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Part 25 : Humari pyar ki kahani

He left her and she ran away. He pulled his hair.
Ar: yaar yeh to Bohot mushqil se maane gi!

While on the other side, after getting out of his grip, she ran to the kitchen. She took out the cakes and Cake pops. While taking the food out she remembered her encounter with armaan. Her cheeks were turning Crimson red and by any moment they won't be less than a heater.

Ri: (to herself) itni jaaldi nahi mere arrogant armaan mallik! Bohot rolaya tha mujhe? Abb aayga maza!!! Main bhi dhekti hunn ke iss arrogant workaholic business man ke piche kya chupa hai? Itni jaaldi main nahi maan ne wali! You have to work for it to get me back!

She giggled and chuckled at her thoughts. She quickly took the cake pops and the cake and took it outside. When she saw armaan standing next to Atul, Shashank and Karan, she shot him an deadly glare. He mouthed sorry, but all went in vain. Soon it was time to cut the cake. Anjali called all arav's friends and the family near the cake area. Riddhima was standing behind arav holding him by the shoulder, when armaan came and slip his hand on her lower bare waist.

Part 14: The Right Choice

Readying for take-off.

24thJuly, Thursday.
1.30 pm,Sanjeevani Cafeteria.

They were sitting in the cafeteria eating there lunch.Atul and Muskaan were singing some weird song and irritating rahul while riddhima and anjali were generally talking. Then Nikki entered.
Nikki:Hello guys!
Everyone:Hey Nikki!
Anjali:How come you are here Niks? Maternity leave pe haina tu??
Nikki:Arrey who aaj check-up karwane ke liye aayi thi. Thought to meet you guys before going home.
Riddhima:How's the baby nikki?
Nikki:(lovingly put a hand on her tummy)Its fine'.
Rahul:(pager beeps)Thank god pager baj gaya,nahi toh yeh log maar daalte mujhe!(getting up excitedly)
Anjali:Rahoool pager mera baja hai!(chuckling as he sat down with his head in his hands)Bye guys(kissing riddhima's cheek and giving a small hug to nikki)Take care Nikki!

Part 5:Pyaar, Muhabbat, Ishq

*мυѕкααn-Rι∂нιмα Rσσм*
(Muskaan is standing in front of the cupboard trying to decide what to wear while Ridhima is finding some of her documents needed for tomorrow's interview..)

part 10 : AR FF North South ki khatee meethi love stories

sanjeevni, mumbai

armaan and ridhima in ridhima..... ridhima auto sai utarti hai aur armaan bike sai ata hai
ridhima jaa hi rhai hoti hai ki armaan tez speed mai bike chala raha hota hia

ridhima- dekh kar nahi chal sakte andhe ho kya?

armaan apne helmet utarta hai and his eyes were bloodshot red.

ridhiam- ohh tum!! tum sia yehi expect kr sakte hai.... while sayin this her eyes were lowered as her eyes were swollen and bloodshot red.

Episode 32:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 32

Riddhima - ke...kehna kya chahte ho tum...
Armaan - vhi jo tum sunna nhi chahti par aaj dekhogi bhi...boht koshiah ki na mjhe seduce karne ki tumne to lo me ho gya...aur jo tumhare saath boht saare hisaab baaki hai..... yeh aaj thappad markar to tmne ek aur hisaab bada diya hai...

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Part 92:Always With You

Riddhima's fast started from the next day itself...
When in morning Armaan got up early an looked at Riddhima in his arms sleeping peacefully and was smiling when after admiring her he got up from the bed only to saw Riddhima moving i. He sleep to Armaan's side to feel him and touch him... When Armaan took his pillow and put it in Riddhima's arm to see her sleeping back peacefully.......

Armaan moved to the kitchen and made Riddhima's favourite breakfast.... And then he arranged it back in the tray And headed towards their room.... Armaan woke up Riddhima with a kiss on her cheeks and forehead when Riddhima turn and putt her head in his laps and snuggled into Armaan....

Armaan - basket....
Riddhima - hmmm
Armaan - basket dekho subha ho gai utho.... Chalo utho dekho mein hamara breakfast bhi le aaya.... Chali utho... Phir arima ko bhi toh aaj uske naye school bhejna hain....

part 30:I will bring my basket back

The birds started chirping marking the start of a beautiful day. As the curtains fly high due to the cold wind a sweet couple is seen engulfed in each other lost far away in their dreamland. Riddhima had a mild smile on her lips and as the cold wind made her shiver; as always she snuggled into him to find the warmth and coziness whereas he caressed her waist bringing her closer. Riddhima felt calm; at peace; as she relaxed in his hold. She wondered what gave her the warmth. What was making her feel so relaxed and peaceful. Why was she feeling so contend? Curious to know the answers to her own questions her eyes opened up. She realized that she was holding onto something tightly. But whatever it was, was moving, had life, was breathing, and the heartbeats that she could hear made her feel very good. She instantly looked up to find out what was that made her feel so good and found his face just an inch away from hers. She was stunned to find herself sleeping in his arms; and was even more surprised when she found her hand gripping his shirt tightly. She trusted him so she tried to remember the last night's incident and realized that she must have slept in his arms. But why was it feeling so correct; as if this was the place she belonged to? His contented face made her feel so relaxed. Why was she feeling so comfortable in his arms? She came out of her thoughts in a click of moment as she sensed his hand moving on her waist pulling her closer. She gasped as he pulled her closer resulting her hand rest on his chest to stop herself from completely falling on him. But she could feel his hot breath on her lips making her shiver in his hold. She was lost in her own thoughts and was unknowingly busy staring at him. The staring session ended harshly with the lound ring of his cell waking him too. The green innocent eyes were staring back at him as soon as he opened his eyes. Both of them were lost in an eye lock almost forgetting about the position they were in right now. The cold wind making her hair fly; disturbing his view was annoying. She was in his arms both lying with their faces just an inch away but both were unaware rather were not bothered about the fact as they were already lost in each other's eyes. Slowly his hand moved on its own accord removed the fringe from her face making her close her eyes. As the eye contact was lost he realized the situation and instantly brought his hand back to himself. Not that he wished to but she might most probably get his action wrong; misunderstand him, as for now he knew that she trusted him but only took him as a friend. Soon even she was back to revive and immediately tried to get up making the situation more embarassing as she almost forgot that her hand had gripped his shirt. She looked down and turned completely red shutting her eyes tightly .


Recap:~ Shanaya finds out about AR. They decide on a group dance to include Sapna. AR moments. Someone following Armaan.

N ab aage..

" Candles."
" check."
" cake "
" decorations"
" check."
Riddhima: Aur Kuch baaki hai kya???
Armaan: No i think that's all..

Armaan and Riddhima were currently sitting in her house discussing about the surprise birthday party that they were going to throw for Padma.

Riddhima: yeh baaki sab kaha mar Gaye??? Kitna time legate hai aane mein!
Armaan: Cool down Riddhima voh log aate hi honge.. itni chinta kyu kar rahi ho.

part 7:Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdi...

I know the part is small but I can't make it longer
& in serious note
I've y finals lined up for next two weeks may be till the next month comes
So I'll be busy till February comes...
& thanks all for the support u all give me...
So here goes the story ...

Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha ha, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai, Aur Isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahunchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain, yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhad hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga.
Iske liye authority ya ni ki writer ya ni ki main uske liye jimiddar nhi hu...
Kripa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekh lijiye...

Shararaton se bhadi yeh mulakat
Yuhi bichad gayii
Kucha aur rishtoon k pehelian khul gayi
nayi nayi chehre with lots of shararat
ab koun ayi is me judne nayi baat...

Part 7

Padma(from behind):Tum log a gaye..
Girl 1(who was folding hand while looking at the man & the lady gone to her & said):Mumma..Kaise ho ap?
Padma(with moist eyes hugged both girls who was at the door):Riddhima...minnie



  people gather around a street in which two houses got collapsed due to heavy rainfall last nite
some victims survived n some were died the police n rescue officers were trying their best to find out the missing victims which were under the collapsed house everyone was hoping there near ones to get back fit n fine there were doctors too who were treating the patient's some were hurt physically n some where in a great shock

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Part 92 :Beintehaan

Riddhima while taking abhi's hands in her one hand n nikki's hand in another hand  said "bhaiyya ...bhabi ..yeha sey ek nayi zindagi shuru hogi .....aap dono jeevan shati baney hai ek dusre ka har mode pey saath deynah ...bohot sare utar chdahaov ayengey par kabhi bhi ladhkhdana nahi ... bhaiyya galti sey bhi kabhi bhabi ka dill ko chot math pohchana...hamesha yaad rakha meri tarha vo bhi kisi ki beti kisi ki behan hai{abhi blinked his eyes] 

Part 13(b): The Right Choice

Knowing the neighbours and you.

23rd July,Wednesday.
6.00 pm,Malik House.

Riddhima was opening the lock of the house when somebody crashed into her legs.She turned around to look at a cute hazel eyed 4 yr old boy looking at her with fear in his eyes.She smiled,kneeled infront of him and put a hand in front of her.
Riddhima:Hey Hi!So what is this cute boy's name?Arre why are you afraid,I am not going to scold you.
Little boy:(confused for a second,then smiled and put his palm into riddhima's soft hand):Hi..
Lady:Krishyyy baby!kahaan bhaagte rehto ho??Ab kisse pareshaan kar rahe ho?
Riddhima:Oh So aapka naam Krish hai??(then stood up and smiled at Krish's mother)Hi..Your kid is very cute.
Lady:Hi and Thanks!You are our new neighbours right?Mrs.Malik??(riddhima smiled at the endearment 'Mrs.mallik' while the lady put a hand in front to shake)I am Kripa Khanna.
Riddhima:Riddhima!Yeah we just shifted!
Kripa:Newly-weds?(she looked at riddhima's bangles and mehendi)
Riddhima:(nodded and blushed)Nice to meet you.(she opened the door)Hey would you like to come inside and we can talk over coffee.

Part 340 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 340:

Armaan was made to stay that night at Ridhimaa's house.

Armaan: Lekin ghar par Tammy aur Matt...

Part 24 : Humari pyar ki kahani


Armaan was with Atul and Arav when nikki called him and told him that she had to go to Anjali's place. So he came home and picked her up. Now he was driving and was lost in thoughts.

Ar: (mind) kya main waki Riddhima ke saath kuch zada kara hunn? I mean uski ankhein bata rahi thi ke Woh kitna hurt thi aaj!

He was lost in his thoughts that he was about to crash into a tree. Nikki noticed and screamed and he came out of his thoughts.

Ni: bhai kya karre ho?
Ar: huh? Oh shit! I'm so sorry!
Ni: bhai kya hoa hai app kab se dhek rahi hunn aap Bohot disturb ho! I think u should tell ridzi di that u love her.
Hearing Riddhima's name he remembered their fight. He thought to spill out the truth of them being together but neglected that thought.

Episode 31:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 31

riddhima - yeh accha mauka hai....armaan ko apne kareeb laane ka...

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Part 4:Pyaar, Muhabbat, Ishq

The sun had just risen..the colours of sky changed from dark blue to dull reddish...the chirping of birds could be heard..the water droplets still rested on leafs and flowers..making it a perfect new morning.

part 23 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

hi guys,i am back with my ffs...sorry this time a short part..but next time will surely a long part...

one day when riddhima was on night duty,sid came in her room and opened her wardrobe and started to search something which can reveal riddhima ‘s secret…but he  nothing was there ..then he  used  a duplicate key to open riddhima’s locker and got an album and a CD there. sid  took them and started to see the pic s….in some pics riddhima was with arman and some of riddhima and an unknown person with her..sid didn’t know who it was ,may be riddhima’s friend or bro….sid noticed  that in all pics riddhima was looking very happy. After seeing the album sid insert the CD in computer and started to watch it but he wondered watching arman’s face and  knowing the reason why arman left riddhima. He watched the CD 2-3 times and got all answers. he mumbled ..”arman bura nahi hai,haalat hi aise they ki usey bura hona pada..wah riddhima se pyar karta hai aur isiliye abhi tak kisi ladki ke taraf dekhta hi nahi…ab mujhe hi kuch karna padega in dono ke liye…sid,kuch kar burna phir se yeh dono alag ho jayenge…

part 25 : An Arranged Love Marriage

Riddhima felt trapped now! Hiding things from Armaan; keeping an eye on whatever Rahul said and did and now an addition to the list;
hiding her pain from Armaan AND Ananya !


Recap- Everyone busy practicing for the upcoming fest. Riddhima jealous. Abhi discovers new layers of Nikki. AR moments. The Kada scene. Shashank finds out about his best friend's death.

Aur Ab aage..

A smile played on her lips as she played with the beautiful kada in her hands. It was so pretty. Every time she found herself touching it. Playing with it. She could not keep her eyes away from it. It was really a delicate piece of jewelry . She remembered how Armaan had got a big smile on his face when he had seen her wearing it in the morning while he came to pick her up. The twinkling happiness in his eyes was what she had actually seen for the first time. It was like he remembered his mom every time he looked at it. It had touched her heart when he had said that the kada was a connection between his mom and her. She really was honored.
Armaan saw Riddhima sitting in the class looking at the kada he had given her and the smile that was on her lips as she touched it so softly as if it was the most precious thing in the world. He went to her and sat beside her. But she did not even acknowledge him. She was still gazing at the kada. Armaan smiled
Armaan: kabhi apne boyfriend ke pass bhi itne pyaar se dekha Karo.. or have you just forgotten me??
Riddhima glanced at him from the corner of her eyes. But then her eyes involuntarily went back to the bangle.
Riddhima: KaSh !! Mera boyfriend bhi iss kangan ki tarah khubsurat hota.
Armaan: Oh please mujhe khoobsurat nahi hona main handsome aur dashing hi theek hu..
Riddhima: par mujhe toh khoobsurat bf hi chahiye..
Armaan: toh dhoondlo koi aur main khoobsurat nahi bananewala..
Riddhima: pakka??? Phir baadme pachtana mat..
Armaan: haan haan.

Part 23:Humari pyar ki kahani


Armaan had came back from his oh-so-perfect-date-with-Tanya. He was sitting in his cabin lost in thoughts when his phone rang. That brought him out of his thoughts and looked at his caller ID. Riddhima's name was flashing with her picture. He was about to pick it up but suddenly remembered that he was supposed to be angry on her. He cut the call and switched off his phone. He got up from his chair and looked it the window.

Ar: abhi ayegi aur mujhpe ghusse ki barsaat karegi.

He held his phone and put it next to his ear.
Ar: get ready armaan Mallik tera pyaar tujh par ghusse ki barsaat dalne araha hai! 3…2…1…

Just as he expected riddhima barged into his cabin and shut the door. He closed his eyes.

Ri: (shouting on top of her lungs) ARMAAN MALLIK! HOW DARE YOU CUT MY CALL?
Ar: (pretending to talk on his phone) arre Mona darling samjha Karo na, I can't come today? Haan parr raat ko aasakta hunn!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Part 20 :And we are made to be one

Armaan supported ridhima through her emotional turmoil in life all night.
he never complained and keep sitting in the rain with her in the night at terrace without caring of anything. 

part 20:Life out of control(season 2)

 “Ridzy..are you sure you’re ok?”
“DI!!” Riddhima got frustrated. She was perfectly fine. “I’m perfect! I can make it to the mehendi, and the bachelor party! Waise bhi main itni weak nahin hoon!”
“I know it’s been three days, but you look so off. The colour is drained from your face. You don’t walk around happily. You snap at Armaan!”
“Di, I’m…” Riddhima couldn’t tell her. Why?
“That Armaan who’ll bear the punishment of a month’s extra work, because he wanted to make sure you are fine.”
“Di, I didn’t ASK him to run away from the hospital. I didn’t need any of that!”
“Actually, you did. That’s why you’re feeling fine right now. And if it’s a silly fight with him, let it go or is it more?”
Riddhima didn’t reply. It wasn’t a silly fight. Anjali had accosted her just as she was about to leave the hospital, to tell her to wait for a while for her so they could go together. Riddhima knew, that if she went inside, she’d bump into Armaan, so she’d much rather wait outside.
“Anyways, I’ll be back in 15 minutes. If not, then I’ll tell someone to tell you.” Anjali smiled, hugged her and went off inside. Great. Riddhima sat on the bench outside. She had 15 minutes to kill at least.


Armaan had called the best psychiatrist and tried to help Samaira in the best way possible; but all the doctors had given the same statement; that her mental state was no more curable. Though this thing did not matter as such to any of the family members as she was too sweet and naive as well as pretty the way she was but still been her sister Riddhima wanted the best for her. She knew that maybe her loved ones understood her; but what about her life partner?

Episode 30:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 30

armaan - lo....iske baad me kuch nhi launga....
riddhima - ha to...mene kuch laane ko kaha bhi nhi hai...ise mera pet bhar jayega...ab chale....

Part 339 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 339:

That night, after attending the radio station, Armaan called Tamanna and found that she and Matthew were having dinner out. He did not deem it proper to disturb them and made his way to Ridhimaa's house himself. Armaan was dead tired. He rang the bell. Nobody opened the door. After five minutes of continuous ringing, Padma opened the door. Armaan entered, holding his guitar, without greeting her. A loud noise welcomed him. The song 'Ishq Leta Hai Kaise Imtihaan' filled his ears. He hit his own head in annoyance and went straight to the dining table and sat down there, keeping the guitar on the chair beside him.

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"Recap- Mayank Arrives. Gang Discuss about the fest. Abhi Nikki Moments. Shashank Meets Padma.

Aur abh aage

Muskaan- No No No! Ye kya Kar raha he Khotte! Ek Step Nahi Aati! Kya he babaji Mujhe Bhi isise Pyaar Karna tha?
Rahul- Muskaan yaar Aisa Nahi Bol! Try Toh Kar raha hu na! Abh tu start me hi Itni Difficult Step Degi! Toh Kaise Kar Paunga!? Samaj Na Tu Bhi!
Muskaan- Oye Rahul! Ye difficult step he? Saadha Shava Shava toh tujhe Karne Nahi Aaraha aur bolta he karega!
Rahul- abh kya karu! Sab me toh mein Acha Nahi Ho sakta na! Bas Dance me Thoda Kaccha Hu!
Muskaan- Sirf Dance me? Abe Macchar tu Dimaag Se Bhi Kaccha he!
Rahul- Oyeee
Muskaan - OYEEee!!!!!


Atul- Toh Anjali Hum Konse Gaane pe Dance kare?
Anjali- Tum Kaise dance ata he? Slow Romantic.. Or Disco ya Masti wala?
Atul- Ye Kaise Sawal he obviously Slow aur Romantic tumhare saath toh wohi Karna he Mujhe!
Anjali- haha Atul! You are so cute!

part 29:I will bring my basket back

   Armaan and Riddhima reached the hospital and waited for Dr.Khandelwal. Armaan had been watching Riddhima and had understood that she was really nervous about the tests. Finally Dr.Khandelwal asked abou her heath and once he was sure about things told riddhima to change into the hospital gown. She changed and came out but with her face completely blank. As she saw Arman in front of her she tried to give a forceful smile to show him that everything was fine but he knew it and her face revealed it too! Moreover the proof was; her fingers with which she was playing since a long time now! She moved ahead to go to the scan room but he held her hand. Standing in front of her he held her chin; Riddhima...kya hua? Dar lag raha hai? Her eyes instantly looked up in his and just one look gave him all the answers. Arey isme darne ki kya baat hai? Tumhari sirf ek choti si test karni hai; nothing is even going to hurt you.
R: Hmm...
A: hmm mat karo. Just take a deep breath ...  come on; 1 gehri saans lo chalo. She did as she was instructed. Just relax now okay! A simple test; do min. ka kaam hai; he held her hand in his and caressed it. She felt better but still her face showed a little nervousness. He stepped even further that now she could almost feel his breath on her face. She instantly closed her eyes feeling a strong sensation swirl in her stomach. He pressed his lips against her forehead ever so lightly and whispered near her earlobe; aur phir main bhi toh hu yaha. Trust me; I won't let anything happen too you... ever!

PART 3:Teri Meri Yeh Love Story

““Meeting you was fate….
Becoming your friend was a choice….
But falling in love with you…was beyond my control….<3”

I smiled at the memory of the day…It was indeed a day which I can never forget…! You know what…Throughout the night I was thinking about him…I couldn’t sleep a that was out of my option list after the encounter I had with him….I kept recalling that moment….I mean he had that affect on me…This feeling is so good…so pure…!! And so perfect to be true..!!
But what I still don’t know is why this man behaves in such an arrogant and rude way….such a stubborn kid he is….But whatever it is he is mine…!

I again turned my diary’s page to walk down the memory lane of next morning when I was for the first time enjoying the season I hated the most…I hadn’t wore my winter wardrobe except for simple woolen sweater and a stole…Habits never leave you so easily…hehehe….And That day I actually realized..That this season is not that bad….When you have your loved ones close to you…

Part 51: We Belong Together

As the song completed armaan gave her a lift.. Armaan carried Riddhima by upper tight.... Riddhima held onto his shoulder tightly... Armaan twirled her round and round and brought Riddhima downwards... Riddhima looked up at him while Armaan stared at her back.... They stared at eachother while the world was lost around them.... 

Episode 29:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 29



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Part 91 :Beintehaan

Armaan tuk all z responsibilities of abhi n nikki's wedding on his shoulders n did all z arrangements ...all were praising him except riddhima n arnav....

Last part: Ankahey Rishtey

Next day was the one that brought many mixed feelings in Radhika's eart.. Normally any girl would fear if she would be able to take care of her new family but here Radhika was worried about leaving her own family.. she knew Karan nd Rohan would support her always but after her chat with Armaan last night she realised how difficult would it be to stay away from her family..

Part 22:Humari pyar ki kahani

Ok guys don't throw shoes at me! (Cuz hayye mujhe lag jaegi!) :p
I'm very very sorry for the late update (only to a few people cuz KUCH logon se agar sorry KIYA to mujhe direct chapal aur heels parre gi!
Soo as they say sabar ka Phal meetha hota hai, I updated a longer part!!
I'm very sorry about my disappearance, actually I promised to update on Friday but I couldn't hence I had some personal issues going on which wrapped me up and I got busy!!!
Ok enough of my baqwas and one last thing I would like to say is that : THIS IS A GIFT TO MY BIG BEHAN (Ruppkotha) my chubby teddy (that's her nickname :p) as her birthday gift that just passed!! And I know u hate suprises btw this is also a way of thanks for the gift u gave me! So just think u won this prize in birthday game in my Bd party :p enjoyyyyy


After going out in the morning with gang, she came to office as it was a regular day. She came in her cabin and saw beautiful white lilies bouquet in a vase with a card, place on her desk.

Part 24:super model

the D day.. final show of the ARRM fasion house..

ARRM fasion house office

office was nt less than a vegitable market.. we could hear sounds from every corner..  every one runing here n there to complte the lst minute arangements for the show..

Part 3:Pyaar, Muhabbat, Ishq

(In the car)
Rahul: Umm..Armaan remember maine tujhe jaldi aik important kaam kai liye bulaya tha..

Armaan: Oh Haa..kya hai vo tera So Called Important Kaam?? (While making signs with hands)