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Part 41:DMG 3

Part 41 
Somethings never change armaan thought as he climbed up shilpa's bedroom window. It was a Sunday morning he had been up for hours waiting for the sun to rise so that he can go and meet shilpa.
The past week had been hectic there had been no stolen moments, no trysts in the bedroom. To be honest there was hardly any time and then both of them were trying to show some restraint. Just thinking about those moments sweat broke out on armaan's forehead and his body hardened with desire. He knew nothing was going to happen today but what's the harm in making out a bit.

He jumped into the room silently and looked at the sleeping form of shilpa. Shilpa lay on her side facing armaan, armaan walked over to the bed and sat down on the floor next to the bed. Shilpa slept with one hand pillowed under her head, she was dressed in cotton pajamas and a cotton vest, her hair pulled back in a loose braid lay across her shoulder.
Armaan smiled seeing her sleep, he sat there how long he didn't care and just watched her sleep. Shilpa frowned in her sleep and mumbled something, armaan held his breath hoping that she would wake up. Shilpa mumbled some more and rolled on to her back.
Armaan looked at shilpa's sleeping face his gaze dropping to her lips which were parted in sleep. Armaan leaned close and just as he was about to cover her mouth with his, his gaze swept up and noticed the shadows under her eyes.  She looked beat making armaan feel guilty for trying to wake her up.
Armaan drew back and decided to let her sleep. Shilpa frowned again and rolled onto the other side with her back towards armaan. Armaan crept up behind and decided to rest beside her. He took of his shoes and lay flat on his back with his arms folded behind his head. His head turned towards shilpa as he watched her sleep, his gaze dropped to her back to see her vest had climbed up her back exposing her flat belly. 
Armaan felt his hand move of its own violation towards her just as it was about to touch her, armaan stopped himself. He turned his head away from her:armaan! Control yourself! Just don't look at her and you'll be fine. 
Shilpa moaned in her sleep making armaan's head snap towards her, she continued to fidget and mumble but armaan could not make out the words. Armaan scooted towards her and spooned her from behind, he leaned over her to see her frowning and her lips moving as if muttering something. Armaan leaned back and thought what to do. He could let her calm down herself while he sat and watch her feeling disturbed or he could lean over and comfort easing her disquiet. Armaan liked the later option for his own selfish reasons. 
Armaan raised his hand and lightly placed it on shilpa's shoulder, shilpa shuddered and mumbled, armaan gently moved his hand down her arm to back up again to the side of her neck pushing her braid back. His other hand he placed on her hip as he leaned over her still sleeping form to look at her face. She still looked disturbed making armaan lightly caress the side of her face with the back of his hand, the hand placed on her hip moved of its own will across her exposed skin, gliding and across her flat stomach.
 He knew touching her was a mistake as he felt himself get lost in the feel of her skin. Armaan leaned down in the curve of her neck and start to kiss her there. Shilpa's eyes suddenly flew open as she was reliving her worst nightmare. She was running in the jungle looking for ridhima. She was scared as she knew if she didn't find her those thugs would. She turned a corner and found herself surrounded by those thugs. She turned around and ran.
She ran as fast as she could her lungs burning with the strain, her feet being cut on the stones in the path. She stopped to breathe, her breath coming out in harsh pants when she felt a movement behind her she turned to see her worst nightmare. The voice that made insects crawl under skin, the eyes when they roamed over made her feel dirty.
 Shilpa: you were suppose to be dead! 
Akshad smiling and walking toward her still form: don't you know shilpa i'll never leave you. Haven't you understood this that nothing can keep us apart. 
As he approached her shilpa tried to run but he stopped her by snaking an arm around her and bringing her next to his body. He placed a hand on her stomach while he started to nibble at her side of the neck making her shudder with revulsion. 
As her eyes opened with the sensations in her mind she looked at the muscular arm across her body and screamed: NO! NO! NO!(she scrambled away from his touch and fell from the bed in her hurry to get away from his touch. She scooted back until her back touched the far wall)
 Armaan sat still like a stone not sure what had happened. Shilpa's breath came out in ragged pants her eyes looked frantically for something she coud use as a weapon. Her eyes lighted on a pair of scissors which were placed on a table nearby. She clenched them in her fist and raised them threateningly.
Her voice shaking:don't you dare come near me, I'll cut you into little pieces and feed you to dogs.
 Armaan raised his hands to show that he meant no harm and moved towards her side: shilpa! look at me! its me armaan! 
Shilpa clenched the scissors tighter: don't you dare take armaan's name. I'll cut your tongue off, I swear to god! 
Armaan moved to the floor and sat a feet away from her and tried again: shilpa! its me armaan ! look at me you're safe. Nothing is going to harm you. 
Shilpa looked at him with eyes which looked wild. Her body shook with shudders that seemed to come from deep within her. She slowly lowered her hand and the scissors clattered to the floor: armaan!  
Armaan not moving from his position smiled: yes its me armaan! You're safe. You were having a nightmare. 
Shilpa kept looking at him her breath hitching and shudders shaking her slight frame. Armaan sat there not touching her but with his gaze trying to convince that everything was fine.
 If possible her face turned more pale: I'm going to be sick!(she scrambled up and ran towards the bathroom with armaan close behind her) 
Shilpa was violently ill armaan stood there unable to do anything. She finished throwing up and rinsed her mouth, then brushed her teeth. She looked at herself in the mirror and rubbed a hand across her neck as if trying to rub something away. 
Shilpa looked at armaan in the mirror: I'm fine.(armaan just looked at her)I've got to take a shower. 
Armaan kept his gaze level with her: ok but talk to me while you are in shower. I'm right outside.
 Shilpa shut the door and turned on the water and got in the shower: what are you doing here? 
Armaan who was standing outside the door: I was missing you, thought I'll come over and give you a wake up call. 
Shilpa after a pause: well! It seems I gave you a wake up call.(the water turned off) 
Armaan moved away from the door and sat on the side of the bed. He waited for shilpa to come out when he saw a bottle of sleeping pills sitting on the bedside table. He picked up the bottle as shilpa walked out of the bathroom in a black t-shirt and white cotton capri's. 
Shilpa looked at armaan holding the bottle: kya hua? 
Armaan looked up at her: you are taking these? 
Shilpa walked over to the dressing table and started to untangle the knots in her hair: I took them last night to help me sleep. 
Armaan: these are very high strength? 
Shilpa looked at him in the mirror and turned towards him: armaan! I have been having trouble sleeping before also, I had these drugs prescribed by a doctor.(she walked over to him and stood infront of him)I'm fine armaan! I know I gave you a scare but I'm fine(she smiled at him to reassure him and armaan would've believed her if the smile had reached her eyes. But he knew that pressing her would not get him any where.) 
Armaan: why don't you sleep for a little while, you look tired. 
Shilpa: what are you going to do? Why don't you go back home and rest for a while I'll meet you guys at lunch. 
Armaan looked at her and for the first time realized that he did not know shilpa, he knew that she was not going to talk about what happened but he didn't know what to do. He nodded his assent and walked out of the house. He sat in his car and looked at shilpa standing in the doorway, she smiled and raised her hand in farewell. Armaan smiled back and started the car and backed out of the drive, but he did not leave he parked the car across her house and waited. 
He sat there in the car waiting as he didn't feel comfortable leaving her alone. He sat there for 10 minutes maybe when he saw maan's car drive up. He got out of the car dressed in a business suit, he strode up the door and rang the bell, the door was immediately opened by shilpa. 
Maan gave her one look: tough night!(enveloping her in a bear hug) 
Shilpa gave a short laugh:you don't know the half of it. 
Maan:sujal nahin aaya?
 Sujal: aaj tak aisa kab hua hai ke mein na aaya hoon.(he had just walked up the drive while maan and shilpa were talking) 
Shilpa shaking her head: bhai aap kashish ko chod ker kyun aaye. 
Sujal  without saying anything turned her around and walked inside the house with her. Armaan sat in the car and watched the scene unfold infront of his eyes and he realized they were suppose to meet today. As maan shut the door armaan acknowledged with a pang he knew very little about shilpa's past, why her eyes changed their expression, why they turn blank. 
Shilpa knew him heart and mind, why he acted the way he did, what he was thinking, everything! He had'nt even known she was having trouble sleeping, they never talked about her past. Armaan raked a hand through his hair and hit the steering wheel with his fist. Now that he knew she was not alone he drove away.  
She came over in the afternoon for lunch, she seemed normal enough making her normal jokes and laughing but something was off. Armaan looked into her eyes and knew that not everything was well, she was trying to bury whatever that was bothering her but it showed in her eyes. Armaan started observing her closely through the coming days. She tried and act normal but there was a hesitancy that wasn't there before or he had just not noticed. She was not distancing herself from him that was a relief.
She always touched him for no reason as if to reassure herself that he was actually there. Sometimes when they sat together side by side she placed her head on his shoulder and then very casually placed a hand on his chest as if hearing his heartbeat. Then there were times when she was sitting with them but her mind was not there, her eyes showed she was million miles away.
Armaan noticed that when this happened sujal ran a hand through her hair, maan picked her up and whirled her around making her laugh. As days passed she got better her eyes got her sparkle back but they still lacked something. Armaan knew they had to talk but before that he wanted his shilpa back and he knew how to do that.
The next day as they were sitting in the hospital cafeteria armaan signaled the guy behind the counter.  Armaan got up from his chair and dropped to his knees before shilpa who sat there looking amused  

 Deewana Mujh Sa Nahin,

Is Ambar Ke Neeche,

Aage Hai Qatil Mera,

Aur Mein Peeche Peeche..

Paaya Hai Dushman Ko,(Armaan tried to copy shami kapoor and his antics)

Jab Se Pyaar Ke Kabil,

Tab Se Yeh Aalam Hai,

Rasta Yaad Na Manzil,(as shilpa got up and walked to the counter armaan followed her)

Neend Se Jaise Chalta Hai Koyi,(shilpa turned back to find armaan walking behind her with his eyes closed making shilpa smile)

Chalna Yunhi Aankhen Meeche..

Hamne Bhi Rakh Di Hai,

Kal Pe Kal Ki Baaten,(armaan linking arms with shilpa)

Jeevan Kaa Hasil Hai,

Pal Do Pal Ki Baaten,

Do Hi Ghadi Ko Saath Rahega,

Karna Kya Hai Tanha Jeeke..

Deewana Mujh Sa Nahin,

Is Ambar Ke Neeche,(shilpa pursed her lips trying to hold back her laughter)

Aage Hai Qatil Mera,

Aur Mein Peeche Peeche..(armaan again fell on his knees infront of shilpa in a dramatic flourish making her burst out laughing) Shilpa laughed with her head thrown back, her eyes sparkled with merriment. Shilpa pulled armaan up and threw her arms around him. Armaan hugged her back and buried his face in her hair and thanked god for bringing the sparkle back to her eyes. They drew back and smiled at each other and with their arms around each other walked out. As they walked out armaan looked at her face and wished that god would make shilpa lower the barrier she kept between them and let him in.


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