Friday, 2 October 2015

Part 1 : ~Tomorrow Is Another Day ~

Standing by the window he could see the vast sea in front of him, The sun was setting, the birds were getting back home, there were hardly a few people around, the silence was occasionally disturbed by thecrashing waves on the shore…
.A tall fair handsome man of about 27 ,Armaan  Malik was standing there for as long as what felt eternity , his eyes were teary but his heart felt at ease, he could feel her, he knew she was somewhere around, he closed his eyes to capture her presence…he began to think about the past, that beautiful past which was way better than this lonesome present, that past in which they were together, that past in which he had her with him...Ridhima  That one name which changed his life completely…


“Oh my God! I am late, not today Armaan  it’s your first day, they might just end up throwing you out on your first day…hurry up dude, hurry up..” he went on blabbering as he made his way out of his duplex apartment in the city of dreams Mumbai…It was his first day as a Financial advisor at Global Markets…he got hisoffer letter two days back and was elated. He immediately packed his backs and left from hishometown Delhi, his mom was a bit upset but she dint create much of a fuss ….as he was lost in his thoughts he never realized when he reached the office, standing outside the magnificent building hewas awe struck he could not believe that he will be a part of this prestigious firm… As he walked inside he was spellbound. He went to meet the senior manager Mr. Viaan Kundra and after exchanging pleasantries Mr. Kundra  came ahead to introduce him to theteam…”hey guys meet him he is the new member of our team Armaan Malik…The Head Financial Manger of Google India, so let’s all give him a warm welcome, okay?” Ansh smiled brightly at the team and soon everyone came and introduced themselves. There were not much people just 5 of them “HI! I am Nikita  , hey! Abhimanyu here, hello! My name is Anajli , Yo! Rahul here” “Hey guys, Armaan here it’s very nice meeting you all I am sure we all are going to have  a blast” He grinned at them and they all smiled back when suddenly he heard , “Hi Ansh, I am Ridhima , Ridhima Kapoor a.k.a Ridz   head Marketing Manager…sorry for not meeting you earlier actually I was busy on a call. Anyways I hope you have met everyone and I also hope that you have a nice time working here” that was the first time he saw her dressed in a formal pink dress with her hair neatly tied in a ponytail…He could not help smiling back at her “hey Ridhima  no probs, thank you and yes I do hope that we have a good time” “Armaan  I would like it if you call me Ridz   all my friends do and so should you after all we are friends right?”  “Of Corse we are so Ridz it is” He flashed his dimpled smile at her and she reciprocated with a sweet smile.

It had been a month since Armaan joined Global Markets and within this short span of tine he became the heart of the group everyone loved him. He realized that everyone there had some special feature nikita  was a cleanliness freak, Abhimanyu  was a perfectionist, Anjali was the delicate darling of the team, Rahul  loved flirting and Ridhima  well she was very different she was the strongest person that he had ever met, she was firm yet sweet...she was everyone’s best friend but it seemed like she had no best friend…every problem seemed so small to her she always had constant smile on her lips but her eyes, those captivating green eyes seemed empty, they seemed hurt. The more he tried to understand her the more confused he got…

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