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part 29: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Each and everyone in mallik enterprises was hell was just a week left for the show.anuraag was not keeping well these days so was strictly warned not to come to the office so all the other work was on his shoulder. He has to manage every deal and he was doing it properly.

Invitation cards were sent to the to Mr.desai's company along with the other with whom they have relation.

The hall was booked in lonavala.all the models were ready including the show stopper I.e. sanaya Irani.

Dresses were done and packed and was now sent to the place where the show is.

Everything was going just perfect expect one that in some place the villian was ready to destroy these all project.he was ready with his plan to ruin AR's ruin their reputation... Lets see his plan works or not.

Here riddhima was having dought that something is gonna be wrong if they are not alert so on her special request armaan has kept special security.

Everything was ready and now they all were waiting for the show to rock.

Day before the show

All malliks Gupta's along with the employees who are working on the project with the models reached lonavala hotel near the hall in the morning as armaan wants everyone to be there so they can arrange all the settings properly.

By evening everything was ready and all after dinner went to sllep early as tomorrow will be the heavy and busy day.

Riddhima was in her room of hotel.she tried to sleep but sleep was far away from her eyes.she after getting tired of trying to sleep she got up and went to balcony attached to her breeze was flowing as it was a hill side hotel.she smiled and closed her feeling soft breezes touching her bare arms.she saw in the garden down to find armaan staring her smiling. RM and AA were there to but busy talking to their partner in two either corner.

she waved him his and he to respond her doing the same.he then asked her to co.e down with action.

"Tum sab yaha kya kar rh ho" she asked him coming in the garden and saw others were busy romancing

" kisi ko nind nai aa rh thi socha thodi der bahar baithte hai.."he came close to her.

"Mujhe q nai bulaya..."," tumhari room ki lights off thi to mujhe laga u slept... Nind nhi aa rh???" He asked holding her hand while she nobbed in no.

"Wanna go for a walk???" He asked pulling her close.she nobbed in yes.

They were holding each other's hand with content and satisfied smiles playing on their lips reaching till their eyes.they felt blissful at this moment as this whole week has kept both of them busy till no extend and now sharing this beautiful and blissful moment they are feeling heavenly.

"Armaan....???" She called him softly."hmmm"he looked at her.

"Kya soch rh ho...???" She asked."aj se 2 mahine bad humari shadi ho jaegi...phir Hume sath me time spend karne ke liye itna wait nahi karna padega aur him humesha sath rahege...."he holds her hand more tightly and stands there in an empty lane next to the garden.

"Mai usi hi din ka wait kar rh hu armaan..."saying she hugged him.she was feeling like kissing him then and there and of course he will not mind but she has never taken initiative to kiss him ever.

He to Hugged her back and kisses her forehead.

After talking for some more time about their marriage they went back to their rooms as next day is the biggest day of their lives.

Next day morning

After having breakfast the gang went to work.only anjali was with elders.

Rahul and atul was checking the arrangements.abhi went to check the securities so that without invitation card not a single person should come in.
Riddhima was with Nikki and the beautician's telling them what make ups to put and how to make them ready.
Muskaan was in the hall with models making them practice for the last time so that they do well.

Armaan has went to meet Mr.Desai and his team for a meeting.

Here in a place of lonavala, prem was with some men.he was telling them his plan.

" agar kaam hua to tumhe tumhare paise aj hi sham ko mill jaege...koi gadbad mat karna.aur pakda gaye to mere same wapas mat aana.waha bhot strict security system hai.kisi ko bhanak bhi lagi to sab ke sab mare jaige.5 bje se phle kaam khatam ho Jana chahiye. "He instructed them and went from there.

" bhai to bhot paise wali party hai...kya naan bataya isne apna..ha rakesh sharma..."one of the man said.

"Bhai par him ye Jo kaam kar rh hai na ye bhot khatarnaak hai... Armaan mallik bhot hi jani Mani hasti hai.use bhanak bhi hui na to humara bachna muskil gai" the other one said.

"Abe Hume kya..jaldi kaam khatam kar ke sham ko paise le ke yaha se dur chale jaege" the third one said and they all sat in the jeep and went.

After sometimes they reach to the hall but thinks to go in as everywhere the guards are standing with police department.

One of them checks for the other way so that they can go and finds a way.

"Bhai log...waha se ek chota rasta hai.chalo..." He came running and went with all.they were not knowing that the way they are going joins to more dangerous way for them as special police was there.

They somehow went in but hiding from police. Their plan was to destroy all the dresses so that the malliks can't complete the project.

They somehow hiding went to the store room where all the packed boxes were kept of dresses as per their knowledge but the personal information that they not knowing was that it was to misguide them as after all the setups riddhima has told to change the room for storage of these boxes to other room.

As they break the door and went in they saw it empty they then again went out and searched for the place but to their in fortune they were in front of the securities.

"Kaun ho tum log..pande jaldi sab ko bula...yaha " he called the securities and got hold of them all.

"Salo...itni himmat ki itni security ke bad bhi andar aa gaye." One of the inspector came and slapped one of the goons.

Till then Rahul abhi and atul too came there a d ask to take them and beat the hell out of them so they tell who made them do that.

But as Prem has told his fake name so no police was able to know about it.

Rahul told everything to armaan and he made the securities more strict.

Here prem was happy that now armaan's half business will be ruin but then he got a call from that goon's one man who was out to help them told that the game went flop.

He was extremely angry now.he throws all the stuff if the room where he was staying
"Ek bar phir mera plan waste gaya.bhot pareshan jar diya hai is armaan mallik be.ab to shayad mujhe sidhe waar karna hoga.aisa waar Jo koi soch bhi nai sakta.I will not spare you Mr.armaan mallik.bhot jald khoon ke aasu roge tum and that's a promise to you...."and he laughed aloud.


" all set???"armaan came to Rahul and atul wearing 3piece black suit with grey shirt looking handsome as always.Rahul atul and abhi were too in formals.

"Yes all set bhai..bas these ladies are taking ages to get ready..." Rahul said in irritating tone to which muskaan replied,"are you talking about me Mr.Rahul mallik "

All turned to see girls looking terrific beautiful. Muskaan was in a white knee length dress with high hills which made Rahul flown on her.

Nikki was wearing salwar suit of pink colour and anjali was in saree as her tummy started showing.

Armaan scanned his eyes to find riddhima but she was not there

"Bol na Rahul...kuch keh raha tha na.." Muskaan broke boys trense."nai...mai"Rahul tried to justify but was less of word.

"Bhai riddhima ko dhyndna band karo...she is with the models and won't be coming out before you both are called bon stage so just chill..." She teased armaan.

"Aur haa armaan telling you she is looking extremely breath taking...." Nikki to teased him.

He out of embarrassment went out and all started laughing.

Armaan saw some some guests coming along with anuraag and shashank and ananya and padma behind them.

He greeted them all and making them sit on their perticular seat went to attain other guests.he saw Sid and prem coming with tammana and misha.

The boys hugged and went in.

After Mr.desai and team came the show started.

All the models walked and shown their dresses in every angle. The last one was show stopper sanaya along with the others.

All the dresses were praised and Mr.Desai personally praised armaan for the design and the show who was by now flying up in the sky.

Behind every successful man there is a woman was today in every aence true today and now he was dying to see take her in a rid crushing hug.

He was called on the stage to walk along with the sanaya so after coming in stage as the show stopped and there was a loud noise of applause,he took the mike.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I m way to happy to express my was an unexpected response we have got.I m very happy to stand here today.but ya I m not the only one who can take this credit as more then me my family my co workers has done all the credit goes to all mallik company(all clapped) and now I would like to call a person on stage who has given this idea of fashion show and was always there beside me.because of her today we have reached here and the show went successful. She is none other than my lovely fiance and the fashion designer of our company. Miss.riddhima Gupta... Soon to be Mrs.riddhima armaan mallik".

All clapped aloud and there she comes on stage wearing a white net saree with golden embroidery on it,minimal make up and accessories and a best smile ever on her face.

More than success if the show she was happy to be with armaan and listening him praising her she felt on cloud 9.

She came and stand next to him as sanaya moved back to give proper place to the couple.

Armaan was in daze looking at her.she was indeed looking an angel in the white Saree.... His Angel...

He smiled looking at her showing his perfect dimple.going backstage the first thing he did is taken her in a rib crushing hug. She was first surprise but then smiled and hugged him tightly.

"Thanks jaan.I m so happy today.." He kissed her forehead and now all present there was doing g aahhhhhhhh-uuuhhhhhh..

"Mai bhi aj bhot khush hu armaan..." She smiled and kissed His cheeks.

All clapped and gave blessing and good wishes to the beautiful made-each-other couple.Sid was very happy to see riddhima happy as he takes her as his friend. All malliks Gupta's joshi's were very happy.

But in a corner prem was fuming with anger.his two plans went flop and here all are celebrating. He was not ready to expect the truth that Armaan was always ahead to him.

"Is bar kuch alag sochna padega...kuch bada...tumhari takat ho aur is neev (base) ko hilana hoga phir dekhta hu ki kaise nai harta hai tu..." He thought and smiled evilly.

To be continued...........

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