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part 26 (A) : Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

Hey guysss
Look I'm bck again
As I said before
I m posting from mobile so for keeping the length long
I'm posting evry part divided in 2 or 3 part
N like part would not be short just frequent part will post in time wise
So enjoy

So here goes the story...
Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha hai, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai,Aur isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahuchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain,yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhand hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga,iske liye authority yani ki writer yani ki main jimmeddar nhi hoon,Krippa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekhiyega..

Ehsas k uljhan me ulajh gaye koi
Rishtoon ki bandhan suljhane lagi hai koi
Kisi ko shabd ki der hoti hai
To kisi ko samjhne ki deri

Part 26 (a)

At outside of a Caff named "amour lieu" which means love venue but lets see who are here,a girl wearing sky blue n baby pink mixed check kurta with sky blue leggings n both colour mix scarf in head which tied her hair in up n fall on her shoulder keeping her long hairs at her back shoulder n some of her Frenches falling on her forehead was standing n watching clock in every two minutes when someone tap her back making her jump in surprise when the girl turn n leave a breath n said: finally tum dono behne a hi gayi(then hugging them) I missed u nikks n rupenzel

Well guys the person who come is none other than nikki n shilpa let's see who the person is

Ni: Tu bata ridz baki sab kaha hai..?

Well the other girl is none other than riddhima

Ri: rahul n sid ko pure plan pata hai di k ghar pe bhi sab knows the plans n humare ghar me chota pa n choti ma ne baki sab almost manage Karli Minnie n bhaiya also know the details un sabko maine kal raat hi sari details bata di bas muski n maddy a jaye bas phir tum charoon bhi apna device ka kaam samajh lo ... (like this riddhima keep saying about the details that's when maddy n muski appear)finally yaar itna time kyun lagi tum dono ko..
Mu: puch mat yaar yeh madam apna makeup karle phir apna selfie leni se fursaat ho phir to hum ayenge na..
Ma: Ahaan haan ha sari galti toh meri hai na makeup main karti hoon ya tu aur phir tujhe apni mobile se alag karu phir hum kahi ja sakte hai na warna to tu har waqt wo 6'3inch 3inch k set k screen me pata nhi kya dekhke bass hasti rehti hai..dekh abhi bhi time hai sudhar ja warna pata nhi ek din log tujhe pagal samajh kar pagal khane bhej denge samjhi na
Mu: Oye ijjat se baat kar badi hoon main tujhse...
Ma(with damp care attitude):Huh sirf adhe min ki badi hone se kuch nhi hoti
Muski: adhi nhi puri ki puri 50sec ki badi hoon

The other girl was looking at one time at maddy then nxt at muski then when they were non stop fighting riddhima shout making both of them stop fighting n other two flinched n making some passerby stop at their step n look at them

Ri: Shut up. .just shut up both of u..(nikki who compose herself first touch riddhima's shoulder when she said)Kya hai.. (nikki with her eyes give her a look making her remember that where they are)Ab ek dusre pe chilla band karo n mujhe ghurna bhi aur andar chalo (saying this riddhima left inside the Caff letting them no option but follow)

After discussing evrything all left for their planned work while riddhima left for hill point

At hill point
Riddhima enter only to see evryone having sulking face specially the one who have no other option to work with armaan this make riddhima frown a little
She ask one of her coworker n they being close with riddhima blurt that armaan is having a very bad mood from yesterday when she remember last time she saw armaan two days ago when she was gone to armaan for some details about some outfit as none ritu,rahul or atul was present at office that time he was quite ok
She just was about to go in rahul's cabin as her cabin is in re-decorating as per her nessecery needs so she for a while work in rahul's cabin when suddenly another coworker stop her informing there is little more info added in the outfit she is working on n ritu ask her to collect that from atul or rahul
Riddhima enter in atul's cabin to find it empty not even rahul is in his cabin
Riddhima watch the clock to see its only 15min left for lunch so she can take a look to file if she got it when she call atul he inform the file is left to armaan's cabin

Riddhima was going there when some employee stop her n ask: Are ridz tu lunch nhi karegi it's almost time..
Ri: Main karungi na but I've some work to finish first tum log jao main bhi ati hoon canteen me bas..
Coworker: Tu vul gayi kya aj canteen band hai..hum sab yehi pas me jo restaurant hai waha ja rahe hai tu chahe to can join us
Ri: uhmm.. u guys carry on main dekhti hoon bad me.. now before Mr mallik also left I need to collect some info gtg..
Coworker(with scared expression): take care yaar you are going in lion's den,bas aj don't make him more angry as he is already bursting on evryone

[in this place I need to tell this that though riddhima keep n absolute professional behaviour here but the cross word connection between armaan n her is still there n few of worker even see them fighting but as they were very fond of riddhima they never think or make any bad comment about that]

While riddhima laugh a little n go forward when she heard a small all the best from behind by that coworker

Unknown to them that sulking lion heard the whole convo of them when he come out to have little water but when riddhima was about to turn he hurriedly got in his cabin

Inside the cabin
Armaan was quite irritated from last two days for the difference of feelings building in him
He couldn't find the exect thing that happening to him
He tried evrything to keep this weird feeling away but all seems going in vain n last two days without watching her was another aspect of it
But did it really worked
Honestly nothing is working as he can clearly see everywhere he is trying to find her n now when he hear his voice after two whole days he couldn't help but feel that smile curve in his lips making a dimple in cheeks

When he was all lost about thinking about her, riddhima knock on door making him come out frm his trance he frown a bit n said loudly to come in

Riddhima hearing his come in got that evryone was so right that even his voice is seeming how much irritated he is

Ri: Mr.mallik I need that file which mr.gharewal left with you
Ar (Surprisingly smiled at her n said): sit
Ri (look at him with surprise that a little while before he was all sulking n now he is smiling really weird guy): I'm fine u just give me the file mr.mallik  I will go bck to check it before lunch time started
Ar:first of all its already lunch time started n 2nd I'm just checking some info in that file only I just need few moment then I will give it bck n till then u can sit here

Hearing him riddhima sit calmly at sofa picking up some magazines when after a while peon come n give a percel go away

After a while armaan give her the file n when riddhima was checking the file if anything else needed armaan open the percel n serve foods in two plate when riddhima who didn't notice it about to leave saying thanks armaan insist her to have lunch
Ri: it's really fine Mr.mallik I'm just going to have it anyway
Ar: riddhima it's lunch time u need not to be act all professional now n btw waise bhi I order for two so ...
Ri (hearing him she was surprised first but in a few seconds her surprise turn into smirk n said ): ohoo Gf ne ditch kar di kya lunch jo ab Akele kha rahe ho?
Ar ( with attitude ) : No one ditch armaan mallik... N btw yeh atul ka lunch tha but use anji ka call aya so he left
Ri ( with concern) : di thik hai na
Ar: Ha she is all right just her mood swings u see
While both laughed remembering about anji's crazy mood swings like now a days she got up in middle of night n sometime ask atul to cook for her
N atul is having a hard time handling his pregnant wife

Riddhima for a while without thinking much have lunch with armaan talking about business n family n sometimes fighting..

At evening
Outside of rangin ashiyaana
Riddhima standing at garden waiting for someone then she started to call evryone of her friends group n put on conference
Ri:Kaha margaye sabke sab,tum sabko 6baje yaha pohchne the na ab 7 Baj rahe hai aur ek bhi nhi ayi,I swear aj agar usne baat nhi kar payi to meri pichle 3 years ki mehnat mitti me mil jayegi n uske liye main chodegi nhi tum sabko main bata rhi hoon..

Like this riddhima keep saying when she didn't hear any noise from other side,she look at her screen to see they are still connected but no one is talking which is so unusual so she just concerned now n said: Hello hello shilpa nikki rahul sid muskaan madiha kya hua tum log baat kyun nhi kar rahe?tum log thik hona?kaha ho tum sab...
That's when a voice come saying: just tere piche

First riddhima didn't get it but when she realised it's comes just after behind her she turn n saw evryone standing with armaan yuvi n naina in front n others at their back

Riddhima gave evryone a tooth full smile n after reciting what to do they smile looking at each other then riddhima put her hand forward when one after another evryone put their hand n riddhima said: So guyzzz evryone ready for mission...

Sid cut her in between saying: istambul... (everyone give him a look saying what)
Ra : Oye hum istambul me hai kya jo mission istambul hoga
Si: Oh then mission kahani ghar ghar ki(everyone give him a look so he immediately said) yeh bhi nhi phir I got it I got it iit's mission impossible haina haina bolo na koi kuch...

Evryone shout together: Shut up sid...

That's all for today
The other portions will be posted in two days I hope
Tab tak liye
Sab ache ache rehna
Lv u all
Khuda hafiz

One Non writer attempting dear devil act...

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