would get destroyed. suddenly a cold whisk of breath melted around her neck. and she opened her eyes to armaan. with his devlish smile on his face. Her first instinct was to look back to see what was muskaan and the other ladies' reaction But there was noone there. they had all moved out to the hall to munch on festivities and muskaan was gayab. she looked at armaan with a O". and ordered him with his eyes to set her down. but he nodded a No. and started climbing the stairs one at time. with every step he climbed he gave her wet pecks on her cheeks. it was too much for riddhima. and she closed her eyes giving way to sensation in her body. She almost waited for the peck everytime a step came. There came a time when he climbed a stair but for 30-45 secs there was no kiss followed. Frowning Riddhima opened her eyes! And saw Armaan looking down at her with his evil Grin. She soon knew what was coming.!

AR- Abhi Uthro Bhi! Agaya tumhara room! ek toh itni moti hogayi ho pir bhi madat ki! Aur tum toh ek abla naare ka fayda uthane chali!
R- Just shutup Armaan!! Aur utharo mujhe Aur dheere se, fek mat dena like last time! Nahi toh Mehendi Kharb ho jaegi!

Armaan laughed and slowly Walked into The room! Sled her down. He looked at her with a twinkle in his eyes. They were so Passionate riddhima couldn't return back his gaze. As she slowly looked at their feet just inches apart. His Hands inched around her waist pulling her closer.
R- Arman! Ye kya kar rahe ho
Ar- Ishq.. Mohabbat.. Love!
R- Offo Dill Mill Gayye kya dekh liya! dialogue marne lage!
Ar- Riddhima yar! Full maza kharab kar deti ho!
R- wOH TOH MERI SPECIALITY HE! Acha batao! Tum yaha kaise aye? aur kyu?
AR- Areeh abhi Toh bola .. Tumse Ishq.. mohabbat love.. karne aya hu!
R- Armaan!
Ar- Riddhima!
R- Chodo Mujhe!
Ar- No

He pulled her closer as his one hand traced the curve of her side and the other almost smashed her on his body. she gasped at this and he put the gasp to a stop by taking her lips into his.They kissed till they both ran out of breath. and once she started gasping for breath he moved down closing his wet soft lips around her neck sliding down to her exposed shoulder. Riddhima gasped as she tried to stop him but he ws like a lion when he found his prey! and to top that riddhima had mehendi on her hands which made her almost an easier target. his hands copped a feel of her body while his lips gave her's a feel. before she could say.. she noticed his body going away from her. she wanted to tug but her hands ... But he moved only a Lil away from her so his lips could rest on her ears. he didnt sing well but he tried..

Wohu ..wohu. hou…. (i would insist everyone to listen to this song. if u have heard it i know from where and if u haven't you have to.. the link is.. )

Na..NA..Na… eee NAA..

(he saw her eyes closed and lifted her chin but she blushed and still looked down..)

Jhuki Teri Palkon mein

Miljaye mujhe panhaan

(he saw a small tear make its way past her cheek.. and he knew why.. because she was happy so happy that she didn't have words)

Palkein giren ansun

Bhari reh jaayein mere nishaan

(He touched his heart and pointing at it made her look at it )

tute Dil Ki mat kar

tu fikar mere hum nawaa

( He moved closer and as he sang the next line he kissed her all over her face and moved down and bit her on her neck)

pyaar dunn tujhko iss kadar

reh jayein mere nishaan

mere nishaan …mere nishaan

mere nishaan… mere nishaan

mere nishaan…mere nishaan..

mere nishaaaannnnn…

( he saw her moving away from him and holding her just where the mehendi ended he pulled her in. her back banged against his chest)

khakh mein mil jaun mein

jese ke ek lamhan

aa lag ja sine se

ban ja mera rehnuman

(He buried his nosed in her neck. and she gasped louder as his cold nose.. roamed endlessly around her neck givign her tingling sensations and kissing her everytime he thought of it..

dekhta hun sapne tere

sun le meri jan-e-jaan

khwab ye sach hojaye

agar khudaa ho mehrbaan..

(Riddhima turned around and placed her head on his shoulder while he held her waist tight and kept singing)

mere nishaan …mere nishaan

mere nishaan… mere nishaan

mere nishaan…mere nishaan

mere nishaaaannnnn……

mere nishaaannn….

na na ne ne…

(Slowly He Left her waist and sat on his knee..she looked at him confused when he looked down at the floor confusing her even more. and sang the next line which cleared her confusion)

Sajde mein tere

sar jhukta bas

chaht ki hai ye dastan

ruth gaya mera rab jo mujhse

to mitade wo mere nishaan

and As soon as he completed it riddhima sat down on her knees. And making Him look at her nodded a No.. And he smiled slowly,pulled out a ring and held it in front of her Tear strained face and a With a choked throat he just mouthed.. Will You Marry me?
And Riddhima burst out in a pool of tears.. Nodding a yes as she moved ahead to hug him Tight, Soon Armaan Picked up her up and hugged her tight! This was the time he proposed himself. he wasnt forced to say it ot delare it like the last thime. They both rejoiced and were about to kiss but the Door Smacked open loudly as they both were shocked and looked at it as something scary had happened. Like Two Kids caught by their parents in an Embrace
They were greeted with a Big Flash! ..


Riddhima Sat there On her side of the bed. as her hand was entertwined With her husband's as he slept next to her. It had been 4 years to their marriage everything seemed like it had just started!. She sat there giggling to herself as her other hand traced the frame of the picture that lay in her lap. The Picture that was clicked by Muskaan. The day they caught them in The room. They stood wrapped in each others arms. Armaans hands tight around riddhima's waist as if he will never let her go and Her elbows on his shoulder and the rest of her hand in the air because of the Mehendi. They both were looking at the door as frightened and suprised and funny all at the same time!. She giggled even more. seeing them and refreshing the memories. recollecting how both of them had got a big lecture after muskaan had found out. turns out her pati devs! singing was what made them find out about this. they waited for 5 mins till the song stopped they didn't want to interrupt an oh-oh moment!and then riddhima even giggled more when she had seen muskaan hit rahul with her chappals!.. But this giggling had in turn woken up her pati dev.. which turned out not so good for her because... as soon as he was wide awake. he pulled her on to him. Frame still in her hand..she rested on her chest.

ar- What is mrs. Mallik thinking?
R- Yahi.. Ke Mehendi ke din muskaan ne sabki kya vaat lagayi thi! And my baby Rahaan! was so small! Now hes so big!
Ar- Toh kyu Na...
r- Kyu na?
Ar- Toh kyu na hum koi aur chota baby laye! for you know hamara chota hasta khelta ghar?
R- mATLAB... ?
ar- Matlab ke ye!!!!

Riddhima Giggled and laughed as he tickled her and pulled a blanket over them Ready to get a new member to their House.
Ahem..Ahem.. I hope you understood What it meant :P



i hope you guys love the story! as much as i do ! because this is my first ever Mini Ar ff<3
loads of love

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