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Part10:Pehla Pyaar Pehla Ehesaas



As Armaan was talking to Joseph he saw that Riddhima was coming down and she had already changed her clothes. She was wearing simple green salwar with short kurti looking very simple yet very beautiful her hairs were opened and wind was passing making her few strands fly on her face. And a shawl enveloped around her arms to prevent herself from chilly winds of London. As Armaan saw her he was lost in her forgetting that he was on call. He was lost in her simple look and her beauty,he came on earth when he heard voice coming from his phone.

He looked at her as she passed him a smile while he reciprocated that and then cutting call he said
Ar: ""Joseph hope you got what I said. It  need to be done  first thing  in the morning""
Jo: ""yes sir, don't worry everything will done according to you as said""

Nodding Armaan cut the call and founds that Riddhima looking here and there. While Riddhima seeing him talking on phone so thought to look around for her Avantu maa and golu uncle but didn't finding them anywhere she looked at Armaan who had ended his call, so she asked him.

Ri: ""Armaan ghar mein koi dikh nahi raha sab kahan gaye hain. I mean Rahul and Muski ka tou I know but Avantu maa and Golu uncle, voh donow kahan hai. I mean office mein bhi nahin the, kahin bahar gayye hain kya?""

Hearing Riddhima's concern in her voice for his parents. He smiled a little but then hearing her question he remembered that his parents telling him to inform Riddhima about  their going urgently for a meeting. He was lost in his thoughts when Riddhima called him

Ri: ""Armaan kahan kho gayye, main kuch puchh rahi hun tumse?""

Ar: ""han haan basket voh mom dad kuch dino k liye Singapore gaye hain. As vahan unki bohot important meeting hai toh had to leave urgently for tha. Aur mom-dad ne mujhe kaha tha tumhe inform karne ko but main bhul gayya sorry riddhima''

He said telling her about his parents whereabouts. While Riddhima was little sad knowing them going away. Armaan saw that he was sad so he went near her and holding her from shoulders he said while looking directly into her eyes

Ar: ""don't worry basket voh dono theek hain aur jaise hi pohonch jaayenge voh call kar lenge tumhe onhone kaha hain mujhse""

Ri:''han vo tou onhein karna hi padega nahin tou main unse gussa ho jaungi na''

She nodded and she said making armaan smile. And then she looked at his clothes said to him seeing him still in his office clothes and snow was on his coat.

Ri: "" Armaan tumne abhi tak change kyun nahin kiyya. Achha Armaan tum change karlo, tumhare clothes par snow lagi hui hai. Tou tumhe thand lag jaayegi agar change nahin kiyya tou. You go and change quickly.""

Nodding at her he went away to change. He went to his room to change his clothes as snow was covering almost half of his shoulder. He went inside his room to change his clothes. As he was changing he remembered he had to meet Vivek today at the pub as he had promised him and so he glanced at the clock which was telling time 10 pm so he thought to go to pub n meet him. As Vivek must be waiting for him and thinking that he wore some casual clothes looking handsome as ever. And after getting ready he went down.

As he move down to see  Riddhima in the kitchen preparing coffee for both of them. Looking at her making coffee for both of them. He  looked at her and saw her working so seriously, so engrossed that she didn't even saw him coming. He looked at her and then smiled evilly  as an idea struck him to disturb her, so he slowly went inside the kitchen and moved behind her standing just behind her. As Riddhima was working on stove Armaan went near her ears and as her sweet lavender smell hit his nostrils he lost his senses for few seconds, but then he came back to earth remembering his plan to disturb her. So he bent near her ears and said little loudly.

Ar: ""hey basket kya kar rahi ho""

Riddhima who was totally into the cooking heard his voice  all of a sudden near her ears and jumped at once hearing his voice so close to hers..she at once turned around and saw him grinning ear to ear seeing her scared face while she looked at him as if he was some ghost and Armaan seeing her like this again burst out laughing and hearing him laugh Riddhima came out of her shock mode and looked at him with anger in her eyes and n an instant she slapped Armaan on his arm hard making him wince a little and said

Ri: ""aise koi karta hai kya Armaan kitna dara diya tumne mujhe""

She said pouting a little which made her look so cute Armaan thought but then smiling at her antics he said

Ar: ""achha baba sorry but main kya karta tum kaam karte hue itni cute lag rahi thi ke main tumhe tang kiye bina reh nahi payaa""

Riddhima smiled falsely at him and said

Ri: ""ho gyaa tumhara toh ab chalen maine hum dono ke liye coffe banayi hai""

Armaan again totally forgot about  his meet with Vivek  at the pub. Both moved out in the living hall  and sat on sofa  talking about their likes and dislikes to favourite movie  when Riddhima suddenly looked his clothes and asked him

Ri: ""uumm Armaan tum kahin jaa rahe the kya""

Hearing her Armaan rememebered that he had to go to meet Vivek. He looked at her and said

Ar: ""haan voh basket mujhe aaj Vivi se milne jaana tha as itne din ho gaye usse mila nahi naa isilie""

Hearing Vivek's name don't know why sudden anger build inside Riddhima  but she din't showed on her face . she was little sad that after coming to London for the first time she would be alone..but still she said

Ri: "" ohh toh tum jao your friend must be waiting for you""

Armaan could clearly feel the sadness in her voice  and he didn't like it one bit.  He don't know why but it ached his heart seeing that sadness in her eyes.. so  to make her happy he said

Ar: ""waise ek baat bolun""

Riddhima looked at him and said

Ri: ""haan bolo""

Ar: ""pata hai mera mann nahi hai jaane ka as am too tired today""

Riddhima smiled at him fully as she knew that he's lying only to stay back with her..so she said

Ri: ""achha okay tum bolo kya khaoge dinner mein. Main abhi banati hun tumhare liye""

Armaan smiled at him and said

Ar: ""aaj main voh kahunga jo tumhe pasand ho, toh batao what you like""

Riddhima smiled fully and said

Ri: ""mujhe, mujhe toh gobhi ke paraathe  bohot pasand aur voh bhi ghee ke saath, uumm its so tasty you know""

Armaan  looked at her and making a face said

Ar: ""basket gobhi k paraathe toh theek hai but ghee. I mean don't you know ke ghee mein  kitna cholesterol hota hai aur agar koi bhi insaan  itna ghee ka paraantha toh do din mein mota ho jaayega""
Ri: ""tumhaare kehne ka matlab hai  ke main moti hun""
Ar: ""maine tumhe kab bola ki tum  moti ho""
Ri: ""abhi tumne bola na ke jo bhi itne ghee k paraanthe ke khayega voh mota hoga..toh agar main kha rahi hun toh means main moti hui na""
Ar: ""dekho basket mera kehne ka voh matlab nahi tha""
Ri:  ""toh kya matlab kya tha tumhaara Armaan""
Ar: ""main toh bas keh raha tha ke mujhe bohot bhook lagi hai toh dinner bana do please""

Riddhima  looked at him while he made a puppy face which melted all her anger in just mere seconds so she nodded and went into kitchen to prepare dinner. While here Armaan smiled remembering their  little bickering. Soon after few minutes Riddhima came back with hot gobhi paraanthas in a plate with loads of butter  on it and one bowl full of ghee..she  put the plate in front of Armaan and looked at him to start eating.  Armaan  looked at her faking smile and then back at the plate to see butter on paraatha  with ghee. When he didn't eat for next two minutes Riddhima tore the piece of   paraantha and dipped it in ghee n put the bite in his mouth forcefully and as he chewed it he liked it very much in fact loved it. He quickly ate the full paraantha along with the full bowl of ghee and said to her

Ar: ""basket it was very tasty I loved it""

Riddhima smiled and  said

Ri: ""dekha kaha tha maine ke ek baar khaaker dekho you will love it. But nahi Mr.  health conscious Armaan Mallik ko sirf vahi  feeke vegetables aur boring salads all khaane hote hain""
Ar: ""sorry na basket.. aage se jo tum bologi voh khaaunga okk""

Riddhima smiled and soon she also finished her food and now both were  now sitting in living room watching Riddhima's one of her favourite hero ""SALMAAN KHAN"" movie  ""BAABUL"" .

After lot of bickering Armaan had to hear her only and finally decided on watching Baabul.  As  the movie proceeded there was a scene in the movie when after the death of Avi (salman Khan)..his dad Balraaj (Amitabh bachhan) tried to hook Millie(Rani Mukherj) to her childhood friend Rajat(John Abraham) who loves her since long time but she being lost in the memories of her loving husband..but Balraaj makes her agree to marry her friend as he believed that she has every right to live her life again..it was same scene going on when the father-in-law making his daughter-in-law agree to move on in her life. It was one heart touching scene which brought tears in the eyes of Riddhima seeing the love Balraaj has for his daughter-in-law. Armaan who was sitting next to her was also engrossed in movie but felt her wipping quietly, he looked back to see Riddhima in tears seeing the scene on tv. He held her hands in his and said

Ar: ""basket""

Riddhima looked at him  hearing and he quickly wiped her tears with his thumb and then kissed her forehead and shaking his head in NO he said

Ar: ""basket tum kyun ro rahi ho..its just a movie""

Ri: ""I know Armaan but the scene is so heart touching. I mean aaj ke time koi bhi  Father-in-law apni daughter-in-law ke liye nahi karta jo movie mein amitabh ne Rani k liye hai. Toh bas seeing it make me cry""

Armaan smiled and chuckled a little and hugged her to sooth her while she also reciprocated the hug. Soon movie ended and both wishing each other made their way to their room. Armaan had long forgotten about his meet with Vivek  or to call him n tell that he'll not come.


After changing  he laid down on bed and thought about Riddhima. He don't know why he feels pain in his heart seeing her sad or in tears. It always teared his heart into million of pieces. He just always wanted to see her happy.

Ar: ""pata nahi kyun main basket ko rote hue nahi dekh sakta. Jab bhi voh udaas hoti hai yaa uaki aankhon mein aansoon hote hain mujhe aisa lagta hai..jese voh nahi mera dil ro raha ho. Patan nahi iss feelings ko main kya naam doon par job hi ho. Ab main humesha iss baat ka dhyaan rakhunga k kabhi bhi uski aankhon mein ek bhi aansun naa aaye.. main wada karta hun khudse ke aaj ke baad main kabhi bhi basket ko kabhi dukkhi yaa rone nahi dunga. Humesha bas uske chehre pe ek hansi hogi""

He then thinking about her slept with a beautiful dimple smile on his face.


After wishing Armaan night she came to her room and lay down on bed thinking about today's event...first their morning moment where he insisted on leaving her and muskaan to college then their moment when they were coming back home from his office and then their bickering on food and then movie.

Ri: ""pata nahi kyun par jab bhi main Armaan ke saath hoti hun toh bohot achha lagta hai. Aaj kese usne ek second mein  apna pub jaane ka plan change kar diya sirf mere liye aur phir mere kehne par usne ghee k saath gobhi k praanthe bhi khaaye aur phir jab main movie dekhte hue emotional hui toh kese usne mujhe hug kiya. Usne jab mujhe hug kiya mujhe aisa laga jese  mera dill ko sukkoon sa mil gaya ho..pata nahi yeh kesi feelings jo bhi ho mujhe bas yeh pata hai ke mujhe Armaan k saath rehna bohot accha lagta hai""

She also thinking about him slept with smile on her face.


Here in pub Vivek was waiting for Armaan to come as it been three days since he came here and Vivek knows its all happening due to that Riddhima.

Vi: ""aaj dekhta hun Riddhima tum kese rokogi Armaan ko yahaan aane se. after all maine usse aaj personally invite kiya hai  toh voh aaj toh zarur aayega""

He smiled evilly  but soon  hours passed but there was no sign of Armaan. He tried calling his cell but it was switched off. After waiting for long vivek got frustrated and in anger he through his wine glass on floor making in break into tiny pieces.

Vi: ""aarrgghh...Ammy""

Suddenly his phone rang, he picked up  the phone

Guy: ""sir Armaan Mallik aaj ghar mein uss Riddhima Gupta ke saath akele hai aur uske kehne pe hi voh aaj pub nahi  aaya""

Hearing him vivek's anger reached its pick n cutting phone he said

Vi:''tum aisa nahin kar sakte ho Armaan Mallik. You  can't do this to me''

Do  know more..continue reading it.



Vi:''ammy tu in traditional girls ko nahin janta yeh bas ladkon ko fansane mein interested hoti hai''

Ar:''riddhima yar at least sun tou lo''

He looked lustly at her long legs. And she goes all the way uncomfortable with his gaze. He is such a creep. She is frustrated with him. She so wanted to give him peace of mind. But stopped because of Armaan. She saw that unknown girl.

Ri:''armaan I will do it you go please''


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