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part 32:Sindoor

And armaan is in shock seeing them standing there. He keeps on looking at them and riddhima is wondering who
is at this time so she moved ahead to see but she gets shocked as she saw someone coming inside the house pushing armaan a bit lightly. And riddhima moved towards him immediately least he can fall and then a tall girl
dressed in casual top and jeans comes in access to her eyes and words escaped from her mouth as
R:"anjali bhabhi"
And hearing her name anjali's eyes landed on the girl who was standing behind armaan and she smiled seeing her. She is beautiful and as riddhima is still in her party sari and then armaan too comes out from shock and hugged his bhai standing at the door 

A:" hi bhai how are you?"
He said and atul hugged him with one hand
At:"I am good but ab tu raste se hatega mujhe aarav ko sulana hain otherwise he will wake up"
He said armaan smiled sheepishly at his stupidity then anjali comes and takes aarav in her arms and makes him settle on the couch there. Then atul hugged armaan tightly and armaan hugged him back he is seeing his bhai after 2 and half years. Last time he visited them in U.S.A when aarav was born with his family and
A:"oh bhai I so missed you"
He said and atul to whispered with some intensity as
At:" me too armaan missed you so much"
And let the family met riddhima quietly moved from there and comes back with the glasses of water and then anjali is the one who noticed her then she
An:" ok now I know tum donow kafi time ke bad mille ho par atul have some manners riddhima se kaun milega?"
She said as she breaks brother's moment and then atul looked at the feminine frame standing there in front of him with tray in her hands. He met her once in his wedding as his choti ma's relative now she is standing as his brother's wife then riddhima putting the tray on the center table moved towards him and bends to take his blessings and that moment atul comes out from his thoughts as he is kind off taken back with somebody taking his blessings. But nevertheless he said
At:" god bless you"
He said in awkward way as he don't know what else to say and anjali chuckled at her husband's discomfort. And then she just
An:''riddhima bura mat manana actually Dr. Atul Mallik ke aj tak kisi ne pair nahin chuhe tou he is just feeling awkward ''
She said teasing his husband as she and armaan laughed and atul pouted while she tried to put riddhima in tease and riddhima then bends and touched anjali bhabhi's feet while anjali tried to stop her saying
An:''riddhima no need main itni bhi badi nahin hun''
R:''par bhabhi ap rishte mein aur auhde (position) donow mein badi hain aut mujhe apki blessings kene ka haq hain''
She said sweetly making anjali and atul smiled she is actually like that what they heard about her and armaan smiled hearing and her and he is proud of her then anjali blessed her as riddhima touched her feet as
An:''god bless you and I know thoda late ho gayya hain but still welcome to family riddhima''
She said taking her in hug and then atul speaks up as
At:''yes riddhima welcome to our crazy family aur mujhe apnein bhai hi samjhna ok''
He said patted her head and riddhima smiled then she
R:''bhayiya bhabhi ap log kya lenge coffee ya seedha dinner laga dun''
She asked and anjali smiled and then she just
An:''nahin riddhima dinner nahin humne flight mein kar liya tha aur about coffee if we take coffee at this moment then won't be able to sleep right atul''
She said and then atul too nodded at her then
R:''par bhabhi kuch tou I mean itni long flight ke bad ap log tired honge na''
An:''acha we will have hot chocolate''
And then riddhima nodded and then she left for kitchen then anjali said as
An:''armaan please humara saman room mein rakh do so I can make aarav sleep''
She said and armaan smiled and nodded
Ar:''off course bhabhi par apnein junior champ ko sone kyun diya mujhe os se milna tha na''
He said pouting a bit as he is very fond of his nephew and
At:''chal oye nautanki subh khel lena abhi kuch din hum yahin hain''
A:''han bhai off course acha chaliye bhabhi I will take you to your room''
He said pulling their luggage and then seeing him taking stairs
An:''armaan we cant stay at upstairs''
She said stopping him in between and armaan looked at her prepelaxed
A:''kyun bhabhi any problem''
An:''yes actually deavr ji apka pyaara aarav rat ko bahut pareshan karta hain for his meals and all so I can't use upstairs room hope you don't mind''
She said and armaan looked at her shocked but just managed to whisper as
A:''no problem bhabhi''
And then he saw riddhima coming out of kitchen he thanked his stars so he deliberately takes aarav in his arms saying
A:''bhabhi ap apna hot chocolate lijiye aarav ko main leta kar ata hun''
He said and then smilingly takes aarav from her and then takes him in guest room basically riddhima's room and he did just because he can't let his bhai and bhabhi see that they are staying in different rooms. And if anyone will know then it will create big blunder and making aarav settled on bed
A:''aab kya karun riddhima kahan rahegi maine tou ose pucha bhi nahin. Par mere pas mauka bhi tou nahin tha na puchne ka, par meri hi galati hain mujhe 15-20 din se pata tha ki bhai aa rahein hain aur main riddhima ko batana hi bhul gayya. Oonki call par hi main pareshan hua tha jab maine riddhima par gussa otara tha. Thank god maine onke liyye cab pehle hi book kar di thi nahin tou aj kaise ate vo main tou bhul hi gayya tha oonke ane ke baare mein. Par ab kya karun riddhima se kaise bat karun oopar ke 3 room meiin ek mera gym hain osmein no one can sleep dosre mein bed bhi nahin hain aur ac bhi nahin hain aur sirf mera hi room bacha hain par yeh kahan fans gayye hum kya karun main ab''
He talked with himself frustrated don't know what to do and he never realized when riddhima walks inside
As he heard her voice only to saw riddhima standing at the door and then she moved and puts pillow on the sides of aarav so that he wont fall.
R:''armaan apko bhayiya bula rahein hain''
But what she heard next makes her shocked and
A:''riddhima we have to share my room''
He said taking riddhima in a big shock hearing him and armaan just looked at her after blurting it in one go and seeing her looking so shocked at rooted at her place
He sighed and called her breaking her shock moment and riddhima looked at him then
R:''armaan yeh aap''
And she is cut short in between as armaan comes near her and
A:''riddhima please galat mat samjhna please actually aarav ke qaran bhabhi upstairs room use nahin kar sakti aur oopar sirf mera room hain jo hum use kar sakte one is gym and the other has no bed. Please riddhima main mera koi galat intention nahin hain''
He said and then riddhima looked at him how much he is worked up so she finally taking a deep breath speaks up as
R:''armaan please kuch mat kahiye main apko galat nahin samjh rahi hun aur ap jayiye bhabhi aur bhayiya ko join kijiye they are waiting for you main jaldi se apna saman yahan se hata deti hun nahin tou onhein pata lag jayega''
She said as she makes her way towards the washroom to get her belongings not giving armaan any chance to say and he quickly left to join his bhai and bhabhi least they doubt something. And riddhima just closed her bag as she puts her some dresses in the bag, yes her clothes are still in the bag. She is thinking in few days to put them in wardrobe, finally her rough phase did not allowed her to do that then she did not get time. Then closing it she takes it out but then
R:''par agar bahar bhayiya ya bhabhi ne dekh liyya tou ab kya karun''
She is thinking what to do when she saw armaan coming inside again then seeing her bag he
A:''tum jao riddhima main yeh stairs mein rakh dunga bhabhi aur bhai yahan ise nahin dekh payenge''
Nodding her head riddhima left from there to give company to anjali and atul and seeing her coming anjali speaks up
An:''yar riddhima what is this tum husband wife turns mein kyun aa rahein ho? What's cooking up in u guys''
She said raising her eye brow making riddhima nervous but then she
R:''nahin bhabhi aisa nahin hain''
She can't lie she is very bad in that to her luck armaan comes and
A:''arey anjie bhabhi aisa kuch nahin hain actually we guys arranged your stay at upstairs in my room. But as you wants to stay downstairs itself so we are settling somethings''
He said covering up and then atul speaks up as
At:''so sorry riddhima humare qaaran tumhe pareshani hui''
He said apologizing and riddhima just speaks up immediately as
R:''nahin bhayiya please aisa kuch bhi nahin hain please ap aise mat kahiye mujhe acha nahin lagega''
She said and anjali and atul smiled at her sweet nature then
At:''ok little sister main aisa nahin kahunga''
He said making everyone smiled and then anjali's eyes noticed riddhima is dressed up in party wear sari so she asked
An:''vaise riddhima nice sari tum log kahin se aa rahein the kya''
And that draw atul's notice too and he looked at his brother who is dressed in silk shirt and formal pants so
At:''yea armaan even tu kahin se aa rahein ho kya?''
Then armaan replied as
A:''han bhai actually aj humare honor mein I mean its kind of reception party from all my colleagues''
He said and atul anjali smiled and then anjali speaks up teasing them
An:''oh like that but why you guys are still dressed up are we guys interrupted something''
She said winking at them making riddhima blushed while armaan just whined as
A:''kya bhabhi aisa kuch nahin hain''
At:''kya anjie kyun mere chote bhai ko pareshan kar rahi ho''
An:''kyun na karun remember isnein mujhe kitna tease kiya tha so its payback time Dr. Armaan Mallik''
She said teasing him and armaan shakes his head his bhabhi is more of his friend rather in sister-in-law
At:''ok tum donow jano par please can we now sleep I am really tired''
An:''han even me too riddhima''
She said and called riddhima
R:''ji bhabhi''
An:''can you show me the way to kitchen mujhe aarav ke liyye bottle banani hain''
R:''bhabhi main bana deti hun ap bas bata dijiye aur aarav ki bottle de dijiye''
She said and anjali is first reluctant as
An:''arey riddhima I will do it na tum kyun pareshan ho rahi ho''
R:''bhabhi ismein pareshani kaisi ap jayiye main bana deti hun na please''
She said so cutely that anjali just fell in her words and she agreed she is like armaan the charmer and then handling her aarav's bottle and giving her instructions she left with armaan and atul wo showed them their room. After few minutes riddhima walks in with aarav's bottle only to see atul anjali and armaan laughing on something. And she saw the most beautiful smiles on their faces and she loved that smile on her husband's face thanking to her god and wishing it will always there she called anjali
R:''bhabhi yeh botle dekh lijiye thek hain na''
And their trance breaks as they saw riddhima and anjali smiled and takes her bottle and then putting little milk over her hand she checked its fine and
An:''thank you riddhima its perfect''
R:''pleasure is all mine bhabhi''
And she smiled and then placed a jug filled of water on the center table and then armaan speaks up as
A:''bhai anjie ab ap log rest kijiye hum subh milte hain good night guys''
He said calling it off for night and
An:''han tum log bhi thak gayye hoge na so good night''
She said and then riddhimd too wished them good night
R:''good night bhayiya good night bhabhi, bhabhi koi bhi cheej chahiye tou please call me''
She said and anjali smiled then hugging her she
An:''thank you riddhima and good night sweetheart''
And then both riddhima and armaan left from there bidding them good night and closing the door and then riddhima
R:''main pani lekar ati hun''
A:''han main tab tak tumhara bag upar room mein lekar chalta hun''
He said and riddhima nodded and then in just few seconds riddhima is standing in front of the room, her heart beats are sharpen she don't know what will happen now. Praying that everything go well this room issue wont create any problem in between them she entered in the room as the door is open only to find armaan putting her bag near the cupboard and feeling her presence
A:''riddhima main tumhara bag yahan rakh raha hun tum apnein according set kar lena''
He said and riddhima nodded and then mumbled
R:''thank you armaan''
She said thanking him and giving him a smile and then armaan just
A:''thank you tou mujhe tumhe kehna chahiye riddhima you just come without asking anything so thank''
But he is cut short as riddhima speaks up as
R:''armaan please nahin maine apko pehle bhi kaha hain yeh rishta hum donow ka hain so main kuch bhi apke liye nahin karti hun it all about US armaan''
She said and armaan don't know what to say just nod his head then
A:''riddhima tum change kar lo fir I will change ok''
And riddhima nodded and then taking her clothes from her bag she left to the washroom to get change herself. After few minutes riddhima comes wearing a pink colour night gown and then hearing the sound of click armaan looked at her, he gets so lost in her the colour so suiting her with her pink blushing cheeks and her hairs left lose and without any make up she looks like a angel, riddhima feels goosebumps arises on her skin feeling his constant gaze upon herself. So breaking his trance she speaks up as
R:''armaan ap washroom use kar sakte hain''
And that actually brings armaan back to reality and he just nodded and picking his night clothes rushes to washroom. After few minutes riddhima is sitting on the couch thinking what will they with sleeping arrangement when armaan walked inside wearing vest and his 3/4ths that's his usual dress for night and riddhima just lowered her eye lids seeing him like that. Its not like she did not see any men like this she do her sujal bhai even abhi used to wear shorts and all but she never saw HIM like this and with him its different too as he is her husband and she don't know why but her cheeks heated up seeing him like this and unknown to her nervousness armaan called her as
And that breaks riddhima's trance and she avoided looking at him just
A:''I think we should sleep its been a long day''
He said giving her smile and confused why she is not looking at him then
R:''ji armaan main abhi apna bed laga leti hun neeche''
She said knowing they are not at all comfortable in sharing bed and armaan looked at her there is no way he is letting her sleep on the floor so
A:''nahin riddhima oski koi zarurat nahin hain''
He said taking her in shock and she looked at him surprised
R:''armaan yeh ap kya''
A:''han riddhima actually kisi ko bhi floor par sonein ki zarurat nahin hain main yahan couch par so jaunga its more than big for me aur tum vahan bed par so jana aram se''
He said flashing his million dollar smile and riddhima looked at him and nodded but as she looked at the couch she knows armaan will fit into it but its kind of full for him but if she will sleep there she will be comfortable so
R:''ji armaan lekin couch par ap nahin main soyungi kyunki couch mere liyye comfortable hain na''
She said and armaan looked at her then
A:''nahin riddhima main soyunga please tum bed par so jao''
R:''nahin armaan main''
A:''riddhima maine kaha na main''
R:''armaan maine bhi kaha na main''
A:''riddhima main''
R:''armaan main''
A:''ugh tum bahut ziddi hun''
R:''kya main ziddi hun ap ziddi hain armaan''
And they both turned their faces away as they fights like two small kids. And then after few seconds riddhima realized what they are doing fighting like small kids so she breaks the silence and
R:''I am sorry armaan maine zayda hi bol diyya''
She said apologizing thinking how she can behave like this though this is the original riddhima and hearing her armaan looked at her astonished
A:''hey riddhima don't be sorry I did not feel bad at all''
And that makes riddhima'a head turned to him armaan smiled and nodded at her big eyes
A:''yea infact I love it acting all child after so long''
He said winking at her making her calm a bit and then she smiled and
A:''I am agreeing that does not mean I am letting you sleep on the couch''
They are back on the topic and riddhima looked at him then
R:''acha armaan aisa karte hain hum log turn wise bed use karte hain whats say?''
She said putting forwards a solution and armaan thinks a bit then
A:''nahin riddhima aise kaise''
R:''armaan please apko meri yeh bat manani hogi''
She said making a small and cute face and armaan finally gives in her wishes
A:''ok fine''
R:''thank you tou chaliye aj ap bed par so jayiye kal main so jaungi please aur no arguments armaan I am really tired''
She said faking a yawn and moved towards the couch to lay down when armaan stopped her pulling her wrist and now she is inch apart from him and she is taken in shock with his move
R:''armaan yeh''
A:''tch tum khud ko bahut smart samjhti ho han?''
He said looking in her eyes and riddhima looked at him then
R:''armaan par maine kya kiyya?''
A:''acha ji kya kiya you are tricking me in your condition so that you can sleep on couch, but riddhima dear I won't let that happen''
He said and riddhima bit her lips as her little move get noticed by him and armaan looked at her biting her lips, he feels sensation running down in his body seeing her like that, he so wanted to trace her lips stopping her to bite them and then his trance breaks
R:''sorry armaan par armaan dekhiye na is couch par main aaram se fit aaungi I know ap bhi ayenge aaram se par still yeh mere letne ke bad spacious rahega aur apke liyyle little bit uncomfortable rahega so please armaan let me sleep here na and moreover its so soft that I won't feel any un comfort here''
She said explaining him and armaan understands too what she is saying is the truth too and then he nodded too immediately making her smile too.
R:''thank you armaan''
And armaan just nodded his head and then riddhima takes the comforter and then
R:''good night armaan''
A:''good night riddhima''
And riddhima just laid on the couch covering herself in the comforter and as closed her eyes
R(in her heart):''aj ka din kitna acha raha na pehle party mein sab ache se ho gayya thank you god ki armaan ko mujhse koi shikayat nahin hui aur main sabke samne as Riddhima Mallik ja payi. Aur ab anjali bhabhi, atul bhai aur aarav bhi aa gayye. Kitna maza aayega na sabke saath, main itnein din se bilkul akeli hi thi. Hopefully kisi ko mujhse koi narazgi ho. Aaj humein Sindoor ke rishte mein bandhe hue 3 months ho gayye, kitna aage nikal aye na hum in 3 months mein, ajnabe the ek doosre se gussa the, jhagra kiyya par ab do dost hain jo ek doosre ke liyye bahut care karte hain ek doosre ki bat humare liyye matter karti hain. Hum pas bhi tou shayad aa gayye, Aaj agar bell na bajati tou kya main aur armaan sachi mein age badhte. Nahin vo sirf ek moment tha jismein shayad hum donow beh rahein the. Galat hain par yeh galat hokar bhi itna sahi kyun lag raha hain.''
Her heart knows the answer but she shooed that away and with in her thoughts she never knew when sleep took over.
Here armaan too laid down on the bed but sleep was far away from his eyes
A(in his heart):'' main riddhima ki bat se itni jaldi kyun agree kar gayya. Ho kya gayya hain mujhe, par main kya karun oske itnein pas honein se mujhe kuch soojh hi nahin raha tha. Main oski khushboo mein khota ja raha tha. aur jaise osnein apnein lips ko bite kiya I feel some sensations in my body. Nahin armaan tu aise nahin soch sakta hain maine yehi socha tha ki I will not lose control over myself par fir main kar raha hun. Kyun mera apnein oopar kabo nahin rehta hain. Aagar bhai aur nahin ate tou I almost kissed her. Nahin maine aagar apnein ap ko nahin rouka tou main is rishte ko fir se ooljha dunga. Aaj 3 months ho gayya hain humein is Sindoor ke rishte mein bandhe hue. Aur jaise sab thek se nikla hain main ose apnein pagalpan mein aur barbad nahin kar sakta. I have to keep control my self especially on my body who just pulled towards her like a magnet feeling her around and feeling her fragrance. I am going nuts''
He speaks to himself and his eyes closed unknown to his own self just admiring her face. Sun rays peeped in welcoming the new day in their lives. Riddhima stretched herself as she feels sun rays felling on her eyes and as she opened her eyes she saw the sun rays falling on her through the large window beside her for a moment she was confused about her surroundings then suddenly realizations dawned to her that she is in Armaan's room and that reality makes her eyes landed on the bed itself and there he is sleeping with his face buried in the pillow. She could not help herself but to admire him, he is looking so cute sleeping like a kid. Some of his hairs falling on his forhead making him more innocent, then she saw a frown coming on his face as the sun light falls on his face, she smiled and then try to put the curtains but then she realized that there is no curtain for that window, frowning to herself she moved towards him and then covered him with comforter and that did work as he feels the warmth of comforter moved inside it hiding his face. Smiling at his antics she admired him then her trance breaks as her gaze fell on the clock. She is late the milkman is here soon and if she goes to get ready now then she will miss the doorbell so she quickly rushed downstairs to get milk thinking she will get ready later. And yes as soon she reached downstairs she heard the gates being pulled indicating the milk man arrived so she opened the door and seeing him greeting him she tells him as
R:''jai siya ram ji ki ramdin kaka. Kaka aj se 4 litre milk de dijiyega maf kijiyega main pehle nahin keh payi darasal bhabhi aur aye hain''
She said as she thinks she will need more of milk and hearing her milkman smiles
Rk:''jai siya ram ji ki bhabhi ji koi bat nahin ap le lijiye hum kal se zayda le ayenge''
He said and riddhima thanked him and takes the milk as
R:''shukuriya kaka''
After the milkman left riddhima too moved towards her room to get ready and then as she reached near her room downstairs she hits her for head remembering that its anjali bhabhi inside there and she has shifted to armaan's room at night
R:''main na bahut kuch bhulne lagi hun''
And then she rushed upstairs to get ready. As soon she reached the room she finds armaan is still sleeping he must be tired, though she is wondering if he has not to go to Hospital but glancing at the time she knows there is time of him to get up so she quickly moved towards washroom to get readygrabbing her clothes. After an hour or so ridhima comes back after getting a relax hot shower and as she throw herself back from the towel as they all are wet, all unaware that armaan's face is beside her and feeling some droplets on his face armaan opened his eyes feeling disturbed. He is about to shout when his eyes landed on one of beautiful sight in front of him, he finds his wife standing with her back facing him and he gets so lost as he saw her bare back where the water droplets were moving down and then vanishing inside her kurta and he immediately closed his eyes as he feels riddhima is turning and yes she turned and then taking her towel she puts it out. Then she stands near the dressing area and filled her Manng with Sindoor and then applied some Kohl in her green eyes en lighting her eyes more. Then applying her lip stick she combed her hairs and puts them in small band as they are still wet. Then picking her duppatta she glanced at herself one more time and then she looked at armaan and seeing him still sleeping she mumbled to herself as

R:''armaan tou abhi tak nahin othe. Inhein aj hospital nahin jana kya? Tired honge shayad roz tou is time tak ooth jaate hain. Ab main kya karun? Oothaun kya agar deri ho gayyi tou. Par agar gussa ho gayye tou. Ugh kya karun. Han aisa karti hun agar bhabhi ooth gayyi hongi tou onhein bol dungi nahin tou inki coffee bana kar lati hun. Tab tak agar nahin othe tou jaga dungi''
She said to herself and then moved outside unaware all her actions and her words heard by him. And he smiled to himself as he remembered her cute mumbling and then unknown to himself he speaks up as
A:'' oh my she is looking damn beautiful haye''

Love and regards

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