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 All old gang , new gang, wid their kids, interns ,dr. keerti, dr. shubhankar, dr. shashank, padma, nani, whole sanjeevani staff is seeing them wid utter shock.

They are seeing them like this is a 8th wonder

From there point of view unlogone armaan ko istarah kabhi nhi dekha kuch log jo use pehle se jante he (like old gang) I mean from collage time n kuch jo tab se jante he jabse usne sanjeevani join kiya means 6 saal se n about shilpa she is also a mystry to everyone.

[NOTE : old gang are knows each other from collage time except riddhima, anjali n new gang like in the show interns when old gang become senior doc.]

Back to our lovebirds

Armaan : bohot kuch he jo me tumse kehna chahta hu shona bohot kuch he jo tumse sunna he

Shilpa just nod her head n both are gazing at each other wid lots of love,pain of saperation,6 years of lonliness,hurt n those accusations

All are very curious n for their peace dr. shashank clear his throat for getting attention of our love birds

All head turns towards him(dr. shashank) except our love birds bcoz they were too busy in each others eyes

Both were trying to reduce the hurt , pain , longing , wait from each others eyes

Dr. shashank again trys this time little more louder but again fail

All others are looking at him n then at armaan n shilpa

some are in awe by seeing them lost in each others eyes, some are looking at them wid disgust faces, some are looking at them wid accusation but 2 people are standing their wid rage, jealousy all are not able to digest the all scenior

Dr. Shashank this time called him

Dr. shashank : armaan""wid seriousness n little louder""

This did the trick n they (arsh) come out of their love land n look towards him (dr. shashank)

They (arsh) moved their eyes in all party hall n saw that all are looking at them they both understand that what just happens by looking at each faces

Again they look towards each others as if saying what a blunder we made n again look towards dr. shashank n others seeing them shilpa move little closer to armaan n hold his hand tightly.Her hold is very tight on his palm her nails are digging in his skin

Seeing her this gesture armaan understand her states he again look towards the faces infront of them n see that they have many expression in their faces regarding them (arsh) he (armaan) understand her insecurities n Armaan look towards her n sees shilpa have tears in her eyes armaan smooth her hand n blink his eyes as if saying I m with u jaan don't worry no one is gonna separate u from me we were, we are n we will always be together wid each others trust me

They again turn towards dr. shashank

Dr. shashank : dr. armaan ye sab kya ho raha he yaha or ye kon he""pointing towards shilpa""

Armaan takes a deep breath n says

Armaan : sir ye Shilpa he I mean Shilpa Malhotra n now Dr. Shilpa Malhotra""wid utter pride n proud""

All don't miss the proud feeling wid which armaan says that now dr. shilpa malhatra

Armaan : she is intern doctor at sanjeevani u don't know her bcoz when she join sanjeevani we were I mean u n me were out of india ""n turns to others says"" wese to aap sab jante hi he ki ye sanjeevani me intern doctor he but I know aap sab ye janne ke liye curious he ki who is she to me

All are looking towards armaan but armaan he turns towards shilpa n see that she was already looking towards him armaan was gazing at her n says

Armaan : she is my everything, my life, my breath, she was...she girl, she is MY LADY LOVE

Shilpa blush hearing his open comment over their relation he said it in front of so many people over standing there

All hall echo wid a loud gasps from all the people standing their

All knows that what was coming next bcoz seeing their (arsh) reunion they all understand the story but hearing it clearly from armaan's mouth gave them a shock

Taking his time to digest the news afterer some time dr. shashank says

Dr. shashank : WHAT u know what u r saying""not understanding anything""

Baki sab to bolne ki halat me hi nhi

Shilpa scared by this n hugged armaan, she hugged him in such a way as if making shell around him taki koi use (armaan) usse (shilpa) alag na kar de.This gesture of shilpa is not gone unnoticed by any of them.Shilpa was very scared that after dr. shashanks voice she is not able to hear anything wo bas sirf armaan ko hug karke hi reh gai

A tear rolled down from armaans eyes seeing his lady love this much scared n insecure he securely hold her closer to his heart an says to dr. shashank

Armaan : is waqt nhi dr. shashank is waqt nhi abhi mujhe sho.. umm shilpa ko sambhalna he

Dr. shashank try to protest

Dr. shashank : lekin""but armaan cut him in mid""

Armaan : no sir not now NOT NOW

N try to look at shilpa's face but she was not giving him chance n more hide her face in his chest armaan closed his eyes n take a deep breath n says

Armaan : shona""but she didn't reply""

He again try but also the same she didn't reply

Then he again trys

Armaan : oye meri chatar patar""by hearing this she instantly move her head""

Armaan : kya hua meri taraf dekhogi bhi nhi,kya itna naraz he mujhse meri KIDDO""he said naugtily""

He knows that now he get the reaction for which he was waiting

Shilpa's mouth hang open

Shilpa : don't call me that I M MOT A KIDDO""wid pout""

Armaan chuckle over it n says

Armaan : ya ya I know I know

Shilpa : are u making fun of me""raising her one eyesbrow just like armaan""

Armaan : na baba meri itni majal jo me miss shilpa malhotra urf shona urf miss hoity toity ka mazak banau tch tch""very innocently""

N others they are shocked by seeing this fun loving side of armaan n also shocked by seeing shilpa this way

Armaan : chale ""forwarding his good hand in front of shilpa""

Shilpa : hmm kaha""but still put her hand on his open palm""

Armaan smiles n says

Armaan : wahi jaha is waqt tum jana chahti ho

Shilpa look armaan wid love filled eyes

Armaan : is tarah kya dekh rahi ho

Shilpa nod her head in no as if saying nothing

Armaan : batao

Shilpa : mujhe laga tha in 6 saalo me bohot kuch badal gaya hoga but nhi kuch bhi nhi badla aap aaj bhi wese hi he mere kehne se pehle hi sab jan jate he""wid tears in her eyes""

Armaan was feeling lump in his throat he couldn't says anything just nod his head

This time shilpa says

Shilpa : chale

N then they left the party hall widout paying attention to anybody bcoz armaan know that bhale hi shilpa baat kar rahi he but she still needs the time to hold her emotion n shilpa knows that armaan needs the time alone wid her to express his grief from 6 long years.

N other they are not in an any position to say anything sabke mann me kai sawal.
Old gang, new gang n interns ab tak to wo jante the ki shilpa loves someone but wo kon he ye nhi jante the but today they knows that wo koi or nhi unka dost,unka mentor,unka colleague doctor armaan he

N padma , nani , shashank ,kirti , shubhankar they all are in a same position

Whole hospital knows that armaan as a different person but what they saw today its completely opposite to the dr. armaan malik whom the knew.


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