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Ajab Gajab Romance-one shot

ye  idea kafi time pehle aya tha.. bt it was hanging in between like my other works...  aj finally jb maine apne drafts open kie to write someting mujhe ye os dikha jiske bare main bhul chuki thi.. so i thought of completing this first...

hey guys... aj ka title "ajab gajab romance.." thoda ajeb lga kya..??
humari team ne ek survay kia jismain hmne logon se teen swal kie.. n they were..:
1- ek perfet 1st date kaise honi chahie..??
2- ek couple jisne resently apni felings confes ki konsi 1st movie dekhe..??
3- apne partner ke sath long drive kaise honi chahie..??

here are the public views on our ques..!!

Megha Bansal A1. according to me perfect date is jahan two lovers ek saath hon...aur plenty of time... spend karen...jagah dpesn't matter... A2. DDLJ... ... A3. long drive should be on empty roads at l8 nyt... nd sweet littlr romantic talks b/w lovers...

Rup Kotha 1.pehle par as per all jaise wish karte hai lots decoration and make them feel special but in my view it doesn't matter how the other things go only sath important hoti hai baki mohal to apne ap a jati hai
2.this one depend on how they confession gone..
but in my view only then if i got a chance i would see some horror ya thriller film though i don't like any of them but company does effect u know... my view a true long drive would be start with morning at evening reach at place and after spending whole evening back in night on bike..

Part 91 :Always With You

In last part we saw.....

Packing ridhima's stuff. then visiting arima's friends.... and while back journey arima demanded for a baby brother.. and armaan and ridhima nok-joke on baby to be should be girl or boy..... and then

Part 91

As AR landed and went home for some rest as there were too much tiered because of packing and shifting thing and then the whole journey.....

Part 2:Pyaar, Muhabbat, Ishq

Muskaan, Rahul and Ridhima are sitting in the living room..Ridhima and Muskaan are watching tv while Rahul is doing some work on his laptop..

Muskaan: Yaar Ridzi..Tu nai aik dum sai India aane ka decision kyu lia?? Kyu kai jaha tak mai jaanti hu, tera sab kuch waha par hi hai naa?? (She asks all this while looking at the t.v...As Ridhima does not answers her, she looks at her and saw that Ridhima is lost in her own thoughts..)


"Recap- Armaan Tries To Shrug Off Riddhima's fear with the Help Of A Mini Concert. Ar Romantic Moments. Group's discussion broken by their Banter. Abhi Nikki's Mumbai Experiences...

Riddhima was on cloud nine these days!! She couldn't have imagined any better life for herself.. all she wanted were some good friends.. but it turned out that she had just found the best friends in the world... They all were so close knit that anyone one outside would be jealous of them.. And the best thing that happened to her in Shimla was that she had finally found her soulmate.. Mr.Armaan Mallik.. Riddhima blushed thinking about their kiss.. She was now sitting on her bed after waking up to the sound of Guitars strumming and was just sitting there enjoying her melody.. Remembering when for the first time she was in Shimla.. how she had hated to be there.. leaving her friends behind was something she never liked.. but now that she thought about it.. she was sure even if she got a do over she was never going to do anything different..

Armaan was ready and waiting outside Riddhima's house... God this girl took so much time to get ready.. giving up waiting outside he went inside... Padma was sitting reading a newspaper... Armaan went to her..
Armaan: hey beautiful..
Padma: oh Armaan come on in.. want some coffee??..



Its been 3 weeks since when armaan came to jodhpur  and the talk between Armaan n Riddhima...since then both use to meet at the terrace every night and talk too each other till late hours...they use to talk about everything and nothing...armaan had found out that irriitaitig riddhima is the most enjoyable part of his. Armaan knew that he was falling for riddhima every day and night very badly and he use to look forward to their night talks very impatiently...when riddhima use to  to talk or laugh on any of their talks...he use to get lost in her melodious laugh..and use to satre at her with a dreamy smile on his face.

Armaan knew that Riddhima also has feelings for whenever they are so close and when unintentionally their hands touch each other..he had noticed that his mare touch send shiver s down her spine juzt like he felt... he had noticed that whenever they share an eye-lock with each other..she had that love and passion in her eyes for him..the same which he held for her..

As within three days it was riddhima's b, it was her first that she was going to spend away from her family...and Armaan knew how sad she was feeling that she was going to spend her most cherished day away from her in order to cheer her up..he planned a small surprise for her with his grandparents. He also knew had to prupose her soon before its time for her to go back to Mumbai.

On the other hand bhanu singh was improving day by  day...he had left his wheel chair and was now able to walk with athe help of walking stick..but still feels little pain in his legs if he walks for too long..and bhanu singh and Gayratri devi gave all credity of it to Riddhima as it was only her hard work because of which Bhanu Singh was able to bring so much improvement in his health..but Riddhima brush tehem off saying that it her Dadu's will power and determination to stand up on his legs that he;ped him to leave his wheel soon..but armaan and his Grandparents din't agree to it..and give all credit to her. It was now only left that riddhima make him leave his walking stick that he can be exactly like he wasbefore accident.

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"part 6
sooo guys u liked it m over whelmed......

with this they shared a grp hug.....
this confused all the other mem of gang like all this anji fumed to height.....first as ridz was now not crying bt when before she asked her to stop crying she didn't stop...second as armaan made her stop crying and armaan is soo close to ridhima even she is not to ridhima and third armaan pushed her anjali anjali gupta.....and engulfed ridz into a hug....

she was kinda jelous....sye thought ki how can she hug anyone and that sooo sooooo close...even piya is there and...
all were havin frown on their face......nikki thought - how can they forget us i mean yeh log abhi abhi aye hai aur see abhi abhi itna close itna toh hum bhi nhai hai.....

part 28:I will bring my basket back

8 in the morning and Riddhima eyes opened up due to the sunlight falling on her face. She blinked her eyes uneasily and tried to cover them but found it difficult to move her hand. She wondered that though 1 hand was fractured but why she was unable to move the other hand too? A little uneasily curious to know the answer she turned around to find Armaan right next to her sleeping in a half lying position with his head on head board and legs spread out. Then she found the answer to her own question as she found her hand gripped in his; firmly. She frowned slightly but relaxed as she remembered the previous night and felt really bad for him. She tried to remove her hand from his hold but his grip was too tight and she was too weak. Due to the commotions Armaan got up and found her moving uneasily. He instantly left her hand and sat up straight.
A: Umm...sorry...vo meri aankh kab lag gayi pata hi nahi chala!
R: Arey nahi...sorry toh mujhe kehna chahiye...meri vajah se tumhe raat bhar aise uncomfortably sona pada.
A: Nahi nahi...main theek hu. Infact mujhe bohot achi neend aai. Acha ab ye sorry ka silsila khatam karte hai aur ready ho jate hai theek hai? Come; he held her hand and helped her sit straight. Tum 2 minute ruko main sister lovely ko call karke aata hu thik hai; unhe abhi tak toh pohoch jana chahiye tha actu...just then the door bell rang. He went out and was surprised to see his mom with sister lovely. He sent sister lovely to his room and spoke to Ananya.

Promo:I'll be ur destiny at every step u take



nikki - muskaan mujhe ridhima ke past ke baarein mein jaan na hai

muski - pata nahi armaan sir ko ye Baat pata bhi hai ya nahi


ananya - toh ye hai iss ladki ki asliyat

Anji - ab toh mera raasta saaf hai

part 6:Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdi...

Thanks Once Again for all the love & support u all did by liking & commenting...(for some specific persons no thanks but lv u all a lots)
Well i want to dedicate this part to one of my new friend urf choti behen KitKat
Chalo i know u r surprised
As u didn't expect anything
But i think to give u it as a surprise by dedicating this part to u as ur late bd gift...(as tab to tumhe janti nhi thi na... :p)
& i know u love surprises so I hope u like ur gift though it is late...

So here goes the story ……….

Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha ha, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai, Aur Isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahunchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain, yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhad hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga.
Iske liye authority ya ni ki writer ya ni ki main uske liye jimiddar nhi hu…
Kripa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekh lijiye…

Ek shararaat se puri hui yeh mulakat
Gusse me bhi ek ne dia susre ki sath
Asmaan me Rangoon bhari mulakatoon ki sez bichayi
Anjane me hi sahi dono khub sath nivhai
Jameen pe utar aye ye dono jab
Dekhna yeh hai kya aur hungamma hogi ab?????

Part 6

Riddhima(nearly shouting at him):Tum???Yaha kya kar rahe ho…?
Armaan(Bringing a chair while sitting with them): Girlfrnd apne jiji ko batao jara mehmaan se aise baat nhi karte hai

Part 2:Teri Meri Yeh Love Story

PART 2 - Teri meri yeh Love Story...

“I could not tell you if I loved you the first moment I saw you or if it was the second or third or fourth. But I remember the first moment I looked at you….Walking towards me and realized that somehow the rest of the world seemed to vanish when I was with you…”

-Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Prince

Suddenly I crashed back to reality feeling my mobile buzzing continuously. I saw 20 missed calls from home. I sighed and collecting my stuffs reached out for my car keys and made way towards my house with still fresh memories of the last moment I was
thinking about.

While driving my thoughts were running in two way traffic. One way lands me into dreams of my Mr. Supercool and the time I had spent with him and the other way give me a reality check reminding me if ever destiny be that much kind to at least give me a chance of proposing my love to him.
I sighed and concluded that let destiny decide about the future of my Love at first sight. By the time I reached my locality my phone again started buzzing reminding me that my dramatic yet impatient family is waiting for me. I felt weird about why all of a sudden they were calling me again and again and asking me to return home as soon as possible.

Happy Birthday NIkita Shah (9th jan)

hi friends..aaj humare blog ki ek bahut bahut bahut pyari ladki,ek bahut achchi writer ..writer of "kitmi mohabbat hai " ..shilpa fan aur meri shona sis nikitashah ka happy birthday hai. shayad aap sabko pata hai wo humare paas nahi hai but hum blog members,jinko usse pyar tha ,sabke dill me wo hai aur rahegi. usey blog se bahut pyar tha isliye busy life ke bawjud wo blog aati thi,ff likhti thi aur comments bhi karti thi. shadi ke baad wo kabhi kabhi gayab rahne lagi thi par phir achank se aa jati aur kehti..."di mujhe bhul gayi kya? mai ..aapki nikki..."

nikki shona,mai kabhi tumhe nahi bhul sakti,tum kahin bhi raho,mere dill me hamesha ke liye ho. i love u shona sis...happy birthday to u..

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part 24 : An Arranged Love Marriage

Around 2 a.m Armaan was fast asleep; but his sleep broke when he heard some noise. He opened his eyes and looked around to find the source of the sound but found nothing. Closing his eyes he tried to go back to sleep when he again heard something; and this time clearer.


Armaan aur riddhima...these are two names which can not be separated from each other. In this story too something like this happens in my this story armaan n riddhima are two individuals who meet by destiny and falls in love in with each other...but by the time they realise and confess each other..something happens that led to them separation with each other.

Armaan mallik the only son  of mr. anurag and mrs. Prerna a 25 year old guy with charming face.. has very expressive blue grey eyes.. dimpled smile...which kills girls with his looks..he although belongs to a royal family in Jodhpur where his grandparents live...they own a palace in jodhpur since the time of Armaan's parents grandparents. Armaan had done his MBA from haward...and now handels the business with his father in Mumbai... THE MALLIK EMPIRES.
Armaan although belongs to a very rich family..but he was never arrogant or a show off guy..he is a very down to earth person...who never had any girlfriend in his life...but yaa girls are mad for him..but he never cares for them . he always since childhood use too go to his grandparents palace to spent all his holodays there...with his three chuddy buddies..Rahul, +he too was very fond of his grandparents and always look forward to spent time with them.

Part 1:Pyaar, Muhabbat, Ishq

Zindagi aik nehr ki tarha hoti hai..jis tarha aik nehr mai buhat sai utaar charhao aate hai..bilkul waise hi insaan ki zindagi mai bhi buhat si uunch neech aati rehti hai..kabhi khushi to kabhi gham..kabhi pyaar aur kabhi nafrat..kabhi kamyaabi or kabhi nakaami.... Magar in sab kai bawajood jo insaan khush rehne ki waja dhund leta hai wo hi duniya mai kamyaab hota hai..


As the guy turned to look a beautiful girl standing in front of him with green almond eyes hairs left open. She is wearing a big coat covering almost her and then he heard her tinkling voice as

Part 9:Fateful love in an arrange marriage



the sun rays slowly peeped in their room n AR were sleeping peacefully as ridhima back was touching armaan ' s chest n armaan hugged her from her waist n ridhima kept her hand on his hand which was hugging her through her waist

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Part 90 :Beintehaan

Next day ridz finished arti n turned around to come out of mandir bt stunned to see armaan ....she rolled her eyes n irritatedly asked"u dnt believe in god much zen y r u here armaan..."

Armaan:wiz lil smile)coz i believe u n ur faith riddhima ...

Part 21:Humari pyar ki kahani


Riddhima was getting ready in her room when Nikki, Anjali and Muskaan barged into her room.

Mu: oye tu abhi tak tayar nahi hoyi!
Ri: nahi yaar wo kal raat ko late soyi thi na to abhi abhi utthi hun!

Something clicked into Nikki's mind and she held riddhima by her shoulders.

Ni: kal raat se yaad aya! Did you and bhai confess?

Riddhima thought of something and frowned.
Ri: (mind) abhi bataongi to tease karenge aur let me play with them! Inko ullu (fool) banake dhekti hun!

Ri: nahi yaar niks!
Mu: (getting angry) tum Dono na beqaar ho!! Agar main pyaar karti na to main cheek cheek ke batati ke armaan I love you.
An: she's right ridzi! Kab I love you Bolo gi usse?

Part 8:Fateful love in an arrange marriage


Ananya was standing with a aarti thaal infront of the entrance armaan came out of the car n makes ridhima come out from the car he helds her hand tight n they were walking towards the home 

ananya smiles n did aarti 


Recap:- Riddhima is attacked.. She fights the attacker Armaan too fights him. They tell padma everything.. Abhi Nikki reach Mumbaii.

N ab aage..

Riddhima did not know what to do.. she was sitting in the canteen with Atul as Armaan had some work to do.. She was fed up of being under watch continuously.. Atul was in full costume of a bodyguard.. dressed in black.. luckily not the suit.. black glares and alert all the time..
Armaan had come to pick her up in the morning.. He had told everyone what had happened..and from that time she was not at all left alone.. be it in the class corridor washroom or canteen. She either had Armaan Atul Rahul or Muskaan with her.. Luckily Abhi N Nikki weren't there and Anjie had some work so she hadnt come..

Riddhima: I don't need a bodyguard yaar Atul!
Atul: Nahi ridzee.. hum koi risk nahi le sakte..
Riddhima: Par Mama ne police mein complaint file kar di hai na.. tho tumlog kyu into chinta kar rahe ho!!
Atul: Hum sab tumsr bohot pyaar karte hai.. aur tumhe koi takleef pohochaye ye hum hone nahi denge..

Riddhima found it cute how they were all taking care of her.. ya it was irritating.. but she understood why they were doing it..

Part 1:Teri Meri Yeh Love Story


Teri Meri Yeh Love Story..!!

A stranger you were once.
Then, with a gentle look you took my hand.
As our lives engaged,
you lit my life and I held both your hands.
Now that decades have passed,
ours souls have indeed become one.
How fortunate we are
that we have found the love so true
that everyone dreams about.

- Laura Veronica Merodio –

“Ridzy..Ridzy.. Oh God..! Yeh ladki kab sudhregi…Why can’t she wake up on time like others…kaun kahega ki yeh ladki ek successful doctor bann chuki hai..” Anjali muttered while moving into Riddhima’s room to wake her up.
“Kya hua Di…Kyu subha-subha meri Ridzy Di par chillana shuru ho gaye…” Muskaan uttered as she entered the house after having a romantic morning walk with her to be husband Rahul.
“Arre..Muski Aj tu uski side nahi legi…She has become so lazy these days…Pta nahi kya ho gaya hai isse…” Anjali muttered angrily as she entered her room with Muskaan following her behind.

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Part 7:Fateful love in an arrange marriage



the boys (Rahul Atul abhimanyu) were helping ananya n raj  armaan was in his room

he was admiring the pic of ridhima which he chupke se clicked in sangeet ceremony when ridhima went down n sat again with the girls smiling n blushing after meeting armaan

part 23 : An Arranged Love Marriage

Doctor’s words kept ringing in his ears. She was found no where as he came down so he quickly rushed back to Mallik mansion.
As expected he found her sitting in her room crying over her fate.

very important note about Beintehaan

Hey people.

hello namaste aadab...
I won't speak rather type un-necessarily
i am coming on the point directly...

People i m not here for any of my announcement or note on my work and all But i am here to speak my mind out on the
FF "Beinteehan"

I know there are many people How want on AR after wedding cosy and intimate moments Its natural for u all to ask for it.. But guys it depend on the Piece of every story.

There are many aspect of our society. There are not only couples in the world that always do koochi-coo. But there are different different couple and different phase of life..

There are many FF in which we ready all adult stuff and also where we read all innocent stuff only. FF where armaan have bad boy character eventually getting on track later. but initially its bad.

Part 2:Kya tum?

"Ammy dude u gotta be popular in this new highschool wait not popular VERY popular duh....why the hell am I worrying about popularity my looks will do the work" said Armaan styling his hair while looking at the mirror when he heard his mom calling him for breakfast
"Ammy jaldi aa breakfast ready hai"
"Mom just comin" he replied while going out of the room


"Muski jaldi aa ready hoke we r getting late"A girl with a frown waiting for her best friend to be ready for high school outside her room when she heard her say "uff ridz just 5 mins"
"Muski am hearing this from half an hour"
"Fine meri maa mein agai" when Muski cam out the door
"Ab chalein" they were walking down the stairs when Muskaan mum asked Ridhima to have breakfast as usual she refused..Ridhima it was her regular routine to wake up get ready go to Muskis house pick her and then go to highschool she never used to have breakfast after death of her sister she talked less and her only friends were Atul and Muski

AR FF Part 13 : U Make My Life Worth To Live AGAIN!!!

Armaan was standing at the nurse station talking on phone... He was rubbing his forehead as he listen to the caller and check the time before cutting the call... Armaan turn to the nurse who was sitting behind the nurse station checking some files when Armaan interrupt her asking to pager all the senior doctors and interns to report to there immediately...
'Lekin Sir, sab ki duty toh khatam hogaye hai...' Nurse said...
'Haan lekin sab abhi yehi hai issiliyeh jaldi page karo... Doctors ke liyeh kabhi bhi emergency aa sakti hai right... Jitna kaha jaae utna karo plz... Don't tell me when other doctors duty finished or start...' Armaan said annoyed when he was so worried about the incident happen...

Armaan look around and stop a wardrobe and another nurse giving them instructions asking to get everything ready as soon as possible... Soon ward boy and nurse got back to their work just now Armaan gave, also Armaan asked the ward boy to go and stay outside the hospital and get more ward boys...

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part 28: Ankahey Rishtey

The Mallik House was completely adorned with flowers nd various colour curtains nd stuff.. It looked like a complte wedding house.. It was Karan nd Radhika's engagement today.. Armaan nd his Father with reat of the intern gang boys were busy welcoming people nd checking the last minute arrangements.. Ridhhima was given the entire responsibilty to get Ridhaan nd Radhika ready.. But she had Armaan to be taken care off as well..


"Recap:- Abhi Nikki come to know About AR.. Shanaya still clueless ... AR moments.. Someone in Riddhima's room.

Riddhima was standing in her room when all of a sudden she felt someone grabbing her waist.. she stilled.. a chill ran down her back.. her heartbeat increased.. she opened her mouth to scream. But the person shut her up by placing a hand on her mouth.. she struggled to come out of the iron rod hold but the hands did not budge..instead they tightened their hold on her..

Person: Stay still kitten.. Itna ghussa acha nahi..

Riddhima tried to turn around to look at him.. but due to the dimming lite in the room she couldn't see anything.. she could make out that the person was a guy wearing a mask. But that was it nothing else could be seen.. his eyes were he only part of the face that was visible.. that looked at her with anger in them..

Maskman: Shhh.. itni jaldi bhi kya hai jaaneman..

And he started dragging her near the couch in the room..

part 27:I will bring my basket back

 Armaan was now sitting outside OT and Atul was inside with Dr. Keerti operating her. He was sitting just like a soulless body. He was finding it difficult to even breathe now. Anjali was sitting on his one side and trying to ask him about the incident but he was just too shocked to even react. He remembered all her words in the fire escape; how she was not ready to leave him and go; how she requested him to stay back for him; how she had been clinging to him to not let go of him. It was he who forced her to go back and rest and he stood up as the next realization sent shivers all over his body; and the realization was that she was in this condition only because of HIM! She was hit by HIS car!! YES...that was true;
  He was already in the lane and could see their house and was about to pick his cell phone when Riddhima out of nowhere came right in front of his car and he immediately applied breaks but that was of no use as she was already hit by the car and collided with a tree harshly.
A: Riddhimaaa... he instantly ran out of the car and held her up. Tum yaha...kya...beech raaste main...Oh god kitna khoon...he was already shocked to even form a statement  after seeing her in  that state lying in his arms in pool of blood; but he was stunned when he saw her smiling as if a sense of relief just washed her through her veins.
R: Armaan tum...tum aa...gaye...ab main...theek...theek hu!  He instantly picked her up and took her to Sanjeevani.

Part 20:Humari pyar ki kahani


Everybody had reached the venue. The tent was red decorated with red roses and white orchids.

Ka: Good evening everybody! Hope ur enjoying the party! I would like to welcome you all to this eventful night. We're all here today to celebrate the success of our company! All thanks to Mr Armaan Mallik and Mr Rahul Mallik! And let's not forget our designers Ms Riddhima Gupta and Ms Muskaan Chaddha!!!

Everyone applauded for them. After a while the party was going on a full blast. People were dancing. While riddhima was with Karan and Shahsnak who were introducing her to some clients. Soon a client excused himself for a drink and the trio was left alone.

Ka: Waise Shanky tuna humesha speech dene se dur baghta hai!
Sh: oye Ronnie aisi koi baat nahi hai! Office mein jo speech di thi uske andar adha contribution mera tha!
Ri: aap log humesha bacho ki Tara ladte hai?

Karan laughed at her statement and put an arm around her waist.

Episode 28:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 28


Sunday, 4 January 2015

Part 89 :Beintehaan

Khusi:bhaiyya apney kyun sara blame khud pey liya ...riddhima apko galat samjh rahi hai aur vo....

Armaan:cut in bwteen)riddhima ki nazar mey mai hamesha hi galat raha hun khusi .....jabhi mai kuch sahi karne jata uski nazron mey aur gir jata tha kyun ki maine hamesha galat rasta chuna uskey dill mey jagah banah ne keyliye ....issilye maina kaha tha koi plan math karo ...abh mai sirf straight forwrd rehna cahta hun ....

Part 19:Humari pyar ki kahani


As today was the party, everybody had gotten leave from office. Muskaan and Anjali had came over to Gupta mansion to get ready with riddhima. While Nikki had to come.

Padma was sitting in the lounge drinking tea when the bell rang. She went and opened the door. Nikki had came but armaan also came.

Pa: arre armaan beta tum?
Ar: kyun Aunty? Main nahi aasakta?
Pa: arre kaisi baatein kare ho? Tumhara hi to ghar hai ye!!!!

He give his best dimpled smile and bent down to touch her feet. Nikki came in and did the same.

Ni: namaste Aunty!!!
Pad: jeete raho beti! Kaisi ho?
Ni: main theek hoon! Riddhima di kaha hai?
Pad: Woh? Woh pagal to ooper apna Kamra mess bana kar bethi hai!

Part 50: We Belong Together

Riddhima went to her room,keeping her hand bag on the table, she walked towards her cuboard and took out the salwar which Armaan had gifted her in the morning, smilingly she was rushing towards her washroom when she noticed a gift beside the side table, looking at the gift she recalled it, it was the same gift which Pari had given to her in the morning, and since she was hurry she had forgot about it.... her lips formed into a smile. Riddhima walked towards it and took it in her hand smilingly she opened it,... It was a beautiful diamond bracelet, It was one of the rarest diamonds and the

part 19:Life out of control(season 2)

Hm mm hm hmm.. (Armaan followed Riddhima’s cab)

Pyaar humko bhi hai, pyaar tumko bhi hai (Riddhima was crying silently in the cab)
To yeh kya silsile ho gaye (She took out her phone, and typed in “Heading home” to Anjali)
Bewafa hum nahin, bewafa tum nahin (She wiped her tears)
To kyun itne gile ho gaye (She closed her eyes remembering Armaan’s words)
Chalte chalte kaise yeh faasle ho gaye (Armaan hit his hand against the steering wheel, cursing himself)
Kya pata kahan hum chale (Rare tears slipped out of Armaan’s eyes)

(The cab stopped outside Riddhima’s house and she gave some damp money to the driver and headed inside her gate)

Pyaar humko bhi hai, pyaar tumko bhi hai (Armaan saw her walking in the rain to her house)
To yeh kya silsile ho gaye (He wanted to go up to her as he saw her stop at the pillars)
Bewafa hum nahin, bewafa tum nahin (Forced himself to drive home, another set of tears made their way out, which he wiped away)
To kyun itne gile ho gaye (He remembered her hugging him ecstatically numerous times)
Chalte chalte kaise yeh faasle ho gaye (Armaan got to his house, but stood outside in the rain, thinking of his Basket)
Hm hm hm ho, kya pata kahan hum chale

Part 338:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 338:

Anjali: Ye...

Muskaan: Ye to...

It was a beautiful, white, stylish card, exquisitely designed for Armaan and Ridhimaa's engagement. Ridhimaa was gazing at it in awe.