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part 24 : Back to You

Part 24

Then armaan came around to sense sensing some gaze on him... He look around to see
gang looking at him then he turns and saw ridhima to having teary million dollor smile
on her face.....
Armaan and dhanu to smile again looking at their basket...
Dhanu -bachket....extending his arms as asking his mommy to take him in her arms...
Ridhima who was bringing chill drinks (soft drinks) for gang come towards armaan and
dhanu but before that she put the tray on the table and then take dhanu in her arms...
and dhanu kissed ridhima on her cheeks and ridhima kissed dhanu on his lips. and hued
him in her embaracement.....
and armaan seeing this smiling..

after sometime gang fake a cough when they were onot getting any attention from
and both armaan and ridhima with dhanu see the gang and realise that they forgot
about them...
anji -oye malik's can we have so attention too... we r here after all
muskan -hain yaar tum log toh aapni hi duniyan mein khole ho ye kya baat hui bhai..

nikki -hey ridhima can i have dhanu for sometime...if he is ....
ridhima see dhanu and dhanu hug ridhima hidding his face...
ridhima see armaan and then armaan blink his eyes to say he will see it..
and then armaan took dhanu in his arms but dhanu was not leaving his bachket....
armaan -dhanu aapke dada ke pass bhi nahi aayega. and armaan pout
and dhanu then see its his dada pouting at him cutly asking to take him in his arms and
dhanu immediatly extended his arms asking his dada to take him...
and when armaan took dhanu in his arms dhanu hid himself in arms chest hiding
himself from all...
nikki felt little low....
armaan and ridhima saw this and then they see towards each other.....
and sight...
armaan to dhanu
armaan -dhanu ...
dhanu aparted and look at his dad playing with his dada's nose.....
armaan -dhanu dada ko pyaal karta hain na
dhanu nodded
armaan -aur dada bhi dhanu ko pyaal karta hain na.....
dhanu again nodded extending his arms..
armaan -toh dada ko hote hua koi dhanu ko pareshan kar sakta hia kya??
dhanu shook his head in no..
armaan -aur dhanu ko aapni bu(bua) se nahi milna kya..
dhanu nodded his head
armaan -toh dhanu aapni bu(bua) ke pass jayega
dhanu shook his head
armaan -par bu(bua) toh dhanu ko bahut pyaal karengi na...
dhanu -bu pyaal kalegi dhanu toh (bu(bua) pyaar karengi dhanu ko??)
armaan -hain bu(bua) toh dhanu ko bahut pyaal kalegi na...
dhanu -dada jitna...
armaan smiled -dada toh dhanu ko duniya mein sabse jayada pyaar karte hain .. uthna
toh koi nahi kar sakta basket bhi nahi .. par bu(bua) dhanu ko bahut pyaar karegi na..
dhanu nodded
armaan -toh aab dhanu bu(bua) ke pass jayega na..
dhanu nodded..
armaan asked nikki to come forward and then give dhanu to nikki.. but dhanu didn't left
armaan's hand...
dhanu looking at armaan with cute pout
armaan smiled and -dada yahin hain aapne dhanu ke pass..kahin nahi jayenga
dhanu smiled and turn to his bu(bua)....
nikki -aapna name kya hai..
dhanu -aldhan (ardhan)
nikki -par sab toh aapko dhanu bulate hain
dhanu -dada bachket ka dhanu (dada aur backet ka dhanu hun bas)
nikki -toh mein bhi aapko dhanu bula sakti hun
dhanu -shook his head in no..
nikki felt sad
dhanu see this and then -aldhan jichko pyaal kalta hai.. vo dhanu(dhanu jis se pyaar

karta hain vo dhanu bula sakte hain bus)
niki smile
dhanu -aap aldhan ki bu ..(aap ardhan ki bua ho)
nikki nodded at his cutness
dhanu -aap aldhan ko pyaal kaholgi..
nikki -bahut sara pyaar.. and kissed him on his cheek..
dhanu -dhanu ko ich chleam bhi..(dhaun ko ice crem bhi milegi)
nikki -agar dhanu bhi aapni bu ko kish kalega toh
dhanu kissed nikki's cheek
gand was seeing this and want to take dhanu in his arms
and one by one armaan make dhanu comfortable with... and now
dhanu was happly playing with his bu and machi(maasi)
and boys were to there seeing their girld and dhanu...
dhanu was more comfortable with the girls more then boys
so gang just make fun saying
"pakka armaan ka hi beta hain jahan ladkiyan dekhi wahin shuru..."
ridhima was in kitchen making lunch for the gang... and armaan sneaks in the kitchen
excussing himself for the gang with being noticed
ridhima was smiling and makking dinner
armaan come from behind and hug his basket and creep his arms on his baskets waist
and plant a kiss on her neck.....
ridhima -armaan (lost in his touch)
armaan then put his chin on her shoulder
armaan -kya soch rahi hain meri basket...
ridhima -armaan kya kar rahe ho.
armaan -aapni basket se pyaar
ridhima -armaan dekho koi aa jayega....
armaan -koi nahi aayega basket.....
ridhima -armaan please..
armaan was planting kissing on her neck and moving to her ears...
ridhima -armaan ...(lost)
armaan to was lost in his basket
then armaan make ridhima turn and ridhima was too lost to sense anything..
then eventually ridhima too started kissing armaan on his chest and roam her hand on
his back and inother hand in his hairs and that was the kick to armaan left out control
on his emotions..
and now armaan to kissed his basket passionatly near her lips teasing her.. and ridhima
was too much in the moment that see felt teased by armaan so she without caring pulled
armaan in and kissed him.....
and armaan was happy sensing his ridhima was probing him to her heart desire.....
first tym his ridhima was pouring her desire out in this way....
and after sometime..
armaan back out and join his head with ridhima's and both have their eyes closed and
living this moment and filling their heart with their love more and more......each and
every moment.....
then they heard some voice from outside ......
and they move apart and then armaan startd helping his basket in mkaing dinner.. and

when the anji,muskan and nikki came with dhanu in their arms there to see what both

armaan and ridhima dooing they were with the expression of
awwwww on their face...
dhanu was happly playing and laughing with the girls.... and when he saw his dada and
bachket working he call his dada..
dhanu dada (extended his arms)
armaan took dhanu in his arms while ridhima to come and join in and dhanu licked
ridhima's head where there was some choco sauce was there.. as armaan put ridhima's
hairs behind which were coming and disturbing her while doing work and armaan
making dhanu's n his basket's fav. choco maffin..
and then dhanu make awww face..
and ridhima asked dhanu
ridhima -kaisa laga dhanu ko
dhanu -choco... jumping in his dada's arms...(excieted for this muffins)
armaan -toh chlo dhanu thodi aur der machi aur aapni bu ke saath khelo phir dada
aapke fav. choco muffin lekar aayenga.....
dhannu happly moved n anji's arms.....
and goes out playing with them...
and here both armaan and ridhima finished making lunch........
and then armaan being a great perfect husband helped ridhima in setting the table and
called gang for the lunch..
after having lunch they all set in the living room with dhanu in his bachket's arms and
armaan was next to them......
ridhima's head on armaan's shoulder and armaan's one armaan on her wait and dhanu
setting facing his parents on the legs of both...
armaan -so guyies aaj achanak kaise aana hua...
anji -armaan tumhe toh yaad nahi hoga.... kal kya hai,,
armaan thought a bit and then ridhima to tought...
armaan -kal monday hain..
muskan -oye hero ye toh humein bhi pata hain aaj sunday hain toh kal monday hi hoga
armaan smile fishily
nikii -armaan kal day kya hai
armaan -kya hain .. hain 16 march...
rahul -toh tujhe kuch yaad nahi aaya
armaan -oye rahooool.. tu sidh sidhe bata de na kal kya hai...
atul -armaan mera bhai kal holi hai holi..... tu kaise bhul gaya
armaan -oh hain kal toh holi hai.....hehehe sry bhul gaya tha sry
ridhima -armaan yye toh hamare dhanu ki pehli holi hain... i m so excited.....
dhanu -hodi(holi)


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