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Part 33:Sindoor

Armaan then shakes his head and then ruffled his hairs then he speaks up to himself as
A:''gosh kitna bat karti hain yeh ladki par kitni care karti hain sabki , sachi mein aur abhi kitni sundar lag rahi thi  I guess that's what people say after maths of marriage''
He said and then he smiled and then he smacked himself

A:''kya bol raha hun main yeh pagal ho gayya hun main shayad se I need a shower''
He said to himself and then went inside the washroom to freshen up with a smile on his face.
Here riddhima makes armaan's coffee and then as she glanced towards the clock and seeing armaan still not come downstairs she thought
R:''lagta hain armaan abhi tak nahin jage bahut der ho jayegi onhein aise tou, jakar ootha deti hun onko aur yeh coffee bhi oopar hi le jati hun''
She then pouring coffee in the coffee mug she rushed towards upstairs to his room as soon she reached inside the room. Her eyes landed on the bed and seeing the bed empty she looked here and there in the room, not finding him anywhere she puts the coffee tray on side table as
R:''lagta hain jag gaye armaan acha hua nahin tou mujhe samajh nahin aa raha thi main onhein kaise jagaun''
Then she smiled and starts making the bed, as she conveniently forgot that she did not do this thing in the past 3 months. And she is setting the comforter after setting the bed sheet properly when armaan walked in from the washroom and he gulped his saliva as her back is facing him. Gosh why she has to stand like this always in front of him. Her back is bare till her something lower back as her hairs are in front he can clearly saw her milky back. And that is making him so losing his senses. And he actually forgot that he is drying his hairs and the towel fell from his hands and as riddhima done with her work she turned only to finds him standing there and seeing him she gives him a smile and then she
R:''good morning armaan main apko hi othane ayi thi. Yeh lijiye apki coffee aur ready hokar neche aa jayiye tab tak main breakfast lagati hun nahin tou apko der ho jayegi''
She said not knowing that he is lost in his own world and riddhima's voice breaks his trance and he just moved his gaze as he don't want any awkward moment now and moreover he feels so bad thinking like that. And then riddhima seeing him not saying anything shrugged her shoulders confused with his behave then she finds the towel on the floor so she bends to pick the towel and at the same moment armaan too bends to pick up the towel, and bang. They hit their heads with each-other making them stop. As they both rubbed their heads then they looked at each other and their eyes met with each other and they keeps on looking in each-other's eyes. Their hands brushed with each other and they just lost in their world. After few minutes riddhima breaks the eye lock and she gets up putting her hairs behind and taking the towel too, her cheeks were turned red.
R:''armaan ap ready ho jayiye ise main washer mein dal deti hun''
She said and literally run from there with the towel in her hands and armaan smiled at her. He don't know why but he love the fact that  just his mere gaze and she turned deep shade of red then he just combed his hairs and then riddhima is back and seeing him near the mirror not wanting any another encounter with him and she is about to move out from the room when she feels grip on her hand and she is shocked and before she can even react he just picked her hairs from her shoulders and then let them fall on her back, covering her back.
A:''you can go now riddhima''
He said huskily in her ear making her breaths go sharp but riddhima just is not in condition to react as she feels his lips almost kissing her ear lobe. So as soon he freed her hand she runs from there. She stopped only reaching the kitchen and pants hard her cheeks are completely red with his gesture
R:''yeh kya ho raha hain mujhe, meri dhadka armaan ke saamne reh kar badh kyun jati hain?''
She questioned herself and the same moment she heard foot steps and she immediately calmed her breath and then she turned and finds anjali bhabhi standing there and seeing her she gives her bright smiled and
R:''good morning bhabhi''
An:''good morning riddhima''
R:''bhabhi ap kya lengi coffee, tea ya kuch aur''
An:''arey riddhima kyun itni formal ho rahi ho vaise bhi mujhe jo bhi chahiye hoga I will get by myself don't worry''
She said sweetly and riddhima smiled but then she
R:""'yea bhabhi sure but fir bhi abhi I insist please''
An:''ok I will get a cup of coffee but only on one condition''
She replied and riddhima looked at her with confused epressions as
R:''kya bhabhi''
She asked and then anjali replied
An:''simple you have to drink coffee with me what say you me and gossip till the time those sleepy Mallik Brothers wake up''
She said and riddhima smiled at her but she did not what to say to anjali bhabhi for her coffee offer as she hates that thing like anything, she is thinking what to say when anjali snapped her fingers in front of her eyes
An:''earth to riddhima''
R:''yea bhabhi sorry''
An:''its ok par any problem sweety'
R:''nahin bhabhi actually kuch bhi nahin I will make coffee ap tab tak baitho na''
She said not knowing how to say ''no'' to her but then they heard
A:''arey anjali bhabhi yeh coffee nahin peeti hain she hats it that's why she is thinking how to say ''no'' to you''
He said entering in the kitchen all dressed up and riddhima is embarrassed as armaan said this. What must be anjali bhabhi thinks about her and then anjali hearing armaan burst into laughter along with armaan making riddhima more embarrassed as well confused then
An:''sorry riddhima par sachi mein tum yeh nahin keh pa rahi thi. Come on riddhima I am not that typical jethani (sister-in-law) whom you should follow''
R:''nahin bhabhi actually apko koi company nahin thi na''
She said and anjali smiled at her innocence and armaan admired her face and
An:''oh riddhima you are just like aarav''
She said hugging her while riddhima hugged her back while armaan smiled then he just
A:''riddhima ab bhabhi ko company main dunga so you don't need to drink coffee''
He said making them smile while anjali nudged his shoulder as
An:''vaise armaan I never knew you are such romantic you knew about your wife so well''
And this comment of anjali makes both armaan and riddhima startled. They never heard such type of thing for anyone. And just one thing in their minds did they know each other. But pushing their thoughts aside armaan
A:''kuch bhi bhabhi han''
He tried to let go of it before anjali teased him more then
An:''vaise you know devar ji its good to know your partners liking and disliking''
She said winking at both of them making them go red unknown to their own self. And then armaan just
A:''bhabhi bhai aur aarav nahin othe?''
An:''nahin jet lag you see''
A:''yea chalo ap log aj rest kar lo aj I will go to Hospital I take an off for tomorrow''
He said informing her and
An:''yeh thek hain armaan''
R:''bhabhi armaan coffee''
And she breaks their talk as anjali takes cup from her hands and
An:''tum bhi aao na riddhima''
R:''ap chaliye bhabhi I will join you in a moment.''
Both of them nodded and they moved to dining to have their coffee and chat. Riddhima quickly prepared armaan's breakfast and prepared his lunch too as she knows he is already running out of time. And she not at all wants to send him empty stomach. And she heard armaan and anjali bhabhi chatting and laughing. And her heart feels so much peace hearing him laugh so merrily and she too smiled her million dollar smile.

After sometime armaan gets up glancing at the clock and
A:''bhabhi sorry I could not able to take an off today but tomorrow I have an off. Aaj emergency hain so sorry bhabhi''
He said explaining to her and anjali smiled at him then
An:''off course armaan I know the duty of doctors so take a chill pill and you go we will met in evening''
She said understanding him and armaan smiled and gives her a hug
A:''thank you bhabi you are sweetheart. Riddhima mera breakfast laga do I am coming''
He said while disappearing to the upstairs and anjali smiled seeing him so dependent on somebody. As far she knows him he did not believe on getting dependent on someone. And then she though to walk in the kitchen to see if she needs any help. But the moment she is about to enter in the kitchen riddhima comes back holding a tray in her hands
An:''are riddhima I was coming to you, need any help?''
She asked and riddhima just shakes her head and smiled
R:''nahin bhabhi sab ho gaya bas ap batayiye ki ap aur bhayiya breakfast mein kya loge aur aarav?''
She asked as she set the table for armaan and anjali noticed her eyes are stuck on stairs only, though she is talking with her.
An:''kuch bhi riddhima you see we are not that fussy persons''
She replied winking at her making riddhima smiled as
R:''but fir bhi bhabhi main apki pasand ka banogi na mujhe acha lagega na''
She asked again and anjali smiled she is such a sweetheart, her mother-in-law said correct. But before she can reply they heard one voice as
A:''riddhima bhai ko gobhi ke paranthe aur bhabhi ko poha bahut pasand hain''
He said as he comes back whole ready with his things and seeing him riddhima has bright smile on her face. And her eyes have shine and she immediately served him as soon he sits on his chair.
R:''ok then thank you armaan main aj yehi banaogi''
An:''par riddhima iski kya zarurat hain''
Anjali said as she don't want to bother her unnecessarily
R:''please na bhabhi mere liyye''
A:''han bhabhi vaise bhi ap iske hath ke poha kha kar dekhiye bahut tasty banati hain''
Armaan said as he saw riddhima convincing anjali and anjali saw admiration in his eyes when he praised riddhima. She smiled and nodded
R:''thank you bhabhi''
And then armaan looked at the ingredients in his plate and he makes a face
A:''riddhima yar yeh kya hain upma''
He said and riddhima looked at him wearily and
R:''ji armaan''
A:''par I don't like upma main nahin kha raha yeh main juice pekar chala jaunga aj''
He said thinking she don't know his choices so as he grabbed a glass of juice but riddhima stopped him as
R:''ji nahin aur I know ki apko upma pasand nahin hain''
She replied and armaan looked at her confused if she knows then why she makes it
A:''fir tumne kyun banaya''
He asked bewildered and riddhima sighed and
R:''kyunki kal party mein bahut heavy ho gaya tha. You have spring rolls with that green sauce very much. And I know you have little bit stomach upset too. Aur agar apnein fir se kuch heavy khaya tou tabiyat kharab ho jayegi isliyye. Armaan''
She said making armaan shock she noticed him that well and anjali smiled seeing armaan's expressions.
A:''come on riddhima fine meri tabiyat thek nahin hain but that does not mean ki I am going to eat this upma''
He said making a yuck face and riddhima looked at him he is so stubborn
R:''bilkul nahin main apko aise khali pet nahin jane de rahi''
A:''han tou main juice le tou raha hun but I am not eating this upma of yours''
He snapped back and then riddhima looked at him then
R:''fine main kal aloo ke paranthe banane ki soch rahi thi par lagta hain ab cancel karna padega jab kisi ki tabiyat kharab hogi tou kya zarurat hain nahin''
She said and armaan looked at her open mouth then he just speaks
A:''you know you are such a blackmailer''
He said and quietly start having his upma making a face and riddhima giggled seeing his face. And anjali smiled seeing her brother-in-law and she is surprised too as armaan is quite moody but riddhima handled him so easily. Then as armaan have few spoons of the upma he left it and
A:''ab please riddhima aur blackmail mat karna main aur nahin khaunga''
Riddhima nodded and then armaan gets up sighing in relief as
A:''thank you so much''
And as soon he gets up he grabbed his car keys and lab-coat as well his lunch box that riddhima handled him then mumbling quick bye to anjali bhabhi
A:''bye bhabhi sham ko milte hain''
An:''bye devar ji and you are changing''
She said and armaan looked at her confused with her words but he let it go for the time being.
A:''bye riddhima''
R:''bye armaan''
And then he left and anjali smiled seeing them. She can see that spark in between them. And their eyes holds so much emotions and being in Love with someone she knows, they are falling for each other. And then she heard riddhima's voice as
R:''bhabhi apke liye breakfast lagaun''
An:''nahin riddhima abhie nahin atul ko jagne do fir we will do together''
Riddhima nodded and then she picked armaan's plate and without thinking she eat the last bit of upma he left with a smile. And then anjali heard one voice and
An:''riddhima aarav ooth gaya main abhi ayi''
And she left from there and riddhima go to her chores. She smiled remembering armaan's face. He looks like a small kid.
Few minutes later she heard one soft voice and she finds anjali coming with a little baby in her arms and atul follows her.
R:''good morning bhayiya''
At:''morning riddhima''
And then she go towards anjali to pick aarav as she is very fond of kids.
R:''bhabhi can I?''
She asked and anjali smiled at her innocence then
An:''off course riddhima after all you are his chachi''
She said and riddhima smiled and then she forwards her arms while anjali introduced them
An:''aarav baby yeh apki chachi hain''
She said and aarav smiled his toothy grin and then he goes happily in ridhima's arms.
R:''hi bacha arav kya khayega''
She asked and aarav smiled and
Aa:''chachi alav chokate''
He said and riddhima smiled and then she kissed his cheek making him smile and
R:''yes bacha chalo apko chocolate khilaye''
She said and anjali and atul smiled seeing her. Then anjali cuts her
An:''nahin riddhima abhie ise chocolate mat dena nahin tou yeh milk nahin peyega''
She said and riddhima looked at aarav who is hearing his mom and as if he understands he
Aa:''no chachi pease chokate''
He said putting his arms around her neck and then riddhima smiled and
R:''bhabhi I promise main ise doodh bhi pila dungi abhie dene dijiye na bas 1 dungi bhabhi''
She said making a small face trying to convince her and anjali finally nodded. And riddhima smiled
R:''bhayiya ap kya loge coffee ya seedhe breakfast''
She asked him as she gets up with aarav to get him his chocolate and atul smiled and
At:''riddhima I will have directly breakfast''

And riddhima nodded and then she walked with aarav in her arms. Atul and anjali smiled seeing her then atul speaks up
At:''anjie mom was right about riddhima nahin?''
He asked and anjali smiled and then nodded at her husband
An:''yea atul I observed armaan and riddhima in morning. And I do saw some sparks between them. I mean the care and affection she holds for him. And armaan too is actually dependent on her, can you believe it atul?''
She informed him the morning scene and her observations. And atul too is bit surprised as from past few years his brother is not dependent on anyone. As he has to leave alone so he just got more independent.
At:''well this is something new. And I am glad ki hum yahan aye atleast hum oon donow ki kuch help kar payenge''
An:''han nahin tou armaan ki stupid si zid. Par I do agree with mom and dad that riddhima is very much suitable for armaan''
She said and atul nodded agreeing with his wife then
At:''han vaise humein bas hardly ek rat (night) mein dikh gayya ki she is good enough for him. Par pata nahin mere os idiot bhai ko yeh kab samjah ayega. I really hope ki ose riddhima se pyaar ho jayye. She is really a gem of person nahin anjie''
He asked as being a genuine person he himself is he can judge people easily. And moreover he do knows riddhima well before he shifted to U.S.A.  The thing is that she actually doesn't remember much as he she is younger that time. And he is best friend with her brother Sujal. And he always admired her as the most caring and loving person he has ever met. And then his thoughts breaks with anjali's voice as
An:''well my dear hubby mujhe lagta hain apki this wish is granted''
An:''I really still don't know about armaan but about riddhima I can say that she is in love with our arman''
She said with a smile and atul looked at her
An:''yes I can see in her eyes but she herself did not realize that''
At:''oh in that case let's help her to realize and try to knock some sense in the thick head of Armaan Mallik what say wifey?''
He asked with a wink and anjali smiled and nodded then shakes her head and
An:''its a deal Mr. Mallik''
At:''sae here Mrs. Mallik acha now can we seal with the breakfast I am really hungry''
He said making a face and the same time they heard one voice
Aa:''mommy, pa see liddhima chachi gve chokate''
And they find aarav coming with his little steps towards them and they smiled seeing him. And then anjali picked him up in her arms
An:''aarav  baby its chachi no riddhima chachi. Bado ka nam nahin lete na''
Aa:''no lidhima  chachi ha''
He said stubbornly and anjali is about to say something when riddhima speaks up
R:''rehne dijie na bhabhi. Bacha hain vo ap aur bhayiya ayiye na maine breakfast lga diya hain''
She said as she lay the breakfast on the dining table. And atul and anjali smiled and walked towards the dining table. And little aarav run to riddhima and hugged her from her legs.
Aa:''lidhima chachi chokate mm (riddhima chachi chocolate finish ho gayyi)''
He said and riddhima smiled and picked him up in her arms
R:''acha tou ab aarav good boy jaise apple pie aur milk peyega hain na?''
She said and aarav looked at her then he nodded his head and
Aa:''fil hum hide sheek''
(fir hum hide and seek khelenge)
He said and riddhima smiled and nodded her head and
R:''yes bacha''
And anjali and atul is surprised seeing the bond in between them just in few minutes. As aarav though is very easy child. But still he takes time to bond with anyone and he is picky with people too. But riddhima managed to woo him too and
An:''riddhima I never thought aarav mingles with anyone so easily''
At:''true riddhima vo bhi itnein thode time meiin''
They say making riddhima smiled and she kissed aarav's forhead and
R:''nahin bhayiya-bhabhi aarav is so friendly''
She said and aarav smiled and then anjali called him.
An:''come aarav mumma will give you milk''
Aa:''no liddhima chachi alav eat''
(no riddhima chachi se aarav eat karega)
He said as he kissed riddhima's cheek and riddhima smiled.
An:''no aarav come here''
R:''bhabhi koi bat nahin main khilati hun na ise''
An:''riddhima tum subh se kam kar rahi ho sweetheart. Yeh tumhe pareshan karega''
She said try to make her understand as she saw her how she is working from morning.
R:''nahin bhabhi mujhe acha lagega''
An:''par riddhima tumhara nashta sweetheart''
R:''bhabhi main thoda upma kha liya tha baki aarav ke saath kha lungi''
She said and anjali don't have any other option but has to agree. Then as riddhima tried to serve them anjali stopped her
An:''riddhima ab yeh nahin sweetie. Maine tumhari bat mani now you have to listen to me. Hum khud serve kar lenge. Tum bhi baitho. Aur no arguments on this ok'
She said in finality and seeing her face riddhima nodded and settled on one of the chair with aarav in her lap. And then aarav tapped her cheek as
Aa:''liddhia chachi pie''
He said and riddhima smiled at his cute antics and then she puts his pie in plate and feeds him.
R:''yesh bacha apki pie''
And all the time atul and anjali admired them. Riddhima has million dollar smile on her face with aarav. She is actually oblivious to the world being with aarav. She loved kids that is shown in her behave. And seeing at both on them they feel they are seeing two children not one. And they smiled and went back to their breakfast while riddhima and aarav enjoyed their own time.
In evening
Armaan entered in the office only to be greeted one of the sight that he can never expect. He hears one melodious laugh that makes his world brighten. And his eyes landed on her and his heart skipped a bit seeing the glowing face of HER. Yes it is riddhima laughing and armaan for a minute just lost in her beautiful angelic laugh. And then his trance breaks as anjali noticed him entering inside but still standing on the door. And seeing him so lost she called him
An:''hey armaan tum kab aye?''
And that surely brings him back from his own thoughts or rather to say from his wife's angelic laugh. He smiled and entered inside
A:''hey bhabhi hey bhai I just come but what is going on there''
He asked as he stood there as his brother and sister-in-law sitting on two singe seaters respectively. As the big couch is occupied by his wife and his nephew who seems to be in their own world.
At:''oh that don't even ask armaan. Subh se jab se aarav aur riddhma mille hain, humein aisa lag raha 2 bache hain sirf aarav nahin. Riddhima is no less than a child''
An:''and about now tum khud dekh lo armaan''
She said and armaan looked past at them and he saw aarav has pen in his tiny hand. And he is making some patterns on riddhima's hand and then riddhima did on his tiny palm. And aarav feels ticklish and then he laughed and riddhima tickled him more. And they laughed to glory. Armaan is amazed to see this sight of her sight. He never knew she is like that what he never knows that this is real riddhima. And then his trance breaks as aarav called him as he saw him
Aa:''almaan buddy''
And armaan looked at his cute nephew then he picked him up in his arms. And that's the moment riddhima comes to know that armaan is here. She quickly gets up and settled her duppatta. This is the first time in their 3 months wedding she did not noticed him. She quickly moved towards the kitchen to fetch water for him while armaan is busy showering kisses on his nephew.
A:''hey little champ kaise ho aap''
Aa:''alav gud. Buddy meli gam''
He said as he kissed armaan on his cheek and armaan smiled and kissed him back.
A:''yesh bacha apki game hain bad mein deta hun. How about abhie aarav chocolate khaye''
He asked as pulled out one chocolate bar from his packet that he purchased on his way with other things that he purchase for him.
Aa:''no buddy liddhima chachi kha zda chokate alav tth khab''
(no buddy riddhima chachi ne kaha zayda chocolate khane se aarav ke teeth kharab ho jayenge''
He said in his baby language making anjali and atul surprised too as like other kids aarav too is very fond of chocolates. But they are happy that riddhima tells them the right things too. And armaan looked at his bhai and bhabhi as he did not get
A:''bhabhi yeh lidhima kaun hai''
He asked as he did not get that the thing who is this liddhima as he never heard about her before. Little did he knows she is no other than his own wife. And anjali and atul laughed on him as he asked that question asking about his own wife. And armaan gets more surprised and confused seeing them laughing so he
A:''kya hua aap has kyun rahein hain bhai bhabhi what's going on yar?''
He asked and anjali and atul suppressed their smiles. He looks so cute with those cute expressions.  Then finally anjali just pointed her finger to turn. He is confused with her gesture but he turned with aarav still in his arms. And he finds answer to his question; she is standing there with a beautiful smile on her lips. And that knocks sense in his brain and he got the answer to his idiotic question. That means liddhima means riddhima his wife Riddhima Mallik, aarav's chachi.
As he speak this riddhima looked at him with surprise and their eyes locked with each other.

Love And Regards

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