Friday, 2 October 2015


Armaan takes her again in a hug n shilpa clutch him as if her life depends on it armaan understand her desperation n hug her more tightly

They remain in hug for some time wid their eyes close but suddenly shilpa withdrawl from the hug n make some space between both of them

Armaan : shona ""wid confusion""

Armaan move his hand to touch her but shilpa raise her hand as if saying him to stop armaan become confused from her this behavior n pain of rejection come in his eyes seeing this shilpa couldn't hold herself n spoke up

Shilpa : kya hua is tarah kyu dekh rahe he""wid anger""

Armaan become more confused

Shilpa : apko to vishwas nhi tha na mujh par""said wid hurtful eyes""

Armaan : shilpa""said wid confusion n again try to touch her""

Shilpa become more angry

Shilpa : wow ab me shona se shilpa bhi ho gai

N armaan he become more confused use samjh hi nhi aa raha tha ki ye usse itna gussa kyu ho rahi he or kis baat par

Armaan : tum itna gussa kyu ho rahi ho mujhe kuch samjh nhi aa raha he pehle to tum bilkul gussa nhi hoti thi""wid thoughtfulness""

Shilpa again snap at him

Shilpa : oh to ab apko mere nature se bhi problem hone lagi he""again wid anger""

Armaan : damn shilpa wh..""but one angry glare from shilpa n he correct himself quickly""

Armaan : I mean shona why are u snapping at me saaf saaf kaho""wid irritation""

Shilpa : Mr. are u really think ki aap esi position me he ki mujhe kuch order de sake""wid anger""

Armaan : sry n sry m REQUESTING U plzzz mujhe batao ki meri shona  itne gusse me kyu he""wid sugar coated voice""

Shilpa : wo kon tha jisne ye kaha tha ki agr me us waqt bhi apke liye same feel karungi to hum ek honge ""she says this wid utter anger n hurt wid tears in her eyes""

Armaan can't bear her pain n forcefully pulled her in a hug at first shilpa try to protest but armaan hold her more tightly n after sometime she also hug him back

N with watery voice ask him

Shilpa : apko mujh par vishwas nhi tha mere pyar par..""but armaan interrupt her in mid""

Armaan : shhh.. esa kuch nhi he""she again try to protest but armaan don't give her a chance to say something""

Armaan : listen to me first mujhe tum par khudse bhi jyada vishwas I trust u completely,truly,blindly.. shhh hear me first ye tum ache se janti hona ki me sabse jyada tum par bharosa karta hu janti ho na shona""n shilpa nod her head they are still hugging each other""

Armaan continue

Armaan : to fir tumne ye kyu kaha ki mujhe tum par vishwas nhi he hmm u hurt me by saying this""armaan hears her sob n again starts to say""

Armaan : shhh baba stop crying

Shilpa : I I I hurt u na m sor..""armaan stopped her in mid""

Armaan : shona no yes I am hurt but is bare me hum baad me baat karenge abhi sabse pehle rona band karo itna rougi to flood aa gaegi""shilpa lightly smile at his comment""

Armaan : muskura rahi ho""they couldn't see each others faces bcoz shilpa's face is on her chest n his on her head""

Shilpa just nod her head n armaan tighten his hold on her n pulled her more closer n she compel n come more closer to him

Shilpa : aapne esa kyu kaha tha us din agr me us waqt bhi apke liye same feel karungi to hum ek honge boliye apko shaq tha na mere pyaar pe

Armaan : no esa nhi he mene ye kaha tha kyuki me tumhe force nhi karna chahta tha

After listening this from armaan shilpa parted from hug n look towards him as if asking what he meant by this n armaan understand her unsaid words

Armaan : ha me tumhe force nhi karna chahta tha me nhi chahta tha ki tumhe mere pas isliye ana pade bcoz of the promise which we make me chahta tha tum jab bhi mere pas aao apni marzi se aao apni razamandi se apne pyar ke wajah se aao na ki sirf meri wish se I never think that the love which we have for each other is not true or what u feel for me is just mere attraction or something I know that what we feel what u feel is pure, true love at that time too n now too but I don't want to force myself on u bas isilye wo sab kaha tha mene i know u were n are hurt by my words m sry sweetheart I never raise any finger on ur love me to bas..

Shilpa put her finger on his lips

Shilpa : shh.. itna bolna kaha se sikha hmm

Armaan hold her hands n kissed them n says

Armaan : tumse ""shilpa smile at that""

Armaan raise his eyebrow questioningly

Seeing him like this shilpa lower her eyes n blush come across her cheeks

Shilpa : please

Armaan : what please

Shilpa : SIR""Hearing this armaan just glare at her""

Armaan : I just hate thi SIR word jisne bhi banaya hena agar wo jinda ho to me use khud mar dunga

N shilpa she laugh at his talks

Armaan sees her wid lost expression face n shilpa's laughter subsided

Shilpa : ese kya dekh rahe he aap

Armaan : haste hue bohot khubsurat lagti ho tum""n strock her cheek wid back of his fingers""


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