Sunday, 4 October 2015

PART 2 :~Tomorrow Is Another Day ~

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~At Office-Lunch break~

“I am so tired, these people should be sued for exhausting me…do you guys know today I broke my nail” said Anjali  whining as always “OMG guys Anjali broke her nail I mean that’s so sad isn’t “ said Rahul  in a mocking manner “youuuu…..”Anjali was all ready to start a world war and that’s when Ridhima interfered “Guys, guys chill don’t start your tom and jerry show now” “So what’s

 up??” asked Ary as he pulled a chair for himself. Ridhima turned to look at him and smiled “hey Armaan ! Nothing great just the usual Anjali  and Rahul  tiff” hearing her both Anjali and Rahul frowned while Armaan  let out a small giggle. “I see” said Armaan. "Anyways  I’ll go grab myself something to eat , I am famished, you guys want something??” Armaan  asked…everyone started telling him there order and as he was about to get up Viaan enetered the canteen all of them stood up seeing him. The Viaan Kundra in the canteen that was shocking, not that Viaan was egoistic or arrogant but he was proud of his position and always strived to maintain his position in the eyes of his juniors. He stood there staring blankly at all of them. Rahul  nudged Ridhima  and spoke in a slight whisper "Ridz, I swear I haven’t done anything this gye is looking at me as if I just killed his wife” “shut up Rahul , he is not looking at you”, after a few moments of silence Viaan finally said “good afternoon everyone, I am pleased to inform you all that we have finally got permission to start working on our new project”. Everyone  sighed in relief. “Gosh, Sir you scared us, we thought you have some bad news or something but this is just awesome” Armaan said grinning from ear to ear “I swear it” Rahul added agreeing with him. “Well you know Viaan Kundra can joke too” said Viaan winking at all of them. Everyone were happy and busy congratulating each other when Viaan cleared his throat to grab their attention “guys I am not done yet, I have one more news our senior officials  have decided to appoint Ridz  as the head of this project because they consider her to be the most suitable person and also because it was her idea” Ridhima  stood rooted at the spot she could not believe her ears, this was her dream project and she was elated with the fact that soon her dream would become reality. “Well, Ridz  I wish you all the best I know you shall do well, though I must inform you that you have only 10 days to present you work for the final consent to be given, I know the time is less but the officials would….” Viaan was cut by an ecstatic Ridhima “don’t worry sir ill make sure it’sdone within 10 days , thank you so much for considering me capable enough” Viaan smiled at her and left. Everyone congratulated her, they all knew that this was her dream, soon everyone left for their duties except Armaan  and Ridhima who still had a few minutes left to their break as they had started late. Armaan  came forward and gave Amaya a friendly hug “Congrats Ammy, and all the very best, may you achieve whatever you heart desires” Ridhima  passed him a warm smile and said “Thanx Armaan , I am so happy today that I can’t express it in words. This is my dream project….” She went on blabbering with a smile constantly playing on her lips and for the first time in the whole month Armaan  noticed that her smile reached her eyes “she looks so happy today, her eyes are twinkling with joy, I have never seen this happy before, I don’t know why seeing her so happy is making me feel content, it’s as if my heart was craving to see this. It’s true that she usually keeps smiling but that is different because that smile never reaches her eyes, today she is smiling whole heartedly….” Thought Armaan  with a foolish grin plastered on his face and then frowned when he realised what he was thinking about. "Armaan  seriously what are you thinking about she is just your friend get a grip on yourself dude” he thought once again contradicting his earlier thought. He was brought out of his thinking land when Ridhima  nudged his elbow “hello, I was taking to you, you know…anyways lets go break time is over” soon both were back to their duties. The day passed on the same way and soon everyone left for their respective homes.

~Ridhima's  Apartment-Same Day-Night Time~
Ridhima for a change was genuinely very happy, after ages she was smiling wholeheartedly. She treated herself to her favourite Spaghetti in Pesto Sauce. She was done with her dinner and was all ready to go to bed wearing her fluffy pink pyjamas. She was cuddled up in her bed and had her diary in her hand. Her diary was very precious to her it had been her companion through both thick and thin. She began writing her diary:

April 26, 2015
“Dear Diary,
Today I am very happy; I am finally getting a chance to complete my dream. The project that  I wanted to do has been approved though the final consent will be given after 10 days after my final presentation, but still …I am getting a chance to prove myself, to show the world that I am somebody. I am a bit scared because after all it’s a great responsibility and not to forget the time allotted is limited… but I will do it because Ridz is a very strong girl and she will not let time be an obstacle in her way...I will make sure I do this, I have to show the world that Ridz  is a very strong and independent woman. Yes Ridhima  is scared but as usual Ridz's strength will hide Ridhima's vulnerability….anyway good night I have a long day tomorrow ….’’

 After writing her diary Ridhima  kept her diary safely in the drawer beside her bed, switched off the lights and soon slipped into the illusionary world of dreams. A smile adoring her face as she slept.

Thanking You,

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