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Part 8:Love Binds Our Destiny

Riddhima then goes back to the days the moment she met the Armaan Mallik for the very first time.
4 years back Ha Ward University She entered in the university as its her first day of her university of her graduation year and as soon she entered she saw group of people standing and hooting loudly and she knows this is ragging and then with hesitation she moved towards her class and as she passed the group she sighed as  she did not gets called by them. As she passed she heard someone

S:"" come on ammy yar this is so much fun after all this is your 25th breakup and you see silver jubilee and you miss tanya u see its our friend's  breakup party so lets enjoy so please entertain us dance for him and with him babes""
As she heard she feels disgusted with the crowd they are disgusting people celebrating breakups and that ammy guy must be casanova as he was with 25 girls and now ragging that poor girl""
She walked away from there giving them disgusted look and her eyes caught the sight of the man he is handsome a blue eye guy but she feels he is devil playing with girls hearts.
That was the first day she saw him and from that moment she hates him and most of the times she heard from other students especially from girls that he is with now this girl and all. And one day she saw him kissing a girl in front of all the university and later she comes to know that he was doing all this for bet and she starts hating him more and more.
Flashback over
As she comes back from the thoughts of meeting him
R:"" tab mujhe nahiin pata tha ki armaan tum Prince Armaan Mallik ho. Anurag dadu ke pote sach meiin armaan I am completely shocked to see you here. Tumhari university ki saari harkaton se I hated you armaan so much. Kabhi nahiin socha tha tumse kabhie milungi life meiin vo bhi is tarah aur aab tou I am your wife armaan. Par I don't regret my decision Armaan kyunki maine jo bhi kiyya dadu ke liyye kiyya aur I love him so much. Aur jo bhi kuch tumhare saath hua armaan I don't know ki hona chahiye tha ya nahiin but I feel bad, aur mujhe tou yeh bhi nahiin pata ki humari is shadi ka future kya hoga""
She said as her fingers tangled with her Mangalautra and then her gaze landed on the figure standing in front of him.

And she for a moment gasped seeing that face in her front of eyes which is now her destiny too, yes there standing Yuvraj Armaan Mallik standing in the opposite side of her room. Probably that is his room and he is standing there looking at the moon and he is oblivious to her presence and anything else in the world. Seeing that lonely look on his face she feels bad this is not the armaan she knows. The Armaan Mallik she saw in the university all the years back is something else and the Armaan dadu describes is someone else but the common thing in between them is the life in them. And now seeing him like that she knows he lost something so close to his heart
R;''I don't know armaan is rishte ka kya future hoga par I do feel bad seeing you like this. Hopefully tum is sab se jaldi bahar aa pao humari family ke liyye armaan''
And then she just moved inside giving him one more glance. Here oblivious of being watched armaan stared at the moon and a memory of flashback comes in front of his eyes
Armaan is sitting on terrace with love of his life sitting beside him, putting her head on his shoulder and their fingers are entwined with each other and armaan then kissed her fingers, where he just few moments back puts ring after he proposed her
A:''I love you Shreya soon to be Mrs. Mallik''
And shreya smiled and then kissing his cheeks she replied as
S:''Love you too Prince Mallik''
She said giggling a bit teasing him for his Prince title and armaan smiled
A:''and you are my Princess''
He said kissing her nose tip then
S:''acha armaan suno na one day we both will go to beach and spend our full night under the stars ok''
She said admiring the moon and armaan smiled and
A:''off course''
Flashback Over
A:''sab bhul gayi tum shreya ya sab kuch jhooth tha tumhare liye, kya humara rishta todna tumhare liye itna asan tha? kya vo tumhare liye kuch bhi mayne nahin rakhta tha shreya. Tumne ek pal bhi nahin laga sab chod kar jaane mein. Tumne mere parviar ki izzat ek pal mein dav par laga di. Kuch khayal nahin aya tumhe ki is se kya hoga. Shayad jo bhi tha vo Pyaar tha hi nahin. Tabhie tou tum bas 4 lines kagaz ke tukde par likh kar sab chod kar chali gayi. You know shreya agar tumne sirf mere sath yeh kiya hota tou I can bear it par meri family. Now I just can say I hate you Shreya Saran for this and more than you I hate myself for loving you''
He said as he throw the pendant away from there to crush it in pieces and then wiping his tears he moved inside.
Next Morning
4:00 A.M.
Riddhima is fully ready in her wedding dress completely as she has to perform some rituals today. And she opened the door to go she finds nandini mom standing there with her mom and seeing them she quickly bends to take their blessings and nandini stopped her in between saying
N:''god bless you mera pyara sa bacha aur tu jab kal tak mere pair nahin chuti thi tou aaj kyun?''
She said looking at her and riddhima is flabbergasted then she just
R:''kal tak humara rishta kuch aur tha na aur aj main apki bahu hun na''
N:''acha ji aur aj ap meri bahu ban gayi hain tou beti nahin rahi kya?''
She asked and riddhima did not know what to answer this question
N:''rhea bacha humara rishta kitna bhi badal jaye ap humesha se meri beti thi aur beti hi rahengi samjhi aap''
She said as she slap her cheek and riddhima nodded and hugged her and samriti wiped her tears before it fell on her cheeks seeing her daughter gets another home not in law house and then they heard
Sa:''acha ab chalo riddhima-nandini, riddhima ko Bhog bhi tayar karna hain na?''
She said and nandini nodded and they all of them moved towards the big royal kitchen of Malliks. As soon the stepped on the first step of the kitchen she saw Prerna dadi standing there along with her dadi ma and all the other relative ladies and seeing her seeks her blessings and then prerna dadi gives her the can of mustard oil and riddhima smiled and takes it and before anyone can say anything she bends and first she puts the oil in the right side of the kitchen's door and then on left side of the door making everyone smile. Then as she gives back the can to Prerna Dadi, she let her enter in the kitchen while the others ladies said that
R:''sachi mein bahut hi sansakri bahu ayi hain humara armaan ke liyye''
And as riddhima entered in the lavish kitchen she saw the kitchen staff there working on their work.
Pr:''rhea beta apko Parsad banana hain jo ki Kul Devi Ma ko chadhega pehle''
Riddhima nodded and then she proceed towards one of the stoves and then again nandini mom comes in front of her with the Pooja Thall and riddhima takes some of Kumkum and makes Swastik on the stove and then puts some rice on it and then she lit up the stove only after taking blessings from everyone there. And everyone smiled seeing her then
N:''rhea beta yahan sab saman hain which you might be needed for making Parsad par fir bhi ap dekh lo ek bar kyunki fir hums ab yahan se chale jayenge jab tak ap Parsad banayegi fir Kul Devi Ma ke bhog lagne tak hum Parsad nahin dekh sakte na'
She said riddhima nodded and then she looked at each and every ingredients she must be needed and then she asked
R:''dadi ma (prerna) kya hum ilaichi (cinnamon) bhi dal sakte hain Bhog mein?''
Pr:''bilkul beta nandini bahu ilaichi de diiye rhea ko''
Nandini nodded and gives him the big container and riddhima takes it and
N:''aur kuch rhea beta''
R:''nahin choti sorry mumma''
She said and then everyone smiled and left riddhima alone and riddhima start making the Parsad.
Here In The Big Living Room Of Mallik Palace
As all the ladies walked there they finds the gents were sitting there, the relatives has taken seats on different couches placed there while Anurag, Ram, Karan, Shashank, Sujal were sitting together and as the four ladies joined them karan asked nandini
K:''nandu armaan aur rahul nahin oothe ab tak?''
He asked seeing his wife and nandini while sitting beside him replied
N:''ap tou jante hain rahul ko kabhie nahin othta jaldi aur armaan thak gayya hoga isliyye nahin oothaya par abhi shanky gayye hain oonhein othane''
K:''han aj ki Pooja Armaan ko bhi karni hain Rhea ke saath''
An:''han prerna baki sari tayari ho gayyi na jaane ki Kul Devi Mandir''
Pr:''ji sab ho gayya hain bas rhea bitiya Parsad bana len fir niklenge aur armaan aa jayen''
Ra:''arey fikar kyun karte ho bhabhi vo dekhiye aa gayya Armaan''
And there he was coming dressed in his wedding Sherwani as like riddhima he too have to wear his wedding clothes while offering the Pooja its a ritual and then he took everyone's blessings then settled beside sujal who teased him
Su:''ayiye ayiye hum apka hi intejar kar rahein the jeeju''
And armaan just passed him a smile he knows his best friend did not usually unnecessarily puts jokes but he did this just to cheer up his mood and then they heard one of their relative's voice as
Re:''vaise bade bhai sa (karan) ap armaan bete ke liyye heera (diamond) chun kar laye hain kitni sanskari hain humari bahu''
They praised riddhima as they talk about the morning kitchen ritual and whole Gupta Family has wide smile on their faces hearing praises of their princess. The girl who just married without any preparation even they don't know if she is ready for marriage or not doing everything easily is surprise for them. Armaan's thoughts stuck to shreya when he heard all praises for Riddhima
A(his mind):''shreya kabhie bhi kuch bhi nahin janti thi humesha se ose sab batana jo padta tha''
A(his heart):''han tou riddhima ko yeh sab isliyye ata hain aur pata hain kyunki vo bhi mere jaise family se belong karti hain osne bachpan se hi yeh sab dekha hain''
A(his mind):''han theek hain par shreya ne kabhie sikhne ki bhi tou koshish nahin kari, humesha oska muh ban jata tha''
And armaan feels so frustrated with two different thoughts in his mind and then his trance breaks with one beautiful voice and he finds her standing in the middle of the living area, head covered with veil, jewelry adoring her, and marked as Riddhima Armaan Mallik
R:''dadi ma Parsad ban gayya''
She said while lowering her eyes though his family is up-to date and modern but still they sometimes follow this cultures when whole kingdom presented there and nandini immediately stood up and stands beside her and
N:''thek hain rhea beta ap Parsad Ka Bartan le aye hum sab abhi nikalte hain''
Riddhima nodded and then went back to kitchen and soon she is back and she makes her way outside where everyone is waiting and there she saw everybody is waiting for her and seeing her, prerna stopped her and
P:''ek minute rhea beta''
Then she placed armaan's sherwani duppatta on armaan's shoulder that is tied with her chunar
P:''ap donow ko sath mein jana hain aur Parsad dena hain''
She informed them and they both nodded and then all of them heard
Ra:''I am sorry I am late par mujhe sab akar daant lijiyega abhie chalein nahin tou bhabhi ki rasam ko der ho jayegi''
He said and hopped in one of the car saving himself from scolding for getting late and riddhima smiled seeing his antics. And armaan somehow feels her smile is soothing and beautiful unknown to himself he liked her innocent smile.
Soon everyone reached their ancestral temple

And as soon they reached riddhima gives Parsad to Pujari Ji and they offered their prayers there Pandit Ji opened their Gath Bandhan(the chunari of riddhima's that tied with Armaan's during Pheras and handled it to riddhima)
Pan:''aj se bitiya apke pati ki izzat apke pati ne apnein haath se nikal lar apko saunp di hain jis se onhone ap par yeh yakeen diya hain ki vo shadi ke har saat vachan ko nibhayenge, bas ap onki aur onke parivar ki izzat par anch mat ane den''
Riddhima nodded and then both armaan and riddhima did Aarti and then riddhima prays
R:''aj se Ma is ghar ki izzat mere liyye sab hain. main aaj se tan,man dhan se armaan ko apnati hun aur jo bhi mere man mein ateet (past) mein inke liyye kadvhat(bitterness) thi vo yahin khatam karti hun. Aaj se armaan mere pati hain aur onki izzat, onki khushi se mera sab juda hain''
A:''apka shukuriya ki mere parivar ki izzat par aanch nahin ane di Ma''
And they opened their eyes and then distributing sweets and lots of things in poor people they proceed to Mallik Palace.

Love and regrades

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