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part 30 : DMG 3

Part 30

Shilpa swung her gaze towards shashank and padma who had gotten out of the car and were walking towards her, ignoring armaan she walked towards them and hugged them.

Shilpa: hey! I wasn't expecting you guys fo another couple of hours.

Padma: armaan ke saath aaye the na to jaldi pohanch gaye.

Shilpa just hmphed and dragged padma forward leaving armaan and shashank to trail behind. Shilpa took them to the guest quarters and helped them get settled. Armaan through out this was trying to catch shilpa alone so that he could talk to her but shilpa was avoiding him. As shilpa left their quarters armaan followed shilpa hoping to catch her alone but luck was not on his side as he saw her bodyguards approaching.
Armaan: guys! I didn't know you guys were going to be here(armaan tried to keep the edge out of his tone)
Sujal lifted his brow: when we heard shilpa was coming home we thought why not make it a family occasion.
Maan flashed armaan a devilish grin: why are we interrupting something (looking at armaan and then at shilpa)
Shilpa patiently: you guys enjoy each other company I have some work to do.(saying that she left armaan with maan and sujal where sujal continued to give armaan a steady stare and maan stood there with an evil grin on his face.)
The next morning armaan woke up early and was standing looking outside the window which looked over the back garden. As he was gazing outside thinking how to approach shilpa, he saw shilpa come into view in a pair of black track pants and black vest. From the looks of it she had been on her morning run and was now cooling down, without wasting a moment armaan quickly wore his shoes and went to the back yard. Shilpa was doing stretches when armaan walked up to her.
Armaan: kya aaj bhi mujh se baat nahin karni (shilpa continued with her routine)you said you'll talk to me if I apologise (shilpa stopped and looked at him)I want to apologise.
Shilpa turned around and looked him in the face: then apologise!
Armaan took a deep breath: shilpa! I'm sorry. I know I've wronged you. The things I said were totally untrue and totally uncalled for. I know better, honestly I do. If you give me a chance I'll prove it to you that I'll never behave in this manner again.(he finished and looked expectantly towards shilpa who for all appearances looked unmoved by his apology)
Shilpa: you haven't explained why? Why did you say all those things(all this she said with total lack of emotion her expressions gave away nothing)
Armaan raked a hand through his hair: shilpa I don't have any reason for behaving in that manner just excuses(he again looked at her face to see that emotionless mask)for the past couple of weeks I have been disturbed about some things which I didn't know how to handle and I felt very alone during this time.
Shilpa who had been quiet and emotionless before this seemed to lose some of her cool: my god armaan! You were disturbed! I thought we were friends. How many times had I asked you if something was bothering you. Haven't I been there for you armaan before. Answer me dammit.
Armaan: of course shilpa! you've always been there but….
Shilpa was furious: but what? Armaan! I thought we had trust between us, that no matter what happened you could talk to me and now you tell me that you felt alone and that's why you blasted at me.(in frustration shilpa yanked of the clip that held her hair piled atop her head)
Armaan also losing abit of her cool: what was I suppose to come and say to you shilpa! that I was scared of these feelings that I was having inside me, that when I saw you having fun and laughing with your friends I felt angry. How do you say that to your best friend shilpa. don't you understand how stupid that sounds do you realize how stupid I felt thinking all that.
Shilpa: well taking that frustration out on me for no stupid reason doesn't make you look any less stupid. If you couldn't have talked to me you could have talked to ridhima or to papa, they would've been more than happy to help you. But no! (she stopped to calm herself)
Armaan: shilpa you are not totally blameless you know. You go on acting like this big mystery and then what is one suppose to do but make wrong assumptions.(looking at shilpa's puzzled expression)I'm talking about mayank and the reason you called off the wedding.
Shilpa looked mad enough to kill: what is there to tell. Just b'coz I don't tell you something that means you go right ahead and think the worst of me.
Armaan: no! that's not what I meant. It just created a lot of doubt in my head as to what was the actual reason and then angad came up.
Shilpa shook her head sadly: you know armaan, I honestly thought you understood me. Besides maan and sujal I thought you were the only one who to a certain extent understood me but I was wrong. When we say that we love someone or are best friends with someone that means we trust them unconditionally. Irrespective of what someone tells us or what we think is right or wrong. As far is angad is concerned is a good friend he's been there for me through some tough times, times that you armaan wouldn't even begin to imagine. Yes! He's in love with me but the truth is that I'm not in love with him and he knows this but he still wants to be friends. Not everyone is you and ridhima armaan. No actually the truth is I'm not ridhima, there have been men in my life armaan who have touched my soul good or bad another topic completely. So I'm not going to apologise for living the way I do b'coz this is my life not yours or anyone else.
Armaan knew he had it coming but what he had not realized that his words spoken in jealousy would make her feel as if he was questioning her: shilpa I'm not comparing you to ridhima and I'm sory if I had made you feel that I don't trust you. This was never my intention. I swear! Plz. Shilpa plz forgive me, give me another chance to prove that I can be a good friend.
Shilpa looked weary her eyes remote: I don't know armaan.
Armaan panicked, he couldn't lose her even before he told her the most important truth. He tried to think fast on his feet: shilpa don't be like this. If you are angry then be angry but don't turn away from me. I've hurt you then hurt me back, hit me if that makes you feel good.(he picked her hand and hit his hand with it)
Shilpa jerked back: stop it! Armaan. This is not funny.
Inspiration hit armaan: come on shilpa! this is your chance. I'll just stand here and let you have a go at me. when else would you get such an opportunity(shilpa looked at him as if he had lost his mind) who are you kidding shilpa. you know you don't have a chance against me other wise this is a golden opportunity. Don't be scared, I promise I won't do anything.
Shilpa looked at him in total amazement: you think I'm scared of you(started to laugh)are you mad.
Armaan: no! no shilpa! I understand it's ok if you don't feel strong  enough(making shilpa eyes widen more)
Shilpa taking the bait hook, line and sinker: armaan you just signed your death warrant.
Armaan winced inside as he realized that she was going to make it hurt a lot: don't worry shilpa I won't hurt you.
Shilpa flashed him a smile: oh I promise its going to hurt. So you wanna play pretty boy so lets play.
Armaan and shilpa moved slowly in a circle maintaining eye contact. As couple of seconds passed armaan yawned: are you going to do something I'm getting old here just standing!(before the words were out of his mouth, shilpa sat down and swept armaan off his feet by swiping a leg across his feet making armaan land on his ass with a thump)what the ****
Shilpa stood up and asked sweetly: you were saying?
Armaan stood up brushing off dirt and grass and looked speculatively at her, while shilpa stood with her hands on hips. Suddenly armaan rushed forward and made a grab for shilpa, she swung sharply to her right hair flying but not before armaan managed to get a hold of her hand and jerked her towards him. Shilpa tried to get away but managed to be trapped with armaan's right hand holding her left across her body with her back towards his front. Armaan also managed to trap her other hand across her waist in his holding her captive. He leaned towards her ear and gently blew across her face to dislodge the few strands of hair that had blown across and said: you are making this too easy you know .
Shilpa turned her head to look at him and at the same time brought her foot sharply down at his instep, at the same time she managed to jab a sharp elbow in his mid section which made him loosen his hold on her hand. As shilpa got out of armaan's hold both were breathing hard, they stood staring at each other, both of them refusing to back down. Shilpa tried to rush him but ended up being caught in a body hold by armaan.
Armaan whispered in shilpa's ear: I don't mind being in this position. Do you?
As a response shilpa relaxed her body aginst him making him bear her entire body weight and then proceeded to hook one of her leg across his making him loose balance which ended in both of them going down in a heap. Armaan managed to land on top of shilpa which made the wind knock out of shilpa.
Shilpa: armaan get off me! you are crushing me (amidst fits of laughter)
Armaan smiling: not before you say you've forgiven me.
Shilpa: ok! Get off! I can't breathe.
Armaan: say the words
Shilpa trying to buck his weight: ok! I forgive you.
Armaan got his weight off her but continued to lie beside her: I am really sorry shilpa for everything.
Shilpa looked into his eyes and knew he was sincere in his apology and remorse: I know armaan! Just don't do it again (smiling). I also mean the fight, I'm sure my ass is going to be covered black and blue with bruises.
Armaan smiling wickedly: oh! I don't know about that. Finally managed to get your hands on me and vice versa, want me to check the ass for bruises(got smacked on the head by shilpa)ouch!
Shilpa: mind your manners!(she gave a pull to her hair at the front of his head) But I got to admit it was fun.(smiling)
Armaan looked into her eyes: yes it was
Shilpa looked into eyes and felt something shift in them, the intensity in them increase. She felt rather than saw armaan head tilt towards her, his gaze dropping to her lips. She lay there still looking into his eyes for a second more and then rolled out from under him and stood up laughing.
Shilpa: come on armaan! Get up its time we got ready and start the day.(she extended a hand towards him to get him up. Armaan looked up at her face and then closed his hand around hers and got up pulling her towards him)
Shilpa laughingly drew back and started walking towards the main orphanage building: come on armaan! Time for breakfast and went in.
Armaan stood there smiling behind her  back: bhaag lo jahan tak bhaag sakti ho. Wherever you'll run to you'll find me there.


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