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PART 3 :~Tomorrow Is Another Day ~

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~8 Days Latter~

Time flew like the wind; only two days were left for Ridhima's presentation. During the past 8 days Ridhima worked day in and day out, she made sure she left no stone unturned. She would skip her meals, work overtime and move heaven and earth to make sure that they lock the deal. Everybody

 knew Ridhima  was a hardworking and committed woman but they knew this was not just another project this was her dream, her baby which like a mother she nurtured….amidst all this there was one person who was keenly observing her , her every gesture, the way she frowned when something was not up to her liking, the spark in her eyes when she completes any part of the presentation and most importantly that million dollar smile that for a change reached her gorgeous baby blue eyes… That somebody was none other than Armaan unknown to himself he slowly started developing feelings for Ridhima ….no matter how much he tried he could not lay his eyes off her…he tried brushing it off as some sort of infatuation but his heart, his soul knew that this was more than just infatuation…

~9th day Office~

Ridhima was very happy her presentation was absolutely complete and today she had her mock presentation with Viaan…she was content with her work and that was clearly visible on her face…She came to office earlier than usual after all she was very excited and yet very nervous for today…she was  walking towards her cabin….all the way humming a beautiful song when she suddenly bumped into something rather someone she shut her eyes tightly with the fear of hitting the ground but she never felt the floor. She slowly opened her eyes only to get lost in a pair of intense and deep grey eyes…Those grey orbs were directly piercing through the blue ones both were lost in one another…however their trance was broken by a mobile beep…both stood straight and looked around…feeling embarrassed yet with no regret…”Uhmm Hi!” Arman  finally broke the awkward silence between them (The person with grey eyes was Armaan) “Hi” Ridhima  replied with a small smile…”Your early?” both said together then burst out laughing….”Actually I had some pending work so that’s why I am early.. what about you?” asked Armaan “Uhm…nothing just woke up early so…”  she could not bring herself to tell him the truth…she had a habit of not sharing her actual feelings with anybody…she preferred keeping them to herself.. he could make out that she was not saying the truth..but thought to not dig further “oh..I see” he said..."I'll just go to My cabin and you Uhmm carry on with your work" said Ridhima, "ya sure! See you later" he replied. She walked towards her cabin while Arman stood at the same spot watching her retreating figure. Armaan could clearly see her fumble with her hands, he knew something was bothering her but could not get what it was  He knew she was probably nervous but the fact that she looked restless did not go down well with him. It stirred something  deep within his heart..what that something  was even he did not know or maybe he did but was not accepting it anyways leaving his thoughts aside he went to his cabin to complete his pending work.
Ridhima reached her cabin and keeping her belongings in its place she sat down on her chair, staring blankly into space...she wished somebody could understand her fears, somebody could just tell her that we've urging would be fine, she wanted somebody to comfort her, be with her...unconsciously a tear trickled down her cheek which she wiped off immediately "No Ridz!! You are not allowed to cry and why are you crying?? There is nothing to cry about and you don't have to be scared do not forget that Ridz is a very strong woman..I never did and never will need anybody...I am fine the way I stop crying, crying is for the cowards" she though and with a determined look wiped away the fresh tears that had rolled down her cheek.
Soon enough everybody had come to work except for Viaan, who seemed to have been late for the day. Ridhima was walking towards the reception to collect a file when she met Rahul and Nikita. "Hey Ridz! What's up? All set for today?" Asked Rahul in his high cheerful spirit.."hi guys! And yes Rahul all is set, just waiting for Viaan Sir to come so we can start" replied Ridhima with a smile. "Ridz, aren't you scared...I mean this is your dream and you have worked so hard for it had I been in your place I would not have been able to stand still for a single moment" asked Nikita with genuine concern and curiosity on her face. Even before Ridhima could reply Abhimanyu came And said "oh common Nikki Ridz is not nervous don't you know how chilled out she is...remember the annual board meeting last year were they were planning to chuck out employees for cost cutting and we all were scared to death but our dear Ridz was so calm and she calmed us down as well and now she has worked so hard she knows it she is gonna get an approval so why will she be nervous, right Ridz?". "Yes! Right...Nikki I have done my part by working whatever happens is my fate now and I have to accept it" said Ridhima with a smile. "Ridz you are seriously strong..kudos to you girl, anyway all the very best and now I have to go" said Nikki and wishing her they all left for their work, including Ridhima. Oblivious to the three of them this whole scene was witnessed by Armaan and he saw something which nobody could see...he saw the hurt in Ridhima's  eyes, he saw down sort of loneliness which he could not comprehend...he saw Ridhim walking back towards her cabin and sighed, thinking to himself "what is with this girl? Why can't I stop thinking about her? Why do I feel so bad knowing that there is something  that's disturbing her?? Her eyes those beautiful eyes why do they seem so hurt and moreover why am I bothering so much?? Am I attracted towards her?? No Armaan common dude..Armaan Malik never runs behind girls revenue girls run behind me...but Ridhima  is not anybody...she is..she is...a friend, ya a very close friend and that's why I care...hmm yes just a friend...but she looked so upset I should go to her" finally shushing is feelings for her for the umpteenth time he made his mind to go to Ridhima's cabin to talk to her or rather to calm his restless mind....
Once Armaan reached Ridhima's  cabin he knocked gently "may I come in?" He asked.."hmm" replied Ridhima without looking up from the file that she was reading. Armaan entered and stood I front of her desk, she was too engrossed in the file to see him so he cleared his throat to garb her attention...hearing the slight notice she looked up and was surprised to see him " Armaan? What are you doing here??" She asked.."well I was free for while and everybody was busy so I thought I'll come and ask you if you could come with me to the canteen for a cup of coffee" he told her with a million dollar smile plastered on his face...she looked at him astounded, she was free but somehow did not want to go anywhere...she wanted to be alone because according to her that is the best thing for her to ease her fears. Little did she know that the best thing rather the best person to ease her down was right In front of her...."Uhmm Armaan I would love to but..Uhmm I am a bit busy so..." She replied with a small voice, she felt bad for refusing him but she knew that if she goes with him she might not be able to hold her strong self for long. Armaan for a fact knew that's she was lying as he has personally checked her schedule....he knew she wanted to be alone but somehow his heart did not permit him to leave her alone, he did not know why but he just wanted to be with her and though he was unaware for the reason he was determined to follow his heart. So he used his formula number 2 "'s okay Ridz you carry on..I guess everybody is just very's okay I'll just get back to work...I don't like having coffee alone so that's why I came, but it's okay work comes carry on and I am sorry to disturb you" he said with a sullen face and turned to leave..he was walking very slowly on purpose and began his mental countdown "five, four, three ,two, one..." "Armaan "he heard her call out "bullseye" he smiled brightly but then immediately controlling himself he turned around with the saddest  and most crestfallen face on earth "yes" he asked. " Uhmm wait a minute I will come with you..I can do this later" said Ridhima with a little hesitation..seeing his sullen mood she did not have the heart to refuse him and thus though she was reluctant yet she agreed. Ansh beamed inwardly but still to keep up with the drama that he did he said "no no Ridz  it's fine, I'll have coffee later you con..." He was cut by Ridhima "no it's okay it's not that important" "okay then in that case lets go" said Armaan with a wide grin. He did a Small inward dance to celebrate his success. "So miss Ridhima a.k.a Ridz Gupta let me see how long can you hide your don't say it but I know there is something that's eating you up inside and I promise you and myself that I will not only find the reason behind your pain but will also solve it." Today he was happy though he did not know why but this little promise that he made to himself calmed his heart down...he wanted to see her happy and at the moment the reason for his so called attraction did not matter to him. That's what his heart wanted, her happiness and he would move heaven and earth for it.

NOTE: Hello readers!!!thank you for such nice comments :) ..okay coming to the point first and foremost I do not intent any sort of plagiarism or to hurt anybody's felling everything is fiction like I have said before. Secondly I may not be able to update regularly but I will try my best to do it as soon as possible. Thirdly enjoy the part and let me know how you like it (both good and bad comments are accepted...though I hope there is nothing bad:p)

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